Friday 18 November 2011


I love the idea of living in a quietly cooling Godbothereing belief system. I like the fact that it has lost its fire to kill us all for believing in Irn Bru and Ginger Beer if we want to. I love the fact no one will come and drag you away to be phekked over by the religious police for being a Shandy drinker. No LPP driving small calibre frangible projectiles into your knee caps for having the unmitigated gall to suggest that cherryade might be pleasant to imbibe.

I like it’s slow, gentle, decline into the background, though with acknowledgement to it's acheivments.

What I do object to is some of our top ritualists in the foundations doing the devil’s work by trying to muscle in any other form of shamanic bollox ritual phekkwittery with rotating and counter rotating wank stators. Go and fuck yourselves you foundation boybitches. Clear.

I also don’t like the druids over a Goebbels Gobshite Towers getting us prepared for the NWO one world religion, which it isn’t, it is fukkery fakery. Keep it in the cattery kitty litter trays where it belongs you mongs.

GGT the ritualistic cabalist high priests of propaganda that get us in a once a year ceremony to worship them. License fee, you might as well leave some gold at the Oracle of Delphi. It’s the same con.

The GGT are just grooming our children to get ready for the idea of a one world religion. That however will be based on NOAHIDE traditions.

A Bronze Age hoax that infects our commercial and civil statutes already.

To infect our children with this retarded smoke and mirrors show is puking Tavistock Institute.

Do you want the Bronze Age? Like the idea of the Stone Age?

Then line up for the Club of Rome’s god bothering magik shaman show. A load of satanic arsespewed, filthspecked, bloodspattered, stinkvomiting sewage from a bunch of evil inbred slack chinned degenerate phukkwitz.

Phukkin A.

I am going to de-louse you in the fake fakirs’ tale.

Love them.

Or leave them.

Your choice.

As always your c hoice.

Can you face them down, no matter the softness of their pillows?

Your choice. Asshole.

Thursday 10 November 2011

Running the Stopped Non Entity Mile

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I have asked before. Are we stopped?

The 2iC moment passed without further need to bite my tongue. What was it that had just intrigued my piqued hemisemidemi quivering thought stream? What had I almost released from my Bow, archered out with a certainty that there would be a request for rubber wallpaper and a “special” jacket to be delivered from I’d connected, just then, two independent lines of thought that I’d been kicking around for a long, long while. In many ways it was the cutting of the cord, severing of the last mooring ropes that still held me tethered, as described partially in the previous post.

Perhaps there was a continuum between the human heart and mind and the realisation that we had been given eyes.

As a starting point for this outing to phekkwittery I have to state a couple of things that inform my musings. One; quantum theory is but a shadow of higher dimensional interactions. Relativity is bollox; it is put, along with quantum theory, in the Herd Attention Space by beautiful scientoccultific wankstators to limit our horizons, aspirations and ken within the boundaries of the wonderful golden parklands. For….

The fuel for all this chaos and chicanery is hOUR attention. Oh yes, it is our responsibility, though I will mitigate our culpability by explaining that we are unwittingly invited into this religioXriminal complek.

To start off trying to explain what I believe is going on here I invite you to consider what I said when explaining the role of wankstators and the concept of the Herd Attention Space.

What I didn’t make clear at that time TisQiWas that the HAS is a hypnotic state into which we have been selected for, Lamarck style, and the wonderful park in which the beautiful wankstators stand is an imaginary construct created by those who possess a Reduced Instruction Set Complex or psychopathic. The ReligioKriminalRats of DNA/RNA.

The dynamic sustaining the HAS is a never ending process, it expands and is driven by a religiociXriminal core stretching back thousands of years into the bowels of the temples in Mesopotamia, who seek to have us worship them through ritual and ceremony. The key part of this ritual is the peculiarly impecunious death of millions, regularly, and through this ceremony they select for the worshippers who will be allowed into the HAS and inhabit the beautiful parklands. Each parkland tuned to the harmonics of a particular dream state for the HAS prisoners. Encapsulating each gangrenous parkland the tuned wankstators will keep the empty minds bedazzled and the sterilized spirits suppressed so that aborted worship can continue for ever and ever Amun Hotep.

In the above discussion of wankstators I described, and in a later update, political wankstators. However filmed skin thin rainbowed bubbled bawbled wankstators are everywhere. Go on; list your favourite soap star, film star, pop star, artist, novelist, freedom fighter, business hero, chatterati, religiousinisinistra. Go on name me one in any sphere, in any of the parklands that the Affliction reigns over, that bucks the meme.

The colony is an instrument of Affliction projecting into human society with the ultimate aim of killing the variegated and diverse, reducing the target society to ruin and bringing the remainder into the parklands of the Reduced Instruction Set Criminacarnality. Where the beautiful wankstators rotate and reciprocate.

Or some such repeated again and again, over and over, ceremonial shit.

As I sipped my next Red cider and munched on my sushi I realised that I’d broken out of the parklands and escaped the mesmeric memeshine, ausearphart and kiMUSIKller.

iHAD evaded the iGREEN death squads.

Come with me?

Saturday 5 November 2011


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I’ve seen the light struck and I’ll kick your fucking clock off.


Enjoyn or die.

Your choice as always .

Exercise your choice for once and stop stroking it.

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Did the Watchers have any real choice in their approach to their problem? Part 2 of ?

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For some time now I’ve been trying to get you to see the world as I think a banskter does, hence the constant reference to putting on the bankster goggles, firing up the babelbolloxphish or peering through the non-linears. If we can do that then we can start to slough off the rotten corpse that they have convinced us is our skin. Today I’m not going to ask anything of you, just sit back and relax, we are going to become feathered holy men, Shaman. Watchers.

The Watchers, what was their problem?

Put simply they faced the problem of rebuilding that which they had lost. A long, long time ago.

Why should I think this?

Well there is something stinking in the kingdom of archaeological research. You cannot dig holes in the ground without running head on into the interests of the geezers who have aborted our history and handed us a redacted sacred text of RISC as the given. Just try and get anything into academic circulation in the gulag known as USofA corp. that challenges the, by now fictitious, given of slowly wandering tribes from Kamchatka populating the land mass from Yukon to Tierra del Fuego. Despite the legends of the aboriginals giving clear indications that they’d been there a long, long while before the RISC decided to write their approved history for them after genocide.

In the previous outing here there was a short video about the place called Nabta Playa

Mark Gaffney is author of Dimona the Third Temple? (1989), a study of Israel’s nuclear weapons program” The desert site contains incredible hidden geometry and astral knowledge at a time when we hadn’t yet discovered how to grow leeks, according to the RISC given. Kind of like at this place Puma Punku, apparently we are to believe that, long before humanity got round to organising a vegetable patch by the Euphrates, this lot self assembled.

Well I may bang a load of bollox onto these pixels but at least I don’t tell deliberate lies. If you were paying attention there in the last ten or so lines I’ve just dropped Tellinger’s Adam’s calendar, The Watchers and the Holocaust fiction on you all sleekit like. Did you notice?

So back to my mates the Watchers.

Their main dilemma was the question “What do we give them? Open or closed systems?”. That was their problem. I suspect from the scant evidence that we are not allowed to get our teeth into that the Watchers knew of the power of open systems thought, but opted for the closed systems given to our ancestors for two reasons.

One; control realized through debt.

Two; closed systems would get them to their desired place in human development in the shorter time frame. I.e. back to what they remembered was their society, or similar, before it all went bang.

In our stunted and stunned society we can still discern some of the rules that apply to this very simple world view. In an open system, man in nature, the closed system stimulates faster human development as the imperatives of given debt and given RISC religion drive groups outward over the surface of the uninhabited earth to destroy non believers. In a closed system, current human society for the past 100yerfs (yerf=year of serfdom), the open system promotes freer and faster intellectual human discovery.

If all that seems a tad nonsense and bollox then you are not thinking bankster. Humans, expendable. Closed System; an infinitely mutable simple tool to engineer the desired outcome.

In order to try an illustrate just how this works I will take you to one of my, current favourite crime scenes, a crime scene within the iCSI.

Germany 1933-45. H/T furtherglory.

The Nazi’s were given a license to operate, for a limited time, out with the closed system administered by Rothschild. The safety catches on their goons in the USSR being kept under twitchy finger. However Schacht was, like Soros now a day, given a patent.

Then the German’s broke free.

The weirdness that then erupted is best exemplified by the holocaust manufactured and expensively maintained mythos. At this point I will invoke Tsarion’s often quoted maxim.

The truth stands alone with no need of support or further elaboration.

Anything requiring a whole industry and legal sanction to make itself known is a massive fabrication and as usual with the RISC a complete onanistic ceremony. Millions died and there is no need to claim special bragging rights over the body count unless there is something to hide. With the Rothschild heathen there is always something to hide.

Just what was going on in that Buna complex? In so many accounts of the holohoax the Keystone coppery and down write taking the piss is rampant. The accusation that the Khazari commie Kapos were complicit in their wiping out of massive numbers of people is once again placed there to drag you off the scent.

When the SS sealed up the Reise complex they made sure that no one came out everything was demolished professionally. Just like WTC7. If you’ve read through that reverse engineering article you’ll know that the thesis is that the SS had nothing to do with the cover up demolition. So what is the cover up disguising?

Everything we’ve been handed as truth from the labour camps is thanks to a bunch of closed system RISC NOAHide compliant Khazari commie savages that couldn’t fight a war without massive subsidy from USofA corp. Do you think that anything related to human progress was ever going to come out of that heathen dump? Nazi Germany was an open system at peace until 1942 and the ruling party was told to mind its Ps&Qs otherwise it might have got turfed out due to voter unhappiness. Now don’t be getting all expectorant and thinking that your correspondent is goose stepping around the room draped in a swastika singing Spring Time for Hitler und Germanee. No, they were a gang of heathen killer clowns, but the ordinary German was not. What did the ordinary German punter do that was coveted by the Roth/Rock and more specifically the Roth, since I think that the Rock being a cadet branch didn’t fully understand what was going on in Europe?

Remember the main Rock technological output such as Essex class carriers, B29s, submarines and Marines was directed at Japan. Europe got old tech as part of the Bombline strategy. USofA corp. was backward. Deliberately so. Remember Tesla is applied open systems theory and he got shut down by the closed system administrators AKA the banksters. Only when the Germans handed the USofA corp. the IR fusing tech. could they light a big stick off at Trinity. And of course that then takes us into a whole load of made up history concerning the USofA corps’ technological prowess. Nah, it is a farmers' land with no history.

Have you ever wondered why it is a crime to ask questions about the holohoax in some countries, like Germany? Have you ever wondered why the Iron Curtain was hauled down, not to keep the poor NOAHide afflicted slobs in a Soviet paradise, but to make sure we didn’t get a whiff of what really went on the other side of the bombline before 1945 and afterwards once Eisenhower had allotted everyone their little piece of land to cover the crime scene.

If you know about Operation Paperclip then you will know we are supposed to have a sharp intake of breath and tut and shake our heads. Oh how could we? Treat with the nasties, we are verily sullied.

Well you will know about the exact same process occurring on the other side of the bombline when the Soviets hauled off a load of nasty guys and nasty gear to work on their secretive weapons projects.

What about the third movement of secret nasty scientists and technicians that I can see moving around and getting helped out of the crime scene into another secret research base before the iron curtain came down conveniently.

This is where we come to the crux of the matter that we can see again today. Everyone arguing about planes, no planes, everyone so clever about the thermite, controlled demolition, all the arguing about DEW or nukes. Same modus, everyone arguing about 6 million or 2 million or not, gas chambers or delousing, swimming pools, no swimming pools, extermination or labour.

No one asking what happened to the vast progress made by the Nazi open system when the closed systems shut it down in 1945 and why does Auschwitz look like a vast R&D centre safely hidden away from the bombline and waiting to be plucked by the Soviets? No one noticing that in the few years the open system operated the whole scientific and technological world was changed and most of the knowledge then hidden away under the care of the secret societies that commissioned the crime scene.

You see the reason we are shushed away from the subject is that hard at work in the R&D centres throughout the Reich protectorate complex were Rothschild’s East European pet Khazars, scientists and technicians who were diligent in their mission and couldn’t give a flying one who got gassed, machine gunned, neck shot or vaped from history in the surrounding military industrial complex.

They then left under refugee cover and ended up building this 10 years after they settled the pirate base. If you clocked the ref above about the book written referring to Dimona as the 3rd temple, then you’ll recognize the thought put out here that at some point plutonium replaced gold as the global currency.

Now that makes more sense and also explains a great deal about the intense MSM covering fire poured down on this whole holohoax subject since 1960 or so.

If you are with me so far you will have noticed that implicit, within that open/closed system tension, is the logical outcome for the disciples of the closed system to get wiped from the face of the world once they’ve served their common purpose.

Oh deary me, perps.

One last thing about open systems is the likelihood that the ChiComm slaver base has been granted just such a patent, so there is a technological dividend being sought from them by the Roth.

Monday 31 October 2011

Friday 28 October 2011

Did the Watchers have any real choice in their approach to their problem? Part 1 of ?

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Continued from 9/11 was not an inside job. The pantechnikon of reasons why. Part 11

As you know we are trying to approach, with a view to offering a solution, the only temporal problem worthy of our consideration. Why should everything in our lives be derived and determined from a simple set of instructions, handed over, to a bunch of backwards by a group, hidden, deliberately obscured, redacted in remembered time?

We hope to peer ever farther back until one day we may espy the geezers looking right back at us from 70,000 years ago.

So we will take this slowly and bit by bit. No more great splurges of wordy vomit. There is no particular scheme or order, so it will hit the pixels as and when I feel I’ve got a handle on whatever tidbit I get my teeth into.

To kick off let us have a little look at one of the things, the existence of which, I feel indicates that we are dealing with an elitist re-administered Ponzi scheme of vast antiquity.

In that light, the present work seems to be a retelling of Jubilees, and it may be that we should consider it an example of "rewritten Bible," the interpretive phenomenon we encounter so often in the scrolls. Surviving fragments of 4Q227 relate to Jubilees 4:17-24, but give the material in a different order. Jubilees 4:18 reports that the angels taught Enoch the calendar, which seems to be the subject of our fray. 2, 1. 1. Jubilees 4:22 says that Enoch testified against the Watchers, or fallen angels, who had taken human wives and whose progeny were the Giants (Gen. 6:1-2; cf. text 33, The Book of Giants). Our author also relates this story, in 1. 4, and apparently goes on to connect it, under the influence of Jubilees 4:23., to the judgment of the entire world.
Frag. 2 i[ . . . E]noch, after we taught him 2[ . . . he was with the angels of God] six full jubilees 3[ . . . the la]nd, into the midst of the sons of man and he test)fied against them alI 4[ . . . ] and also against the watchers. And he wrote all [ . . . ] heaven and the ways of their hosts and [ho]ly ones 6[ . . . SO th]at the ri[ghteous ones] shall not commit error [ . . . ]


Long derelict. Within the geneticmemetic and systems emetic there is a correcting mechanism called the Jubilee. Since the contrived economic philosophy cannot do other than concentrate wealth upwards, impoverishing the 99%, those who described the magik to their practitioners instructed that there be a different way of administering, the still, corrupting system for the administrators of the scheme.


This simple pattern repeats throughout and in a more complex age might the Kondratiev be the manifestation of this given? For those, outwith the elitists' Jubilee, their experience is, emetic, designed depression and death.

No successful practitioner will ever challenge this given economic system once within. It is Pavlovian amnesiac.

If you and I can see this simple truth, why do you think that no seat of learning can ever explore these lines of enquiry now?

Tuesday 18 October 2011

They are at it again.

As I mentioned at belly the muppets were grooming us for a discrete period before they dropped the towers.

They’ve been at it again for a little while now. Though the real marker is the noncompliant oblongs.

I’ll hit the Anne Corens here; bring everything to a screeching halt; and answer your question? The question formed in your mind about 30 seconds ago. “WTF is the turney burney stuff, big things that go boom, and not yet spotted, all things mawashi, doing over here INCOMING!!!!!!!?”

Humour me; give me a bit of slack FFS! Am I not exclamationed? I’ll do my best to keep the following….oh bollox I cannot. The dropping of the twins means we’ll go hyperdimensional; again.

I suppose that it might be best at this juncture to restate just what it is that brought me out to this godforsaken ausphart.

Calderas and the bottle neck in human population mitochondrial mutation all connect in time and place here. Before the bang the human population was massive, after the bang the population globally might have numbered 10,000. Now that is a dark world in many ways. If you thought living in ancient Mycenae was lonely and dark, that the only way to travel was on the sacred waters by right of sacramental admiralty, so only the “special” people would ever visit you, then try and imagine being alive in the years after the kaboom all that time ago.

Dream the staggered big beasts of the eternal forest might eat you, the same beasts that the fascists at the earth worshippers today, like the NoahideUN and NazihideWWF, are so concerned we pander to rather than stop child sacrifice. When was the last time you saw a Panda Special Forces squad raid a voodoo ranch and save children? Did I miss something iGRÜNPIECE? Bush meat? Where? Londres? Laundered? Lourdes?

I always reckoned that the driving force behind the psychonaughts of civilisation was a given. Given by whom and why. As you know my current suspects are the root, Watchers, and their branches, Apiru. Original deep shelled fish and the other who manifest themselves currently as the selfish genetic memetic derived from Abraham’s technology induced phekkwittery.

Arthur C ‘s remark is valid, for all times and all places as far as doing a Derren Brown on the vulgar slobs is concerned.

If there were a small number of survivors after the bang, would they be of two groups? DialecticDialaDalek. The scum randomly distributed around the, then, economic co prosperity sphere and the slaver’s agents. Well the remnants of the slavers after the centre of administration got vaped, or dusted. A deep well of stewards.

Some societies are just eliminated from time and space; this lot could end up getting deliberately wiped out when the designer milspec rumble trundles through, others never disappear.


Do you understand the Watchers problem?

Thursday 13 October 2011

The very, very Old today.

Continued from Heathen Call.

One of the interesting facts about our, contiguous, given civilisation, that we are not supposed to look too closely at, is the establishment of cities. Who? Why? What are they really for? We don’t bother looking too closely at their origin, we take the given, again. What does a city consist of? Granary, temple, palace.

I’ll slip on the Babelbolloxphish and the non-linears for this little bit of a translation from the given history. My translation in CAPITALS.

“Better than barter

Money, one of the earliest and most significant inventions of civilization[NO. MONEY WAS NOT INVENTED BY US, IT PREDATES ALL INVENTIONS. IT IS A GIVEN], is essential to the development of trade[ONLY IF YOU BELIEF SO]. Without it there is only barter, a relationship between two people each of whom has something which the other wants.[RISC AT WORK HERE]

Money (which everybody wants)[ONLY THE TRUE BELIVER DOES, FOOL] provides an intermediary substance, enabling the seller to choose when and where he wishes to become a buyer.[NO CLOWN THE MARKET IS RIGGED AS ALWAYS, CHOICE IS DRIVEN OUT]

All primitive societies invest certain things with a special value[YOU SAID IT< ABRAHQURAMISTS] - particularly livestock[KAPOROS?], and items of rarity or beauty[GOLD?]. They are presented on ceremonial occasions such as weddings. The possession of large numbers of cattle or pigs is clear evidence of wealth and prestige.

But these objects are not money in our sense, capable of easy use in everyday transactions.

The most often quoted example of primitive money is shells - in Africa cowries and wampum in America. The small cowrie shell, deriving from the Maldive Islands in the Indian Ocean, is a treasured item in the civilizations of China and India from very early times. From India these attractive objects are carried along the trade routes to Africa. Similarly the American Indians use a small white cylindrical shell for ceremonial gifts, embroidered on to decorated belts or other ornaments. Europeans give the name ‘wampum’ to these precious items.[MONEY ONLY EXISTS IN THE MINDS OF THE AFFLICTED PHUKKD’WITZ]

Both wampum and cowries eventually become a market currency, in the conventional sense, but only after the arrival ofEuropeans. [TRADE IS A SACRAMENT]

The earliest currency used in commercial transactions appears in Egypt and Mesopotamia by the third millennium BC. It consists of gold bars which need to be weighed to establish their value each time they are exchanged[GO ON THEN SMART ASS TELL US WHERE THE UNIFIED SYSTEM OF WEIGHTS AND MEASURES CAME FROM]. Later they are supplemented by gold rings for smaller sums[EXACTLY THOUGH YOU NEVER KNEW IT WHEN WRITING THAT SENTENCE. DID YOU?]. In about 2500 BC an extensive trade, at Eblain modern Syria, is based on currency of this kind in silver and gold.

Gold rings and ornaments, which can be worn for safe keeping as well as display, approach the ideal of a portable currency[GATED COMMUNITIES?]. Many poor women in India today still wear their limited wealth in this way, even when working in the fields or on the roads.[NOT FOR MUCH LONGER NOW THAT THE ROTHSCHILDS HAVE COME TO MAKE THEM ALL UNALIVE AFTER ROBBING THEM]


Wealth compressed into the convenient form of gold brings one disadvantage. Unless well hidden or protected, it is easily stolen. [BY WHOM?}

In early civilizations a temple is considered the safest refuge[THAT’S WHY IT WAS THE FIRST PLACE THE HEATHEN HID AND TURNED]; it is a solid building, constantly attended[EVER HEARD OF SACRED SPACES AND THE OCCULT?], with a sacred character which itself may deter thieves[FEDERAL RESERVE, TREASURY AGENTS, COUNTERFEITERS STYLE? DO YOU THINK WE ARE THICH?]. In Egypt and Mesopotamia gold is deposited in temples for safe-keeping. But it lies idle there[NO IT DOES NOT. CONTERFEIT RECEIPTS IMEDIATELY CIRCULATE. THE LOGISTICS BEING PROVIDED BY THE DUSTY DONKEY DRIVERS], while others in the trading community or in government have desperate need of it. InBabylon at the time of Hammurabi, in the 18th century BC, there are records of loans made by the priests of the temple. The concept of banking has arrived.“ Source [YOU DON’T MENTION HIS RAILING AGAINST USURPATION, COUNTERFIETING AND THEFT THOUGH]

You’ll recognize these suspects “They include contracts between travelling salesmen, working the region with caravans of pack asses, and the merchants in the cities from whom they receive their goods;” Source [MY SUSPECTED PERPS. THE APIRU]

The last time we had a good close look at this subject I left us with the scenario of the Watcher’s having infiltrated the temple, that they had “chosen” a bunch of wanderers with a “revelation” and instructed them in the arts of stealing, lying, obfuscation, illusion and murder. Schooled in the weaknesses of the herd. Commissioned as their bagmen, logistics specialists, assassins, blackmailers and subversives, had sent them off on a global mission.

With that in mind I know you are thinking that this is a direct descendent of this, which would make sense. Same modus operadi, same talking bollox, same gangster mentality, same piss take and same lying bastards. I know you are thinking that this is a direct descendent of this, same murderous, humanity hating freaks and psychopaths, same gated community dwelling PhukkD’Witz. I know you are thinking that this is a direct descendent of this, same forked tongued, onanist, pleased with hisself, obtuse, deluded, lying, plagiarizing bastard.

I know you are thinking “Did the cock worshipping dusty donkey driving clowns inherit the Watcher’s patent?”. It doesn’t matter if the Watchers died out or still remain never to be discovered at the highest levels of the illumined fuckedwitz. I will say that one clue is the cockworshippers continued aping of their betters through so called religious and breeding practice.

Oh yes the Watchers still watch.

I know you are thinking “Why is it that in every and all cases of mass human misery we find the cockworshipping psychonaughts right at the centre of the action, enjoying the whole death spectacle. Like here. You thought I was going here didn’t you? Or you might have thought I was going here? However as always I end up here. Or here with the religioKriminal bankster funded heathen at play.

Well duh, that is their commission.

Anyway now that I’ve whetted your appetite I am finally going to ask one of those questions that have bugged me since I was a boy.

Just before that question though one more statement of principles for the keen eyed researcher. If you find yourself stalking through the long grass with a guide whose sole focus is trying to wake you up to the dangers of the cockworshippping fools then beware, you are highly likely to be following a bollox spouting cockworshipper.

So to the question.

Did the Watchers have any real choice in their approach to their problem?

“Oh FFS INCOMING!!!!!!! What the Hong Kong Phooey are you havering about now and just WTF has that got to do with the banking meltdown that is destroying my life today?”

If you’ve got your head round the idea of the original crime scene laid out here a year ago then you will not be surprised at my answer.

My answer, which I’ll be discussing here later, is EVERYTHING.

Just to tidy this little outburst up before we plunge further.

There is no such thing as anti-semitic, just anti-fuckedwitz and anti-heathen. I am 100% anti-PhukkD’Witz and anti-heathen.

There is a great fallacy in the economic paradigm as currently propagandized by our economic PhukkD’Witz practitioners. (I remember studying econometrics, what a bunch of dickless wonders, talk about equation envy. They really wanted to be applied physicists. Oh and Freud as usual with his projected smurphmuppetry was womb envious, the arsehole)

You do not “make a market”.

The market makes you.

What we have here, in clear sight, is alchemical sorcery.

Thursday 6 October 2011

How far can you run that nihilist run mile again?

Although this started off as a fluffy second part to the original, several months ago, it has morphed, it has mixed and it is tinged with tincture of bathos.

All were seated at the dining table with the smell of one of my world renowned curries and Thai fragrant rice filling the room. I however, rattled after the proximity of a full blown 2iC, had legged it for the chiller to retrieve one, of my friend the secretive squirrel’s, favourites.

The girls could look after themselves, Chardonnay or Fitou. Your correspondent doesn’t match the wine to food; my favourite with a bit of dead cow is Sauterne, what a heathen!!! I don’t sniff and sip the stuff, all Goolden like, I clock the source. Chile, Australia, South Africa and their specificgravy, those are my favourites and I won’t change even though I’ve been briefed on the "terroir" factor by a charming Bulgarian wine expert. Oh yes there are good vineyards in Bulgaria, my mate’s family owns one long-time. Ok then, I will crawl over broken bottles for a Barolo. However your correspondent does make sure his bestest buddies and chums are well sorted on the cider front.

So I retrieved the chilled glass and poured my bushy tailed red buddy a Magners pear cider on ice. I checked on the fridge contents to make sure everything was kushty kool. Aspall’s Dry Grand Cru, Bulmers Red, more Magners, Thatchers medium sweet and on the floor, at the correct temperature, 2 flagons of Cripple Cock Farmyard Scrumpy. Loverly, hic.

I, being a peasant, pulled on another Bow. So off back to the food I toddled and as I wandered down the corridor I came to a bit of a realisation. We might be looking at this whole thing the wrong way round as usual. If you realise that we are having magic practiced upon us everyday, temporal magic, then one of the objectives of that magic is to keep us always barking up the wrong tree.

As I was saying last time I just narrowly avoided a 2iC moment, now it wasn’t the cider, it was the fact that we had all lost someone very close to us very recently. The get together was spontaneous, unplanned and there we all sat having lost one of husband, father, sister, close friend, uncle. One of us grieved for more than one very, very close to them. I reflected on why our loved ones had left us all behind, for it wasn’t as if they had disappeared, they had quite simply left us behind.

What if that egg head from Wien had been on the correct track and the sexual degenerate, met on the train platform in London by the Home secretary no less, I’ll bet his luggage was really, really heavy if you know what I mean, was as usual the screaming front man to take us off the scent. Cocks, fannies and balls all dressed up in an ology. Job creation for the lazy heathen, kind of like the porn industry, same heathen same objective. Just like that patent clerk, remind me to give you the proper heads up on patents one day, who has been responsible for keeping us in a scientific Reduced Instruction Set for a century now. All designed to keep us off the correct path. All paid for by the funny money religioKriminals. Why do you think you can get easy funding to set up a save the orchid campaign, start an industry that reduces children to gibbering idiots or a sanctuary and retreat for mounting horses. Shag a duck, fuck a mutt and rape a child, why not? You’ll get Soros funding and can swan around the world attending workshops on bovine and equine prophylacticmyarseology. Tax free. Why can you get as much funny money as you can handle to campaign for child sex slavery and yet it is impossible to get cash to save lives? Ooh I don’t think I need preach to the converted, you know.

Here we come to the crux of the matter. We are, as I’ve said before, living under sustained suppressing spiritual fire and these examples of the funny money weapon deployed, are there to keep our heads down. Once we realise this, the power held over us disappears and we then have very, very strange thoughts. I’ll let you into one of my strangest thoughts at the end of this load of cider induced swillery. I know you are going to dig it. So back to that evening then and the attempt to avert a 2iC.

That potassium rush, what if that is the 3D manifestation of a hyperdimensional change. A tiny bit of the universal soul is reaching through and completing the open system connection in life. What if the DMT flood is the return of that tiny bit of soul with the change, that is why it is a complex molecule, you have effected through your having lived? And you change the universal soul for very the next potassium rush.

So you can see why I clammed up, not just the fact that it might sound kooky, but to bring such a subject up at that time would not have helped. Mrs INCOMING!!!!!! had already told me that I had been a tad insensitive on a previous occasion. Me!! Insensitive!!

I was to be proven wrong for as the rest of the evening wore on and the moon rose, we started to reminisce about things relating to the after life. However I didn’t open my yapp about the potassium rush and the universal soul malarkey at all.

As usual, when yours truly rattles up a curry, everything had gone, scoffed. Naan bread, pupadoms, rice, curry, chutneys, diced tomato and onion, all vamoosed. Wine bottles well leathered and I’d had three further round trips to the chiller, so by the point everyone poured themselves into the comfy seats again, the secretive squirrel and I were on the Aspalls.

We all recalled things that we had experienced or had had related to us by those now recently gone which had been for them, not to put too fine a point on it, weird. Or just damned strange. Now I’ve touched on a lot of this stuff before. OoBE, ghosts and all that malarkey. I have always had time for the ordinary punter’s tale, like the guys in the sewers of York who clocked a load of legionaries wandering up the sewer. However they were only visible from the knee upwards. Once the relevant geezers had checked out the story, sure enough the old roman road course was followed by the sewer and that the long gone surface of the road was at such a level under the sewer base that only the body from the knees up of someone trying to walk on that road surface these days could be seen. The guff punted by the professional con men on the GGT and altMSM is in the main foundation sponsored bamboozletronic static, the window dressing for Zbig’s soulless technetronic oligarchic construct. We chatted about Robert’s OoBE, my colleague Mary’s NDE; both related elsewhere, the ghosts of dead family witnessed by youngsters. Not scary just witnessed. And all sorts of other things that only we could know.

I know you know where I’m going with this.

Could there be a point that the rest of us could, you me, the punters, the ordinary geezers, the non chosen, The Vulgar, could we access this universal soul? I’m not talking ayahuasca here. I’m talking act of will. I make it clear that we are not getting involved in the man of destiny and iron will that old one ball was goose stepping to. Quantum wave function collapse etc, Schrödinger’s cat bollox.

To try and give the answer to this I’m going to give some negative evidence. Remember this is purely temporal and we’ll keep the actors restricted to us for this discussion. Just us humans, no one and no thing else.

What are the two great advances in human behaviour that are to be made wide spread by the foundation front men, the pornographic barkers, doing the bidding of the mentalist heathenites sitting in the Big Room.

Infanticide. Two parts. Pre conception and post conception

Euthanasia. Two parts. Singular and group. Group has a direct feedback loop into Infanticide.

Now I can see you rolling your eyes and thinking that this is some sort of RISC religious nutter type typing these words.


Just a Bowman.

Whatever the heathen bitchboys and boybitches of the goons in the Big Room are promoting is of interest to your correspondent for two reasons. One, it gives more detail as to all their origins. Two, what ever they want for us is inherently evil and it is up to us to reason why. Remember everything written here, until further notice, has nothing to do with God.

So you can see that should that weapons grade 2iC stuff have been released into the wild there would have been cider, wine and coffee flavoured showers of phlegm hitting the flock, well in my case the dappled wall paint. Best not go there. So I let my chums continue to yakk, I clammed up and pulled on a Bow and of course his nibs, the secretive squirrel, regaled us with tales of genocide in 1970s West Africa, the burning necklaced and beheaded black bodies lying all over the airport taxiways. Contrary to what the official history says, he was on the last never acknowledged aircraft out, the killing started long before the evacuation was finished.

Keeping my ears alert for stories about past realité I drifted into a bit of a parallel reverie.

“If the clowns don’t want us around” I mused. “If the clowns want to convince us with their Blavatsky Chicago Frankfurt Hollywood heathenist charabanc of misery that we are all alone, atomic and individuals in the heathen’s rigged market place, then why would the guys promoting all this crap be communist, Maoist, group think, hive minded, calving machine breeding muppets who never want for a warm bed or prestige? What is their gangster bankster racket? What could be going on with a man and a woman getting fecund and jiggy that they cannot stand? What was happening at conception they did not control?”

So back to the universal mind.

From the heathen’s perspective could a tiny little piece of the universal soul coming into our reality at the point of K rush be a bad thing for them? Hence a good thing for the universal soul and us, the non mentalist scrypto krypto worshipping shipping cargo cult savages of Ba’al Hammon? Could they fear, after monopolising the universal soul for thousands of years, the effects on it of our tiny little bit of it, changed, returning after a life of good, not evil? With more and more of us turning up on the planet could these religioKriminal fools face getting crowded out? Is that one of their fears?

If one looks at the massive effort they have expended in turning us to heathenry you must ask the question “Is it really all about having all the money and power?” Is that just the cover story, is the gold and gold related assets scam just that, a profound scam. I have asked this before.

Imagine you, the last human being, have all the gold in creation, a star gate and the elixir of life.

How rich are you?

The perspicacious reading here will be thinking bell curve. You will be thinking back to your stats courses and wondering on which bit of the curve you exist. Well to mix my hate spitting metaphors I’ll give you a clue. The heathen and the psychopathic minions are left side 6 sigma. That is the natural rate of their misshapen heathen souls getting corrupted from the universal soul.

However their mission is to increase their preponderance.

To do that they must reshape our reality to suit themselves and thus complete the feedback loop and corrupt the universal soul.

Down’s syndrome. Infanticide. Contraception. Euthanasia. Work that out from the heathen’s point of view now. Can you get it? So why go along with it?

Imagine if you can two control groups, remember the she wolf suckling Castor and Pollux legend, take ten small boys from a small English village circa 1700 and drop them into the Great Plains. Conversely take ten small boys from the Apache circa 1700 and drop them into Grantham. Would any of the boys thrive in their alien environment? I’m not talking Darwinian crap; I’m talking about something much more subtle and never noticed. Read this, I know, I know but their con requires partial disclosure for the complete obscure, and concentrate on the final circuit.

DNA quantum tunnelling, which if you’ve read my bollox at the other shop, is a hyperdimensional reality. I’ll keep it simple and take time as going on its merry linear way as we all understand it. If we take it as read that the DNA is encoding hyperdimensional information then the environment, traumatic or not (though I’m not going to chase this variable down at the moment), within which you are conceived will have influence in the characteristics displayed by generations to come, not from the gametes within your own foetus.

Zoh, can you imagine what the little boys would experience when wrenched from their place in time?

Those of you who get this adventure in the temporal will now be thinking World Grid and Mercury. I won’t ask you the obvious that might be rude, however I will ask you why do you believe the given shite you do?

So to leave you on a strange thought note.

You and I, certainly if you’ve read here regularly, know that the money creation power is black magic. We also know that it is non local. It does not matter who practices it where, the power is realised by their will. How about we two tap every bankster in sight, everyone of their bitchboys, everyone of their itchy boybitches, boyboys, bitchbitches and their uncertain rainbow eunuchs and give the patent to these guys for just one year?

One year only.

Forget jubilee.

Then remove it from existence as the heathen plan anyway.

Now that is a true moral dilemma that only a human being can resolve.

The heathen are not even fit for their own god’s evil purpose.

That’s enough for now. I didn't even get to the brain as hyperdimensional transmitter/receiver. Nothing to do with DIcke.

I’m off for a Bow. I think I deserve one.

More later.


Saturday 1 October 2011


As those of you who supp here regularly know, there are a lot of unpleasant epithets bandied around by your correspondent. However since the other shop opened and started to opine I think you will agree that there has been a decrease in the vitriolic being heaved at the deserving and more honey applied to the wounds of the victims.

So we come to the examination of the quality of hate.

One little aside though. In everything that your correspondent regurgitates into this world always remember that the words are directed at the finite few who have been chosen to pollute our love. They alone have, in their hubris, been responsible for the death of everyone extant, extinguished and never yet borne, through their deliberate pollution of our spirit. We alone allow their action to be realised though.

Though they never knew it.

As an example I will simply state that those who spend any time in the business of politics, finance, economics, education or sociology, indeed any faculty, are worshipping at the altar of death. They are death occultists. All their effort and great work simply results in the death of millions everyday. For although I love listening to the guys like Maloney and Chapman, theirs is the abdication, if they do not realise that the pursuit of gold is one of the original commandments of the heathen initiates and results in nothing more than the pursuit of slavery in mineshafts, slavery that has consecrated for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. If these commentators do not realise this fact, then they are at least fools and at most agents of destruction.

Like a great black electro motive force resisting the achievement of their white hot heart’s desire, that noble end result for which they seek, they are the cause, their striving the energy feeding the fire, their life the death of all.

Can you imagine a society without money? I mean no money, no beads, no shells, no tokens, no knotchedknotted sticks, no gold, and no fiat paper. De nada. What would that society look like? Would their need be to differentiation in any sphere? Would the engineered differentiation of humanity have come to a halt? Is Darwinism a mere transient slave code, Adam Smith’s hidden hand operating in the genetic rigged market place?

As we all know there are no such things as market places, merely arenas for removal of limited token from circulation in order to make humanity strive into the unknown. Driven by gang masters into the half wetted oblivion. Into death.

Imagine a pure Darwinian Smith Malthusian closed system at work.

Each atomised actor being subject to abject lack of resources and the forced differentiation of options, including death, being the Bose/Einstein most likely option, all the while the money is being removed from the system by markets, toys and games. All winding down to dispersed entropy. Even the most rampant appetite dissolved. The end result is conformity and stasis for the supremacist. Background null mortar. You can be sure that anything that Darwin, Smith and assorted other foundation de rigististe pestle grinding muppets wrote on crème paper will be gathered together in one place and set alight. Their “truths” will have no more utility other than as fertiliser for the flora of Arcadia.

That is hate.

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Reduced Instruction Set Communion

Seen any assassinations recently?

Jachin and Boaz?

Great traumatic events, like a murder in the family. Or a massive engineered catastrophe, like the Irish famine. Or singular events like Pearl Harbour. These events are called into being by magikians because they have been instructed in the arts that allow the human spirit, being an actuality though immeasurable, to be affected/effected by the physical medium. A long, long time ago the schooling was carried out and the school of money alchemists carry the great work on today. The trick is never to allow the human beings to return the favour.

That would be disaster.

Disaster in ways that are deliberately hidden from us by the given religions and belief systems auto generated by the money worshippers. This is a genetically encoded memetic don’t’ forget. Very, very powerful magik.

“Oh bollox to that INCOMING!!!!!!!” I hear you muse “I am free and worship nothing”.

Yes, worshipping nothing through the credit card and weekly ritual and ceremony at the great big feeding trough. A feeding trough built like a cattle shed. The built environment mall. What a pall on the spirit of all humans.

However I have not got time for this crap. Those who cannot see the great livestock yards they inhabit never will.

The altar has been set for a great big wedding, a communion, again. Here are some thoughts on what might be happening.

Why do we keep getting traumatised?

The desired effect is the suppression of the human spirit. We are under suppressing spiritual fire. Constant and unceasing. Day after day, week after week, month after month the MSM and nonMSM bombard us with coverage of staged trauma. We are supposed to retreat in the face of this assault.


The goons that are creating this atmosphere want us cleared from the centre of the action. They are awaiting an occurrence and the air has to be cleared of human static. The human mind is non local and the initiates do not want anyone of the vulgar stumbling into what they are about to get up to.

What does non local mean?

I know I owe you guys the second part of my cider swilling musings from a long time back, I haven’t forgotten, you’ll get it, and if you’ve read today at the other shop you’ll know why the Canadians were burped into that evening. I am going to cheat though and draw a little of it here in brief.

If you read at the K rush and the omega moment you’ll know that when we arrive here there is a potassium storm around the fertilised ovum. When we leave this place our body is flushed with DMT. I’ve always been fascinated by metals, the hyper dimensional discussion I postulated about gold and diffraction gratings should have clued you in on that. So a metal rush as we beget. A complex molecule as we leave. That intrigues.

The hyperdimensional, called quantum tunnelling, properties of DNA also give pause.

If as Jung postulated there is a universal human soul, how part of it enters the foetus and what happens when it leaves your corpse is a question that leads one to speculate about feed back mechanisms and group expression.

So as I’ve mentioned before, and bearing in mind we live in a human construct where our every action and thought is designed to reinforce the weapons system‘s benefits to it sponsors, everything we do needs to be questioned. We need to ask ourselves "Why am I doing this?" Is there a feedback mechanism being harvested to my detriment that I’m not aware of? Now at this stage I’ll bet your thinking DeLooze again, well not quite. As I’ve made it clear this is a temporal discussion, we are dealing with physical reality, human beings not spiritual.

Infanticide would be a prime example of what I’m getting at here. An industrial process that has everyone worried about their rights and never noticing that the death camps are ethical and not moral. Qui bono?

This so called financial system that has stolen our very lives is another prime example of our abdication from morality seeking the false safety of an ethical system which will rob most excellently. The system has now been rolled out globally and riding on the back of the investment is complete control of the Herd’s Attention Space. Qui bono?

Bankster goggles on.

Looked at in a certain way the current destruction of the world’s economy is another drill, of the type Tarpley so loves to document. The scum are practicing command and control techniques over things that do not exist. “WTF are you on about now INCOMING!!!!!!!?” I hear you groan.

Well I have mentioned my suspicion that under the guise of High Frequency Trading there is a black box that messes with time. I mean really phekks it over and so we aren’t suppose to raise an eyebrow when a Russki operating out of Germany tries to half inch Goldman Sucks gear. No MSM outrage when Sucks actually describes its proprietary tech. as being a hyper front running operation. All is schtum. Why do I think this?

If you gaze a Maxwell’s original equations, before they got butchered, and read around what the lad was saying one comes to the inescapable conclusion that there are more dimensions at work in day to day reality than one would care to notice. Though James I must ask “Why limit yourself to 4”. This isn’t just airfairey nonsense. If you read about the mysterious Gabriel Kron and his concepts for large electrical machines you’ll also see concepts of additional dimensions at work. Hunting within these large systems of electrical machines was a recognised problem and GK provided the intellectual tools to deal with these engineering problems.

OK as I’ve mentioned before a long, long while ago my mate Tim and I used to tramp Trent Park wondering why the type of physics that Tesla espoused was most evident, not in modern science, but in modern finance. Well now we know. If you’ve listened to Max Keiser this week you’ll hear him discussing the hundreds of trillions of derivatives that still need unwinding. Think of these derivatives as existing in a separate dimension. These bankster clowns are dry running their control concepts in unreality.

So we are going to get the concepts applied to us soon enough. That’s what all the 2012, Elenin, Vieja predictive bollox is all about. I also reckon that things like JFK, Beslan, 7/7, Abu Ghraib et al are the warm up acts. It is also why there are licensed court jesters out here keeping us in a state of terror, Jones, Rense etc.

I could be wrong, my mate the secretive squirrel tends towards the fuck up model of history, “There are no conspiracies INCOMING!!!!!!!, just one balls up after another”. Fair enough, however we are dealing with clowns who think themselves gods. Clowns that have been up to this stuff for thousands of years unceasingly.

They were given the instrument known as banking to carry out a sacred communion, reunite humanity under the black sun.

Of course there is a conspiracy. It is all they ever do.

There are certain constants in this world. No fool, any physical constant is an illusion and I have explained all this before, the constants are numerical and are of two types. Male and female. They affect the human condition through sacred ritual carried out upon us. These spiritual adepts are numbers men and they are constant.

If one looks at the numbers involved in today’s financial fiasco, again Tarpley and Keiser have banged on about this many times, the global GDP is say 60trillions, the financial instruments of mass destruction are conservatively 1 quadrillion. Now look at what is happening the “money” that resides in the 4th dimension, as Kron and Maxwell would recognise it, is driving behaviour in the “real” 3 dimensional economy. That is magic!

It gets better though. Once the behaviour of the Herd is fashioned just so, another massive designer trauma, like a world war, is used to affect the human 4th dimension, where Jung’s universal soul might reside. Then mankind is refashioned. That is alchemy!

We might be shitting ourselves but the guys in the big house, smoking huge cigars, drinking fine wines and eating their fill of sweet meats, are happy and contented.

If you’ve got your head round this idea then you will know that there is nothing to be done in groups, that is what they count on, only the individual can save themselves and humanity.

BTW I hope any Trans humanist here has been reading real carefully, you Muppets. Want to breed heathen psychopaths do you?

Ba’al Hammon loves you long time.

Into the flames.

Monday 26 September 2011


When the dust had settled we were at war.

Is it the function of so called democracies to behave as Paladin? Is that one of the secrets? One can boo and hiss at the bad guys, cheer the cherio and chertrix but one just scratches the knoddle at the otherworldly geezertrix who does not know what is really going on.

Are we bulletproof?

God knows the times we’ve been wiped out and yet still we remain.

As everything was being put in place we had our attention stolen by abdication, cremation and coronation. After the gunfire and sniper has ceased, one abandoned and betrayed our natural allies, whether Cossack or Karen, whilst bewitched by elections and the greater society. Society which does not exist, proferred by a hand which does not sustain or nourish.

Today we have coronation and abdication. We have energy companies rationing out lives, telling us we can save money. They cannot save money, which is against their law, they make us pay more for less and so not destroy their modus. Any director of any corporate who saves us money goes to the gulag. Having our interests at heart? It is high treason. The most brain washed corpus in this world is the business class. They have no idea about anything and yet everything is to be administered through them. They see as serfs and live as heathen. We live as serfs and are to see as heathen. MBA. Marxist Business Administrator.

They are 13th century Anno Domini. We are 21st century fools.

So who is going to get abandoned and betrayed this time? Who is not going to get the silver? Who has been kissing a friend? Whip has called their name and abdicated? It could be both of us this time.

Haven’t you worked out what fucking is for? Have you been screwed too much to rest and reflect?

Always remember that what ever we see is what we are to see. We are satiated in the cheap pews always.

Get up and walk.

Walk to peace, to the pain of peace.



However before that.


Sunday 25 September 2011

Do you really think that TPTB know what is going on?

Do you?

They are alone, as island.

Those clowns stick their fingers in the aether and guess, at nothing.

No kidding.

So let us phukk them up.

We have all the power.

Really phukk them up.

Enjoy the Nazi.

How lucky we are.

Never doubt.

Live and live.

We know were the noughts .


Heads up.

Sunday 18 September 2011

Reduced Instruction Set Consciousness

(As you know the old barge got torpedoed and went under the briny, not before we salvaged the hold full of gold though. So until I’ve sifted through the wreckage and hammered the stuff I was going to put out here back together again, no matter how tardy, here’s a little something that I was musing over the past 6 or 7 weeks whilst not swimming the Thames.)

Those of you who have read here will know that I like to bandy around the FLA RISC. RISC, as you may have discerned, is in my lexicon a derogatory epithet, nay nugget.

To totally get your heads round the idea of RISC as applied to the heathen’s belief systems, indeed the systems that are the required default setting for inclusion in the heathen’s NWO I give you the following.

“Render unto the Geezer that which is the Geezer’s”

If you get that then you are free of all RISC. If you don’t, and I’ll wager any paid up member of the 3 main RISC systems won’t, then you will not get any of that which follows here, since it is in the main not temporal.

A special note to atheists here, you are a specially entrapped RRISC subset of the three main heathen systems. You muppets. That observation comes from one who has been IDed by his nearest and dearest as an atheist. BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA, so much for the company of fools.

Recently my ChiComm buddy and I were discussing the fascist/Nazi/commie slaver heathen state’s health system. I was surprised to find that it was not as one would expect from the official title of the slaver dump, People’s Republic of China. From what I gather the prototype for the NWO simply rations healthcare by the size of your wallet. A more exact title for the prison camp would be the Child Killer Republic of China, for there seems to be no rationing applied when it comes to the slaughter of innocents. Except on the occasion of one being part of an officially approved and tagged minority. Then you can breed like rabbits, until you are declassified of course. Their NHS equivalent is a killing machine. Now don’t be getting all snikkery UKplc. Now that the purpose of the UKplc NHS, free healthcare, paid for by the natives, for the prioritised use of recently arrived killer muppets from Europe, is no longer needed its true colours will be revealed. Why do you think euthanasia is getting so much airplay in UKplc recently and why is it that maternity units are such a dump? Go on then, do you want me to draw you spirals of rising smoke or something?

Whilst we are on the subject of the slaving dump, UN favourite, Maurice Strong’s hidey-hole and Soros’ favourite Nazi state, no wonder homicidal maniac Soros feels at home there, the CKRC. My secret squirrel buddy holidayed there this summer and had some interesting observations to make. My favourite anecdote was when he witnessed his tour guide almost getting the shit kicked out of her when she remonstrated, after an ATM failure to deliver the promised sponds, with a bank manager out there!! That got me to thinking about the crap that GE peddles big time all inspired by the need to get magnetic fusing to work far more reliably on AAA. Deming took the ideas to Japan and of course the result is the marvellous products streaming from the factories out that way these days. BTW it may be that they are a bit too magnificent for the clowns that are RISC peddlers.

As I mentioned a while back, about 15 years ago I had a beer or two with a guy who put me straight on the type of society or economy that we lived in. I thought we were in the knowledge age; however what we are really in is the attention age. So what would come after the attention age, what comes after decades of Xfarter and BigMuppet?

The belief age. Again.

Remember what that light weight war criminal Blair was always going on about?

If the ChiComm banker could get himself all brain washed like the slaves to be found in the reindustrialised, post industrial, post information, post knowledge, post attention slave age of the new belief systems and their rabid counterparts in the free fire zones of the world, then perhaps he’d be less stressed and happier.

Happy like the 6 Sigma’d, self actuating slaves that inhabit the hospitality world of the UKplc.

Imagine meeting and greeting 1 million people over your lifetime as a hotel receptionist, if you are lucky to have an organisation lasts that long to employ you casually, and only 3.4 of those you meet are allowed to be unhappy with your performance. Every twitch, glance, breath and fart is monitored and mirrored. Every second of every hour scrutinised for the slightest imperfection.

In that time as an employee of that organisation, what are you going to meet in your day to day work life? Well one wrong move and you are in the gutter. This is UKplc don’t forget. And since we are in UKplc we might as well have you working in the RCE/LC. Already I’ve stacked the odds against you. For you are now going to be knee deep in mentally deranged murderers, criminals and psychopaths and their mating partners. All dressed up in the best Armani of course

“Outstanding reality TV host”; Got it yet?

Friday 3 June 2011


I know that you loyal abusers of the substance pumped out here from the dead poppy heads were expecting more cider swilling malarkey, it is written in its essentials but awaits its time, and I had intended tidying up a few loose ends first, that isn’t finished, not because of what I want to say but because I’m being careful of what I do not want to say. That one is proving the most difficult cultic thing to pin down.

However one of my faves heaved into view. He rambles and touches on a great many things that will be drivelling out here shortly. So I thought you might like to listen.

Two points.

Firstly I do not trust the source. They seem like a conduit through which the dissemblers are kept in shoe leather. When one looks through their back catalogue one is struck by the number of numpties and well fed muppets that are kept breathing in an otherwise hostile world. I mean do me a favour. How come no weird UFO manifestation of anything ever turns up when the TSA goons are molesting you?

Secondly, if I may critique Andrew, there is no such thing as infinity. Always with the infinity do the controllers mash our brains. Like zero, infinity is a mathematical concept used to engineer our stasis. Got that? Useful in Engineering us into mute obedience. If one has a quick swaatch at Zeno’s paradox you’ll get the idea.

Get back to reality. There is no zero just empty and there is no infinity just unlimited, unending and unbound.

All measured by the human heart.

Go on, feel it.

One can have unending love for someone and yet it is all bounded in our limited heart.

So keeping with the spririt of the moment I hope you enjoyed some of my favourite art form. You will notice that the Babylonians in Hollyweird have had to pirate these techniques over the past two decades as even the stultified masses over in USofA corp had noticed what utter garbage and an assault on the human spirit they were pumping out of their so called animation artists. You got that? Striving for infinite return with their funny money tabulations and accountancy magikians, they revealed themselves as pure heathen.

Look around, the time is not yet, we are surrounded by the heathen weeds. We allow ourselves to be as fallow fields and exist between the flame fronts, like water meadows we will soon blossom and overshadow the heathen if we stop giving credence to their shambling lies.

If, and I mean this is a big if, there was no funny money there would not be close to 1 billion human beings on the planet. It is only because of the funny money that there will soon be 10 billions of us.Got that? The funny money brings human beings into existence. Do you comprehend the significance of that? Magik. Zero and infinity. Engineering. If they wanted to kill us all they’d have done it by now. They are looking for something in us. They need billions and billions of us. They created all of us using the funny money. Stop thinking of zeros and infinites. Zeros and infinites do not exist, that is why we are in such terrible trouble.

Only we exist.

Heart, mind and witness.

That is also related to the forthcoming musings here, tsk tsk.


Friday 4 March 2011

How far can you run a mile?

Last weekend some mates came round for a mini swilling session, well actually my daughter contrived for her bestest mate to be brought round by her parents so we fed the lot. No difficulty there I just arranged for a fine selection of ciders to be at hand for my buddy the secretive squirrel. Before feeding our faces, in the first part of the evening we all got round to a bit of a chin wag.

I cannot remember how we got there but this is the conversation I’ve been mulling since.

The first part were words said, the second part were things I didn’t lay on them since they’d already shown signs of a 2iC moment coming up pronto on the blind side.

That second part is for you to suffer!

As we headed into the red apple cider, after a couple of pear ciders, I remember my swilling mate remarked to us that because of the full body scanners R&D process something weird had been discovered about the percentage of human beings playing without half a full deck. Or even less.

Well that got our attention. He said that although not unknown, and he mentioned a particular genetic condition where this is manifest, the really surprising number of people who have a small brain within their…aaahhhh I remember how it all started now.

He’d asked us about what are the two defining characteristics that separate us from the great apes. This was after we’d discussed how painful it was to land on your coccyx. I had wondered if the Canadian researcher who is trying to switch on chicken tails to regenerate dinosaurs, the Jurassic Park method being passe etc, would be successful. I mean do you want a genetically tampered with chicken, with a tail, that might turn into a velociraptor?

Anyway. Opposable thumbs we got. I was waiting for an ability to hold our breaths under water. No; instead we got heavy muscling on the jaws which meant that great apes have more head volume handed over to muscle and lucky old us got the brain occupying that corresponding space.

Now I‘m reading something at the moment with which I could compare his statement and decided to mull rather than say anything further. Anyway he was on a roll. So I piped up with the underwater bit which suggested, as far as I could make out, that instead of coming down out of the trees at some point in the distant past we must have come out of the “water”.

Now we’d got to that point because I’m sure the putative chicken footering confirmed some of the suspected facets of the overall wierdness that is the scientific smoke screen, to our prejudices and educated guesses.

Anyway a small percentage of us are operating with a smaller brainiac mass and the scanner tech guys realised that there were a lot more of us than thought running around quite happily with a tiny grey mass. The really freeky thing though was that when these guys were checked out they were not what you’d expect. They reflected the general population in terms of professions and qualifications. Lawyers, academics, carpenters, footballers etc. Just like the rest of humanity.

Again no probs there. I quipped that it wasn’t unknown for trauma to cause massive brain mass loss and yet the person to continue to function. I can think of one Vietnam vet who has a head full of epoxy and continued to get on with life as a correspondent.

I know of maths grads who, naturally, have such a small mass of frontal lobes that they are classified as subnormal.

Well as we headed into the Magners again he remarked that after the tech guys had mentioned this fact there had been other research types who’d gone further and wired up the persons of interest. Instead of one small part of the whole brain lighting up as in normal persons when tasks are completed like listening or speech, in the cases of the guys with the small brain mass the brain lit up completely.

Well yours truly thought that it might be time to broach a little mentioned topic of conversation which was brought to mind by the presence of another guest there that night. The last time I’d seen her and her husband together Robert had talked about the strange out of body experience he’d had a long, long time ago.

It was also spurred by some of the things I’ve parked out here with you guys in the past.

I related the stories that had been circulating about OOB experiences. Not just that but also about people who had acquired talents, after heart transplant surgery, that they had never displayed before the procedure.

I speculated that there would seem to be a little understood fundamental connection between the human heart and human brain. I stopped there. I hadn’t seen the Arthur Scargill 2iC moment sweeping up yet though!

Now that of course chimed with the ladies present, as I knew it would. Many we knew this time last year are gone now.

I proferred my squirrel friend another Magners pear cider. I cracked open a Bow.

I know, I know. Those of you reading here regularly can see the warning signs. I was there and didn’t.

My squirrel buddy sat back and I hit the gas. I took it a little stage further, I thought, and stated that perhaps there is an inseparable link between the human heart and the human mind, that there is no need to explore the physical human brain to find the human mind.

I was thinking of the Tavistokian goons and the Nazi and Commie butchers who poked around in the brain cavities of the poor slobs that they imprisoned in their barbaric clutches. All the wierdos that infested Canadian research in this area.

They had no idea why I suddenly said “It is always the Canadians isn’t it?”

Followed by “What about if the human mind does not reside in the brain? What about if the brain is an antenna of sorts? An antenna connected to an equivalent of Jung’s…..”

That’s when I heard it. There was a massive phekking great big 2iC moment screeching and heaving into view.

“Shall we sit at the table? I think dinner is ready” Just got me out of it in time.

The unspoken second part of the conversation I’ll have with you lot.


Monday 14 February 2011

Gigits... fucker.

Where the fuck are the cartoons ripping the shit out of the ripened fields of fools?

Where are you?

Sunday 13 February 2011

As the candle gutters

Engines of Death.

How much mass of us can wax aware of our mass?

Do we wain’ like great cart, slow and …..dead.

How big a tobacco pouch can your imaginery pan-drug running, Jew selling- son sell you from the iGREEN death camps?

You know the tobacco pouches , don’t you?


Made from Djinn afflicted scrotums and strung to a high pitched screech by their foreskins, on a cat gut strung screemolin brick lined kiln’d gassed and environmentalist feindly killer approved supplier of Nimrud malarky?

Non tobacco Tobago slave runners who fuckin’ hate the Egyptian Sluice Kanal.

Kalliff’d; you have been subject to ponazi pestilience. Have you? Not much.

Your bones are picked and your dreams of bliss have ablated. If you hoped to die in the quite of your own, forget it.

In the silenced night all was robed in ceremonial plunder. A plumb line to murder.

The violence remained

The organic chalice unfilled.

Then fulfilled quanta progeny.

The Rayleigh instability stasis static.

If you really understand, that blinded sincereseer, then.

Wander in the world as if you had halted and hatered.



What is it you see’d?

The Afflicted.

They come to bind.

Untold nonlocal autocausal defend the common from?

We unstitch their time.

Nam Shub

Tuesday 8 February 2011

Can U shit diamonds 2?

You and me we’d stick something valuable up our arses, not the phantascists. Oh no they are so caught up in the unreality of their fables they actually believe their own crap!!!

The chief fantacistphascist thinks he’s cast his spell.


It is the same fecal fascist matter that was installed in Rome. Believe and genuflect. Do not argue scum!! No wonder Rome’s semitici princes wear skull caps and a Nazi is installed now!!!.

The Afflicted at work. Deconstructed.

H/T Akira

Monday 7 February 2011

Have we been placed in a prison or secured in a safe or freed in a lifeboat?

Inevitably we’ve arrived at a question.

What question?

Well allow me a little fore play.

It should be obvious by now that it isn’t the hermit and hermetically memed so-called jew RCE phukkers, Camel shagging pikeys, road warrior Jesuits or any mixture of Aetheistic armoured psychopaths or delusional affliction aborted killers that is our problem at the helm.

It isn’t the circumscribed circumcised and soon to be excised, exorcised chosen fools or the RISC Sabbateans and the most evil men in the world, the witches at their brew ‘n’ stew, the bush meat traffickers and assorted charabanged slavers that we should be targetting our keenest attention on. Their pantechnikon of distractional flavourings and spreads is enough to exhasust Xeno. Infinite and yet RISC’d.

It is not the manned womanned thing that weighs it’s shadow in peripheral shallow gold. It isn’t the delight of our foolish whim. It isn’t the dealers of death from Babylon’s false Khazar or the London scrapped U235 merchants.

These slobs are weak. That is why they flock like so much violent poultry. They are beginners at the cock fight we are forced to face down in our terminal decline from grace.

They no longer exist to us.

Thethe have surrendered.

Though I admit the whole lot love fucking us over and killing, killing, killing, killing……… over and over and over and over and over….non-stop, 24/7 and they cannot wait to start again. They hate everyone that is not part of their stupid little Mandelbrot infinite up its own arse world

The fact that we know this means we still stand. We are surrounded by friend and foe who wish us toppled. Good and bad, alike.

The question is really a question of Realty.

Who keeps our sovereign soul?

For we have abandoned the watch on the garden.

That’s right fuckers, don’t be getting all comfortable by pointing and laughing at the other psycho muppets. We’ll wipe them out in a trice, that’s what makes them shit their undergarments.

Long, long ago we allowed the desert to evacuate on our desserted hearts, upon the stillness of equanimity. An Other has bread enmity and placed beautiful plants out of their place. A foreign intelligence dines here to this day. Trenches at a table that we should populate with modest sustenance instead of the over pouring and heaped spoils of the pursuit of avarice’s bawbles and bawbees. The gluttonous pyres' offerings. All the deliberated unalive.

Cannibal bawl.

It Always Eats at our open hearth. Schooled in occulted Satan’s semen name. No name.

A little while back I asked if we had been blinded.

I will ask again before continuing.

Are we blinded? Have we been occupied? Has the stulted taken us? Are we not us?

Are we blinded to our misshapen form?

What caused this paulsy? The leperous stink and fallen limbs. Discarded digits of a humanity that cannot sign.

I took the task of pointing out the RISC at work last week?

Ignore the RICO simple invective, the effervescent sparkling stench of numbskulled skilling degenerate sloth. The task at hand is unending with no obvious triumph. The battle and war, our existence, against the RISC is infinite. Ad infinite, as the NamShub they cast through wordings and mouthings every day through their magicians’ hearings and sayings.

In hopelessness and triumph are the paralleled conflictsses tres-solved.

Within us.

Not from one who profers truth’s poison pestle for us, use, usury.

And from us.


Got that?

We are our problem.

Not them.

If you think otherwise you are RISC.

Now that that question has been asked I’ll pose another to help us break out of our RISC programming..

Who are we?