Wednesday 28 October 2009

Gunfire & Sniper.

As you know when The Soylent Green Apprentices get their hands on you they face you with a battery of tests. Just like it was when you wanted the only thing that could save you, though not guaranteed, from the lime pit and the Lead Pill Pharmacy. The SGA want to know how you have behaved in the past since that is a very good indicator of how you will behave in the future. These social engineers, nee shaman and necromancers, need to ascertain, it’s the law, that if a lions testicle licker is being sought, indeed that’s what their organisation will get. No point in putting in place a pussy washer is there?

And so it came to pass that Her Majesty’s, she’s compliant no doubt about that step outside if you dare, SGA brought a huge force of flea biters and vermin squeezers to fill the empty rank ranks of the mighty workforce that once humbled dictators and made free minions.

And the SGA were pleased. The skill sets so lacking in their slave class, I wonder why Tesco dude, were now on tap 24/7.

A Base for Operations in death, the floating city. Operations in slaving, child trading, organ theft, narcotics, snuff and death all the good things that the 21st century metropolis needs to tick over. A closed down sleekit micro managed, staged fluence of filth and degeneracy that sucks the life from the free world. There is no way that the SGA can accelerate puberty but they can lower child labour statutes, in which case the gates are about to slam shut as the new subjects are put to their intended use.

Never forget that the bosses of the SGA and LPP love gated communities. The gated life is not something forced on them by gunfire and sniper, it is a lifestyle choice. Give a gater the open pampas, freedom, liberty, fresh air and a deserted vista, what’s the first thing they do? Erect a stockade, watch towers, minefields, machine gun nests and big attack dogs with crocodile clips on their bollocks. Why? Well they know that the only way they got the wealth in the first place was to steal it, and the world is full of people like them. There are no peaceful souls content to let others get on in their world view. No these clowns love chaos and destruction, kidnapping and ransom because that’s how their minds work.

So the freedom loving people that swarmed to these shores, nothing to do with the free money being given away, are ensconced in their proto gated communities staring out at the aboriginals, what’s left of them, and scratching. Itchy trigger finger. Having been bought and brought, hash and marry, skulking under the UN flag the old ways of their societies intercourse rises to the surface just as the SGA always knew it would. And lo it came to pass that the LPP will increase armed patrols in the Metropolitan area. That’s like drinking petrol when your arse is on fire. That’s their modus; they’ve come from Sarajevo, down town Mombasa and Lagos, bastions of freedom all.

When was the last time you saw sepia prints of wave after wave of humanity seeking entry to those places? Never. The waves broke on the shores of freedom. And freedom welcomed them because she saw in their faces a suffering that was not complicit or calculated.

The waves breaking on our shores now have gunfire and snipers in mind; they are here to create a huge gated community in which we will be imprisoned.

Heads up.

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