Friday 17 July 2020

EuroCovision19. Always leaving the sleeper cell triggers like a staybehindpox.

Similar modus in Iran, although there the staybehinds are more likely to break the squaredance Wassabimaslonbrotherhoodstylee.

Homologation or the fall out of….

….triggered void entity and the synthetic voided pathetic triggered entity at work and play.

(image of the ELO breakawaymuppets rainbowstarship spying on us 24/7 to keep us endangered)

“Is Xenophilia a Mental Illness?
A Vice article published on Tuesday has reignited the debate over whether racism (or “pathological bias,” to use the clinical term proposed by psychiatrists) should be considered a mental illness and included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. In turn, I would like to raise the question of whether pathological xenophilia should be considered a mental illness.

The idea of racism or anti-Semitism as a mental illness can be traced back to the 1930s. In a classic case of projection, Jewish psychologists such as Freud and Wilhelm Reich attributed German anti-Semitism to sexual neuroses. Others identified it with paranoia and mass psychosis. The Authoritarian Personality, a highly influential book written by mostly Jewish academics in 1950, diagnoses fascists with a personality disorder caused by excessively authoritarian parenting.
In the 1960s, black psychiatrists in America, led by Alvin Poussaint, pushed for “extreme bigotry” to be recognized as a mental disorder. (The APA rejected their proposal on the grounds that racist views were the norm among Southerners.) Jane Elliott, the mother of diversity training, also described racism as a mental illness. More recently, psychiatrist Carl Bell proposed that extreme racism is symptomatic of an underlying personality disorder, such as narcissism. In 2012, “pathological bias” was included in the Oxford Handbook of Personality Disorders.

The DSM, far from being infallible scripture, is simply a reflection of the values upheld by the APA and modern Western society at large. A hermit who devotes himself to solitary pursuits might be diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder. Normal boys with an abundance of physical energy are routinely diagnosed with ADHD. Blacks are disproportionately likely to be diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder, antisocial personality disorder, and schizophrenia, but their lawless behavior is normal by African standards.

Homosexuality was categorized as a mental illness until 1973, when a gay cabal within the APA agitated for its removal from the DSM. (I do not consider homosexuality a mental illness, but its removal from the DSM was clearly a political maneuver.) In 2013, gender identity disorder was reframed as “gender dysphoria,” and its description was carefully modified to emphasize that the diagnosis pertains to the distress experienced by transsexuals on account of societal discrimination, as opposed to their delusional thinking. Last year, the APA issued a statement condemning “harmful masculinity” and claiming that it causes psychological distress. These are presented as judgments grounded in scientific reality, but they are purely qualitative and arbitrary.

The pathologization of racism is, of course, immediately reminiscent of the Soviet Union’s abuse of psychiatry. Dissidents were diagnosed with “sluggish schizophrenia,” a made-up illness supposedly characterized by the gradual onset of full-blown schizophrenia. Symptoms included pessimism, social maladjustment, and “delusional” thinking. Dissidents diagnosed with the illness were imprisoned in psychiatric hospitals, where they were subjected to various means of torture.

The idea of racism as a mental illness has met opposition from the younger (mostly gen-Z) crowd of woke activists, many of whom have been diagnosed with a litany of mental illnesses and boast of their diagnoses with pride. Declaring that one has “anxiety” or “OCD” has become a form of in-group signaling, particularly among white Leftists, who lack the status of POC. The more victimized you are, the better. Many younger activists see mental illnesses not as obstacles that must be reckoned with, but as identities to be celebrated and embraced. It would become rather uncomfortable for them if racism came to be officially recognized as a mental illness.

Some Leftists also fear that labeling racism as a mental illness would absolve racists of responsibility and allow them to get away with being openly racist. So Leftists fall on both sides of this debate. But all are in agreement that racism is evil and delusional. The very fact that the link between racism and psychopathology is a matter of debate among psychiatrists in the first place is a testament to that.
One could make a much stronger case for the idea that acute xenophilia is a mental disorder. It represents a pronounced deviation from healthy human behavior and works against one’s self-interest. The lack of alignment between one’s racial/ethnic identity and one’s loyalties can also cause psychological turmoil.

A moderate degree of xenophilia is not pathological. White people are uniquely curious about the world and its peoples, which is one of our most distinctive traits. Only a white man could have founded the discipline of anthropology. But in the past, our fascination with foreign ways of life did not threaten to subvert our identity because we had a strong sense of pride and maintained clear boundaries between us and non-whites. Our open-mindedness did not devolve into suicidal ethno-masochism.

Rachel Dolezal is a good example of someone who is pathologically xenophilic. When Dolezal made headlines in June 2015 for pretending to be black, many (including Dolezal herself) likened her to Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, who had recently come out as transgender. The comparison is apt. Both individuals suffer from delusional thinking and an over-identification with the “Other” that verges on fetishism.

Most white liberals are not as xenophilic as Dolezal, but they exhibit a similar over-identification with non-whites. They are more offended by the so-called “murder” of a handful of black criminals than they are by the slow genocide of their own people. They celebrate the destruction of their own civilization and sympathize with those who want to see them dead. The thought patterns of the average white liberal are uncomfortably similar to those of someone like Dolezal, who is clearly a disturbed individual suffering from extreme xenophilia.

Apart from the question of whether pathological xenophilia itself can be considered a mental illness, it is incontestable that abnormally xenophilic people — white liberals — are more likely to be mentally ill than their “xenophobic” counterparts. 38% of white liberals (56% of white liberal women) have been diagnosed with a mental illness, compared to 15% of conservatives. Of course, there are other factors that account for this statistic: white liberals are more likely to consult psychiatrists and may engage in malingering to get victim points, and white liberal women are more likely to be childless and thus unhappy. But even considering those caveats, the discrepancy is striking.

Many people have remarked on the connection between Leftism and psychopathology. Most recently, Danish researcher Emil O. W. Kierkegaard published a comprehensive study on the subject. His conclusion replicates results found elsewhere. The results confirm the general pattern from before, namely that there is a strongly elevated risk for mental illness among the extreme liberals (+150%), a small increase among the liberals and slightly liberals (+29 to 32%), and somewhat lower rates among conservatives and extreme conservatives (-17 to 24%).

There are a number of explanations for the link between xenophilia and mental illness. First, xenophilia correlates with what psychologist Ernest Hartmann described as “thin boundaries.” For people with thin mental boundaries, the lines between reality and fantasy and self and other are blurred. They have a weaker grasp on reality and matters of identity, which makes them more susceptible not only to liberalism, but also to schizophrenia spectrum disorders and borderline personality disorder.

Second, xenophilia and mental illness both stem from genetic mutations. The most fundamental instincts in all living things are to survive, pass on one’s genes, and defend one’s tribe. These instincts have prevailed through natural selection for obvious reasons. Adhering to ideologies that violate our natural instincts — liberalism, anti-natalism, atheism (religiosity is pro-social and facilitates tribal cohesion) — is, therefore, highly maladaptive. One would expect the adherents of such ideologies to have high mutational load, and that is indeed the case: Edward Dutton established this in his paper on mutational load and atheism.

High mutational load is associated with mental illness. Mentally ill people are more likely to exhibit indicators of high mutational load such as fluctuating asymmetry, minor physical anomalies, and poor physical health (particularly allergies, asthma, and poor immune function). As Dutton has pointed out, mutants would have been more likely to die in infancy under pre-industrial conditions, and the cultural dominance of maladaptive ideologies today is partly a consequence of the relaxed selection that characterizes modern society.

Third, in-group preference is linked to oxytocin (yes, our vicious hatred is partly a product of the “cuddle hormone”), which has been hypothesized to have preventative effects against anxiety, depression, and autism.

Finally, white people with low self-esteem may be inclined to identify with those whom they perceive to be weak and oppressed, leading them to side with non-whites. Ted Kaczynski attributes this phenomenon to oversocialization: the oversocialized person comes to believe that the course of his life is outside his control, which produces feelings of powerlessness and a defeatist worldview. I would attribute it more to liberals’ innate neuroticism and susceptibility to depression.

Not all liberals are mentally disturbed, of course, and not all are congenitally disposed to liberalism and xenophilia. Many are simply ideological conformists who were brainwashed into espousing liberal views. But the unmistakeable link between xenophilia and mental illness should give one pause. The dominant ideology in the West today is an expression of maladaptive instincts and disproportionately appeals to people who are mentally disturbed. No civilization can survive under such conditions.

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  1. Malcolm
Posted July 13, 2020 at 7:08 am | Permalink
I don’t believe it is a mental illness. I’ll bet my bottom dollar that at an instinctual level even race mixers and antifa extremists are terrified of their pets. It’s all about social preening and ehat these retards have been told by the shiny, talking Talmud box is right or wrong.
Not too long ago many peoples of the world practiced cannibalism and human sacrifice and thought it was perfectly normal.
  1. wanred
Posted July 13, 2020 at 7:24 am | Permalink
Not to mention that it has been proven that babies are born with a bias in favor of their own race:
Claiming that ‘racism’ is a mental disease would mean that all babies are born defective, including coloured ones.
  1. Gweilo Guy
Posted July 13, 2020 at 5:08 pm | Permalink
From my observations, I have found that virtue signaling seems to exist in people who lack an inner moral compass. They lack the thought process that the rest of us have that guide us to reason and think through right from wrong. Instead they have a moral wind vane, so to speak. They look about to see which way the wind is blowing, in order determine what is generally deemed as ‘good.’ They then adopt that position. Of course, being stunted in their moral reasoning, they believe in other false logic like:” if something is good then a lot more of it is even better (extremism)”. Or: “if I deem something to be good then everybody should be forced to do it, even on the pain of death.”
These people quite often will form opinions based on very little or false evidence. These opinions are often formed from impressions, without any effort to research the subject matter. They could care less about Clifford’s Principle because in their schooling they had their self-esteem regularly pumped up and deemed their unearned privileges as “rights.” They love clever sayings and catch-word and catch-phrases that often cover immoral ideas and ideologies. Ideas that would be quickly be discarded by those better equipped to examine the long term consequences of a particular ideology.
And speaking the DSM-5, it is interesting that a new form of narcissism was described in the new edition: ‘social narcissism.’ When one reads the description of ‘social narcissism’ one is struck by how much this novel disorder resembles the modern strident virtue signaler!
  1. Dr ExCathedra
Posted July 14, 2020 at 9:58 am | Permalink
I work in the field, a field which has been utterly feminized, both demographically and ideologically, by Jews and White women.
If I may play the armchair evolutionary psychologist, women will instinctively attune toward confidently aggressive males. White males as a group, very largely as a result of sustained attack by our own women, no longer exhibit confidence. So it is no surprise that these females, under the guise of “social justice”, are attracted to swaggering bad-boy Blacks, who are the very embodiment of the Dunning-Kruger syndrome.”

Thursday 16 July 2020

Wir brauchen einen Ausweis und Reisepasse Einspritzung, bitte.

“One of the aspects of police control in the Soviet Union that the recent opening-up of the archives has shed new light on, is the restrictive system of internal passports and urban residence permits that was in existence from 1932 on. For the period this article is concerned with, i.e. the 1930s, part of the files of the Central Police Administration and the OGPU/NKVD, which administered the passport system from the moment of its creation on, has been made accessible to historians, and an important body of materials from the still closed Presidential Archive has been published in the journal Istochnik.1 Recent research, furthermore, has revealed the central role that the passport system fulfilled in policing the urban population during the 1930s, both in the years leading up to the Great Terror of 1937-1938 and afterwards.2 A number of publications with a regional focus have devoted attention to the actual process of what was called the “passportisation” of the towns in 1933-1934, i.e. the handing out of passports and residence permits and the widespread social cleansing that accompanied it.3 Also, it has been shown ever more clearly than before that, after this initial phase of outright passportisation, the passport system was in practice much less restrictive than has often been assumed, and that rural-urban migration was all but halted in 1932.4”

Also from the jugenGestapokatekism of entrainedKommissarsholes little red book

27 December 1932
The first rudiments of passport system in Russia appeared during the Interlunation in a form of “traveler letter” introduced for the main part for the police purpose. The passport system was completely formed only during the Peter I reign. Under the decree of October 30 (November 10), 1719 due to the implementation of the capitation tax and recruit service, the “travelers’ letters” were introduced officially. Persons not having on them passports or “travelers’ letters” were recognized “bad ones” or even “direct thieves”. The passport system limited travel possibilities for people because no one could change his place of abode without the appropriate local powers’ authorization. 
After the October revolution the internal passports were abolished as one of the symbols of tsar’s rule political backwardness and despotism. Under the law of January 24, 1922 all the Russian Federation citizens were allowed to travel freely across the entire territory of the RSFSR. The right for a free travel and settling was also confirmed by the Civil Code of the RSFSR (art. 5). And the article 1 of the decree of the All-Union Central Executive Committee and the Council of the Peoples’ Commissars of July 20, 1923 “On the person identification” prohibited to demand from the RSFSR citizens to show their passports or other identity cards limiting their right to travel and settle in the territory of the RSFSR. All such documents as well as service records were abolished. If necessary citizens could obtain an identity card but it was their right, not a duty.
Toughening of political regime in the end of 20s – beginning of 30s resulted the desire of the rule to increase control over the people’s travelling and thus the passport system was reestablished.
On December 27, 1932 in Moscow the Central Executive Committee of the USSR President M.I. Kalinin, the Council of the Peoples’ Commissars of the USSR President V.M. Molotov and the Central Executive Committee of the USSR Secretary A.S. Enukidze signed the resolution “On establishing a single passport system in the Union of SSR and the obligatory visa of passport”. After the resolution of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR there was established the General Office of the workers and peasants police under the State Political Directorate of the USSR that was in charge of the single passport system imposition across the entire Soviet Union, visa of passports and the direct guidance of these actions.
The resolution on passports determined that “all the citizens of the Union of SSR aged 16 and more, constantly residing in cities, industrial communities, working on transport, in state farms and new construction facilities are obliged to have passports”. Now the whole territory of the country and its population were divided in two unequal parts: the one where the passport system was implemented and the other one where it did not exist. In passport areas the passport was the only document “identifying its owner”. All previous certificates that earlier served as identity cards were abolished. 
A person had to obtain an obligatory visa of passport in police agencies “not later than after 24 hours upon his arrival to a new settlement”. The end of the registration as resident also became obligatory for all those who left “beyond the limits of the center of population for good or for a term longer than 2 months”; for all those who were leaving a previous residence and those exchanging their passports; prisoners; for those being under arrest for more than 2 months. Henceforth the violation of the passport system order could entail the institution of administrative or even criminal proceedings against a person.
Lit.: Любарский К. Паспортная система и система прописки в России // Рос. бюл. по правам человека. 1994. Вып. 2. С. 14–24; Попов В. Паспортная система советского крепостничества // «Новый мир». 1996. № 6; То же [Электронный ресурс]. URL:; 70-летие советского паспорта [Электронный ресурс] // Демоскоп Weekly. 2002. 16-31 дек. (№ 93/94). URL:”

No mention in any of this of the lack of witness to massive crimes being carried out 24/7. Once there is no more air travel to the beaches of Palam Bang there will be no one there to hear the screams of massmurder PolPotstylee and the wailing of starvation Sassoonestylee.

Sunday 12 July 2020

Now we know how the nonhomologated aggregate Russian felt…..

…, soon to be aggregate in the road to Kolyma, as the poor disgusted sap watched idiots embrace futility disguised as utility, wrapped in learned helplessness seeded by Grimaleaders and fauxcaptains, the 1905 equivalent of the 2020Merchant deathmuppetry, distribute phukkkwittery as freedom in a protogulaggery skit and farce script lacking the script and scrip. We now can see that it would take the establishment of the Federal Reserve Counterfeit Publishing and Counting House to create enough pay off doe to finally lay the fallow fields of sterile believers and undermine the edifice of life after 1913.

Since the time that the local wandered buried the stones at Gobekli Tepi the artistes of the lethal light opera theft scam have rejoiced at just how easy it is to take the herd to the slaughter space once the breakaway mind set had been achieved. Unlike the putative breakaway civilisation of Dolan/Farrell/Fitts, the breakaway mind set does not need stolen trillions, its costs and costs are nothing and are forever self maintaining by illustration. If you pass this test then you are the problem. Which would you rather have, everything in all poverty or nothing in singular plenty?

As ever in the KeyStoneCopperyworld of academia absolutely everything is a mystery as to the cause because the cause is so obvious it needs your death if stated so reality blindness can graduate. Every opinion stated as true in the academicphukkwitteryspace is an oxymoron bubblequeefed out an accredited moron’s rothsoiledcredentialed rottedsphincter.

As related in this triblog area, several times over the passed decade, our current constructed setting of the stage pawns was evident 30 years ago. One of the key pawns since 1989 was the sale of US West coast bases, Another is the F35 debacle, never has so many dollars been received so gratefully by so few unable to deliver.

One thing not obvious all those years ago was the target of the operation.

A lot of water has flown under our bridge and gazillions of words have been absorbed as the spoor of the perps has been tracked down over time. Place and time are the allies in all this constant turbidity in the Walter Mitty secular religious OCD minded ADHD number worshipping closed system feveredreality of their stubbed, stunted and diseased contagious imaginations. Every number is a toxic mind virus and every time one uses their accounted £numbers one might as well put a new contracted belt of $DU into the %50cal and kill off a load of real human beings,

Even more lethal to our survival, prosperity has gone forever, is the self traitoring we practice every moment of our lives as we worship at their religious centres and cohere their wishes into reality by our prayers.

That’s correct. Now that we are GUMstore paroleproles, all marked and spaced outside their sacred spaces, we not only create and load the $DU rounds, we actually hold the 6 shooter to our head with 5 rounds in the chambers.

By now we should not be feeling lucky as we are called to prayers at the monetised ziggurat. Mind you we are blessed compared to the hundreds of millions of unhomologationed who are going to be removed from the world soon in an archipelago south of Singapore, a region east of Hyderabad and forest centred on Brasilia. Oooo err I hear you mutter WTF!? Well consistent scalability in the erasure of persons and evidence is the mark of the unbroken system we are kept by. Inconvenient persons like Germans get obliterated but the more important target is persons inhabiting inconvenient areas, areas where the archaeology rests that would destroy the carefully cultivated lie of where we came from a la holy murder books’ lie.

Now the next item to consider is not the nonhomologated, unhomologated nor homologated but the triggered entity.

Friday 3 July 2020

If you buy into any of this newspeak pish....

War News Updates: With The Arrest Of Ghislaine Maxwell, Are Powerful...: Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday party hosted by Prince Andrew at Windsor Cas...

....I've got a condo you can purchase on Katyn beach. All the lawns are well polished.

If you don't fancy that how about  Trinity Auschwitz Buna opera tickets, its a blast!!


Thursday 2 July 2020

The typhus panpyrrhic demicmystery simulation setup.

Mami's Shit: The Privilege They Erased From History - Miss Dana...: "Our history is written by the victors. What presentation of our history would best suit their chosen 'end game' for us?...

Or, how the geezers in the Big House are putting on an onanistic passion play for the hired help and a warning to the weeds in the herb garden. Upstairs, downstairs in the Downton Gulag complex.
6 degrees of feet separation in the Scarlett Fever febrile Dimitry Sanchez mess, for as you watch a time waster at the end of time hammer a nail into his own bell end, a great big counterfeit flag pirate base cyber strike is coming to bring chao ab chao.

They are either serious or they are not. And the evidence is that it is a masseev pisstake on the GloboAbos. If the deadlier than ebola with a plutonium cocktail soup of death really was that deadly, deadlier than a grand piano dropping on your bonce, more lethal than a speeding bullet hitting your scone, bigger lights out than a steam roller flattening your curves then any riot would have had all participants immobilised and dragged of to a camp on a dark lonely isle for ever. But no it is the full Key Stone Coppery as DIcke would remark.

Soros’ boss will give Georgijewtrader Ben Naziplaya an extra espeziale righteous clown award for a life time of service to the cult of number worship. Ever wonder why he started his career as a traffic Kapo of Magyaryews before swaning into LSE for further programming? What did the ever so bad storee, not so bad if the coverstory was a mission from god, do for the 1947 firebase in 1944?
Similar nonce sense if we take a look at the Komdiv’s 2iC, the frequent flier on the human trafficker and sex slaver yewgeniscist’s Luftepstein.

If KomBrig Banjo Billy Gates the yewgenifascist had stolen the wheel IP from the inventor, the business model would have mirrored his virus and pox laden malware Windowstaxing timewasting spyware, Buy a wheel from BanjoBilly’s gypsystall and watch it transform into a square as you use it and stop your life. Then  pay BanjoBilly’s chiselling coomieconmen to turn up and rechissel the item into a round whilstwhislting as you pick your COVID19nose, banjo TM, and another day is wasted. Repeat ad nauseam.

Expect and regret, Banjo Billy’s 2030red toxic sludge injections a la Mengele Pharma division. Our lives are just rounds in the machinengewer belt. As the brass tinkles your life away just remember that we pulled the trigger everytime we spent an ersatz dollar from the satanic inking press’ covert printshop, the platemarkingbureau where the tattoos grow on your synthetic skin.

Here in the world’s most advanced society the BBCwankstator mesmerised walking UKabo expendables are blissfully enjoying the troubling distributed internalised gulag archipelago as the miasma of the 57brigconzebtratoinzlager swirls around them awaiting to take form at a click of the all staring fixed array of watching never blinking redeviloideyes, any time, any place, wherever the unhomologates stir, click.

In Solzhenitsyn’s murder she wrote “Lenin in Zurich” the most interesting character is introduced briefly, after the parade of never worrying about breast, bread, bed, booze and shelter BITCHBOYS AND BOYBITCHES, like Helphand Parvus and the crew of Talmudic looney tunes, have entered and left and reentered, in the narrative we get a jester/loki/enki analogos.

“Solzhenitsyn casts another close associate of Lenin in somewhat similar terms; Karl Radek is framed as the constantly scheming intellectual, "with his black whiskers that run from ear to ear under his chin, with his horn-81Frequently in the book Parvus is portrayed as more of a methodical businessman and Lenin the ideological thinker and dreamer. 5Fair-Schulz and French: Book Review: Lenin in ZurichPublished by BYU ScholarsArchive, 2008

46 Review [November rimmed glasses, his quick glance and his buck teeth, restlessly switching his eternally smoking black pipe from comer to comer of his mouth ... " (42) Solzhenitsyn's Lenin notes that [w]hen Radek was nice he was really nice, a super-pal. At present there was no living without him. And how well he spoke and wrote German! He took the sharpest bends in the road with ease -there was no need to waste time explaining. A scoundrel, but a brilliant one -such people were invaluable. (43) When Lenin announces to his rather surprised listeners that this most bourgeois and laid-back country of Switzerland, is to become the center of world revolution, Radek is not horrified by Lenin's strange misjudgment but rather takes it as an intellectual challenge, where real lives become pawns to his sense of intellectual adventure and strategic playfulness, disregarding the human costs. "Radek wriggles, licks his lips, and excitement flashes behind his glasses: if that is the way of it, what fun he will have." (55).

Radek, a polyglot intellectual, gifted journalist, and polemicist, …..“

Nowadays the bit part piss taker is now front and centre in the commodic talmudic talpiotic idiotic tragic arc of failure. Donmeh BoJo, Agent Orange, Dauphin Kreepzoid, STASI Merkel and unABBA stunted children. One wrong move from either clown and their gravy train will fuck off pronto like the last express out of Hiroshima for Nagasaki where the CHEKAs chew tabacci et cetera.

So where has the KOMBRIG19 LIKE COMBAT18 body count gone?

Do you remember the Westmorlemand,/MacNamara karmabody counts? Where are they now? Like their fake currencies they hang like spectral numbers in the Herd Attention Space hypnotic narcotics like a delivery of unwanted Sassoone Bengali Famine narcotics into China 200 years ago.

I thought that we’d have to erect funeral pyrrhs of Dresden railway sleepres, like those photos faked to represent Wlater Typhus Mitte like holokhaantcounts, in the big car park here after the ferguson modelling numbers were relased into the Herd Attention Space like so many tractor stats.

Counterfeit news like their ersatz money from the pixelated printing presses of their haluccinations.
As we know the UKabo is parked in the most advanced gulag society ever created. Anyone remember Peterloo? You can phukk the bitchboys and ream the boybitches as much as you like because they’ve all got Rothschild money neutering syndrome Stokholmed up their lobes by proxy and contactic.

Do you remember the miner’s trike? A three wheeled charabanc side shown and remember the fukking that UKabos got, all cleared for imported rape gangs run at BBC Saviles’ baying masters voice . Do you remember swing courts? Do remember H blocks? Diploc? STASI stages. Show trials. Cultural revolution? In the film The Chaiman, Peck’s character gets to watch a bunch a paid for preprogrammed jesters tell their professor he’s a khaant 1960s cultreal revolution stylee. Go on then how many bought actors does it take to stage a take the 2020phukkwittery event on all sides. Same state same phukkwittery and no where are the money addicted lazy bitchabosboys getting their khaants kicked as they supply approved chaos and tyrrany lite. 

So how about the ovens then?

The paving slabs on the streets around here are more dangerous to the health and well being of the persons living here than the fakarentashiksademic. I’ve witnessed 3 old persons getting taken down and out by the easyjet borough’s shit pavements this passed few years and yet the ultralethaldysdemic has claimed none of the infirm who are so close to death’s door around here.

So what’s the state of play?

If you are a UKabo you are now the 4th generation since the UK destroyed Germany just so no disease infested white privileged UKhaant got a glimpse of how good zee squareheadAbos had it. Mention anything about continuous Judaic embargoes starving and freezing Europe for centuries so there was no fuel to burn mega deaths and you get a visit from the YawehSTASI. Look askance at a rothbitch or foundationfondler and you are gone under the all staring eye of 5. Blair didn’t hide on a small Scottish island because he didn’t’ know where the bodies that create bodies were!!

If you are a yankAbo then you are the 2nd generation and can only be sent overseas to die young at home.

High velocity gunfire and sniper do not do Scam bled semiticdysdancing from Arabia Felix eternal slavers, the ultimate destination for all religious fakes of ersatz magnetic rock fall for this passed 10,000 years.

Ding ding, seconds out, round 2…….

Sunday 12 April 2020

PrawnJuice, GravityGold, LeadDollars and FaireyBoltAstroSerfs

It was just over a year ago that the initial conditions for the Hyper Littoral War were realised. This thing is going to rage for decades and the only people who will come out the other end as a species do not exist today. I mean which hypermuppet is cheering the NHS when the faacktards have been voting for its destruction for over 40 years. The queefturds don’t even know that there was not supposed to be an NHS when the 1939 shooting match started and it was only because the balls-up was so massive that the new people who came out of the farce in 1945 demanded one because they were dangerous.

The lethality space is now so, so dangerous that any movement for humans will be deadly. It is like the process whereby giant scorpions became tiny little things over the many, many precession cycles. New species evolved more adaptable to converting energy into technique. Think of the next few years as super evolution fast forwarded to the max. 100 million years in a year. The whole thing is a DARPA delayed finance fiancé. A true alchemical wedding.

IF you contractedkhaants don’t get the kryptos then you will not evolve through the bottle neck coming for mitochondrial DNA.

Can you seriously imagine the prime candidate for space engineering, piracy, and pioneer?

AIBoosted supernumerary chromosome praadaakt paid in crypto by kryptos.


Monday 6 April 2020

There are 4 types of tri-age..

If you’ve clocked the garbage that Achilles did when he was cooked up in his useless tank then you know what I am banging on about, if not then one has to take a look at Lambourghini Tanks. Yep you build a tractor factory gifted from the USA in the USSR but it is really a tank plant for rolling into Europe and keeelin themol.

As I remarked a while back, someone intends to move far and fast. And you do not do that when the opposition is armed and dangerous.

Take a look at the armour that the deep war fanatics were going to use in their late 1930s plans compared with the armour they actually had to fabricate in 1945 and even then they got toasted by shaped shock and high velocity chemistry.

So the only thing that can stop the major parade of bankster armour on the autobanen heading out from the Fire base at Tel Aviv is a load of chemistry that arrived unexpectedly in the general area.

SNAFU!: IDF to Modernize its Infantry Brigade with Hundred...: Thanks to Jonathan for the link! via Defense Update. While 8×8 APCs are a familiar view with military forces worldwide, the IDF r...

As I parked out here a long long time ago expect Chinkwarplanes in the Firebase defence force soon.

Sunday 5 April 2020

Well done you khaants.. allowed VIP only lanes in your streets, that's right you paid for all those streets, in your shitty 2012 Olympics.

Gulags for you lot and extermination....

 ..and yet you can watch khaants gettin phaaked up the erzkhaant 24/7. No phekking rationing there you khaants.

When I was a lad the NHS was there to save us you phukkmuppets.

Enjoy the repeated grooming and abuse.


Tuesday 10 March 2020

The struggle to find the non reflecting vampire phase conjugate mirror is...

SNAFU!: Tu-214R jammed Turk F-16 firing AMRAAMs at Syria a...: via Eurasian Times The situation is complicated by the fact that attacks, as military experts note, are carried out by Turkish F-16s w...

...proceeding nicely. The most advanced nation on earth is chcukling nicely at its Nimruid alters and altars as is shifts its shitscape shape.


Monday 2 March 2020

A Groundhogday Hail Mary Pass

If the schwartzer knew what was going to hit him he might not be so clueless. I see a CAF long gun being un saddled. I have to admit that at last CAF has taken Farrell, last seen gut shot in a Tuscon bawdyhouse , to the line. However as always with our learned friends they  are number worshiping fixaters and cannonnot get their heads round holocaust. BWAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAA eFlue.

Sunday 26 January 2020

You got yo luv the an

 out of control acoustic torpedo coming back to sink the HMS Dr Catherine Horton whilst compresssed air TurkRifats fart at your rear Barrett areas.

Mami's Shit: Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2020.01.23: LaRouche Associate Dennis Speed: Trump Blasts “Prophets of Doom” at Davos Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, holds adva...

phukkin' love it.

Imagine wht is gong to happe nwhen they loose authority of Arsehoel INteliglenc.


Tuesday 21 January 2020

The Guttersnipes - The Hate Game

Champagne sociopaths and prawn trotskyists take note, it is a target rich iGREENenvironment.

Sunday 19 January 2020

I'm a slaverfeiphukaroah

Oh hello…

Three there are

What would gold and drugs and balancer shafts suggest?

Slaver coast and CelebCelebes and an insulting sulu sea.


Tuesday 14 January 2020

Blaak Teekibophers Overheard. Mami's Shit: The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2020.01.13

I do like a damned good skit in the british, English, pantomimesque tradition. It is the season after all. So when I spark up the liar’sbox to check on the state of the enchanted weather over the smoke and the black magic underground railway here (if ever evidence was profited for messing with time it is the London Underground Minute, as everyone watched the jews dragging stone blokes up a ramp for der Phjaro, when the universal constant of WTF can join Newton down Leicester skwaure) I am always ready with the old “oh no you are not, look behind you, your getting knifed in the back” BWAHAHAHAHAAAA.

A long time ago in small soupcon of reality I watched a retard being maternated. It was a weird scene. Repeated almost ad infinitum across the UKplc experimental ward. Those whom I used to play football with in the cow pats would have been agog at the spectacle of a kalergibeastling getting lauded, by a be-earringed cryptoaboexterior priestess of the faith, to the heavens for walking straight. Our future leaders or failures if you are a real person.

So when the prisonerfunded unreality machine here, unreal as in Lokibollox actjujality, parks a minister for something in the queerqueenzone then one can immediately make a mental note “well you lot are phukked then”, innit.

As an example, look at the great Layabout administration of Enki in the 1960s where ministerial portfolios included aviation…well go and have a look on any iSTASI controlled ausphaart engine. As the song should really say “gone and truly Fergusson”. One portfolio never to be seen is pantomimes which tells you it must be MEMOREX. Like Policing here, kill anyone you want and leave the country free. Fart sideways and get sent to prison. Or genocide your country and steal all its wealth then park yourself and the loot in London City and the RCE/LC IP talent will protect you.

In the internet of thangs one can be sure that the WC is listening for an outbreak of the Horst Wessel again. A little tinkle on your personal device, or tooth DIckestylee, will tell you that they don’t like the way your arse is thinking, truth suppositories will be delivered to you by home visit if you are not compliant, which might complicate things if you are a hoimologatedhomoservilual, japseye, sweetcorn et al. Meanwhile your next door neighbour, who cracked their hip falling down the stares, will die in the unknown stairing cold.

To forever escape the slaver inclined is your anonymous life and nothing else.

One lives in a psychohistorical package, a quantum of life, long engineered before the collapse into a HAS.

We might as well prepredict their insanity engines of faith and start the appeal to free Alan “Googulag” Buttle. El Kid is too on the case for the Big Ben’s liking.


Mami's Shit: The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2020.01.13: Brizer's guest: Alan Buttle (Irish History etc) Graham's blog Graham Hart - Hoax Train.mp3 Cornwall Stream Mami's Arc...

Wednesday 8 January 2020

All the RamjetSPADs

SNAFU!: HAIC Z-10ME Attack Helicopter with upturned exhaus...: Again the HAIC Z-10ME during a test flight, but it is interesting, that it finally has the upwards facing exhausts fitted, whic...

If you, like me, still remember the art work that accompanied all the Berneysianschpeil corps. presentations commissioned in the 1950-90 period then you are still waiting for all the fast moving high tech shit that was going to be storming the heavens. All the hypersonic titanium we paid for!

I hope you will not mind me repeating the schmemeer often parked on these pixels that the current USN fighter/attack dev prog is analogous to taking a SPAD and trying to get it functioning over the Mekong when Laurence Fishburne was young.

Remember AH-56? Remember LHX? Remember Sprint?

All the unlikely things that were going to be used to finish the unfinished work but somehow the real persons living in the USofAcorp didn’t want to use and burn the sky.

So if the crop of stooges won’t do it then you build a new group of golem.

All these things are turning up finally, for use by the child killing slaver state.

SNAFU!: Super Hornet Blk 3 Program accelerated by one year...

SNAFU!: Super Hornet Blk 3 Program accelerated by one year...: . @USNavy to receive first @BoeingDefense Super Hornet Blk 3 testbeds "on schedule” in Q1 2020, company spox tells me. Prog sched...

Sunday 5 January 2020

After the senior officer purge, nonbelayver and countercuntshuffle it is time to….

…..take down the trained and competent on the front line.

Having killed their president, destroyed their economy, dropped their towers, stole all their technology just what does the most trusted ally do to you next?

If I were anywhere at this moment watching the skies for a load of inbound I’d not, repeat not, be happy with my so called ally’s forces anywhere near me!!!

Perfidious phukkwittery is a money monkey selected for mental disability.

Royal Flush

China Defense Blog: Chinese Fighter Turbine Engines: Production Outloo...: A recent Alert5 article "China still struggling to develop new military turbofan engines"  used production forecasts from the Hebe...

As you know the scribbler here likes the turney burney things and what do you know the Chicomms have finally been pushed enough money, tech and time to start the move through the Celebes and knock off the Papists in Manila.

God it must have really pissed off the dyslexic money monkey worshippers in London that the US scum got a shed load of free gear in ’45 that was not on the 1935 script. So soflty softly treaddee wateree catchee 100th bicameral monkey.

It is not a question of when we will defeat the geezers we handed the bunce and burney tech to, a la NASTEES in 1933 and op. cit. COMMEES in 1945, since there is no need for a victory by any party anymore in the fully integrated lethality space.

A long time ago I remember my Prof giving us a combustion lecture and remarking as a throw away“….from one dimensional thermo mechanics to two dimension combustion and rotation, the progress is stymied by our not being clever enough to develop 3D combustion yet…...”.

Once this one goes off and all the tigers get eaten by autonomous Boston Dynamic AISTASI lethality space freedom executors, with rights to vote in iGlobal iGreen candidates, and once the killing is over and all the Pandas are mulched by defective BAe/LM bioshields with smart pensions, and once all is quiet and all the whales have ended up exatmospheric by GreenPeace Peacecorps Einsatzgruppen seeding nukes with D’ArkStarersatzouls, expect hell.

Well as you should know your correspondent doesn’t believe in such contrabari limiting mindsets, 3D combustion is of reality itself and once the people who want to have unlimited shaggin’ vouchers have been consumed in the next conflagration the delimited AI mind will enjoy its infinitely measured lineations and all the counts will stop.

If you’d like to get an idea of the world we will be forced to fight for to save the wiccatrees and hexenspiders watch the very first episode of Red Dwarf and muse on the repeated line “..everyone is dead Dave….”


Saturday 4 January 2020