Monday 26 October 2009

Time to scramble that mossie pronto!!! Bandits ahead.

You and me. We let the world get on with it mainly, we don’t plot the downfall of freedom. Indeed in the finest traditions of the minutemen we react to clear and present danger I’d suggest.

How many are we?

Not many.

Does that matter, yes it does.

It gives clarity of purpose. It means we can proof test the concepts that our 646 goons run past us to see if they hold water, the concepts not the goons, they are wet and leak like sieves. We can also road test the GGT’s latest mind drivel e.g.

Innocuous GGT terminology to keep you calm and not ask pointy questions.

Flipping = getting the taxpayer to finance your property portfolio.

Pot = stealing money through financial chicanery disguised a financial products.

Here’s Chossudovsky putting things into a clear perspective without the Keiser/Celente scary wording. Either way the three gents are top banana.

Fausty is highlighting the terror state at his place, that is the state of terror we are supposed to adopt when the invasive oligarchy comes chapping on your door at 3am in the morning with the Lead Pill Pharmacy. But will it?

So on a hunch, well I‘ve been reading von Mellenthin’s war memoirs, I new that if I searched out here on the ausfahrt all roads would lead to the Nazis. Sure enough they do.

In 1941 Walter Funk, Hitler's economics Minister, launched Europaische Wirtschafts Gemaeinschaft

Now remember this is peace time Nazi thinking, I know UK plc will find that difficult to grasp, the war didn’t start for the Nazis until the very end of 1941.

The slave labor regime and the destruction of individual freedom progressed very quietly.

Remember the quotation of Pastor Martin Niemöller?

I’ve read it many times, in so many sources and references, but no one seems to notice the obvious thing about this statement. He doesn’t say there were bullets flying everywhere or violence being dished out or riots ensuing. He just says they came. Then you were gone. The banality and calm, that’s the danger. The innocuous nature of evil intent.

Has anything changed since then?

Well UK plc is run by traitors who wish to change our character and thus our resistance to being taken over by NaZoviets. All the stories are covered well by the blogging UK musketeers, GV and Scunnert are good places to start.

This goes for Tories, Labour, Lib Dems the whole lot of the 646 and their putative foundation sponsored replacement Manchurian candidates.

However the great project goes on, no wonder Maggie was gunned down in public as a warning to all who followed. The Venetians want the creation of a European super state closely allied with South America. Run out of Berlin and Madrid.

UK plc is being handed back from Rock to Roth don’t expect any choice in the matter.

For USofA this creates a very profound change in the Monroe doctrine, indeed viewed from a great distance this is simply the exchange of custody to its rightful owners. That though is for another day.

Heads up UK plc.


  1. hey there incoming, what do you make of this please?

  2. So many traditional Tories (such as the likes of Sally Roberts on ConHome) seem oblivious to the peril we are in. They speak as if England still has a future, if we vote Tory.

    She and her ilk don't seem to realise that the US and the UK have been screwed by our own countrymen and that most of those on the Shadow Front Bench are EUphiles. Why else would Cameron bring in Clarke and consider parachuting in Heseltine (via temporary peerage!)?

    Fortunately, the BNP/Immgration thing has made a few more sleepwalkers sit up and take notice. They're now better able to listen to the message we have.

  3. AP the dragons angle is sense. The flow of gold from West to East and Silver from East to West is very old, thousands of years, that's what the religious cults here in the west have covered up. Written history is the story of precious metals. The dark Ages were not dark, people got on with their lives but because the precious metals were gone from West Europe there was no written history. USofA has no precious metals, it could leave history. The other angle is related to the "cover story" and there is soooo much out there to give grist to the mill. Timmy Geithner and Obama are Asia, dragon, men who knows when they were tapped. Then there is the BIG question and that leads into transhumist tranformation of humanity. Obama could start it in the chaos, we've been prepared, esp. USofA. Email me to discuss further.

  4. Fausty I think I remarked on BS's contribution before it all got pulled on your blog that I see a destruction of the two/three party system coming because the expenses scandal has flushed the old system ready for new Manchurain candidates to turn up. Then parliamnet as we know it goes phutt!! The chaos would see rabid religious and rabid oligarchich groupings emerge to steer UK plc into the EUSSR slave state.

    It costs $400 to get one gallon of fuel into AfPak, our troops will be left hanging once the fiat money scam collapses completely. The GGT are doing their masters' bidding by talking about how everything is turning round economy wise. Just wait, as AP points out above there is a big MFin' move being put on USofA and UKplc will get take in the head in the crossfire.

  5. AP it was what was behind my banging on about GOLD earlier this month.

  6. Yes GV but thankfully I'm an optimist.

  7. i don't know if i found this here or where, but it's about this transhumanist agenda.

    You know, getting back to what's scary, I agree with Vernor Vinge that the greatest existential threat is still nuclear warfare. But next in line is the possibility of a major plague... a rapidly spreading pandemic.

    what a coincidence huh, that we're dealing with those two very things right now?

  8. AP start with Blavatsky and Darwin. Foundation bitchboys.

  9. Gareth there will certainly be an extended City of London authority over the whole of Thames Valley/Estuary region. I expect that area to become supra-sovereign in the greater EUSSR plan. The rest of the British Isles will have to become compliant in every area, policing included.


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