Tuesday 20 October 2009

Crytique al mass.

Since we are too weak to force people at gun point into our bed we’ve got to do it by attraction.

Beauty or Spellbinding?

Nephilim. Are we as beautiful to behold as women of old found them?

Or are we so ugly that we will have to use sorcery?

Well with all the crap flying around just now I’d say that witchcraft is the only way. I posted earlier today about Karsai/Holbrooke. So WTF is it that we cannot get our heads round about this. Is it because so much else gets chucked in our faces like the Geert Wilders fannying around?

The biggest crisis facing the UK plc at this moment is the open ended commitment to Afghanistan.


Today’s revelation that in Nov another election is to be held because our man stole the first election reveals that we are thieves and charlatans practicing occult rituals that will cost a lot of lives. UK forces lives and Afghani lives.

How can anyone who is sane think that having a runoff will give increased credibility/legitimacy to either party? To my eyes, and many others, this looks like an attempt to discredit the WHOLE process that we are involved in and create chaos throughout SW Asia.

I contend that we are witnessing a ceremonial shedding of blood, a martial ritual, human sacrifice. Deliberately catalysed by the people we have on scene as so called special representatives.

Under the guise of peace they come to cause slaughter.

When this disaster unfolds in front of our eyes who is going to be able to say to those amongst us here that we are a model for them to emulate, a model that should be taken on board by them as they join the rest of UK plc in the glory that is freedom. For the whole world, from nomad to kingpin, freeman to serf, pauper to illuminist, will see that we lie.

I put it that they will be justified in calling for a state that more truly reflects reality. A fascist state for fascist actions.

Don’t laugh. How old is UK plc as a sort of democracy? Everyone bangs on about Magna Carta. Well when I last checked, and you can argue about the age limits, 1928 was the year it happened.

So 80 years of so called democracy after millennia of oligarchy.

Now I don’t want to rain on our parade but as far as pedigree is concerned I’d reckon the oligarch lads know a thing or two about ruling people and perhaps local conditions made them feel that retiring quietly from the scene was in their best interests.

We so called free people have meanwhile been careless with our freedom allowing the voting in of thieving placemen, political theorists of the most raving lunacy, social engineering maniacs and psychopathy’s stooges. We have been profligate with our liberty by inviting wave after wave of economic migrants, not freedom fighters you note though the Poles, Czechs, Norwegians and others during WW2 are excluded from that vast generalisation, in the hope that we’d without worry have them assimilate into becoming freedom fighters like we used to be. We have no money. No commonweal.

Sorry no, as I commented on Oliver’s blog earlier in the week the pattern from WW2 has been consistently to keep the British lower orders out of the top positions in our political economic ecology by successfully importing supremacists to take those positions that would have appeared as our political economy expanded. UK plc does not want the great unwashed anywhere near the levers of power.

So we have a problem, under the guise of diversity oligarchy has imported reinforcements and the cause of liberty has been destroyed.

Heads up.

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