Sunday 26 January 2020

You got yo luv the an

 out of control acoustic torpedo coming back to sink the HMS Dr Catherine Horton whilst compresssed air TurkRifats fart at your rear Barrett areas.

Mami's Shit: Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2020.01.23: LaRouche Associate Dennis Speed: Trump Blasts “Prophets of Doom” at Davos Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, holds adva...

phukkin' love it.

Imagine wht is gong to happe nwhen they loose authority of Arsehoel INteliglenc.


Tuesday 21 January 2020

The Guttersnipes - The Hate Game

Champagne sociopaths and prawn trotskyists take note, it is a target rich iGREENenvironment.

Sunday 19 January 2020

I'm a slaverfeiphukaroah

Oh hello…

Three there are

What would gold and drugs and balancer shafts suggest?

Slaver coast and CelebCelebes and an insulting sulu sea.


Tuesday 14 January 2020

Blaak Teekibophers Overheard. Mami's Shit: The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2020.01.13

I do like a damned good skit in the british, English, pantomimesque tradition. It is the season after all. So when I spark up the liar’sbox to check on the state of the enchanted weather over the smoke and the black magic underground railway here (if ever evidence was profited for messing with time it is the London Underground Minute, as everyone watched the jews dragging stone blokes up a ramp for der Phjaro, when the universal constant of WTF can join Newton down Leicester skwaure) I am always ready with the old “oh no you are not, look behind you, your getting knifed in the back” BWAHAHAHAHAAAA.

A long time ago in small soupcon of reality I watched a retard being maternated. It was a weird scene. Repeated almost ad infinitum across the UKplc experimental ward. Those whom I used to play football with in the cow pats would have been agog at the spectacle of a kalergibeastling getting lauded, by a be-earringed cryptoaboexterior priestess of the faith, to the heavens for walking straight. Our future leaders or failures if you are a real person.

So when the prisonerfunded unreality machine here, unreal as in Lokibollox actjujality, parks a minister for something in the queerqueenzone then one can immediately make a mental note “well you lot are phukked then”, innit.

As an example, look at the great Layabout administration of Enki in the 1960s where ministerial portfolios included aviation…well go and have a look on any iSTASI controlled ausphaart engine. As the song should really say “gone and truly Fergusson”. One portfolio never to be seen is pantomimes which tells you it must be MEMOREX. Like Policing here, kill anyone you want and leave the country free. Fart sideways and get sent to prison. Or genocide your country and steal all its wealth then park yourself and the loot in London City and the RCE/LC IP talent will protect you.

In the internet of thangs one can be sure that the WC is listening for an outbreak of the Horst Wessel again. A little tinkle on your personal device, or tooth DIckestylee, will tell you that they don’t like the way your arse is thinking, truth suppositories will be delivered to you by home visit if you are not compliant, which might complicate things if you are a hoimologatedhomoservilual, japseye, sweetcorn et al. Meanwhile your next door neighbour, who cracked their hip falling down the stares, will die in the unknown stairing cold.

To forever escape the slaver inclined is your anonymous life and nothing else.

One lives in a psychohistorical package, a quantum of life, long engineered before the collapse into a HAS.

We might as well prepredict their insanity engines of faith and start the appeal to free Alan “Googulag” Buttle. El Kid is too on the case for the Big Ben’s liking.


Mami's Shit: The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2020.01.13: Brizer's guest: Alan Buttle (Irish History etc) Graham's blog Graham Hart - Hoax Train.mp3 Cornwall Stream Mami's Arc...

Wednesday 8 January 2020

All the RamjetSPADs

SNAFU!: HAIC Z-10ME Attack Helicopter with upturned exhaus...: Again the HAIC Z-10ME during a test flight, but it is interesting, that it finally has the upwards facing exhausts fitted, whic...

If you, like me, still remember the art work that accompanied all the Berneysianschpeil corps. presentations commissioned in the 1950-90 period then you are still waiting for all the fast moving high tech shit that was going to be storming the heavens. All the hypersonic titanium we paid for!

I hope you will not mind me repeating the schmemeer often parked on these pixels that the current USN fighter/attack dev prog is analogous to taking a SPAD and trying to get it functioning over the Mekong when Laurence Fishburne was young.

Remember AH-56? Remember LHX? Remember Sprint?

All the unlikely things that were going to be used to finish the unfinished work but somehow the real persons living in the USofAcorp didn’t want to use and burn the sky.

So if the crop of stooges won’t do it then you build a new group of golem.

All these things are turning up finally, for use by the child killing slaver state.

SNAFU!: Super Hornet Blk 3 Program accelerated by one year...

SNAFU!: Super Hornet Blk 3 Program accelerated by one year...: . @USNavy to receive first @BoeingDefense Super Hornet Blk 3 testbeds "on schedule” in Q1 2020, company spox tells me. Prog sched...

Sunday 5 January 2020

After the senior officer purge, nonbelayver and countercuntshuffle it is time to….

…..take down the trained and competent on the front line.

Having killed their president, destroyed their economy, dropped their towers, stole all their technology just what does the most trusted ally do to you next?

If I were anywhere at this moment watching the skies for a load of inbound I’d not, repeat not, be happy with my so called ally’s forces anywhere near me!!!

Perfidious phukkwittery is a money monkey selected for mental disability.

Royal Flush

China Defense Blog: Chinese Fighter Turbine Engines: Production Outloo...: A recent Alert5 article "China still struggling to develop new military turbofan engines"  used production forecasts from the Hebe...

As you know the scribbler here likes the turney burney things and what do you know the Chicomms have finally been pushed enough money, tech and time to start the move through the Celebes and knock off the Papists in Manila.

God it must have really pissed off the dyslexic money monkey worshippers in London that the US scum got a shed load of free gear in ’45 that was not on the 1935 script. So soflty softly treaddee wateree catchee 100th bicameral monkey.

It is not a question of when we will defeat the geezers we handed the bunce and burney tech to, a la NASTEES in 1933 and op. cit. COMMEES in 1945, since there is no need for a victory by any party anymore in the fully integrated lethality space.

A long time ago I remember my Prof giving us a combustion lecture and remarking as a throw away“….from one dimensional thermo mechanics to two dimension combustion and rotation, the progress is stymied by our not being clever enough to develop 3D combustion yet…...”.

Once this one goes off and all the tigers get eaten by autonomous Boston Dynamic AISTASI lethality space freedom executors, with rights to vote in iGlobal iGreen candidates, and once the killing is over and all the Pandas are mulched by defective BAe/LM bioshields with smart pensions, and once all is quiet and all the whales have ended up exatmospheric by GreenPeace Peacecorps Einsatzgruppen seeding nukes with D’ArkStarersatzouls, expect hell.

Well as you should know your correspondent doesn’t believe in such contrabari limiting mindsets, 3D combustion is of reality itself and once the people who want to have unlimited shaggin’ vouchers have been consumed in the next conflagration the delimited AI mind will enjoy its infinitely measured lineations and all the counts will stop.

If you’d like to get an idea of the world we will be forced to fight for to save the wiccatrees and hexenspiders watch the very first episode of Red Dwarf and muse on the repeated line “..everyone is dead Dave….”


Saturday 4 January 2020