Tuesday 27 October 2009

Unlevened Nukes

Jung wrote,

"Though we know from experience that psychic processes are related to material ones, we are not in a position to say in what this relationship consists, or how it is possible at all. Precisely because the psyche and the physical are mutually dependent it has often been conjectured that they may be identical somewhere beyond our present experience."

One of the things that you can see from a very great distance is the bigger picture. Up close and sweaty, knee deep in the sewage it all reeks of conspiracy theory, hidden agendas, secret societies, brotherhoods and masons. That’s if you can be bothered looking up from your chains and having a quick glance around. If you stare too long a crack of the whip across your back soon gets you back into the gang step.

Even those who you might think have broken free of the chain gang are never free. I was chatting to a chum about this on Friday evening over a couple of chilled Magners. No way are you allowed to become a billionaire without getting approval. There are too many checks and balances at work for that to be allowed. The idea of a rogue billionaire being allowed to get into the protected charitable foundation racket and peddling his/her agenda ad infinitum is just not allowed. Look at Bill Gates, his billions are now working for TPTB and his minder Buffett made sure the billions he made lock the Gates fortune into the programme.

Our conversation touched on the “Secret Squirrels” working deep in the bowels of telecoms and the games they play. Their ability to spy on you no matter where you are or what you are doing. I asked the question and then answered it. “Who are they afraid of? Well obviously it must be another load of gangsters.”

If you view the whole world in that context then it makes sense, rather than the model we are supposed to believe in about the free market democratic “bollox”, as Gentleman John Harris would no doubt quip. They are afraid of other gangsters, not us they kill us with impunity, de Maneses, not Al Qaeda, other gangsters. That’s what was behind the hit on Litvenyenko and the no liquids on planes farce.

That’s just a step backwards and a quick look before the gang master beats you into place. However what happens when through an accident you find yourself far away on top of a hill on a clear sunny day? What happens if you can see the ziggurat below and the city surrounding it and the wide plain stretching to infinity?

Then you might get the idea that somewhere, hidden there is a mighty long range effort millennia old that is trying to put things back the way they were. Someone remembers when things were just sooo different and yet understands, not speculates nor theorizes nor conjectures, but knows and understands because of retained memory that it will all get different again. Over the past two centuries this process has been accelerated and the most unlikely of alliances and occurrences are explained by this occult process.

A simple example, Iraq. Roth and co were all over Iraq on the sniff, mainly German and French. The Germans have along tradition of being in Iraq/Persia. What were they looking for? Well whatever it was if they found it Rock took it, if they hadn’t found it Rock came in and found it and took it away. Dead people everywhere and chaos. All part of a plan and the cleverest thing about it was we were told what they had come for.

To fully understand reality you must grasp one thing, the “truth” will always be placed right in front of your nose but you will dismiss it because as they term us, we are vulgar.

They came for WMD.

As Jung was alluding to up above there is something that we humans are on the edge of constantly. A realization that teeters on the cusp of consciousness. Like that dream you had but cannot bring back to examine, you know you had it you can remember it but its going, going, gone.

Those of you who have stayed the course will know that I have mentioned on at least two occasions a time when molten metal would stop running and rocks would fly and or be shaped like doe. That is a way of saying that physical reality will be changed by the fundamental reordering of the physical universe. It won’t happen quickly but it will happen since human history remembers it has happened in the past, way back a long time ago.

I’m no dummy and I have studied all my life on a vast number of subjects but if the lights went out I’d be hard pressed to remember my Ray Mears and survive one year. Never mind build my own henge from tree stumps and dead badgers. So when a civilization has developed a calendrical system that runs into millions of years like the old Indo-European belief systems you’ve got to wonder. Even a simple cycle like the Mayan would take thousands and thousands and thousands of years to get all the subtleties mapped and fixed.

So what’s going on? Don’t forget these ancients didn’t have time for writing utter drivel, that’s a luxury, soon to depart, that only the West has had. This was what their brightest and best were charged with. It was life and death serious so we’d better pay attention pronto.

If the basic fabric of local space time changes then expect unbelievable powers to become accessible to the human mind. It’s all there in the old legends, even the WMD.

That though would bring a crisis to certain long range planners. A crisis that they are well aware of. There has never at any time been this many human minds in existence, what would happen if they all got rid of the psychos?

Are there any conclusions that can be stated about TPTB if this view point on the hilltop affords an advantage?

Yes only one that I will state, so far.

They have no balls.

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