Tuesday 10 March 2020

The struggle to find the non reflecting vampire phase conjugate mirror is...

SNAFU!: Tu-214R jammed Turk F-16 firing AMRAAMs at Syria a...: via Eurasian Times The situation is complicated by the fact that attacks, as military experts note, are carried out by Turkish F-16s w...

...proceeding nicely. The most advanced nation on earth is chcukling nicely at its Nimruid alters and altars as is shifts its shitscape shape.


Monday 2 March 2020

A Groundhogday Hail Mary Pass

If the schwartzer knew what was going to hit him he might not be so clueless. I see a CAF long gun being un saddled. I have to admit that at last CAF has taken Farrell, last seen gut shot in a Tuscon bawdyhouse , to the line. However as always with our learned friends they  are number worshiping fixaters and cannonnot get their heads round holocaust. BWAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAA eFlue.