Thursday 29 October 2009

Oh boy the plot thickens, again.

There must be something in this hyper viscous soup of political intrigue that the croutons of light can penetrate.

Here’s a little item titled A Crisis in the Kremlin

At least two sources today are, one of them in the sidebar over there marked in Yellow, reporting that Obama has been usurped and more free tech transfer into the ChiComms is under way using there top US intel asset. His paternal family comes from NE China and if that doesn’t set off alarm bells then you’ve not been keeping up with the Rock/Roth, esp. Roth, plan kicked off up that neck of the woods in the Yevreyskaya avtonomnaya oblast way back in Stalin’s day.

I always thought that Clinton had shipped the entire tech over to the ChiComms anyway so what can be left?

Meanwhile Juniper Cobra is kicking into high gear, oh the pun of it all!!!

And there are bombs going of all over the shop, check out the list of major bombings in Pakistan for Oct at the end of this piece.

Afghanistan here Karzai’s bro’ and Hoh get a mention.

And the croutons?

They’ve gone soggy.

Heads up.

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