Saturday 3 October 2009

They just cannot help themselves. Thievery is it genetic or a learned condition?

Caught some of BBC R4 morning show and J Humphries esquire dropped the “P” word and I thought oh oh big fat rat somewhere stealing things again.

And what was it?

Well theft again. What the Floating City does best. One of the reasons why we are now in a melt down of gigantic proportion is that the boys in charge miss timed their shot at goal, they also got distracted by killing lots of people with real lead pills instead of the fiat kind, and they didn’t get India and China into the Ponzi scheme at the correct moment. More likely the ChiComms and the Balti Boys got wind of the Pan Galactic Pyramid Selling Scheme’s terminal end play and got their hands on the tech before bailing out.

So the “P” word. As I’ve said before whenever you hear that word trotted out in the MSM it is to disguise the fact that theft of your money is in play. It mollifies and soothes you into thinking that something is being done on your behalf to protect you and/or right a wrong that involved investments going west and you left standing with worthless certificates.

What’s the scam? Well you hand over £8000 and it will go into a “Pot” of money that will look after you when you are gaga. The plan is couched in so many caveats as to make the thing worthless. However don’t worry for the “Pot” will be there to sort it all out even though the arithmetic could be taken apart by a five year old.

Hand over £8000 to any beggar on the street, the over all outcome will be better than handing it over to anyone from the Floating City.

Pot. Definition, English word, an empty container or chamber put in play meaning to distract and bemuse, befuddle and stultify the mark during the prosecution of thievery.

Very Venetian.

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  1. and a lifetime ago, when young people smoked pot, and the little bud in the pipe chamber was burned out and turned into smoke, we would say "it's played"

    seems a fitting memory to your sentiments


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