Monday 19 October 2009

Critical Mass

How long does it take to get a plan fully sorted? You know that A-Team moment when George Peppard, good lad, looks at Face, BA, Murdoch and that week’s special guest star, Cuban alight and intones “I love it when a plan comes together”.

Well the answer is a long, long time.

So when I see, as I’ve posted on many occasions, the chosen all heading South, to Argentina, Chile, Madagascar, Mozambique, Paraguay etc I ask what’s the timescale of THAT plan?

To try and answer that one we can look at another plan that we can identify in it’s many stages from rough beginning to a soon to be end play.

Getting rid of the SLAVS.

Have a little look through this The Coming of The Slav

The ideas expressed in the book were old in 1921.

When did the Slav become a problem to TPTB?

Well the rolling up of Ottoman territory by successive Russian leaders most especially by Catherine the Great must have caused some trepidation. After all TPTB had only just got rid of the Byzantines a few centuries earlier after almost 1000 years of trying.

Little secret here, Orthodox Christianity is the most abhorrent religion that TPTB can countenance. Why? It’s not psychopathically self centeredly onanistically narcissistic. It’s got problems but at least it’s not a great killer like the other monotheist rubbish peddled by shepherds, carpenters or Arabian pedophiles. Oh and their godless spawn Commie bastards and Malthusian child killers. There got that of my chest.

So when the Russians turned up in Switzerland during the troubles with Napoleon there may have been a bit more brows wrinkling.

In 1799 Russian troops kicked Napoleon out of Switzerland
and fifteen years later was a guarantor of Swiss neutrality

I expect the Venetians in London were perhaps not at all happy. Subsequent developments must have been troubling.

1821 The stability for Europe sought at the Congress of Vienna in 1815 is coming undone. Following Serb rebellions against Ottoman rule in previous years, the Greeks in March rise simultaneously against Ottoman rule, including in Macedonia, Crete and Cyprus. The Turks respond by hanging the Patriarch of Constantinople, Gregorios V. The Greeks liberate the Peloponnesian Peninsula in September. There, in the city of Tripolitsa, a center of Turkish authority, Muslims in the thousands are massacred for three days and nights.”

The last thing John Company wanted was Russians(Orthodox Christians) coming out through the Bosphorus and into the trade routes.

So how to slow the buggers up? Crimea? But they still didn’t get the message when the Tsar sent the Russian fleet to help the USofA in the 1860s

1863-1864 Russian Fleet Expedition to North America

Ohh bad move. Bad uppitty Russians. Now they’re really going to get you.

So after that you know the history. Poison the Russian bloodline from Victoria’s Germanic Spawn

Foment civil disturbance and accentuate domestic dissatisfaction. (Side note here to all UK plc readers. You know how our government is paranoid about some sort of fifth column subversives at work here? Well that’s because they know how easily it is done. They’ve been doing it to others for centuries.)

Send Trotsky from New York to topple the place finally. Trotsky, Lenin and Soros what do you think they might have in common? Yes foundation bitchboys.

And then the new experiment could begin. Still a threat to John Company though, but we are now in an age where perhaps TPTB’s favourite company might be thinking of moving its base of operation. It depends on how the great experiment pans out.

It explains all sorts of weirdness in the period 1920-1980.

The amount of USofA capital piling into the USSR from 1925. Planned famine in the Ukraine. The Neutrality of Turkey. The Nazis. WW1 part 2. The Soviet move into the oil fields in Iraq when they were all but “finished” in 1941-42. The Cold WW1 part 3. The Space Race.

By 1980 as I’ve speculated the game was up.

The Soviet Union was sabotaged and the place was looted.

And the body count? Hundreds of millions of dead Slavs. The final play might be just around the corner.

Never underestimate the hatred TPTB have for Orthodox Christianity, the adherents of which will not give TPTB worship, ritual and ceremony.

So if you’ve followed that drivel, 200 years or so.

That’s just a small part of a project that TPTB like running from the John Company base.

I have also speculated that John Company might have scarpered somewhere. Why? Well the symbolic nature of 9/11 sent a global signal that a base, if not THE base, of operations was no longer in play. I would hazard a guess that Berlin, Shanghai and Brasilia, especially Brasilia might be the new John Company bases for the 21st Century. If you know what you are looking for in ground plans and ritual architecture these would be top trumps I hazard to venture.

Moscow? No. It’s a target, it is ritualistically primitive.

Well now with The Saviour of the World and Light unto Nations about to sell us all out to UN AGENDA 21 how long have we got?

Dunno, but TPTN have all the time in the world.

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