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Right then back to the case in hand.

Got interrupted earlier and I hope the flow hasn’t gone.

To explain more about Die Glocke and Der Bienenstock.

If you are not careful you’ll be taken off scent when it comes to the money trail. Stay away from the movies and the best sellers and the chatter. Focus on the bare possible.

Remember TRILLIONS of dollars US, were stolen from the US taxpayer, the world’s pensions and the world’s market before 9/11.

We are all about to be told that everything we did to save for the future over the last 30 years has gone. We will be told that that is how markets work. However if any of you have been watching the blood hounds that are the Celente/Keiser/Noubiri/Salbuchi pack you’ll know they smell theft.

EVERYTHING since 9/11 has been designed to keep you off that trail.

However the perps were not ready for an other, or others.

The glocke thread will distract you from the ceremonial and ritual, the bees.

When descriptions of the effect that the torsion fields had on simple “living” things are examined. The interesting feature is that they came out/back with the correct shape but something was missing, then they degenerated, not rotted, just degenerated. They were not dead, they had been removed.

This must have been a great engineering problem, human systems aside, for the greater plans for megalomania.

I’ll bet though that someone really smart got the idea to use non life bearing, initially static, means to capture something. In the past? In the future, maybe. Use the temporal attractor to take something forward, expend energy/consume time to retrieve something?

And the human shrapnel of those days of ruin with their memories of sight and sounds, conjecture and rumour, the smart ones who survived the slave colonies of the bright were cast throughout the West to earn their bread by revealing things in their way that no one would believe.

There is a chilling question that needs to be asked though, what if the glocke went off on its arc and was eventually successful?

One final remark.

NWO is the attempt to restore a long lost finality, not fatality, within humanity based on ceremony, ritual and worship; it is therefore more accurately termed as the Old World Order.

Heads up.

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