Sunday 25 October 2009

2p on petrol. That Petrol Emotion. Ha ha ha ha ha ha…..

….let’s return to the 17th Century and walk nowhere.

Take these points seriously.

  1. Drive miles. They know more than you do, so you are screwed.
  2. Fit steel tyres like a train.
  3. Fat bastard. Ooops that advice is now gravimetrist
  4. SHAVE
  5. Bake in the sun, freeze in the winter. And since you are now BOGSlife DIE!!!
  6. Of what? It’s the friction that costs energy.
  7. Ahhh no petrol sales, so lets up the oil sales. Sweet, and I’ve never seen a Tesco 5p of voucher for that.
  8. What!!!! On our roads, you muppet.
  9. What!!!! On our roads, you lying clown.
  10. Yes as I said return to the 17th Century were no one went further than a few miles from their village and screwed their sister thus exposing themselves, pun intended, to greater genetic weakness.

To put this in perspective.

The gangsters that run our societies have run up against another bunch of gangster, it happens from time to time, and that means they have to steal all our money to finance the gang war.

We are to be rationed, but rationed by another name. GREEN.

The rationing will facilitate the theft of every penny we have and keep us calmed so as not to cause trouble at home while the gangsters get down and dirty in a shoot out.

Our progeny will of course be needed to inhabit the battle space by whatever means the technology will allow. Either way if they would just die before they need some care that would be helpful.

Heads up.


  1. Ah, yes, the Great Global Climate Change Swindle - we all know it's about tax and control, just as immigration policy was about social engineering.....and they think they're so clever, God help us!

    O/T - Thanks for your support, mate.

  2. The latest I heard on the radio was that the Saudis are saying when demand for oil drops they want financial compensation to make up the difference. Surreal.


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