Friday 27 May 2016

Mokkerfuther Batrastard.

Almost missed this one.

China Defense Blog: Drill simulates joint evacuation: Drill simulates joint evacuation ( Source: China Daily  )         2016-March-27 22:4...

This is not what I intended to park out here today but it just hit the spot when one takes on board the BBC "grooming" we've had about special scientific research programmes, student scientific exchanges, all the travelogues through my postulated Hyper Littoral War heartland and international drugrunner banks that really want to get away from the ruins they created in UKplc.

What do we know for certain? Well RCE/LC injected evil into Europe c1850 and we got mega destruction.

RCE/LC injected USofA corp into the ME c1945 and we are witnessing the destruction rolling out today.

Now where is RCE/LC going to inject its latest Patented Playboyplaymates to start the next one off?

The exercise has a "Joint" command, there's that word Joint, involving civilians and an obvious weak civil command structure in the target. It must be small, this is a 15th century pirate operation, we are not talking peer2peer here, and limited in duration and geography. Somewhere with UK and ChiComm traditional notional national interests?

That can only mean bankers and the recent HSBC decision to stay associated with the UK leads my sense of smell back to Singapore or Brunei.

As I’ve said before the ChiComms are being allowed to run commie/wahabbi, with a triborder ops freebooter training base far, far away in safety, assets to facilitate their “intervention” and “liberation” of areas in the HW theatres.

Brunei might need “protection” soon.

Thursday 26 May 2016

50+ years of whopp.

AusSAS in a territory that no longer exists c1968

USM in a territory in Aus. c2016

I do love a good map. As you know.

I also love the things that all the commentators and spunk tanks never dare moot in public. The most verbotten being what the "real" map looks like.

Who owns what? As an example one would look at UKplc in reality much more askew and askance than the Ordnance Survey publications. Google Farts are riddles with areas all smudgy and hidden, riddled like a Swiss cheese. Don't you love the expense of your HDTV so that you get the effects of a blinding STD?

Anyway when the real owners of these areas decide that more profitable tenants are welcome in, the livestock, no matter how long they have been there grazing, get abattoired. If you are no longer strategically aligned with the business strategy you are gone.

So to all residents in "Territories" I'd be getting all twitchy. UNblue Hessians will be imported to clear you.

I'd include Hawaii, California and Alaska in that scenario.

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Fossil Shadows Go

At the other shop there is a roplog of WAG’s take on a dangerous wanker wandering Apiru fukkwitz who likes trading in WMD.

I commented there off the cuff so here is some of the reasoning behind the mindburp and a great article from a while back.

The Lizard’s countryman peddled in the WMD developed by his Apiru buddies in NASDP Germany, they only played cards, drank booze and shagged cow girls in Manhattan, all Hawkeye Pierce stylee, for use against the rest of the world by Rothschild mentalist genocidalcreeps. What makes you think that the mass murder of Europeans by the Talmudist terrorists was going to stop at the Pripyet? It took years and years to kill millions and millions of Russians, 24/7 night and day non stop murder by NY financed psychobranded iYahweh botherers and commiiYahweh lovers kidding on they were atheists, the phukkwitz.

Remember the equivalencies here. Phukkwitz=HAS (herd attention space) jew. Uranium=Gold. To be anti-semitic is to be anti-phukkwitz. A laudable calling bearing in mind that we are all dealing with the universal god of mass phukkwittery and mass murder disguised as commerce. Remember that there is no truth in the news and everything staged is a news event. There are no jews and yet jews are to be universal. O’Brien could not be named because he has no handle to be newsworthy or jewsworthy.

Now don’t be getting all upset now, the good news just gets better concerning the interloping ersatzjuden otherwise known as fauxHeebs or synthetIcsreal. As I’ve always stated, the business education rubbish that is fed to us just needs recalibrated and reranged to be useful. So previous behaviour is a great indicator of future actions. Who else but a bunch of stone aged hazard khazars could have taken a load of US Army contracted X-Ray machines and fried the brains of Yemenite Hasidic children in the Rothschild firebase known as Tortuga sur Meds( doped up on gangsterindoctrinationasfakireligion), sounds all Sobibor doesn’t it? Getting this yet? Got that Tel Aviv Mengele vibe? If she was still alive you could ask Ofra Haza all about it. But the khazar shit heads offed Ofra for getting all uppity.

Anyway the phukkwitz in the USSR circa 1935AD were searching for a quicker industrial means of offing all European non phukkwitz, and a fair old number of fukkwitz who wouldn’t get with the programme.

The wunderwaffen was not ready by 1939 so the old methods still needed to be used to kill everyone and in the brief period from Sep 1939 to June 1941 the rest of Europe got to see what was in store for it when the RedPhukkWitzCHEKA genocidal army got up to the Mannerheim Line, Tallinn, Vilnius, Riga and Brest Litovsk. As I’ve said before the lime pits would have been deep, deep and plentiful in Epping and Hampshire you UKabo mongschmurphs.

Anyway the things that came to mind when WAG was delineating the career criminal’s never short of a penny wanderings, were roughly as follows.

The SA nukes got lifted out to the UAE and “misplaced”.

The Bridge on the River Kwai malarkey is just a load of WW2 bollox vaguely remembering by obfuscation the real reason for the railroad down there was Uranium salts shipping.
The movement of ChiComm R&D to the inland industrial zones, pursued throughout the decades 1950-70, away from the coastal war zones where nukes were expected to land.Land Destroyer: China's Xinjiang Problem - Made in USA: November 10, 2015 ( Tony Cartalucci - NEO ) - China's western region of Xinjiang, a vast area home to some 21 million people, is one of..

The Western, always schmokkin’ mirrors except when it comes to Europeans,  sanctions placed and lifted to manipulate clandestine flows of tech. for use by the “breakaway” gangsters included NK, ChiComms and Burma.

Now that triumvirate is the old IJ nuke weapons logistics and fab complex all united into one great big controlled petri dish of WMD disguised as sanctions.

Don’t you just love the English language? The world’s greatest schpeilling machine. Another example of weirding words is James Jesus Angelton.

To me JJA, forget the Dulles brothers, assholes, to me JJA says Zionistratlines, art, gold, Indonesia, Oswald. All from his time in Rome in 1944. That is all you need to know to get to the bottom of JFK, Auschwitz, London, Paperclip and the coming HWW of which our Apiru Cru are the prime movers.

Anyway back to triggers and their possible hideaway.

Still in the dark on Myanmar’s nuclear ambitions

Three years ago a defector from the Myanmar military fled the country with extensive documentation of a nascent secret nuclear programme. The chain of custody and validation of the material he possessed rivals the equivalent information currently attributed to Iran, whose own ambitions have become the target of threats of war from the US and Israel.

But after initial alarm, the world has largely fallen silent on Myanmar's programme. In November last year the government made a welcome promise that it would signthe International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) Additional Protocol, thereby allowing the IAEA to carry out nuclear inspections inside the country to resolve outstanding allegations of a past nuclear programme. To date, however, no such protocol has been signed, and Myanmar remains hidden behind an old agreement that allows them to state that they have no significant nuclear materials, and avoid inspections or even answering questions.

101 East - Myanmar's fragile peace
The upshot is that the world remains as in the dark about the work being undertaken in highly secretive factories operated by the military as it did when photos and testimonies first emerged. In addition to the evidence of the early stages of a nuclear programme aired in a documentary co-produced by the Democratic Voice of Burma and Al Jazeera in June 2010, it is widely known that some 5,000 young Myanmar engineers have been trained in Moscow in missile, engineering and nuclear technologies. So when senior Myanmar officials deny the existence of any nuclear programme and stonewall the IAEA, suspicions are aroused.
Myanmar's immediate neighbours have also fallen silent on the issue. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) bloc has not followed through in investigating the allegations, given the rush to take advantage of opening markets and lucrative oil and gas contracts. Perhaps this selectivity has also guided Washington's reluctance to press Myanmar as hard as it has other global nuclear threats.

The US has pointed out that missile cooperation between Myanmar and North Korea is real and must be stopped. Leaked photos and documents from a 2008 visit to North Korea by Shwe Mann, then the Myanmar junta's third-in-command, and now a powerful speaker of the Lower House with presidential ambitions, showed the delegation touring missile factories and meeting with Jon Byong Ho, who was a key figure in North Korea's own proliferation programme.

While nuclear cooperation between the two countries is a much lower concern - little evidence exists to suggest that Pyongyang has supplied information or material to support such a programme in Myanmar - the administration of President Thein Sein could clear up whatever lingering doubt is there with openness and candour.

An opportunity presents itself in September. The IAEA will be holding its annual General Conference (GC) where all state parties to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty will be present. The GC is covered by the world press and is an ideal venue for Myanmar to boldly follow through on the signing promise. It would receive considerable world attention and be another step on the road to normalcy.

One word of caution is required. When a country signs a treaty or agreement, it does not take effect until the legislature of that country ratifies it. In the Southeast Asia region we have examples, such as the Philippines, which signed an Additional Protocol but did not bring it into force for 12 years. Malaysia and Thailand signed in 2006 but have yet to ratify it, presumably because it is a low priority for the governments.
Even when the treaty is ratified, the internal efforts needed to bring it into force require many administrative and legal steps, including establishing regulatory and investigative bodies and appropriate legislation so that they can respond to IAEA requests for information in an orderly and complete way.

Counting the Cost - Myanmar: A land of opportunity?
The best way to move forward is for Myanmar to sign in September and then immediately inform the IAEA that the Additional Protocol has been signed. Myanmar should then immediately voluntarily respond to the IAEA as if the Protocol were in force. This would allow pressing questions to be posed and inspections to take place almost immediately, and begin to close the books on Myanmar's past nuclear ambitions.
Failure to do so should rouse suspicion, and renew scrutiny of what projects Naypyidaw is pursuing in its secretive facilities. Already we know of possible uranium mining and processing in the country's north, but its leaders refuse to acknowledge any such work. If there is no prohibited activity, Myanmar should allow those inspections immediately.

Eight months has elapsed since the promise to sign was made. In that time, questions have been asked of the need for the colossal resources pumped into Myanmar's military, which still receives more than a fifth of the total state budget each year, dwarfing both healthcare and education combined. Millions of dollars from this will have gone into a series of major assaults on Kachin rebels in the country's north, who were last year targeted with air strikes. Any suggestion by the government that it is scaling back the might of its monolithic army, comprised of some 400,000 troops, can be roundly dismissed.

These are all concerns that conflict with President Thein Sein's claims of a break with Myanmar's past. Washington's demands for transparency and military reform in its new ally should take precedent in its policy toward the country, over that of access to markets. It is also on Thein Sein to come clean on the ambitions of his military. One step toward achieving this could be taken with the signing of the Protocol in September.

Robert Kelley is a retired Los Alamos National Laboratory analyst specialising in nuclear weapons programmes worldwide. He was a Director at the IAEA from 1992 to 1993 and from 2001 to 2005, responsible for analysis of Iraq's nuclear programmes.
Francis Wade is a Thailand-based freelance journalist and analyst covering Myanmar and Southeast Asia.”

The Graham Hart Show: Paul Webster - Lawful & Legal (5-23-16)

The Graham Hart Show: Paul Webster - Lawful & Legal (5-23-16)

A Secret Squirrel is grinding his nuts all the way through the show, deliberate all accidental like by the wanker, however that didn't stop Paul making proper use of the vernacular. I always wondered when the cueballs got clued into the nature of the game and now we know it is 10yrs of age at Eton. No wonder their subsequent lives are a series of embarrassing initiations to keep their traps shut lest the scum find out over a hot Bovril and mince pie at an old firm game what the phukk is going on in the cunting houses.

Tuesday 24 May 2016

Strategi Militer Indonesia - Informasi Pertahanan dan Keamanan NKRI: Polri Selidiki Video Anak-anak Indonesia Yang Dila...

Strategi Militer Indonesia - Informasi Pertahanan dan Keamanan NKRI: Polri Selidiki Video Anak-anak Indonesia Yang Dila...: Video sejumlah anak berlatih menembak dan perang beredar di media sosial. Anak-anak itu diduga ada yang berasal dari Indonesia. Tak hanya be...

A few things to note here.

No NOAHide compliance required for youngsters' footwear when on a photo shoot for bankster soaps.

They haven't hit TKMaxx yet for the autumn line in orange one piece, stepping out on the town, initiation stabbing suites.

The local Toyota dealership must have had Tokyo advising them on perception management. The word has finally hit the streets that the ISIS Toybotas were not iGREEN hybrids. If you are going to off  a load of innocents then the message has to be sustainable with a minimum carbon footprint, NOAHide compliant of course.

Finally one wonders if this is what HMG has in mind for unaccompanied children heading into the arms of UK NGO charities in the stylings of a Jimmy Savile Tragicomedy or Harold Shipman Pintsize Player.

Monday 23 May 2016

Last chance for the wicked?

A month ago these guys reckoned Europe was up for burning by CIUDs and ISIS mercs.

"In this episode we discuss the danger of an Islamic State under pressure and what that threat will look like over the next few months and possibly years. We also look at our approach to counterterrorism more broadly and discuss the many ways in which our understanding of the problem influences the tools we choose to use. Understanding the problem correctly, developing the proper perspective, is the key to long-term success and it doesn’t feel like we’re there just yet."

Then this weekend Tarpley is of similar mind with a LIHOP POTUS fabricant scenario

Trump Betting Everything on Continuous Terrorism and Financial Panic from Now Through Election Day

Many commentators wonder what will happen if the London/New York/Tel Aviv mentalist mercs loose dead ground. Does it matter if ISIS cannot wander around the back lots of as much unending bleached sand beheading as it used to or hire as many bit part Malthusian Candidates these days, now that there is a real danger of a Russian LGB taking out their drinks cabinets and whore houses?

Well last time the London/New York/Zionist financed merc mentalists lost real estate they just killed everyone in sight and the banksters coughed up the doe for genocide and taking the piss out of Europeans. Nothing has changed except the magnitude of the sacrifice on show.

Has enough time passed that the banksters judge that they can get away without damaging their breeding mares' spawn in the future by lighting the fires today? If they do then we are set up by our own volition. And when they do they recast themselves as religious mercs once they collapse their money games. Are the stars aligned so that a new one religion will stand a chance of blinding the ignorant remnants again?

So every last little bit of dissention on our part will weigh immeasurably in the finest calculations of causality feedback with these metamorphicperps and verily phukup the alignements they so carefully cultitilate.

Is that not so you putrid putative breakaway Neo Nimrud?

Friday 20 May 2016

There ye go. War News Updates: China Is Building Weapons To Wipe-Out U.S. Bases I...

War News Updates: China Is Building Weapons To Wipe-Out U.S. Bases I...: China's road-mobile ICBMs. Chinese Defense Washington Free Beacon : China Building Missiles to Strike Guam Ballistic and cruise ...

Total Phukkmuppetry and JimmySavilecharityanlage. (See the other shop)

So let's get into a good mood. Yello? SLF? Kraftwerk? Maybe, maybe not. Let's see how I feel.

There you go.

I’ve gone all TOTP. I would put man of two worlds up but I won’t commissar you with Soviet propaganda Sohoprawdaktstylee.

The standing stones are too good to ruin with a load of iYahweh24/7Mittybullshit.

Instead here’s some old stuff to celebrate Eurovision 2020 when a urethranonspecificandrogynopolkdotoffworldhyperviscoustorso with nonantisoundissues wins the rigged voting Boetang.

I always wondered about Eurovision when the childfellatingmollestingfacilitators at the BBC made such a massive thing of it all way back when. Well of course it was all a yearly NATO C3I exercise that tried not to touch of a load of inbound from WarPac. That's why the pervperps at the BBC got away with the childroastpimping. Everyone was watching the skies as the London talent agency children were getting bound and gagged by DJs.

It is no conspircoinsurgency to suggest that our current crop of retarded talent in all fields of endeavor must have been pervperped when being prepped for their leadership roles. As CAF noted that is how the control files were got. Don't laugh; anyone on iFart has a ChEKA KomDiv ComSatangel watching over you. Notice that inflated COMINTERN skins are not meant to actually do anything just play act like a good politoclispthesps. Talking of which I was watching Brosnan before he became Bond the other night. All the queues in Heathrow passport control looking for Dastardly and Muttley RedA-Bombfabspies were staffed with white supremacist racist bastards. Not an off colour commie BAFTA denied bombplotfartbots in sight. How things have changed. These days ISIS terrorists get picked up by SlotgobVaz limo and gated community plc and advised by Martix Churchill, oops!

Anyway that is about it for this evening.

I just needed a break from trying to put together the next part of the ring of brightwaters, amongst other things to be read and retread......


Something that I forgot to mention.

I boycott anything that steals my time, sight or sound. So ALL advertising is now working directly against the fools. When was the last time your teeth got whiter?

I would take you to Calanais now but I'm sure you can do that for yourself.

You could not make this shit up!!

Deutsche Bank, HSBC and Scotia are the only members of the London Silver Market Fixing Limited, a private company that had operated the London Silver Fixing auctions until mid August 2014, after which time that auction was superseded by the LBMA Silver Price auction.
The case (# 1:14-md-02573-VEC) is being overseen as a class action suit by federal judge Valerie E Caproni in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. A large number of different plaintiffs had taken similar actions and the cases were consolidated into one class action suit. The plaintiffs allege in the suit that Deutsche Bank, HSBC and Scotia colluded to fix the price of silver futures by publishing false silver prices, so that they, as members of London Silver Market Fixing Company would benefit (from the price movements).
The full 1 page letter from the plaintiffs legal representatives Lowey Dannenberg, Cohan & Hart can be read here ->Deutsche letter to Caproni – 13 April 2016 – London Silver Fixing – Lowey Dannenberg Cohen Hart.
In a shocking development for the remaining defendants and the entire future of the current LBMA Silver Price auction, owned by the LBMA, administered in London by Thomson Reuters and calculated by the CME Group,  the letter states that:
“In addition to valuable monetary consideration, Deutsche Bank has also agreed to provide cooperation to plaintiffs, including the production of instant messages, and other electronic communications, as part of the settlement. In Plaintiff’s estimation, the cooperation to be provided by Deutsche Bank will substantially assist Plaintiffs in the prosecution of their claims against the non-settling defendants.
The plaintiffs include Modern Settlings LLC (of New York and Florida), American Precious Metals Ltd, Steven E Summer, Christopher Depaoli, Kevin Maher, Jerry Barrett, Rebeccca Barrett, KPFF Investment Inc, Don Tran, and Laurence Hughes.
The defendants include Deutsche Bank AG and various other Deutsche Bank entities, HSBC Bank Plc, HSBC Bank USA NA, HSBC Holdings Plc, and various other HSBC entities, The Bank of Nova Scotia, and various other Scotia entities, and finally The London Silver Market Fixing Ltd.
Coming on the heels of the unresolved and unexplained fiasco that is the LBMA Silver Price auction and the broken promises by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) about greater auction transparency and wider participation in the new Silver auction (see BullionStar blog “The LBMA Silver Price – Broken Promises on Wider Participation and Central Clearing“) it seems difficult to envisage that the LBMA Silver Price can survive in its current form, with its current participants, of which 2 of the remaining 5 participants are HSBC and Scotia. It will also be interesting to see what the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will say about this development with Deutsche Bank, especially in light of the fact that HSBC and Scotia are now participating in a ‘Regulated Benchmark’ (the LBMA Silver Price), where price manipulation can be criminally prosecuted.
The directors of the London Silver Market Fixing Limited company in the months before it ceased doing the London Silver Fixing auctions, were Simon Weeks of Scotia, Matthew Keen of Deutsche Bank, and David Rose of HSBC, with alternate directors of David Wilkinson of Scotia, James Vorley of Deutsche Bank and Peter Drabwell of HSBC. Since the above list was drawn up, UK Companies House filings show that, for London Silver Market Fixing Limited, David Rose ceased to be a director on 5 January 2016, David Wilkinson ceased to be a director on 16 October 2015, James Vorley ceased to be a director on 27 May 2014, and Matthew Keen ceased to be a director on 18 February 2014. According to those filings, it means that Simon Weeks of Scotia and Peter Drabwell of HSBC are still directors of the company that is a defendant in the above New York class action suite.
Surprisingly to some, Simon Weeks of Scotia is listed on the website of LBMA Silver Price administrator Thomson Reuters as still being a member of the LBMA Silver Price Oversight Committee. See list here. Furthermore, the same Simon Weeks is still listed as being a member of the LBMA Gold Price Oversight Committee, chaired by ICE Benchmark Administration. See list here.
Some of the above directors names will also be familiar to readers as directors of the London Gold Market Fixing Limited company, as profiled in the ZeroHedge articleFrom Rothschild To Koch Industries: Meet The People Who “Fix” The Price Of Gold“.

I will repeat that although I have the greatest admiration for the silver/gold boys, glad to see that Capt. Morgan and his rogue bird was on with Keiser yesterday, one must never forget that the metals are original slavery and always will be, and that they are there to lead us to disaster on this multi millennial long recovery.

The unbroken home of slavery is in Arabiaratland, middle men of human misery. Apiru nexus of semiticamevil. Misers and degraders of humanity. All they’ve got to export and vibrate about is human unhappiness, slavery, child usury and their killer psychoWalter Mitty. Always will be and always were since the first mission was sent out to recover the gold. BTW where were the sandsuckingloon phukkmonkees when the world was about to be degraded by the dark light of perverted science? Sitting on their arses stealing things as brigands do, that's what wahabbi Apiru du.

In the great big one, when the evil Nasties were intent on taking over the world, incredibly the eviloidscumsuckingloons sought to kill everyone by spending up to, and exceeding, in some years, 25% of all weapons expenditures on… erm… welll…. Flak defence!

Actual, real, not lethal to other persons in other lands, defence where the only way to get the ammunition expended at you, by the world destroying bastards, was to fly over their country and bomb it. Not sit on a hill side far, far away and tending your flock by night!

I know.

In a world where our murder as defence ministries get special attack warcriminal export appropriations to go out and kill small animal veterinarians and flower arrangers, that is just phukkin’ weird.

I C U.

Merry Christmas to you 2.

Thursday 19 May 2016

Pope Francis criticizes West for forcing "democracy" on Iraq and Libya -- Society's Child --

Pope Francis criticizes West for forcing "democracy" on Iraq and Libya -- Society's Child --

Or put more clearly.

Complex system bitchboy shits on the scum. Notice that you will never see this boybitch pimpslap a RothLiRock androgyn. No siree. The Bishop of Never Lead Pill a Perp Church won't point a finger at the creepziods who shot all the wildlife , starved all the peasants, slaved all the souls and raped all the cheeldren.

Oh no, shit on the weak. That's his moto. In Latin of course as he sips the finest of wines from a dead kick start ladyboy's crack.

Wednesday 18 May 2016

The Graham Hart Show: Clint Richardson (5-16-16)

Welcome to the Phukkwitz Mass Observation Confessional, UKplc PhukkMOC, where the money publishers watch 24/7 with their staring array. Go on do something antiPhukkwitz today and see how long it takes for the armed Tacsquads to storm your hovel with a good 1984 cover story prepped for the MSM bitchboys to tar and feather you. And yet the exact same collection of Phukkwitz, who paid for it all with their forged CCTV money, cannot tell you anything about 23/11, 7/7 or Sep11 except sponsored broadcast mind muppetry and smurphukkery on their Minging Staged Monkee newsshows.

A long time ago in a peat bog far, far away, there lived a bunch of fukkwitz. Oh they are what would be termed today by certain groupings of limited horizonalists “Royalty” but they were full on fukkwitz. And Yahweh verily did hate them, though he had a plan for them.

They were chosen to be forever and always reality Stewards. Stewards and are correctly described, in the Lamarckian taxonomy as, Phukkwittus Habirus Apiru.

Just as in the case of Homunculus Laetus, these Phukkwitz clowns only appear when the money is free. Now the shit for brains economists of the Fakir School of Conomics out of Chicago/Wein might say that there are no free lunches but they know that chosen morsel is circulated to disguise the fact that there are many, many, many free lifestyles to eat once you can publish as much money as you want create androgymorphicphukkmuppets.

No one could be bothered with the shit of “lifestlyes”, iYahweh or criminality unless they didn’t have to do any real work other than shopping and smelling of swarphega.

Anyway now that the STASI, Jesuit confessors and political commissars have been replaced by a caravan of Phukkwitz Habirus providing unending Kombrig iFartbook, yArsepages and jBooger, the spying on the masses is now autorectal.

Anyway Graham is spot on about any UK “movement”. All, everyone of them, infiltrated from birth by spys. One can be sure that when the Beacon Village Hall didn’t get its doors blown off then operatives were at work pre and post op. Similarily I could never work out the SNP over decades of watching them until they were suddenly needed to finish off UKplc. Deep, deep sleeper agents running with Edinburgh Apiru watch and money.You will notice that at the same time these money faking publishers and their false gods were killing off all the UKabos or sticking them in jail, the same Jimmy Savile luvin'killerclowns were wining and dining any tunnel rat that crawled out of a paddie fiield or Pale terrorist that wanted to blow things up in the best London and Paris hotels.

If I started something the first thing I would do after 12 months is take my 2iC to the pharmacy.


The Graham Hart Show: Clint Richardson (5-16-16)

Tuesday 17 May 2016

Nu Apiru Clu

I grabbed this Corsini article in its entirety, printed off just in case there is an EMPlibrary moment, to savour. Do you really think that this is the only or oldest such archive? Here I have to speculate just a little, not a lot, just a smidgen. Since the recording of “history” using marks on a surface was regarded as a backward step by the ancients, in the aggregate, love that word, then what did the elite do? What was the private technology rather than the public one to guarantee unbroken continuity?

Here is one of the markers of the foundation run “breakaway civilisation” baloney that is so current.

There is no break away, just an unbroken chain of private history which now and again gets intersected by the “public” rebuilding of some sort of coherence. In other words now and again the unwashed bump into and notice the great mission. All covertly however, the mission has to select from the public and recover, the mission is also recon. 

Hundreds of Intriguing Artifacts Unearthed at Ancient ‘White City’ Ruins in Honduras

Or has been, since if the last tribes are indeed catalogued then that part of the mission is over. All scattered seed has been recataloged and part of the Kalergian oopfart is answered for white genocidalists.

Anyway it is only 400 years, or a little less, since the last Gaelic bard was killed by an English Venetian bitchboy in a Sligo boozer. All continuous unbroken Irish oral tradition was lost at that point. Forgive the inaccuracies there, this bard is no bard, but you get the gist. So how long do you reckon the favoured and protected Apiru “books” can remember back?

How far back do the Apiru records go? If and it is a big if, one knows the tricks on creating a memory palace then imagine the edifice that Lamarckian selection could construct in one human mind. Modern non functional savants are a mere shadow I would suggest for the prodigious feats protected out of sight, if all you ever do is publish money and create cities to hide in, remembering your lineage's matings and activities all the way back to your first commission just outside the door of the temple bowels all those thousands of years ago in land between the rivers.

So have a read at this.

A Look Inside Florence's Strangest Archive

For six centuries, the Corsini Family has recorded everything that's ever happened to them.

One of six archival rooms on the first floor of Tuscany's Villa le Corti. They hold the Corsini family’s archived history, from the 1360s through the 1960s. (Photo Courtesy New York Times Style Magazine)

For most of us, understanding our pasts requires a bit of detective work—piecing together family stories, yellowing scrapbooks, and saved letters to form an idea of what life was like for those who came before.

But what if you had more than just scraps and pieces? What if every relative you ever had kept a diary, and they were all in one place?

One Florentine family has managed just that. In a recent feature in T Magazine, reporter Tim Parks visits the Villa le Corti in Tuscany, which houses the Corsini family archives—4,000 feet of volumes spanning 600 years of history, painstakingly recorded in day-to-day detail.

The tradition was started in 1362 by Matteo di Nicholò Corsini, a cloth trader who, like other Florentine merchants of the time, thought it best to keep a record of his every transaction. "I... Matteo, will write down every thing of mine and other facts about me and my land and houses and other goods of mine," he wrote.
Unlike his peers, though, Matteo managed to pass this proclivity down through dozens of generations. "For 600 years his descendants followed his example, writing down everything about themselves and preserving everything they wrote," Parks writes.

The Villa le Corti, home of the Corsini family's extremely comprehensive archives. (Photo: Sailko/CC BY-SA 3.0)

Flipping through the thousands of volumes yields a pizzeria's worth of slices of life—the last will of a 14th century cardinal, the health concerns of 16th century merchants, the private notebooks of 18th century women. The medium lends the sense of history and connection a material component. "Wherever you come to in the archive you are immediately overwhelmed by an intense awareness of paper," writes Parks:
"There is the thick sepia-toned, slightly porous paper of the 1400s and the ultrathin glossy correspondence paper of the 19th century. There are papers with elaborate watermarks, and with tiny cuts made in the 16th century to show that the surface had been disinfected against the plague. Some papers have been eaten away by silverfish; others have gotten wet and smudged."

In the 1960s, the family stopped recording their every move, instead dedicating their archival energies to preserving what they already have. Parts of their villa are now open to visitors and scholars, and others who want to dive into a very specific library—one that houses a thin, deep core of the past.

OK? If the Apiru are servants who is the Great House’s Keeper? Now for the serious speculation.

We know that somewhere back in time a massive event occurred that just about wiped us all out. It seems to be around the time of the Indonesian event circa 64,000 years ago. Assuming that the Earth’s population was large and structured. Assuming it was unified. Assuming no greater level of technology than Chinese circa 1000AD. Now who gets to go voyage on the arcs then if you know it is coming? Which are the precious cargoes within the arks, breeding two by two?

The books?

Now imagine if the geezers who ran that civilisation over 64,000 years ago were, how one can put it, genetically disposed to being mass murdering psychopaths and they saved their best.

Underwear soiling time if they are still running the show and it makes so much of recent history, since Babylon at least, much clearer. Things that seem ever so head scratching for academics, like the lack of defensive walls around really ancient cities, are quite understandable if one sees the walls as being signifiers of settled breeding pens for Lamarckian book lines. Follow the city walls and follow the great mission working itself across the globe.

Weeds and garden.

Monday 16 May 2016

No schizlphizzl Shylock

How Bad Would A Radiological Terror Attack Be?: An interactive map shows a wide variation of outcomes for “nuclear terrorism.”

“Did North Korea Conduct a Secret Nuclear Test in 2010?

In 2010, two radionuclide stations in Northeast Asia detected radioactive particles that seemed to indicate that a nuclear explosion had taken place. While there are other possible explanations, other evidence seemed to suggest that North Korea had conducted a very small and otherwise undetected nuclear test. In the past few years, there have been a number of studies of radionuclide data, seismic data and now, on 38 North, satellite imagery.”

Ohh really?!!

Where do you think the R&D has been conducted for terror?

They always get reported by the Moron Steaming Merdes as “fizzled” or “failures” in other words we are supposed to think they are not a success in any way.

Ohh really?!!!

As I’ve mentioned before the clown in PyongYang will be host to technomercs of the highest order getting secretly trafficked into and out of NK by things like the Jimmy C or quiet jets. How come the NK test sites are not subject to MOAB visits? They are corporate assets like the Auschwitz researchers in 1945 were.

Do you really think that that Swissschoolfinishedfukkmoron calls the shots in any way inside the RothRock experimental camp?

Just remember that the territory known as NK has spent since 1905 as nothing more than a corporate experimental station. Got that?

So we can say that the probability of the solution to the Eigen function can be found very, very soon in a very public, MSM amplified, scare the shit out of the global population operation soon, coming to a SERCOblast or Whakkenhut near you.

The carefully staged release of a damped EMP, false forensic salted, dirty bomb optimised for radionuclides release, but unknown to the public easily cleansed by current technology, has been hyped by the Mendacious Stinking Morons and is being pumped and pimped for some strange reason. Oh I wonder why?

Well two things need to be understood about big sticks.

They are rubbish as weapons.
They are great for terrorism.

And two things need to be understood about terrorism.

Banksters are terrorists by other means.
Banksters fund all terrorism.

Once too many of us get the scent of banksterbitchboys as live prey they shut all human activity down.

Sunday 15 May 2016

Boeing Tests Fourth KC-46 Pegasus Test Aircraft

Boeing Tests Fourth KC-46 Pegasus Test Aircraft

What a load of bull. In the time that it has taken and at a miniscule fraction of the money spent already, keeping the beltway sex criminals in dead meat, the USAF could have replaced the 1940s technology 135s decades ago using redundant low flight hours commercial airframes.

Instead we are still waiting for essentially 1960s technology to be delivered at 22nd century prices in numbers that are a fraction of the need to come.

However that is what happens when you are a nation enslaved to bankstergangsterskanksters.

Everything is reset to default setting.


Saturday 14 May 2016

Scaborous Phukkwitz opens gob and.....

...talks like retard, writes like cretin, makes as much sense as a mongtard. Freedom to make poisonous imprisoning noises is all they can do in the bitchboy media & boybitch filth estate and to stop the cachophony of phoney baloney is to be classed as anti phukkwitz rather than just plain rational.

Seemorerocks: Stephen Cohen on Putin: Stephen Cohen: Vladimir Putin -- The 21st Century’s Greatest Statesman or Its Greatest Threat? Originally appeared  at  John Batche...

You wouldn't trust the MSM crowd to piss straight. Considering their output as meaningful is like examining a mouse dropping for gravitas. Phukkwittery piled upon phukkwitz.

More signs of the Khazari/Wahabbi gang's pivot to China

Pacific Sentinel: News Story: 3 Chinese Propaganda stories about the...: Chinese diplomat says South China Sea tribunal has no jurisdiction BEIJING, May 12 (Xinhua) -- A senior Chinese diplomat said on Thur...

Let me make this clear Eurotards and UKabots.

RCE/TA and Mecca cannot stand you.

By the time you've spent all your remaining cash housing ME terrorist refugees and putting out the fires in your cities, locking up the aboriginals and setting up the terrorgees in comfy gated communities you will be defenceless.

Who has all the money, missiles, nukes and ABMs. That is correct, the KhazWah gang.

Ever heard if tribute?

You've been paying it for decades thanks to your creepzoid traitor leaders who were in the main, and this should be repeated unceasingly, WHITE.

Spineless white bitchboys and boybitches.

Friday 13 May 2016



Why did the USSR suddenly disappear?

Steve Weintz, National Interest: The Rise and Fall of the Soviet 'Death Star'

Polyus was designed to destroy satellites with a one-megawatt laser.

The ambitions of the United States and the Soviet Union, late in the Cold War, to launch massive weapons into outer space sounds like a fever dream today. Few however know just how serious it got, with the USSR making impressive progress on plans for a so-called “Red Death Star” to be launched into orbit.

Despite signing a 1972 anti–ballistic missile treaty with the United States, the USSR continued research into missile defense well into the 1970s. When President Ronald Reagan announced his "Star Wars" concept in March 1983—a moonshot-like missile shield that would render ICBMs obsolete—the Soviets were ready with a response.

WNU Editor: I mentioned about a month or two that my uncle was involved in the Soviet Union's military satellite program. He was a director at their plant in St. Petersburg. What always struck me about my uncle and his colleagues was their passionate belief that everything was possible .... and  the Soviet space program reflected that mindset. Unfortunately .... there are limits, and the Polyus disaster attests to what happens when everything falls apart. 
War News Updates: The Soviet 'Death Star' And The End Of The Soviet ...:

I was a whippersnapper when the rockets went up and I've watched it all come tumbling down ever since. Being an inmate of the world's largest open prison I possess one of the unique senses, a genetic memory, that a UKabo picks up with mothers milk, the ability to track the spoor of fukkwittery.

Fukkwittery, most clearly displayed by Apirus Fukkwittus, though not unique to them, they are merely early forced adopters. Fukkwittery is a life style choice and no one could be bothered with it unless the money was good and thievery easy.

Some of the Apiru propagandakinderspeil is falling off of our eyes now and the reason why is at last revealed.

We are being abandoned by the Apiru machine. Babylon is headed east to RCE/Shanghai with the sub office in RCE/Brasilia. RCE/TA will be pointing its Samson options at us to make sure we keep paying the taxes due to their new ChiComm buddies who will be coming back soon to reclaim their off shore havens in the Caribbean. Remember Panama is ChiComm now. What makes you think that they aren't just taking possession of what was always theirs under ALMIRANTE charts?

I also postulate here that the age of Roth/Rock is removing its form from the stage. Just like the idea of Elvis faking his burgercide so he could lie on a beach somewhere remote enjoying life and cedillas, so the murdering creepzoids have done their tour of duty under their sun. 

RCE (Rothschild Criminal/Corporate Entity/Enmity) will need to be replaced by LCE. Poetry. Mind you Li will likely change their handle to facilitate their melting into the background in a couple of centuries time. I wish the Zionist Gold Report was still up and running, she always had some great info on ChinkApiru.

I mean who remembers the senior Apiru operatives before the Rock/Roth, before the Fuggars and the guys before them? Can you name the Roman Rock/Roth equivalents? So get ready for the next generation of X-Men. Now you know why the Pripyet tools are marrying into Mandarin oranges.

Now you will notice that there is no way that the next Apiru Cru will be of Teutonic or Slavic descent. That is what the past 200 years of European war was waged to make certain. Indeed the likelihood of the Apiru getting removed and the Apiru bosses being taken down was a major emergency in those centuries. BTW USofA corp. to expect your lot to get the chair is laughable. You’ve got two more cycles of the ordo ab chao to get through first I reckon.

Anyway why did it disappear?

Well it made sure that the Apiru scions didn’t turn their universities into academic shithouses by giving the jews their correct demographic quotas and they finally recovered from half a century of genocide that had been sponsored by RothRockscum bitchboys toting improvised explosive yarmulkes disguised as proletarian freedom.

As I have alluded to several times during the Bombline and IR outings here, the deep actors had to go very deep once the last big one went out of control in order to bring it into some sort of managed crash landing.

That deep stratum made it known, once the anti jew meme of USSR had been MSM’d to death during Starky and Hutch reruns on USATV, to its deep throats that it was curtain call time. Once enough USSR tech had been stolen into RCE/TA the engineered disappearing act got the green light and the whole edifice got pulled WTC 7 stylee.

Unlike USofA corp which needed to be constantly prodded to use all the stolen tech from NSDAPG, the USSR actually understood and absorbed the knowledge it managed to get its hands on to augment its natural intelligence. Natural philosophical sophistication which the Talmudic murdering retards couldn’t snuff out nor get their disabled pentateuch heads round.

Do you think that the western military industrial complex of 1970 could do anything other than burn money? Come on, name me one system born after Jan 1 1971 that is/was a success? It has to have been around this time that the RAND lads needed to be brought in to get the CIA B team up and running because the USSR really was ahead of the game though it had nothing to do with missiles. It also had nothing to do with re-armament militarily. After 60 years of lying semi dormant the true power of a money publishing house was released, the only thing that Moscow could not deploy onto Greenham Common protestors.

By 1975 the USSR was technologically so dangerous that it needed the fifth columnist stay behind agents to crawl out of the wood work one more time and fill the graves again.

Didn’t they Mikhail Sergeyevich?

Thursday 12 May 2016

YFW? FFS! OFM!! Exposure shock: Kerry 'shocked' by global corruption levels -- Puppet Masters --

Exposure shock: Kerry 'shocked' by global corruption levels -- Puppet Masters --

No shit phukkwit! Are these guys to stupid to breath unassisted?

The London meeting looks more like a damage limitation exercise. All the world's leading gangs have sent their smoothest talkers to make us all believe that it will be handled pronto.

Yeh! Stockyard time!!

PIGfilter the lot.

Another spunkingly good feast.....

.....from the lads hiding up in the old cold U-Boat base, where Alastair's ghost dares, decorating the tattootarts.


SNAFU!: Order of Battle in the Syria fight.

SNAFU!: Order of Battle in the Syria fight.: Thanks to S300V4 for the link! Geez!  Do you see the players involved in this little war?  Do you think there is a "right" si...

As one of the commenters notes this is a very local order of battle hence the lack of Russia.

So let's step back and include the main players. That is what we can do here.

Russia. Iran. China. Pakistan. India. USA. UK. Saudi Arabia. UAE. Kuwait. France. Turkey. Germany. Libya. Egypt.....oooohhhh something is missing. What can it be?

Ohhhh soooo difficult. Who can it be?

AHhhhhhh. Of course. Rothschild's pirate base. Shithouse sur Med. Tortuga del Mar. The RCE/TA Firebase. Magic Mountain where the 9/11&7/7C4I and mens culpa resides. Genoshtetlzentral.

How could I forget!!!

Wednesday 11 May 2016

Graham Hart

Great show Graham.

One slight warning though. When dealing with Americuns one must realise that they really are the cartoon commie we were all warned about in post war propaganda, incarnate, in the aggregate.

As a general rule one must always keep everything focused on denial even when being given something in the clear. The weapon system is a genetically based covert poverty engine at its basis and anyone is welcome to become part of the great machine, temporarily, not spiritually.

Keep up the good work. PIGfiltering time.