Tuesday 31 July 2018

SNAFU!: IDF soldiers show ASTONISHING lack of discipline b...

SNAFU!: IDF soldiers show ASTONISHING lack of discipline b...: via Sputnik. A photo of the fifth generation fighter jet was reportedly released along with other pictures of secret Israeli weaponry on ...



Sunday 29 July 2018

Morgoth's Review: The Centrists: Guardians Of The Sewer

Morgoth's Review: The Centrists: Guardians Of The Sewer: In my new video I explore the reasoning of the centrists who defend absolutely any form of speech, regardless of how damaging it is t...

Not a thing to add to this other than a phekking huge BWAHAAAHHAAAAAAA you khaants.


Friday 27 July 2018


Mami's Shit: The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2018.05.07: Guests: Karin Smith in the first half hour, then Drew Carter and Patrick Jordan Graham Hart.biz Cornwall Stream Mami's Archiv...

....any diversity and chimpifference.


They are all Homologated freekshows.


Thursday 26 July 2018

The Sunny Vehicles and Forests of Arbroath

Nothing ever changes

Rostov in the Russian Civil War, 1917-1920: the key to victory By Brian Murphy





Heads up.

“Henry, by the grace of God, king of England, lord of Ireland, duke of Normandy, Aquitaine, and count of Anjou, to the archbishops, bishops, abbots, priors, earls, barons, justices, foresters, sheriffs, stewards, servants, and to all his bailiffs and faithful subjects, greeting. Know that out of reverence for God and for the salvation of our soul and the souls of our ancestors and successors, for the exaltation of holy church and the reform of our realm, we have granted and by this present charter confirmed for us and our heirs for ever, on the advice of our venerable father, the lord Gualo, cardinal priest of St Martin and legate of the apostolic see, of the lord Walter archbishop of York, William bishop of London and the other bishops of England and of William Marshal earl of Pembroke, ruler of us and of our kingdom, and our other faithful earls and barons of England, these liberties written below to be held in our kingdom of England for ever.”

"As long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours, that we are fighting, but for freedom - for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself".

“Over a year, the average annual percentage interest rate of charge (APR) could be up to 6,000,000% compared to 1,500% and your child’s organs, your ass and your soul, or else everything you owned at 22.8% APR for a talmud credit card.”

Now then now then now then boys and girls where did MerchantKalergi get his littleclittle retardedprotoBabylonideas from?

PanEurismus my erse, I’d skillet the kunt and his ancient masters’ queefoices.


Tuesday 24 July 2018


Once the grain baskets are gone, as planned, one needs to ask can one survive without going stone aged mad again and spawning demonic fools?

There is an article I was going to comment on but it only takes a comparo of the boats and the answer to the question "Can anyone suffer another 500 years of this TESCO shit?"

Land Destroyer: Bloomberg: "America's New World Order is Officiall...: July 23, 2018 ( Tony Cartalucci - NEO ) - Hal Brands - the Henry Kissinger Distinguished Professor at Johns Hopkins University's Schoo...

Why can't this khuunt understand that the ruin of USofAcorp was planned?

Sunday 22 July 2018

Husqvarna Song

The delightful swifts are screeing overhead again and I wish them well. I told you did I not that there was some sort of commie destroy the harvest to feed the revolution crap going on here in the opengulag. I was 100% on the nose with that.

Here in the tree surgeon’s paradise 5G means dead fauna and flora.

So to lighten the atmos before the high velocity pharmacy need to check the exception reports let’s just relax, enjoy my beautiful avian companions’ aeroelastic ballet, crack open a brew and sunbake.

If it is possible to describe the character of all matter using singularites, not singularities, the postulate may be made that peoples, being aggregate matter, can be resonant and trapped in such an endless system.

Angels having inthemselvesvented will always remain as warnings to the rhythm.


Saturday 21 July 2018

Coming to you soon....

SNAFU!: More pics from Venezuela...: what are these people doing????  waiting in line for food.... Yeah guys. This won't be about spreading democracy.  Th...

...that is a retarded Jcurve.

Ever green down the test cells.

Smooth flow would make one ask iff one would entruss the scare of a loafed one to a part canted bath emptier? Would one?

Oaf course notion you moremoron.

If it is true that the clowns that do  ot breath actually beeive their cosmology then we have a stark choice.

I wil die.

I wll drop into the screen.

Memories that are not here will leave his place,  will  ie.

So wh re am ?



Come and get me U PolPoplantedMaomongs.



Come and get me you Turingfuckingfails.


Friday 20 July 2018

When the Ausphart was Jingleejungalive in Hoaxville.

We were degenerate. We existed in kryptonightpollution. Our souls were tarnished and bared. We were starving in gluttony. We were epicurianswine. Some times we didn’t live. Some times we reinterred that twixt and twins. How did we survive to retry? Other times the disease cankered us all no matter how beautiful our ersatztaxedtatt. We are stilled here. No matter.
Long before they opened your mail in open call public like a chosen laag priestess skulking in a retarted skankeskeened stinging merchantsomgulag stuphed with lifelong STASIactioning familiars, one could ride the corpiratebitch.

The only way to make economics work is to price regular death as sacrifice.  That means you, oui vous, sweep up the dead.

Imagine if you can a semiviolent removing clay and picking new marks at artistic speed before you knew what you were going to send away. What cake can you bake that Macarthurs park has never made decay. In Ur.

In the old days when the pipes were young you culs either close a porn stream using knife wielding kilopipedbitches who terminated their sharkedtricks in sahrpself defense nor Walk away and burn the sunk fiat in a lada stream. Or swim freely for a short while.

It was never, presented it, simply collided. Never calculated, for ratios die and number. Always the the in askance and erandipity. What con yu do other than place that final maker, the marker of you, impunity, in an infinitely remaining time. What can you effete?

In these curtained days of shortened life there are no more signs of rebirth that the curtailing of freedom can surpe and brazen. How much more simple can it be than to stab in the guts a man who wants to kill a whore than to remove from all existence any advert raping your time?

How hard can it be before you are rectophalloregurgitant?

What was it that made the bitch gut the kunt?

Was it the toothpaste adverts? She must have thought that by “…now my arse should be registering on other sun system as a supernova event or at least a white dwarf neutron spinning and pulsaring some poor bitch’s shitter…..” Or did she think that the life style choice adverts, the Bernecian Bar Baysian bollox Fraudian hoax hostage wasn’t cumming true for her? Better to shiv and shift her shitter pronto tonto.

Shouldn’tsoup raise Lazarus to cum drenching blue pilled orgazmatroning?A commiecar take you to vescilce emptying and gusset drenching paralysis?

Could a temple whore song beat the drum beter than any homeless charity for lacrimal suicide? Could it? What bitch off death has been tattoohoudinskeenedsubdermal by constant prayer.

Don’t’ you want two?

To verily phukthemup. Cut them a newfacecunt an fuckthem up.

Well just stop.

Careing carrouseing and carroleing, ae, never going to solve to problem until all who number bring the rational to etoil their number into.

We are alone. We are each atomic. We art. We bind their numeBrs into us.

Hunt the numbers down, trap the words, skill the sigils. Consume their fables as wholefuelfulfilledhexenhoaxes

Go on, be crerationative.

Take that last train out to Nagasaki for I am waiting in the holohoaxruins.

Time to roll the KommieKryptoKapoperps out of town again.

As always they will run off to hide under the skirts of their western masters like they did in 41, no more clearly so than when they were run out of town again in 43, so; you dialecticweildingFiatfascisti,

whose skidmarkedunderwear will shelter the murdering terroristas this time eh CristineLarottenfanny?

The stench of your rotten fruit stall reeks throughout history.

Wednesday 18 July 2018

Tuesday 17 July 2018

Rancid Quim Fruit

I have to admit that from here in the STASIUKgulag, being denied information can actually focus the attention in the direction being brought into nudgevision pixellation by the instruments of dullardy.

What we saw there was a data point planned for reality many decades ago. Once the USofAcorp is gone, the phukkwordy annoying ideas of discredited freedom and unworthy plenty will be at last cast into the amnaesiahurtlocker in Rothschild’s massive croquet lawn. UK will be realigned with the desired path of rationing it was forced to abandon when Bill Haley & Elvis turned up to rock the royal barge.

I remember when a meeting between POTUS and Muscovy actually meant something and that is why the UKBBC would get all pious on us. In those days London hadn't yet torpedoed USofAcorp sufficiently and NewYork had only laid its as yet unrealised plans to pull the pin on their pet project to destroy Eastern Europe in the shape of the USSR.

SNAFU!: UK's Military is half the size it was in '82!: pic via Paul Lewis Twitter page. Looking at the above graph can it credibly be said that the UK is a first tier military? Looking at ...

Why do you think that UKplc has disarmed recently? London knows that the weapons release will be far, far away from home. All that London needs in UKplc is martial law administered famine. The fallow fields are coming again.

Once the totality of US forces is a MAGequivalent or two in Australia then expect serfdom replay. In fact do not ever believe that SciFi reality is going to be anything other than Ben Hur in space.

I would keep an eye on the jewish independent oblast on the Amur river for developments real soon.

Once the currency reset hits and la Vilegardocilebitch hooks up her crooked presses in Peking to blurt out the ersatzbatter it will be time for the long running modelling to find terminal solutions in their social historical equations.


Thursday 12 July 2018

Force Multipliers nullified

Trump Is Going for Game-changing Solutions: President Donald Trump's insistence on a personal summit with Russian President Putin looks stronger than ever, with the welcome breakdown of the most violent opponent of that summit — and the center of geopolitical war schemes — the British government. Russian-American collaboration is central...

Imagine a UKplc borough banning terrorsitas like Massiveeyewateringshirtsboy or Maomongkillerfirstbitch. How's about telling AlinskycommunitytheivingBataviapickerboy or STASIboybitchKalerigkhaant to GGTF. How does a globalcitybitchedrentboy get to say anything without getting equalised?

Imagine telling Roosevelt he was a cunt in 1943?

No, let's statesponsoredhassle and royallicensedridicule the current representative of the memory of 100s of thousands of drafted dougboys from backwards Negraska who fell screaming in pain and death so that a bunch of millenialcriminals could feel safe to get on with slaving and human trafficking today.

All the effort of making a person sovereign and giving them an individuated force multiplier capability has been removed from the UKabo. Invites have been handed out to come and take you back to the stone age.

If ever there was a collection of abdicantkhaants it is the UKabo.

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Mami's Shit: Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2018.07.1...

Mami's Shit: Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2018.07.1...: Mark Devlin on Musical Truth Volume 2 Mark Devlin returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his book Musical Truth Volume 2 . We t...

Good stuff from Tim and Mark.

As for BeelzebubBa'alCatherine's temple of filth it is now doing to the world what it did to UKplc. Where ever they go the place is on fire shortly after. What ever they pimp out of their transmitters is mindmeltingfilth. Their whole schtick disguised as diversordity and equality to produce a sterile deserted hive mind. Invent a perppreperversion and these clowns will give you a vast shed load of taxpayerswonga to blow on killing kickstartladyboys  and handpulldeadhookers. It is a toxic flyblown radioactivesideshow of freekdom that crimewatches trillions in opportunity costs.

Which bit of take them out to a forest and make them dig their own lime filled trenches don't persons get? How hard can it be to beat them to death with their own dead air?

There was more opportunity, equality and diversity of world view in the last dunny I shit in.


Tuesday 10 July 2018

Henry Kissinger gives ominous warning on dangers of artificial intelligence, pretends to have a conscience -- Science & Technology -- Sott.net

So a jumpedupkreepklown, an overblown warkriminal who should have had the Kripo feel his collar, talks bollox.

Turing fail=Evil.

Its god is a Turing fail. It is a Turing fail. It is worried that Turing fail begat Turing fail. Talmudic comedic psychopathic khaants the lot.

BTW I love the Scots barrenfishybitch and the Tory pigfacefukker talking Turing fail.

Henry Kissinger gives ominous warning on dangers of artificial intelligence, pretends to have a conscience -- Science & Technology -- Sott.net: https://www.sott.net/article/390598-Henry-Kissinger-gives-ominous-warning-on-dangers-of-artificial-intelligence-pretends-to-have-a-conscience


Sunday 8 July 2018

Once upon a time…….

…….the USofAcorp president thought it would be a good idea for a phukking great big outbreak of peace.

And it came to pass that the wicked bitch of the yeastinfection was verily right royally cheese off with the idea, for her altRothbitchboy handlers had had a quiet slither into her earhole and said NO. Fuck no!!!

Funnily enough I remember watching the thing unfold and got that feeling that creeps up on you when trapped as a subject on the conzentrations lager and sonderkommando work detail where everything is cheap as fuck and doesn’t work.

Mind you if you want to sacrifice cheeldrens to Katherine of the wheel, everything runs smoothly. In fact the slutbait that occupy the breeder stalls will gladly open their thighs to your instruments and worship you for ever after as the fumes rise from their smoking holes to the delight of your god.

Anyway that feeling always used to bug me any time the UKjunta tried to look pleased that the USofAcorp had turned up to save their pimpasses in the 1940s. It got especially tense whenever a USofA corp president turned up and had to be shown around the Buckingham compound in dasslaverkapital of phoney capital. I used to watch the phoneygeneralissimos in the big rented cutglass uniforms trying to hide their poverty and what they really felt about acting all friendly to the representative of a people they wouldn’t piss on if on fire. Their fixed concominternoblessoblige stare  and slit lips hiding their fizzing thoughts which were “I wish you Yanks would fuck off and die so my inbred multikultic family can get on with stealing everything. You democracyphreedomphukks really get up one’s faakking massive chaldeanhooter!!”

We now know that there was no way that a peace dividend was ever to be handed over to us abos. I remember thinking about what I was going to buy with my slice of it. Ferrets and whiskey. Sorted.

I certainly didn’t want any of my sponds being used to wipe millions of persons off the planet and subsidise the Rothbitchfirebase in Palestine. Just ask any of the survivors of centuries of London City plunder and rapine in Ukplc what they would do with their slice of cash at the time and every single one of them, without exception, would have spend their dosh improving their miserable atomised lives.

Well we can’t be having that sort of nonsense can we? The UKabos are not here to improve themselves they are here to be tolerated if useful and no more.

When some fukkwitz from nowhere Arizona turns up and spouts freedom they are a threat to lives of genocidal sloth. Notice that the USofA corp did not improve UKplc democracy one iota despite napalming Korea to oblivion in the cause. All UKplc had to do was bide its time until it had wasted the USofA corp entirely and turned it rotten with universal parasitical mind fungus. To keep the infection of democracy and freedom at bay in UKplc the distractions of Northern Ireland could keep the place under D notice ignorance and semi lockdownSTASIstylee courts whilst the tentacles of eeveeel were restored to health.

What we now know, no matter what preening fake history scribes tell us is in the secret papers we are not allowed to see, is that the peace dividend was, just like the cold war, bollox. A phantom. Trotskyite constant revolution through unending 1984 homage unending war.

Like phukk did the UKuleegulag Kapos want peace. Ronnie and Gorby were not in Rekyavik to bring anything other than a managed closure to the fake frostiness covering Europe since 45 and get the next chapter of the war crimes Gilbert and Sullivan kicked off.

So Maggie strapped on her Rothschild dildo and butt fucked the life actors. Got their attention and reminded them of what kind of porn play they were really part of. I can just hear her screetching as she reamed Ronnie. “This isn’t Hollywood you two bit phukkwitz actor. This is real life make believe now so cut the peace crap or else we’ll make sure you and your family die tomorrow”

So there I was yesterday watching a C17 wander around under the Heathrow TMA on approach to Northholt. “Oh yes” I thought the Trumpenator is coming to town and the deep hatred that the UKjunta feel for USofA corp has been allowed to surface a little more now than in 1988, by allowing the KreepKhaantKnifemayor to float a trial balloon. “Ahhhh the same stench is raising its ugly head again in the Anglogulag where all the Anglos have been ethnically cleansed to make way for indebted survivors in the trafficker kingdom.”

I hope Trump has brought a great big steam powered sybian in that C17. Strapping the fucker to the first phukkwitz of the treasury should be payback for the unending infinite loathing of ordinary people oozing from the godless toxiccumspewing mongkrippled moneyworshipping numberritualpsychomassmurderers of the heathen call.

It has to be said that atheists are the most useful things God brought into existence over this passed few centuries. Their sublimating souls light the Promethian flare path to light out of darkness forever. Fuck me, how sweet. A useful purgatory for the killerkunts.

Oyoy…in we go.


Friday 6 July 2018

Gold=Uranium=Thorium=Mercury. The 3rd Enrichment

Once one realises that the eventual engineering of nuclear energy as militarily useful tools was as a round of artillery in a dual bio/nuclear weapon then one is left with a massive cognitive hyperbolic disturbance.

This is made into a fatal spiritual morass when one realises that the whole load of flying aluminium disguised as strategic bombing was a total waste of energy. A failure of gargantuan proportions that was groomed not to be seen as such.

Things do not and cannot link up in a logical fashion. It is all talmuffdiving mind terror to keep one stupefied, blind, overwhelmed and immobile in the bluewaffle thicket of ersatz trickery.

A classic example in the toadyUKtoday is that in some schools girls cannot wear skirts and schoolboys can. This is the Alexander moment when the sword of truth is taken to the mentally deranged tree dwelling rules of the pimpperps of common purpose Trotskysloth.

If your life involves setting the KRIPO & CHEKA of apparel onto UKabos then you are stuck in the Stone Age staring at bellends and due for a good self confession beat out of you by the dumb bells of Oscars as Marxist temple passes.

Now add to the deep low frequency scalar wave seismic disturbance to your world view the unbelievable idea that nuclear weapons are shit as weapons by themselves.

I know that most of you are thinking “WTF! I saw aluminium overcast. I saw the missile fields. I see the boomers.”

Well has anyone of these crews ever seen one go off for real? I mean really gone to a city/target before the kablang and then returned to check the Capability Browning?

Let me ask you did any of the crews in ancient temples actually get to witness Zeus at work?

Or just the evil execution of horror money.

Belief, bought and paid for.


SNAFU!: Dr. Phillip Karber on the Russian Way of War (MUST...: Thanks to UTAHBOB62 for the link!!!! Notes I took from the video (incomplete..gotta watch this again!) *  Crimea was the Ukrainian &qu...

Thursday 5 July 2018

Gold=Uranium=Thorium. The 2nd Enrichment

Over here in the Smoke one of my favourites is out and about. OurNHS@70. It was whilst listening to Mark bang on about the Ilysu dam, at the time that I was reading Andrew Collins’ From the Ashes of Angels, that I started paying attention to the destruction of ancient sites. It was obvious that there had to be a secret map of things to be blitzed by any means to make sure the aboscum never got to find out about real old stuff and throw their programmed Ladybird book of gits’story. That is how I knew Kaddafi’s days were numbered. Not the gold, water or human development. It was the chance for abo persons to look at ancient things they built many, many thousands of years ago. Things that the first sweep of the joocrew’s mindmuppets out of Mecca couldn’t destroy through the use of 10,000 year old secret commerce routes in the desert. A kind of Habiru crookedbookcroo stay behind army from the good old days before the black rock dropped from the sky. Homocidal stargazing rock worshipping freekes of the stone age. Someone from the RCE/TAfirebase must have rigged the Pyramids by now. However I digress.

Mark has made the common assumption that the NHS is a British institution solidly locked by Masonic skills into the UK bedrock. Now it may well be that UKabos really wanted such a thing but like all UK actualities it is a joke on them.

As another wander and aside in this mindming let us cast askance at http://pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.com/2018/07/british-fighter-jets-bomb-saa-and.html
Got that?

Now your correspondent is well versed in the project costs incurred in any attempt to move shit through the air at very high speed. CFD doesn’t come cheap. Single crystal turbine blades are not going to get delivered by Amazon drone. Brinks Matt armoured truck more like. Real time targeting solutions are fucking difficult. It was explained to the UKaboscum a long while ago that they could not afford to develop fast moving anything again. So everyone in the industries could fuck off and hand their cheeldrens over to grooming gangs. Got that UKabos, you are shite in the eyes of the so called state.

So you get the idea.

How do you explain flying great phukking lumps of concrete over the murder scene then? OK, I know, I know. But you have to admit that the geezers in charge wanted it that way. There is no money to give the best to ordinary scum but gazillions of bucks/quid/sponds to waste on whatever aresbarkingringescape you want released by lifetime actorbitchboys and dollyboybitches into the Herd Attention Space as designer waste of time and life. In UKplc it never stops raining turds from queens.

You can be sure that very soon there will be a Soros(or his clone) funded movement to bring a slice of artistic merde into your life, that will be lead by an killerqueen iGreenKommissar und sonderfluid iDivesityblockfuhrer travelling troupe of players, when you are instructed to debate whether AI should be LGBTQ compliant after a robodrone took out a load of CIApsycholadyboys loaded with sementexvests. I kid you not. Just watch, someone is going to drive the Turing fails gay and they will be driven to shag you rather than deliver your pizza. Be afraid, be very afraid when a Talmudpiot drone breaks through your partition wall and goes full CHEKA on your ass in the KhabalaGulag


And if you do not take part then the local privatised polizeiTuringfails will have you taken away for mental health treatments administered by psychopaths of diversity.

Back to the NHS. Or more precisely the Expendables Grow Bag, EGB.

If there is a point in the history of WWpt2 when it became clear that everything was once again under firm project management and WWpt3 was not going to kick off without the programme managers in London giving the green light it was when UKplc came off National Service, commisarkruschev and kriposcionkennedy were talking and China got  H-Bombs handed to it's childkilling kapos.  Now you may think that is a pretty unstable mix however you’ve got to look at this through the perverted optics of the slaver. Before those events USofA corp might just have been independent enough to start a war for free peoples, ohh you couldn’t have that.

Too much training to UKabos is the last thing that the Habiruhumantraffickercuckoos wanted. The two CHEKA/CIAfronting talking head life time actors were giving the prolescumabos eyeoffball bubblegum and the guys that were in real need of maximum help to enslave humanity’s future were at last, despite all the help they’d been lavished with, active in globalgeopolitics again instead of a backward collection of pavement hawkers and gobbers.

Within 20 years the EGB was on the chopping block. All that the EGB did was research ways to undo the massive inbreeding defects of the imported talent families’ junk genetics. The Expendables were rejects after that moment and everything they had or had paid for was to be thieved. All the world’s top perptalent was imported to steal everything under various flavours of political cover whilst having all the money they wanted handed over to them by the welfare state whilst the UKabos still lived in shitehouses.

Back to enrichment.

One of the clearest demarcations between the RothRock’s bitchboy’s reproach to war and their unwitting enemies was its cheapness and dullardy. Most clearly illustrated in the failure of the gin swilling kibbutz cantoring at Alamogordo and the successful approach to nuclear research illustrated by Von Ardenne/Houtermans &c.

One was examining ways to produce energy to free itself from the embargo and sanctions imposed by the slaverscumHabirucroo in 1933, the other was trying to expand the scope of the commercial net entrapping countries in the WWpt2.

So no one was actually strategically concerned with military affairs. Operationally though, one was to face an existential crisis and the other really couldn’t give a flying one who won, as usual.

We’ll get back to TennisacechabadstyleeChurchillhandller during his 1932 tour of Geeermaneee staring at Hitler’s non existent tube artillery again soon.

Firstly though we look at Blair and his novel 1948, known to us as 1984. Unlike the usual suspects in academia who deliberatley place this in fiction and kulturell phukkwittery if they want their pay checks and clitoclock staring and stroking during their miseralble lifetimes, we put it in operational forward planning and tactical escaped reality.

Since we now know that WWpt2 stopped short of its body count by 50million USofAbos and countless millions of slanteyedabos from Batavia to Kamchatka, think Vietnam only two orders of magnitude greater in scale, we know this because the Cherwellpuppet was scheduled to keep smoking victory as death cigars for years after 1945, we are in a position to examine events under the light of reality’s hard stare. What halted the clear plan so lovingly stoked over the previous century.

Two things stopped the plan and these two peoples have never been forgiven since by the Rothbots and their bosses.

Tommy Atkinson said “Fuck this for a game of soldiers. I’m out of here. I'm not shooting squalidabos in their mudhuts and resettlement cages. My family need me back home to rebuild the shitehouse toilet country we’ve been enslaved in”.  Why the Windrush generation got dragged over in SS Boaty McNazi to these islands is simply a time lag. All the Tommies were supposed to be dead by then. Oooopppssseeee.

The other bunch were the bosses of the lads who bled out and fell from their B17s and B24s. Ranging from the tailgunner in a B29 to the pacific theatre 5 stars all of them wanted out of the piss take and they had just enough leverage to grab the fancy hardware developed by the Nazijoowerke conzentrationzcomplex in mittel Europa. For that they saw their president shot down in front of their eyes in 1963 as punishment.

The plan is still in place. Make no mistake about that and there is no one left to stop it this time. In fact looked at it in the cold light of propagangsta the whole dump at every level above abo wants it.

Every diseased bankers notes and poisonous cryptocoins are toxic common currency with an evil purpose.


Monday 2 July 2018

Live from Stabinstan Zentral.......

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's interview with Channel 4's Cathy Newman (VIDEO with full transcript) -- Puppet Masters -- Sott.net: https://www.sott.net/article/389811-Foreign-Minister-Sergei-Lavrovs-interview-with-Channel-4s-Cathy-Newman-VIDEO-with-full-transcript.....

How many dead and raped persons in UKplc this year?

Any of them caused by Russian airforce attack? Any of them caused by ze Geeermanz? Any of them caused by Iranian Fuerzes Especiales?


All caused by imported empirecommonwealthtalent for London slaver traffickers.

BTW Kaffy how's about pointing your big pointy nose into the fires over Manchester. Any unwanted murdered cheeldren's bodies turning up?

Boybitch retard!!


Sunday 1 July 2018

Gold=Uranium. The 1st Enrichment

Before the long planned embroiling of USofA corp in the tentatively scheduled WWpt2, look at Churchill and Lindemann/Cherwell staring at Kraut chimneys in 1932 to check on the project’s critical path status, there was a secret history writing programme that sought to doctor all US ship, wharf, dock, marine detail and captain’s logs so that nothing could spoil the desired narrative once written as official, career sustaining US military history.

Bearing in mind that not one person mentioned in the credentialed academic histories would be anything other than a life time actor one can understand that in order to make sense of events one must disengage from the fiction piled upon fiction, fiction factions within make believe, written by Fleming and staring James Bond as a real life actor in a gigantic pinch raid.

So what do we know without reference to polluting fauxched and cited shite? What can we actually see without the intermediation of paid for bitchboys and buttrented haremwhores with PhDs in fakir violence oratory?

We know for certain that it is SOP to get, manufacture and retain a control file on the people we trust to lead us. So all we see on the Bitchboy’s Boybitch’s Canker is rentaperps talking utter mindminging garbage. CAF has shown how that works. One wrong facial expression, go study an old Comintern group photo to see the classic universal rictus, one wrong word delivering the unrealitysewage and the life of rentboysacrifice is over. Kings X anyone?

We know that the Germans got to the gates of Moscow and the Russians got through the Brandenburg Tor. Check out Skorzeny on that one and anyone who was in the Causcasus in 1942.

We know that nuclear weapons do not work as marketed in the firestormporn. Tokyo/Hiroshima.

We know that when we read of gold we read of uranium. Check out any UK origin correspondent on their wandering in Bavaria 1945-46.

So talking of life time actors let’s have a read through this one.

Canadians helped uncover Israel's secret nuclear weapons program, newly discovered papers from the mid-1960s have revealed, with a key role being played by a Department of National Defence intelligence analyst who was a churchgoing Mennonite committed to peace.

It was only in 1986, when a disgruntled Israeli technician named Mordechai Vanunu contacted the Sunday Times, that the public heard first-hand that Israel had been working on a nuclear arsenal for decades at a factory near the city of Dimona.
But as early as the 1960s, when the secret program was still at an experimental stage, Canadian intelligence officers discovered that Israel was buying at least 80 tonnes of uranium yellowcake from Argentina, and then helped Britain and the United States make sense of the discovery, declassified documents show.

The latest revelations, based on little-known U.S. and British diplomatic files, were uncovered by two scholars, William Burr, an analyst at the Washington-based National Security Archive, and Avner Cohen, a professor at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

The documents reveal that a DND analyst in Ottawa was remarkably prescient in predicting how Israel was developing a nuclear military capacity. They also shine a light on the inner working of Canadian security forces during the Cold War and expose the tensions between the two North American allies as the Canadians struggled to persuade the Americans to share information and treat them as equals, Dr. Cohen said in an interview.

Construction at the Dimona facility, in the Negev desert, began after Israel and France signed a nuclear co-operation agreement in 1957.

The documents unearthed by Dr. Burr and Dr. Cohen show that by 1960, American officials had discovered that what Israel previously described as a textile plant and later a metallurgical plant in Dimona was instead a nuclear reactor. The Americans however had no conclusive evidence that it was used for a military aim.

Israel has never admitted to this day that it has a nuclear arsenal, strategically leaving the matter ambiguous. In their dealings with western powers in the early 1960s, Israeli officials said their nuclear project was a peaceful endeavour but made sure they would be taken seriously by suggesting that they could quickly move their program to military ends, Dr. Cohen said.

According to a March 1964 memo to White House advisor McGeorge Bundy, during a state visit to Canada in May 1961, Israel's Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, told his Canadian counterpart, John Diefenbaker, that Israel "might" have to develop a nuclear weapon if its defensive capability were to become heavily outweighed. Ben Gurion conveyed a similar message to U.S. President John Kennedy.

By early 1964, according to cables from the U.S. embassy in Paris, the French stopped shipping uranium to Israel. Worried that a bomb would be manufactured, the French wanted Israel to purchase nuclear fuel solely from them so Paris could retain "some control over [the] situation" in Dimona -- but the Israelis balked.
Around the same time in Ottawa, DND intelligence analyst Jake Koop wrote a paperarguing that Israel likely had a military nuclear capacity.

Then 40, Mr. Koop was a Mennonite, a pacifist Christian denomination. Many Mennonites were conscientious objectors during the Second World War but Mr. Koop chose to enlist in the Canadian army and served in Holland and Germany. He told his family that he prayed he wouldn't have to kill anyone and was grateful his prayers were answered, his daughter Barbara recalled in an interview.

In 1951, Mr. Koop joined DND, analyzing issues relating to nuclear weapons proliferation for the Defence Research Board. At the same time, he was a charter member and deacon of the Ottawa Mennonite Church.

He was convinced that working for DND, especially on scientific matters, could contribute to arms control and disarmament, a friend, Bill Janzen, said in an interview. "He was strongly committed to peace ... His career path was certainly unusual for a Mennonite, being active at a high level at DND."

In his report, submitted in March 1964, Mr. Koop underlined that Israel had two distinct nuclear programs: a small civilian research unit, and a larger, secretive one that likely was a first step in developing weapons.

Mr. Koop predicted that Israel could conduct an initial nuclear test by 1966 and could develop a "limited nuclear weapons capability" of six to 10 low-yield bombs by the end of 1968. His forecast wasn't far off. Israel built its first nuclear devices shortly before the 1967 Six-Day War, Dr. Cohen said.

Sometime around the period Mr. Koop penned his report, Canadian intelligence learned that the Israelis had found a new source of nuclear material to replace the French restrictions.

This is revealed in an April 1964, letter from Alan Goodison, a Foreign Office analyst in London, to the embassies in Buenos Aires, Cairo, Paris, Washington and Tel Aviv.
"Canadian Intelligence authorities have informed the Defence Intelligence Staff that the Argentine Republic and Israel have signed an agreement for the sale of the entire Argentine production of uranium concentrate to Israel. This involves the transfer of 80-100 tons over 33 months. This means that Israel now has virtually unlimited supplies of uranium free of safeguards," Mr. Goodison wrote.

He added: "Their anxiety to obtain such a large quantity of safeguard-free uranium suggests that they have sinister motives. Although the evidence is all circumstantial it is beginning to be overwhelming."

He said the Canadians were reluctant to share their discovery with the U.S. because the Americans had refused them information on their recent inspection of Dimona. "I have suggested to the Canadian High Commissioner here that this is perhaps short-sighted."

The letter does not identify the Canadian intelligence outfit. Wesley Wark, a professor at the University of Ottawa's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, said the material likely came from the now defunct Joint Intelligence Bureau.

Created after the Second World War, the JIB was an independent unit that was nominally attached to DND. Dr. Wark said it was run for many years by a former British intelligence officer, Ivor Bowen, and worked very closely with its UK counterpart, which was headed by Mr. Bowen's former boss, Kenneth Strong.
"During the 1960s, the JIB developed an economic intelligence function and it was likely in that capacity that this very secretive outfit acquired information about the purchase of Argentinian uranium," Dr. Wark said.

In June 1964, an officer at the British embassy in Buenos Aireswrote to London, saying that E.R. Bellemare, the chargé d'affaires at the Canadian embassy, "confirms that the information supplied by the Canadian intelligence authorities did not originate in Buenos Aires. He is, however, in fairly close touch with the Argentine National Atomic Energy Commission which has volunteered information to him that the Commission has recently made sales of uranium concentrate both to Israel and West Germany."

By the end of June, the Canadians had agreed to pass their tip to the Americans. The CIA and the Deparment of State sent a joint query to U.S. missions in Tel Aviv and Buenos Aires, asking for more information about the sale.

In September, the U.S. embassy in Buenos Aires got a confirmation from an Argentine official of an 80-tonne yellowcake deal with Israel. The Americans then tried to query Israel further but only got evasive answers, Dr. Cohen said.
Later that fall, the military attaché at the Canadian embassy in Tel Aviv gave a copy of Mr. Koop's analysis to British diplomats. The report was sent in a locked box to London. An accompanying note from a counselor at the British Embassy in Tel Aviv praised Mr. Koop's work as a "a model of what these things should be."

The copy was shown to R.C. Treweeks, a British defence analyst, who replied in December that the Canadian paper "is, in my opinion, extremely well organized, makes the most of the basic material available and, as far as we can see, leaves none outstanding."

Mr. Koop died on July 2, 2009. His family marked the fourth year of his death with a photo and a notice in the obituary page of the Ottawa Citizen. But until a Globe and Mail reporter contacted them earlier this month, they were not aware of his much-praised work on Israel's nuclear weapons program.”

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