Saturday 30 March 2019

On Kalibers 15̊ It’s sacrifice Jim but not as we knew it in a Palestinian troll farm.

I really like a good map, as you know, and I like a good anniversary. I like a shed load of turney burney, studio Ghibli, darjeeling and I do like sepia prints for they stop in melancholy restained flections.

If ever there was to be found a photo of the people I read about in my text books as a lad they would be monotonous. Davus in horto est; would be a villa without colour. Since by that time the Romans were gone from their hoods and withering whither they had whinned dust.

Just as I never believed a word written about the spaghettibitchboy and his wanderings to the east, so I never gave a seconds credence to the fable about the sudden capture of Carthaginian shipwright mass production tech by the Romans.

All the debts are lingered, all the assets are noted and therefore nothing is secret and all is in motion. Do you seriously think that the 100BC-100AD equivalent of Hjalmar-Schacht or Strong didn’t have all the metadimensionless to hand? Do you think that life was harder for Hammurabi’s bean counter or for Janet Yellen? Do you still think that the farming of deliberate inbredbastards stopped in the year 1945AD? What bits of circus and harem do you not recognise UKabo?

Nowhere is an actual real history extant for the vulgar, you and me. As mentioned here a little while ago, the fact of a history project being kicked off pre 1941 by the USofA corp. means we have to assume similar for the other actors in all times and places brought to our attention. That means even such a great historian as Irving must be treated as massively incomplete. He can never tell us what went on in Breslau or the Protektorate. A bit player like Hitler has to be handled as a puppet. Why? Well if I could print off any flavour of cash I wanted in industrial scale counterfeiting operations via Strong et al then I could buy any number of lives without the Stepford wives knowing of my hand as they ran through their allotted life span. If I had the senior debts, the original velum and provenance then all younger instruments would bend to my will or be burned. If the never ending sisterhood of the fucknuns were in the darkness then what bit of I could make anything happen to fulfil the prophecy and reunite the garden with all weeds gone from the singing baize is delusional?

Unlike all other belief systems, I could point to an unbroken line of success for over 5000 years with all opposition liquidated.

Puellae laetae sunt, well only before the race replacement of the Romans. Rome was not Roman in 1AD, so the Bishop there is naught but a counterfeit wife. Just as 3 legions disappeared then abouts, I find myself looking at 1914-15 as a similar irreversible race replacement sacrament. Conjuring fallow fields as sanguinary enrichment. One speculates about game theory in temples and the use of complexity to fertilise favourable famine conditioning, RAND and randy as a food wave function.

It is not enough to enact, to exercise the will. In the herd attention space a condition of intention can only be actualised through repetition of thorough ceremony, ritual and worship such that the gaters of the cult can release synchronicity and stasis from the holy tachydithering mares.

Forgery is their only creation for debt as death balances their ledger.

Friday 29 March 2019

Angie baby, Tenko Tempo and the arc of Kronossarium.

“The mineral- and oil-rich Dutch East Indies (today’s Indo¬nesia) was Japan’s next colo¬nial tar¬get in the Pacific Theater—this after Allied resis¬tance had col¬lapsed in Sin¬ga¬pore (Febru¬ary 15, 1942) and all but did so in the Philip¬pines with Gen. Douglas Mac¬Arthur’s forces holed up on the rocky, jungle-covered Ba¬taan Penin¬sula opposite Manila, the Philip¬pine capital. Darwin in north¬ern Aus¬tra¬lia, an Allied supply and naval base that had the poten¬tial of sup¬porting opera¬tions in the East Indies, was ren¬dered use¬less on Febru¬ary 19, 1942, by two Japa¬nese air raids, one from carrier-based planes, the other from land-based planes flying out of Ken¬dari in the Dutch East Indies. A hastily assembled multi¬na¬tional flotilla of Amer¬i¬can, Brit¬ish, Dutch, and Aus¬tra¬lian (ABDA) war¬ships, many of World War I vin¬tage, con¬fronted a supe¬rior Japa¬nese in¬vas¬ion force com¬prising one light air¬craft carrier, two heavy cruisers, two light cruisers, four¬teen de¬stroyers, and ten trans¬ports. In the seven-hour, on-and-off Battle of the Java Sea on Febru¬ary 27, 1942, the Allies lost two heavy cruis¬ers, three de¬stroyers, and 2,300 men, including 52-year-old Rear Adm. Karel Doorman, ABDA Strike Force com¬man¬der, when his light cruiser and flag¬ship HNLMS De Ruyter went down. The Japa¬nese suffered damage to one destroyer and the loss of four trans¬ports. Japan’s decisive naval victory and follow-up en¬gage¬ments over the next two days accele¬rated its con¬quest of the Dutch East Indies, whose civil¬ian admin¬is¬tra¬tion sur¬ren¬dered un¬con¬di¬tionally on this date in 1942. In the week¬long land cam¬paign Dutch troops, aided by Brit¬ish and Amer¬i¬can rem¬nants, fought fiercely, and when it was over the Japa¬nese exe¬cuted many cap¬tured Allied sol¬diers and sympa¬thizing Indo¬ne¬sians. Not until later in the year would Japan’s air and naval supe¬ri¬ority in the Paci¬fic be tested again. Two naval en¬coun¬ters in the Coral Sea (May 4–8, 1942) and at the Battle of Midway (June 4–7, 1942) restored the balance of power in the Paci¬fic that had been lost at Pearl Harbor. Over the next two years, U.S. naval and air power relent¬lessly chewed up Japan’s over¬seas empire. When the war came to an end, the former Dutch colony uni¬lat¬erally declared its in¬de¬pen¬dence, and the Repub¬lic of Indo¬ne¬sia was born on August 17, 1945, in a simple flag-raising ceremony in Jakarta.” 

I always found myself looking at the edges of the Big One when staring at the map. It was there that I instinctively knew that a soupçon of reality might perhaps be gleaned since the big shows were somehow not real. Even back then I could smell the face paint and lime light. It was the way things were not described whilst being richly embroideredelineated by the official UK hystercalian that gave it away. Park and Battle of Britain etc.

Subsequent research proves that to be the case.

Midway anyone?

Though I do admit that stoogeing around the porn industry in the 1920s was a great cover. I mean would you expect weather manipulation technology to be birthed there? Midway, open systems pussy!

Anyway one of my fave places to stare, and still is Angie, was Batavia. So much to learn there. Allied forces bare arsed and out of place on the stage. Wiped out. Slant eyed bastards spearing Chaldean merchants and babies on bayonets, why not? All the gold biscuits lifted by Rothfree agents of Nihon. Sub bases for moving pharma, gold, mercury, uranium and all those lovely patents. Everyone out of place when the music stopped, what abut that 5stars? Cannabilism. CIA. B26 Pope bombing churches years later.


And of course the only place south of Vientiane not to get the full napalming and counter ganging in the period 1950-1970 despite our best attempts, though flag officer Singapore did keep putting sugar in the tank. Sweet napalm does make one wonder about work not yet finished doesn’t it Angie?

Thursday 28 March 2019

On Kalibers 14̊ Back to the Sassoon, administer the killer, ready use locker.

Of all rounds, the human is the longest shelf lifed, for instant use. No combatting coding needing messing, just death on demand.

As tickled around here, previous to earlier, we have a certain perverted world view, progressed from the success of failure, that has poisoned the current wankstator reality isomirages. The rotation homage, counter and contra, is whirling poisoned panspermatozoonplague into the gyroperagar. It has simply through the circumstances of killing the opposition, not victory, not even pyrrhic, just last man standing, it has resulted in the complete destruction of humanity. We are Alan’s nightmare, we are utter Turing fails.

If we then cast our stimulated gaze at the Hekatecultists’ amplified temples and their holy spiralling holoflue hoaxsmoke emissions we can rest assured that not only are we too stupid to live by liberty’s grace, we are now an uncertain murderous probability hive.

In the realm of earshine, things are no better. The trombones of cacophony are blasting antisense and arsostun at the insensate. Like the liars at Jericho drag to themselves the work of whores, thieves and cripples as godlike wonder instead of the more mundane waiting in the wastes and awaiting achoes. Chance is all to the thugs of the wastedisland, driven to the red dust forever without a rest.

At the centre of the venom concoctioning is the alchemical chimerical pirate base of UKplc. There the jolly jacked tars await dullard arse transplants by dollards. All one needs here is to be rationed in the world’s most advanced colony of sphincter wearers. A land where the assets are arses, the newly imported bums are supremacists and the dead beats are burned out shitters beyond their useful by date. If one were to stare hard enough one might conclude that the brigand engine in London City is the world’s first and only AI.

No wonder it is the only place not to get burned for it was already schemed in 1666. Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow, Warsaw &c all had their planners plans approved by worshipful companies long time before anything appeared overhead.

And that is why no one was ever going to drop a nuclear engine on them. However ritual required something to be let off somewhere, sometime on someone as holyday. It would have been a massive desecration should toxicity render the ceremony void elsewhere on the singing baize.

I do wonder if any of the inhabited carbon based debased forms here in the Rothdeerplark will actually realise that they have been turned from sentient release into and from the universe, to standing stones, too mute to witness.

Where else could the masses have no instinct to rebel or move in their own way? Where else are the silences so cacophonous? Where else is the stupidity such an idiot savant?

In the ready use locker the rounds are more than ample to effect the next transubstabination.

Monday 25 March 2019

On Kaliberty 13̊ over mighty gangsters

 Forget Magna Barpha what you really want is industrious liberty.

Henry, by the grace of God, king of England, lord of Ireland, duke of Normandy, Aquitaine, and count of Anjou, to the archbishops, bishops, abbots, priors, earls, barons, justices, foresters, sheriffs, stewards, servants, and to all his bailiffs and faithful subjects, greeting. Know that out of reverence for God and for the salvation of our soul and the souls of our ancestors and successors, for the exaltation of holy church and the reform of our realm, we have granted and by this present charter confirmed for us and our heirs for ever, on the advice of our venerable father, the lord Gualo, cardinal priest of St Martin and legate of the apostolic see, of the lord Walter archbishop of York, William bishop of London and the other bishops of England and of William Marshal earl of Pembroke, ruler of us and of our kingdom, and our other faithful earls and barons of England, these liberties written below to be held in our kingdom of England for ever.
[1] In the first place, all the forests which king Henry our grandfather made forest shall be viewed by good and law-worthy men, and if he made forest any wood that was not his demesne to the injury of him whose wood it was, it shall be disafforested. And if he made his own wood forest, it shall remain forest, saving common of pasture and other things in that forest to those who were accustomed to have them previously.
[2] Men who live outside the forest need not henceforth come before our justices of the forest upon a general summons, unless they are impleaded or are sureties for any person or persons who are attached for forest offences.
[3] All woods made forest by king Richard our uncle, or by king John our father, up to the time of our first coronation shall be immediately disafforested unless it be our demesne wood.
[4] Archbishops, bishops, abbots, priors, earls, barons, knights and freeholders who have woods within forests shall have them as they had them at the time of the first coronation of the aforesaid king Henry our grandfather, so that they shall be quit forever[1] in respect of all purprestures, wastes and assarts made in those woods between that time and the beginning of the second year of our coronation. And those who in future make waste, purpresture or assart in them without licence from us shall answer for wastes, purprestures[2] and assarts.
[5] Our regarders shall go through the forests making the regard as it used to be made at the time of the first coronation of the aforesaid king Henry our grandfather, and not otherwise.
[6] The inquest or view of the expeditating of dogs in the forest shall henceforth be made when the regard ought to be made, namely every third year, and then made by the view and testimony of law-worthy men and not otherwise. And he whose dog is then found not expeditated shall give as amercement three shillings, and in future no ox shall be seized for failure to expeditate. The manner, moreover, of expeditating by the assize shall generally be that three claws of the forefoot are to be cut off, but not the ball. Nor shall dogs henceforth be expeditated except in places where it was customary to expeditate them at the time of the first coronation of king Henry our grandfather.
[7] No forester or beadle shall henceforth make scotale or levy sheaves of corn, or oats or other grain or lambs or piglets or make any other levy. And by the view and oath of twelve regarders when they make the regard as many foresters are to be set to keep the forests as shall seem to them reasonably sufficient for keeping them.
[8] No swanimote shall henceforth be held in our kingdom except three times a year, namely a fortnight before the feast of St Michael, when the agisters meet to agist our demesne woods, and about the feast of St Martin, when our agisters ought to receive our pannage-dues; and at these two swanimotes foresters, verderers and agisters shall appear but no one else shall be compelled to do so; and the third swanimote shall be held a fortnight before the feast of St John the Baptist for the fawning of our beasts, and for holding this swanimote foresters and verderers shall come but no others shall be compelled to do so. And in addition every forty days throughout the year the verderers and foresters shall meet to view attachments of the forest both of the vert and of the venison on the presentment of those foresters and with the attached present. The aforesaid swanimotes however shall only be held in counties in which they were wont to be held.
[9] Every free man shall agist his wood in the forest as he wishes and have his pannage. We grant also that every free man can conduct his pigs through our demesne wood freely and without impediment to agist them in his own woods or anywhere else he wishes. And if the pigs of any free man shall spend one night in our forest he shall not on that account be so prosecuted that he loses anything of his own.
[10] No one shall henceforth lose life or limb because of our venison, but if anyone has been arrested and convicted of taking venison he shall be fined heavily if he has the means; and if he has not the means, he shall lie in our prison for a year and a day; and if after a year and a day he can find pledges he may leave prison; but if not, he shall abjure the realm of England.
[11] Any archbishop, bishop, earl or baron whatever who passes through our forest shall be allowed to take one or two beasts under the supervision of the forester, if he is to hand; but if not, let him have the horn blown, lest he seem to be doing it furtively.
[12] Every free man may henceforth without being prosecuted make in his wood or in land he has in the forest a mill, a preserve, a pond, a marl-pit, a ditch, or arable outside the covert in arable land, on condition that it does not harm any neighbour.
[13] Every free man shall have the eyries of hawks, sparrowhawks, falcons, eagles and herons in his woods, and likewise honey found in his woods.
[14] No forester henceforth who is not a forester-in-fee rendering us a farm for his bailiwick may exact any chiminage[3] in his bailiwick; but a forester-in-fee rendering us a farm for his bailiwick may exact chiminage, namely for a cart for half a year 2d and for the other half year 2d, and for a horse with a load for half a year 1/2d and for the other half year 1/2d, and only from those who come from outside his bailiwick as merchants with his permission into his bailiwick to buy wood, timber, bark, or charcoal and take them elsewhere to sell where they wish; and from no other cart or load shall any chiminage be exacted, and chiminage shall only be exacted in places where it used to be exacted of old and ought to have been exacted. Those, on the other hand, who carry wood, bark, or charcoal on their backs for sale, although they get their living by it, shall not in future pay chiminage. In respect of the woods of others no chiminage shall be given to our foresters beyond [that given] in respect of our own2[4] woods.3[5]
[15] All who from the time of king Henry our grandfather up to our first coronation have been outlawed for a forest offence only shall be released from their outlawry without legal proceedings and shall find reliable pledges that they will not do wrong to us in the future in respect of our forest.
[16] No castellan or other person may hold forest pleas either of the vert or the venison but each forester-in-fee shall attach forest pleas of both the vert and the venison and present them to the verderers of the districts[6] and when they have been enrolled and closed under the seals of the verderers they shall be presented to the head forester when he arrives in those parts to hold forest pleas and be determined before him.
[17] These liberties concerning the forests we have granted to everybody, saving to archbishops, bishops, abbots, priors, earls, barons, knights, and other persons, ecclesiastical and secular, Templars and Hospitallers, the liberties and free customs, in forests and outside, in warrens and other things, which they had previously. All these aforesaid customs and liberties which we have granted to be observed in our kingdom as far as it pertains to us towards our men, all of our kingdom, clerks as well as laymen, shall observe as far as it pertains to them towards their men. Because we have not yet a seal we have had the present charter sealed with the seals of our venerable father the lord Gualo cardinal priest of St Martin, legate of the apostolic see, and William Marshal earl of Pembroke, ruler of us and of our kingdom. Witness the aforenamed and many others. Given by the hands of the aforesaid lord, the legate, and of William Marshal at St Paul’s, London, on the sixth day of November in the second year of our reign.
[1] i.e. of payments at the Exchequer
[2] purprestures: required by the context, an accidental omission, supplied from the Forest Charter of 1225
[3] A toll levied on transport in the forest.
[4] literally, demesne
[5] An obscure Latin sentence, not found in the 1225 or later reissues of the Forest Charter. This would seem to be its meaning.

Or perhaps you'd prefer Aaron of Lincoln's 21st Century gynusury mates?

Sunday 24 March 2019

On CHEKalibers 12̊

In the land of ersarseladyboys the value of everything is faked, nothing has a price, all action is sterile.
PHEKKWITZ AHOY!!!!!!!!!: More than your life is worth.: It is always one of those flags that tips one off to a sleight of the false historical hand when we are reassured by carefully tenured...

If there was ever a more egregious display of phukkwittery and chiquanery on actual, in your arseface, on heat display, it has been the on command bitchery of UKplc’s reporting media and political coverage this passed 5 parliaments. In another age one wrong move by an administration would have seen it dumped upon from a great height. Can you imagine the chlorography of forms that was required to destroy UKplc? A nation that could not afford CVA-01/TSR2 can throw gazillions in imaginary moves and wealth at F35/QEflatflops.  Phiscopality not withstanding, imagine a red administration in the period 1975-1985 pulling off such utter bullshit serial, keystonecoppery as spiteful softpreponerology, maladministrations as we’ve been subjected to this passed 20 years. QED, so we have no government, we have no estates of any sort.

Apparently there is no shortage of money for political engineering. All laws, so beloved of equation envious numisbishoprics, have been washed from the economics canon.

All economic models are now anathema. All economists excommunicated. All those associated with the moneyweirding are ready for shoeroasted holocausting. Big fundamentailsitReligion is coming to stop everything again. The angina is obvious to all in the heartbreak orchestrated to make every living minute seered, doleful and terminal.

How else to explain our lives under universal noahidetithe.

In the space of 50 years UKplc has been reduced from a country that could not afford to replicate itself to the fallow fields of a pimpprimitveserfdom.

Since the measured wealth of this street corner as of 2019AD is in multiples of ejaculate, the donmehspaffmonkey gave that game away, the idea of a future is absurd. A future has a means of change in a fertile selfcontinuity. What we have coming is a disconirtnuity into sterlilestasis. Trotshytist mindmong delivered as an unrefusable deal by the homocidalpriests of the null. Ever wondered the calorific value of a 10 quadrillion dollars pyre?

Quantitativescalability means that what was done so easily in 10 million square miles back then will be done in 100 million square miles, now that is derivative. 30,000 imported New York freaks sufficed in 1917. 300,000 should do it for now, now that special weapon drawing rights are mirroring.

"We stand for organized terror - this should be frankly admitted," said Dzerzhinsky in a chilling quote in 1918. "Terror is an absolute necessity during times of revolution. Our aim is to fight against the enemies of the Soviet Government and of the new order of life. We judge quickly. In most cases only a day passes between the apprehension of the criminal and his sentence. When confronted with evidence criminals in almost every case confess; and what argument can have greater weight than a criminal's own confession."

Before the Special Punitive Department of the NeoconCHEKA drop by for a 3am alarmstart we ought to make an irreversible action and measure the distance from the first bankers softshoessoles to the last bankers beautifully crimped follicle after a catholic neck stretching.

Friday 22 March 2019

Which bit of ChiComm hardware in Tel Aviv.....

SNAFU!: Turkey's F-35 purchase is in serious jeopardy...: "The S-400 is a computer. The F-35 is a computer. You don't hook your computer to your adversary's computer and that's bas...

...has eluded all the high rate ration voucher spenders in the mil colleges and RANDs of this world?

Well of course it hasn't, everything is right on course, only the global abos are to remain vulgar. think of yourself as an Abogeezer parked near Port Moresby in 1941. You might be working out familial and tribal relationships/arrangements through marriage for the coming year. Did you count on 20mm and 500lbers taking your world apart? No. So what the hell makes you think that the Arseender watchers here in the Napalm Atomic Talmud Obscenicide longhouse knows what is coming?

You don't integrate the espionage jet with the S400. You integrate ChiComm jets.

BTW chums. How do you get a regiment of Fuerzes Especiales out of Luzon into someone elses country overnight? Entebbestyleee. I know you won't get it but the GoldsteinGLADIO production on south island, coming ever since they made Lord of the Ringlets, is part of the same prep for the HWW. All it will take is 4 A380s.

Don't snigger UKabos, massive rationing and lock down is coming again.

Oh yes here it comes.

Tuesday 19 March 2019

On Kalibers 11̊ 70 years closing

If there is one thing that can be guaranteed righthererightnow it is that there was a massive cocktail party 70 years ago to celebrate further murder paid for by NYLON, in NYLON, the artificial money laboratory.

Just like the deportations from UK/US/FR controlled Europe in 1945 that resulted in the deliberate murder of millions of persons in Stalin’s, the NYLON bitchboy, Potsdamplaypen, must have had a serious shagfest going down behind the closed doors of grand buildings so that the rationed, barred from entry, Eurabos couldn’t tell that they’d had the piss taken out of them again..

If you think otherwise then you can GGTF!!

Just like if you think there is anything other than completion of European eradication these days by the EU/NATO bitchboys and boybitches of the COMINTERN.

If you don’t think that murdering Mancuntian candidates exist just watch anything involving the EU/NATO perpreps wandering on their cuntferencestages and ameobicbloodred carpets.

Can you count the murdered?

“Three Baltic States Commemorate Post-War Deportations
People in the three Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania will recall one of the region's darkest hours, the Soviet deportation of thousands of ordinary families four years after the end of World War II.

Stalin signed off on the deportations of thousands of Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians

The March, 25, 1949 deportations saw people seized from their homes without warning and transported, literally like cattle, to the frozen ends of the earth, marking one of the lowest points even by the standards of the Soviet Union's oppressive history.
In a short period of time, around 100,000 Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians were sent to Siberia in cattle trucks to scratch a living from the permafrost in labor camps. Some died on the way, some died as the years passed - and a few made it home.
Among those was Juozas, an elderly Lithuanian in Riga who was urging passers-by to visit a new photography exhibition at the Latvian Photography Museum titled "Siberia 1949-1989" which traces the lives and deaths of deported…….”

Sunday 17 March 2019

Qwhen I grow up I want to be a Gladiovideostar

Taking a Q from one of the Kaliber outings I would like you to entertain what would constitute the circumstances within which almost all of the population of inhabited meat bags, not the inhabited carbon based mindforms, justice walking cabbages, would in the aggregate actually swap arses for faces.

If the arseface gags are their own standingSTASI then what will they not do to sit on themselves and otherselves? A boot on the face just will not do anymore Winston. It does not do to turn the other cheek if Janus has two arses. You will be there all day Tangoeing the bastards!! Orange forces do not exist unless wombed in special drawing rights gro-bags.

When 4th PzA were trying to hold the line SW of Kiev 75 years ago, von dem Bach was to the north Pripyetee stylee, a meeting of the local protoGladios, UPA/OUN-B, was held to come to a modus vivendi. Well that kind of fell flat. So the Gildios simply waited for the Soviets to roll through, started killing commie apparatchiks and sent peeps overseas to Amerika.

To get back to the singing baize….

” ….Is this all psychopomp?

As you know, if you’ve hung here often at the unhinged ramblings, your correspondent does like a good map, I’ve speculated that there is a first map on the Big Table that sings to the geezers in the Big Room, many times. So it is ironic that upon a dimensional construct I should be thinking dinemnsionlessness. Is that why it sings, there are no dimensions to the map?

Apart from the oopart and Pikey two other things have brought this thought to the fore. The first being summarised by commentators on old philosophers comments on elder….”

….I would reckon that the Artifiscal Instability is running the simulations and gaming through dimensionless numbers as cypherarses, then the removal of population, not end times, is more than certain. It is an absolute strange attractor for events in Uman.

You place the peculiaritypecuniarychaos and get the desired outcome.

Back to the arses. How do you know when all you are going to see as you walk down the street are asrise?

  1. Unbelievable numbers of Gladio Opera stars and corpsingdoubles.
  2. No one asking why there are never live shooters at the temples of Naked Arse Dates or SoapySpinheketasOpera chimney Drama
  3. falseReligionistas as shooters like tractor stats.
  4. More money as poverty for all in drama school.
  5. Everyone knows nothing as regigious falsect
  6. The miracle of the £5 note fart.

Friday 15 March 2019

On Kalibers 10̊ Herpintention Space

Mami's Shit: Amazon Bans Culture of Critique and Separation and...: Twenty-one years after a respected academic publisher, Praeger, published Culture of Critique and Separation and Its Discontents, they hav...

I Havementioned the 70cal dentist Baake on several occasio cocktex parties out here. It is now 75 years since his greatest drillings.

Unlike buggkykedsecretsquirrelprewanderers, Obumerkenyaspillings and any leftist workshybastardengines fabular waltermittismsjisms he really did deliver. Skankplank’s fictionpatertribe has some geezers who did nothing but truck shit proximate, not close, to geezers actually getting snuffed by gunfire and sniper before putting pedal to the metal to get back to supply bases in towns far away from inbound, there to stick their dicks into malayholes for hire, the racist misogynist khaants.

Anyway back to Cherkassy.

One year after getting into the global killing, ten years after the USSR got mobilised forcing its slaves to work 16 hour daus in tank factories or die, 7 years after UKplc started rationing for ricketts and getting tooled up to cause real trouble, 5 year after USofA corp got ready to kill all its survivors, men not yet dead in the great depression, on the Pacific sands we find guys who were not interested in anything other than a liberty to bathe and shit indoors. There was one hell of a kill ratio. ON IR .

In 2019AD we find that the herpes infected retards in the slaver eugenics states are getting readied to believe themselves good guys again.

Simply place your name where no name is recognised and any of the current boybitchedbitchboys of today in place of names you recognise. I know, I know even the best of the youngsters don’t recognise… is our job to never let them forget once we unamnesiatise them..enjoy.

“The President of the Court grants leave to the State Prosecutor, Comrade A. Y. Vyshinsky, State Attorney of the U.S.S.R., to address the Court.


Vyshinski:  Comrades judges, comrades members of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the Soviet Union: For three days you have very carefully and with the greatest attention examined the evidence and proof submitted to you by the State Prosecution against the people sitting here in the dock charged with having committed the gravest crimes against the state. With the greatest possible care you have subjected to investigation and judicial scrutiny every one of these proofs, every fact, every event, every step taken by the accused, who in the course of many years added crime to crime in their struggle against the Soviet state, against the Soviet power, against our Party and against the whole of our Soviet people.
Horrible and monstrous is the chain of these crimes against our socialist fatherland; and each one of these crimes deserves the severest condemnation and severest punishment. Horrible and monstrous is the guilt of these criminals and murderers, who raised their hand against the leaders of our Party, against Comrades Stalin, Voroshilov, Zhdanov, Kaganovich, Orjonikidze, Kossior and Postyshev, against our leaders, the leaders of the Soviet state. Monstrous are the crimes perpetrated by this gang wich not only made preparations to commit terroristic acts, but actually murdered one of the best sons of the working class, one of the most devoted to the cause of socialism, one of the most beloved disciples of the great Stalin, the fiery tribune of the proletarian revolution, the unforgettable Sergel Mironovich Kirov.
But monstrous as these crimes are, and however profoundly we may have been stirred and digusted by this nightmare of horrible crime, you, comrades judges, as befits a Soviet court and Soviet justice, have been weighing and appraising very calmy the facts which came before you in connection with the criminal activities of these persons whose names have long ago been covered with contempt and disgrace in the eyes of the whole people.
We have now come to the end of our judicial proceedings. We are making the final summary. We are drawing our last deductions in preparation, within a few hours, perhaps, to hear your verdict, the verdict of the Court of the land of Soviets which demands and expects from you a just, unfaltering and implacably stern decision concerning the fate of these people, these contemptible murderers, these vile and insolent enimies of the land of Soviets,of the Soviet people.
We are building a new, socialist society, a new, Soviet state, under the difficult conditions of class struggle, amidst the fierse resistance of the last remnants of the exploiting classes which we have routed and utterly crushed.
Every step in our progress is accompanied by desperate resistance on the part of our enemies who rouse against us all the forces of the old world, all the filth, all the scum of the old society, who mobilize and throw into the struggle against us the most criminal, the most hardened, the most incorrigible, decayed and dishonest elements.
Lenin taught us that "there has never been a single deep and mighty popular movement in history without filthy scum," without the bourgeois and petty-bourgeois element flighting against the Soviet Government, and resorting not only to the methods of the Savinkovs, the Gotzes, the Gegechkoris and Kornilovs, of plots and rebellions, of floods of lies and slander, but also utilizing all the elements of decay, and embarking upon every possible sordin and shameful crime.
Comrade Stalin warned us that:
"We must bear in mind that the growth of the power of the Soviet state will increase the resistance of the last remnants of the dying classes. It is precisely because they are dying, and living their last days that they will pass from one form of attack to another, to sharper forms of attack, appealing to the backward strata of the population, and mobilizing them against the Soviet power. There is no foul lie or slander that these 'have-beens' would not use against the Soviet power and around which they would not try to mobilize the backward elements. This may give ground for the revival of the activities of the defeated groups of the old counter-revolutionary parties: the Socialist-Revolutionaries, the Mensheviks, the bourgeois nationalists in the centre and in the outlying regions; it may give grounds also for the revival of the activities of the fragments of counter-revolutionary opposition elements from among the Trotskyites and the Right deviationists. Of course, there is nothing terrible in this. But we must bear all this in mind if we want to put an end to these elements quickly and without great loss." [Stalin, The Results of the First Five-Year Plan,  end of Section VII.]
Three years ago Comrade Stalin not only foretold the inevitable resistance of elements hostile to the cause of socialism, but also foretold the possibility of the revival of Trotskyite counter-revolutionary groups. This trial has fully and distinctly proved the great wisdom of this forecast.
The "heroes" of this trial have linked their fate with the fascists, with the agents of secret-police departments; these "heroes" have lost all scruples and gone to the uttermost limits of duplicity and deceit, elevated perfidy and treachery to a system, to the law of their struggle against the Soviet state.
This trial has completely revealed and has once again proved how great and boundless is the rage and hatred of our enemies toward the great cause of socialism; this trial has shown how insignificant are these enemies who rushed headling from one crime to another. A contemptible, insignificant, impotent group of trailors and murderers thought that by means of their sordid crimes they could cause the heart of our great people to cease to beat! This contemptible, insignificant group of adventurers tried with their mud-stained feet to trample upon the most fragant flowers in our socialist garden.
These mad dogs of capitalism tried to tear limb from limb the best of the best of our Soviet land. They killed one of the men of the revolution who was most dear to us, that admirable and wonderful man, bright and joyous as the smile on his lips was always bright and joyous, as our new life is bright and joyous. Thy killed our Kirov; they wounded us close to our very heart. They thought they could sow confusion and consternation in our ranks.
To the murderers' treacherous shot of December 1, 1934, the whole country replied with unanimous execration. The whole country, millions and tens of millions of people, were aroused and once again proved their solidarity, their unity, their loyalty to the great banner of the Party of Lenin-Stalin. The land of Soviets rose up like an unshakable, iron wall in defence of its leaders, its guides, for every hair of whose heads these criminal madmen will ansver with their lives. In this boundless love of millions of toilers for our Party, for its central Committee, and for our Stalin and his glorious Comrades -in-arms, in this infinite love of the people lies the strength of the defence and protection of our leaders, the guides of our country and Party, against traitors, murderers and bandits.
Our great fatherland is joyously flourishing and growing.The fields of innumerable collective farms are rich with a golden harvest. Thousands of new socialist, Stakhanov factories and works are pulsating with life. Harmoniously and wonderfully our railways are working for the welfare of our fatherland, and from end to end of the country Krivonoss passenger and freight trains are speeding over the glistening ribbons of steel. Firm as granite stands our Red Army, surrounded with the love of the people, guarding the frontiers of our native land. The names of our wonderful Bolsheviks, the tireless and gifted builders of our state - Sergo Orjonikidze, Klim Voroshilov, Lazar Moisseyevich Kaganovich, the leaders of the Ukrainian Bolsheviks - Kossior and Postyshev, and the leader of the Leningrad Bolsheviks, Zhdanov, are near and dear to the hearts of us and all those who are filled with filial love for their motherland. With great and unsurpassed love, the toilers of the whole world utter the name of the great teacher and leader of the peoples of the U.S.S.R. - Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin!
Under the leadership of the Soviet government and our Party, headed by Stalin, socialism has finally and irrevocably triumphed in our country. Under the leadership of our Party the proletariat of our country took the implements and means of production from the capitalists, abolished the capitalist system which is based on private property, on exploitation, on poverty and slavery.
Under the leadership of our Party and the Soviet government the peoples of the U.S.S.R. brought about the great industrialization of our contry, increased its means of production tenfold, multiplied its national wealth and thereby created the conditions for a happy and joyous life for all the toilers of the Soviet land of socialism.The victory of socialism is first and foremost the victory of our own Bolshevik Party, of its Leninist-Stalinist general line, of its Leninist-Stalinist leadership, of its Central Committee, headed by the great Stalin.
On the basis of these victories there has been created the indestructible union of all the toilers for the further reinforcement and development of socialism; there has been created and cemented the union and friendship of all the peoples of the U.S.S.R. for the building of socialism, for defence against our enemies, against the enemies of socialism. These victories have completely changed the entire face of our country, which has been raised to an unprecedented level of economic and cultural development.
These victories have brought the working class of the U.S.S.R. enormous improvement in their material well-being. It is now many years since unemployment has been eliminated and the seven-hour day, against which the "heroes" now in the dock always persistently and treacherously fought, has been introduced. Our country has achieved unprecedented successes, impossible in any capitalist country, in developing a new, really human, socialist culture.
These victories have brought our whole country, every factory worker and collective farmer, every office worker and intellectual, a happy and a well-to-do life. And these victories are the guarantee of the unity of all the Soviet people with our government, with our Party and with its Central Committee. Are not the wide,mass, popular conferences, conceivable only in our contry, of the leading people of our factories and works, of our transport system, of our cotton and sugar beet fields, of live-stock breeders, of combine and tractor drivers, of Stakhanovites and Krivonossites with the leaders of the Party and the government the best proof of this indestructible, genuine unity and solidarity of masses of the people with the great Stalin, with our Central Committee, with our Soviet government? This is a manifestation of genuine Soviet, true democracy! And is not the mighty wave of popular wrath, now sweeping from one end of the country to the other against these despicable murderers, a striking evidence of this unity?”


Tuesday 12 March 2019

On Kalibers 9̊ Killer Quims Terminator Cox

Have you watched the Open Sewer pour into your existence pod and wonder if the only point of contact should be high velocity pharmacy. Anyone involved in the money cycle should be made to eat a CHEKA sandwich in one of those trombone powered brain smashing machines the mentally ill fantasise about. What is money but ready rounds in a hurt locker. As soon as the locker is established the road to poverty for everyone is fixed as the one and only route. Such a pilgrimage will take so long and be so degenagerous that one will be unable to recognise your terminus if one were to arrive nor to identify the departing traveller itinerant.

The singular occasion to actually observe the collapsing wave functions is when on a whim one wants to bring into realisty the wonderwaffle that is the constipated mangling of vowels through bowels, consonants by diarrhoea and meaning that has no nutrition as dung.

Faith based puppetry as community time incineration is the surest sign that everything blurted out of the academic U-bends of econgameretardomics, sociologicalbraindeath and frankfrakfartschoolanythingoes all held up by fiat counterfeit robber vouchers in a humungous hubbub of a Rayleigh instability population dynamic holocaust.

That is how the BitchBuggeringCwimhouse would describe it.

We who know what language is for would describe it as Apiru Cru global larcenous murder.

I find it hard to put into words just how extreme is the hatred of us, the ordinary geezer and geeztrix abaaht taahn, contained within the closed community that occupies the positions of power and control, the ecology niches only inhabited by the killer elite intolerant supremacists who have as part of their modus an open recruitment policy for as yet uncontacted psychotic genocidalists, universally.

It would not be too weird to describe these inhabited carbon based life forms as fully bitchedboys and completed boyedbitches who have taken the money spigot right up the arse so hard that not only is the moneycum drizzling down their thighs, forged bile spew is committing from their faces. They have nothing to say. They cannot communicate to us. All they produce is blinding barren acidic spray.

This is not an exaggeration. For here in the most advanced society on 3rd rock there is nothing in the fully diverse social sphere that would stop a decision made by sumphukk like Georgyboy Seepingmerde Gapingpoxhole Soros to put in place an arsephace programme.

Think Travolta/Cage but reality.

Care to refute that contemption?

Sunday 10 March 2019

On Kalibers 8̊ A Bigting Zombion Riory Prion Mnesia Buttcoin

Whatever metrics are used to judge whether the Sentinal bins are FULL here in the Rothboss Capability garden, the first brownnoisomekhaantgarden to encompass a whole nation, we must assume that the optimum time to set off the next bygone is here and now. There is no point in triggering complete Cloward-Piven, just enough system overload and degeneration to have the replacement dormant structure of what is planned, unseen, for deployment once everyone is spent or dead in the aftermath. Just like 1938. If you think the Midden Set and assorted Rhodes Scoffers knew what was going on then you must think that Terroresa Traiter Mayn’t is something other than a replacement bitch.

Just checking into our history here in Dumnonistan, no not given history, real history, there are some hints in the 1930s that everything was going swimmingly.

The humantechnology had been deployed within the marxix and the home technostructure was in place. History never repeats exactly but it does follow the path layered by scaling industrial counterfeiting fortending to industrious ignorance and perspicacious sloth. Don’t forget that 200 years after Peterloo, UKplc is the most advanced garden on the planet having been dilluted continuously with fake fiat.

Today the scale of operational perpery is still global, much deeper, but the ecumenical maniacal instruments are transnational and exoatmospheric. The strategy never changes, a return to the garden where everyone who remains is amnesodroned and all weeds have been removed or returned to place, the scale though boggles the mind and as such is a part of the natural defences of the sacrament.

As has been noted before no one believes the big lie and therefore no one can contemplate ethic as untruly monstrous plan. Only those framed since birth to view kaleidoscopically in kryptomegalomania will move the pieces as carelessly as we would change channel on the DPRNKflix. Each piece contains 100 million persons and each piece will be destroyed or survive in the flux no matter the prayers of those so contained and washed away.

So can we see what is coming? Can we who could smell sanhedrinescariot on the day, we who asked the important questions like whether the 4th plane shootdown was Leibnitz meets Clausewitz or where were the 5th ad 6th planes targetted? You know; the ones the USG didn’t like flying. Are we smart enough in our cleverility?

Well what we can do is go back to where the current oplan started, e.g. the tacop of 9/11 is no where near the decade it rolled, that was the Bush 0.0 kill off of the air traffic controllers, so for the big one restart we look at the Fedscamatics and the desired outcomes from corollaries. As mentioned here before, the subroth were happy for the wealth farming to get into gear in the USofAcorp since it was going to man and finance the full integration of all globalkabbal killactivity.

counterGangsters ran USofA, Countergangsters ran USSR, roigangsters ran The Empires and of course a counterCountergang got patented in Geemany. All the plans for the next smooth transition into globalersatzgangs got stalled when someone made a grab for the tech in a massive failed pinchraid in 1944. 80 years later and the conditions ante bellum have been re-established and scalability being what it is we now need fully integrated counterfeitgangs running northsouth/southnorth whilst the perps get to fuck out of it all.

Wednesday 6 March 2019

On Kalibers 7̊ Year Zero

Babelbolloxphish ON

Where is a good Trotsky assassination squad when you need one.

Perhaps Pol can enlighten us.

“The Khmer Rouge regime was extremely brutal. The regime generally singled out

doctors, Big Pharma pimps and human flesh merchantmechanics, BIG tits anyone?

teachers, Frankfurt school bitched androids, GULAGS anyone?

monks, NGO perps, PAUPERPAEDOfun anyone?


the rich, Criminals and welfare scrounging commerks, ORGAN parts anyone?

artists, yeah…..OFM, arse on fire got talent anyone?

anyone with an education, and ethnic or religious minorities. But they also executed people who could no longer work or make the journey to the camps, those perceived to be in opposition to the party (whether or not this was true), as well as the families of those were deemed undesirable so that they could not be chased down for revenge.” AGENDA 21 anyone?

Babelbolloxphish OFF

Pol Pot. Comethe time, comethe man.

Tuesday 5 March 2019

On Kalibers 6̊

As mentioned on occasion here I have pondered on the 100th monkey 100th phukkwitz process. You know the dynamic at work everyday from wandering amongst the dunging masses. The stench of deliberate ignorance, that certain je ne sais quoi ming of the unstartled gestalt.
One would reckon that phukwittery could not be caught, unlike flu, that phukwittery would be a disability acquired from contact sport. Like the clap or killing a woman/foetus combo with one round. One would reckon that by now the self unloading cargo surrounding one would be alive to the idea abroad that rockrothplanet is simply regarded as one great big bursting womb in an abortion compound. The clues are everywhere and yet all eyes are parisitised to make Marie Antoinette’s pigsty’s midden look like a Pasha palace boudoir.

So much for centuries of struggle by ordinary persons to make sure they got as far from the harem vortex as possible. These days the sterile mares queue up to get bitched and the jaffamales prance everywhere for counterfeited nothing.

The only qualification required in both sugarcoatedpalaces is an inability to read the weather and an aptitude to assume the position.
Not one of them would care exactly what it is they do every day.
I agree to STASI Terms of Service
I agree to BigBuggerer’s processing of email and IP address, and the use of cookies, to facilitate my everwatching and posting of comments, explained further in the Piracy Policy to make me naked and defenceless
I agree to additional spying on me and of my information, including first and third party, my family, relatives and loved ones, cookies, for personalized content and advertising as outlined in our Police State Policies
I agree not to anything when drugged off into the night to my death

If one were to complain that there is no sign of the 100th monkey turning up, that all we have are legions of 100th phukkwitz, that any bunch of clowns who can get away with such orchestrated perpery as WW1, Nov 63, Pol Pot, privatisation scams, murder leisure, the Fed and others too gynonumero significant to mention, that this unending run of demonstrable success versus nothing on the monkey side would tend to make a simian a bit mizz then just reverse the lens.

From the 100th rothperp perspective the place is teeming with 99th monkies and for every monkie there are 100 unstable state phukkwitz waiting to emit high velocity particles at strange rockactors. One wrong move and the whole chain reaction will go off.

Isn’t race memory terrifying rothboss?


Saturday 2 March 2019

Mami's Shit: Franco, Pétain, the Duke, and de Gaulle

Mami's Shit: Franco, Pétain, the Duke, and de Gaulle: From "How Zion Triumphs" by Jim Taylor (Foreign Correspondent). Several people, who have read some brief mention in one of my ...

I always thought that Franco was somehow a man out of time whenever the BitchBukkakeClub came all over our screens in the 1970s. Subsequently after many years of wandering through the ratline stories one picks up a little bit of a perspective on the swamp he schlepped around. Like the Great Grimpen mire the only safe way was in the hands of internationalist criminals and he instinctively stayed away. I think he sensed somehow that all was not well in the state WSW of Denmark.

Anyway perhaps more of that particular ultrabollox at some other point.

Meanwhile back at the scripted sewer pipe of history and the buzzing of vermin…..
“….arrival was not unanticipated. It had been highly publicized. Waiting for him were the French Army, the police, the Maquis and, of course, several hundred screaming Jews and Communists recruited from the dregs of Paris to attempt to demoralize the old soldier as he returned to the land of his birth. He was taken to a train by the army and the police. The Maquis, who didn't like Jews any more than the average Frenchman of the times, told the press that they were present to protect the old gentleman from the exploding wrath of Paris Jews, who had just returned to that city in large numbers as the fighting stopped in France. Several groups of these lower forms of life were shouting, "Death to Pétain." About 150 heavily-armed police and soldiers took custody of Pétain. He was met personally by General Pierre Koenig, French military governor of Paris and a former leader of the Free French movement.

The old marshal must have been stunned by this unusual reception in his own country, where he had always previously received the highest honors and privileges. Jews and Communists lined every station platform at each stop of his train from the Swiss border to Paris. The Marshal did not yet fully realize the situation he found himself in at this time. To the screaming crowds of rabble-rousers, he was no longer the "eminence grise" but was now called a Jew-hating war criminal. The police had to call on the army to prevent the Jews from dragging him off the train in Paris and murdering him without a trial,……”

Now as you know I do like a bit of Levenda, however I have formed the opinion that he doth emphasise the Caucasian ratline too much. The only ratlines are the original and best, the semitic weapon system’s Ho Chi Minhs from Phoenician days and before. If ever one needs to know why industrial scale counterfeiting of liquidity is needed before the lights go out just look at the well fed, well financed, worry free, workshy clowns who all over the world have nothing else to do but swarm like blowflies when the dog whistles sound. As detailed above briefly.

All quantitative easing has done is smooth the pathways of young vacant universalistkillermuppets to form everywhere.

Leadership my erse!

Just watch.