Wednesday 14 October 2009

£80billions in cuts and £20billions in tax hikes!!!!!

OK so that was why the Grauniad was gagged to drag us off the scent again.

UK rates 'to stay low for years'

UK rates to remain low for years amid tax rises and spending cuts

So let’s see the £80Billion translates into an effective cut, the hurt we’ll feel, of £160Billions and the Tax hikes, the hurt we’ll feel will translate into an effective £40Billions.

Why? Well when PPI and all the long term contracts which are protected by contract law are taken out of the equation all that is left to cut in day to day spending. So that puts a multiplier on the nominal figure I reckon of 2.

Why? Well when you look at what’s not taxed, and they will then have to tax it, like food and children’s clothing that’s essential and hurts twice as much as taxing discretional spending like fags and booze.

NO wonder we’re getting this entire minimum pricing of alcohol crap.

Ha hahhaaaaaa hahahahaha.

Anyone who still believes they live in a free market economy needs to get a severe grip.

Gangsters, Mafia, Pirates and Thieves are plundering every part of the world and the daily lives of ordinary people.

We’ve got to stop them and never let them near the levers of power again.


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