Monday 23 December 2019

Ohhh noohzzz….

The Irish Savant: Globohomo exquisitely shoots self in foot again: I'm of an age whereby I can remember when the appearance of a black player on a football team was a rarity. And a cause for outrage...

…what a plague of aerosol arsehole powdered pouphsis drifting around the sun kings’ doivid chamber!!!

Back when I was a lad we’d get threatened with “lynching by the Covenanters” when wandering around shopping, great days waiting for a corporation double decker via Cathcart, and our team got paid fuck all for kicking around a bladder in the mud. On our side we’d be ready to dish out the berretboys threat for home visitsoldNHStylee. Happy days when everyone had no cash and the country had a future, before the BIS T100s got local power.

These days racist retardowankers with ersatzegoinflato syndrome, a locker room contagion by proxy, get truck loads of free money handed to them for doing fuckall in a display of antiUKabo oligarchypoweredwhorehouse/courthouse media cum harem.

Foosballs. A racist apartheid institutionally discriminatory circus chock full of chekacadidainfested mancunian candidates……if we give Darwin his head here, all we need to do is wait a few generations of stock inbreeding for the kinetic sphere queuing motorslaving reflex to manifest completely in the overspecialised kickers and the dollar bill sniffing ladyboycrack taste glands to swell for numberworshipping keepers and just arrange a kick about near cliffs on Palambangstrasse, in fact the smart voucher deprived 21st century AD Dickensiantype UKabo should be able to arrange day trips for the mongs fatherJackwheelchairstylee to tall buildings and watch them fall within their own footprint. BWAHAHAHAAAAA.

What is needed now is a small slice of the fake cash, say 1% of Everton’s current money laundering open field shed scheme, from the voucher printing house anteed to a Trotsky cell or CHEKA re-enactment society where no one is sent home, everyone gets an all inclusive free ticket Katynstylee and the bill sent to their relies rainbowstylee.

OFM. Bread and circumcision maximus. BWAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA


Sunday 22 December 2019

Timeline playthings......

…..You gotta love “roguetechie”

I don’t want to get you down but the whole schmeer since the war criminal COMINATERNgang went universal non-vergangenheitsbewältigung armee privee JOHNCostylee and blew our peace dividend on grave diggers has come to an end. What kind of hyper muppets borrow money to massacre wealth and print corpses? Which bit of intellectual property cull doesn’t the current crop of BeauBrummellskinwalkers not get?

Warkriminal has now been so normalised that the wankstator sheerpins have bled out, the great wankpark has coagulated such that the audience is the wanker, to mismash McLuhan.
Go on then, argue me this. By now the Microsoft wheel would be a brick. The Arsebook arch would be a death trap lintel. A Youpube well would be poisoned. Any takers? All and every leader can now be taken away by the Exquisitor and never be missed from time.

I love this guy, who ever s/he is.
“"Future rail guns".... Lmao...
You do know rail guns have been "5-10 years away from the first practical battlefield usable systems" since shortly after World war 1 right?
It's true, modern mechanix magazine was touting them all the way back to the early interwar period with the same 5-10 years away bullshit moronic defense writers still spout now.
Railguns are the hot fusion of the defense world in that respect
What is even more pathetic though is that the relevant people in the Pentagon are perfectly aware of this as well as I am, they zeroed out funding from an actually GOOD program to piss away more money on railgun fraud, the project they killed in this case would have been ready in time to actually go into the burkes, and it would actually have been a boon to other emerging technologies being worked on now.
In the past the utter stupidity waste fraud abuse and uselessness of our DOD's development and fielding initiatives was something we could laugh at because frankly we were not only miles ahead of everyone else technologically but also had precisely zero potential foes that could hope to match the weight of steel and bodies we could deploy anywhere on earth even deep in their home turf.
This isn't the case anymore and the DDG-1000/defunding viable approaches to fuck with railgun bullshit thing may have been a very costly if not fatal mistake in light of how crucial everything they represent is to actually holding onto the Pacific Ocean, especially without bloodshed.
Heads need to roll for this shit, they won't of course... But they need to because the consequences of business as usual this time could be horrifying.
That's not a good interim solution either because it completely fails to actually do anything but allow the stupidity to continue on.
The railgun programs that stole and are still soaking money away from actual workable better approaches as well as necessary ammunition development need to get chopped hard and fast and the other development path spun up with serious urgency.

 That's what needs to happen. Fuck the 3 existing shitty ships with useless guns asinine and bespoke ammo too rare to use and any real attempts to make the shitshows viable. That's good money after bad.
No. That's not what happened.
serious fraud (fraud is a synonym for railgun btw) happened which stole the money from programs that would have actually been ready on time or close to it

SNAFU!: DDG-1000 guns to remain inoperable into the future...: Report to Congress (Dec 17) | DDG-1000 program 1. Guns "Following an evaluation of five other munition options, the Navy determined t...

GE/LM/BAe, bringing expensive rubbish to your death 6Sigmacoconutshystylee.

This reminds me of all the “holidays” UKplc called a century after it started to de-intelligence. Washington’s cherry trees came to mind. Cruiser displacement limits and best of all, the ten year holiday in fast jet development to allow the Soviets to absorb our gift of the best gas turbine tech in the world so they could be a fit opponent when London Zentral decided to bring the circus to town. Don’t be thinking I’m all anti red head here. The $slaves got handed everything £geezers in huts hammered together, whilst the £geezers in huts got unemployed and a health service that was just a cover to infiltrate skull cracker families fromm from the USSR on the run.

Prepping the enemy is kind of like wot Schacht did for Germany on behalf of his mate Strong. Once one looks at all the poor designs, engineered through deliberate fake money rationing via BoEperps, of basic infantry weapons, tanks, fighters, cruisers, battleships and sundry other items of rationed trouble making within Empire, the realisation of armed conflict stirring as mission directive, not peace, ever, ever, ever; the idea of all the dead people, and forget the peace in Poland 1939 if Germany went back on the gold standard and re-established the Masonic halls bollox, strewn across Europe for ceremony and worship with a, from mid ’42, gigantic pinch raid race with a Dick Dastardly twist makes absolute sense.

It must really have pissed off the clowns that fabricated all the “retarding ordinary persons from the 1960s onwards” rubbish, detritus so beautifully captured in the ersatzfaction Once Upon A Time in Lalaland recently, time wasting temporal fakiry that came out of university stinkholes and skanktanks, clearly that by 1980 it was not working as prescribed general anaestheticstylee. Too many ordinary people had whiffed the great big royal Talmud gas rat in every rule. Ever looked hard at quality systems and sigmashite in a service economy? Despite making sure that everyone was unemployed and that all the pension money was approved stolen, Maxwell anyone?, still no one was buying the propaganda and hard shagging advice for vice. Some thing else had to be done and lo it was. Everyone is now a perp.

So prepping the enemy. Where is the SinoTalmud breeding mare ranch? Where is the ChiCommarea 51? Where does the Quadrilateral committee meet? Is the Moon to be the new Switzerland and if so where is the BIS, BES?, going to get parked?

So let’s put this full spectrum brutal.

You aren’t going to survive anywhere if all you can conceive is manoil and quimjuice anointing your grave.

All you’ve done is make the fallow yard loam rich for the Stone Age Messiah. BWHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA

Wednesday 11 December 2019

Cyber skunk in the weeds...

Somethings you know, something you don’t know and some things you can remain blissfully ignorant of, to misquote the geezer who reckoned that trillions were missing from the US violence dishing dept just before someone in Arabia Felix pulled the trigger on some buildings. Whatever it is that you are fed to know, like bloatedignorancegeese, it is diseased.

I’d like you to consider the historical limitations of an operational Mancunian Candidate versus the imperative of a strategy that breeds unknowing Candidates. I don’t mean the full Sirhan or even the suspected rat caged London Bridge strollers. I mean geezers wot got managed in a wide stadium.

If, and I think Quigley states this fact, there was a meeting where the geezers from The Big Room met and decided that the western part of the roman empire was to be let go then the whole of European history is simply a weed filled space awanting the gatherner.

So when one hears too many sqwauking about the good old days when the Abos were Kings there, it is useful to reverse the lens and consider if there was a really long player getting the agent orange and glycophosphate delivery systems ready as porn made reality. Look at any San Fernando product and simply put it in the EuRoyal bedchambers for 1500 years.

If one looks at Banjo Billy and his stupid moustache I think one sees a more sophisticated, older model, hands off type of Mancunian than the close work trigger candidates that park high velocity pharmacy into your twitching body. One is cultured in vats of national scale the other needs lab test tube work to tincture just in time.

Putting it simple, there is no way that the manufactured destruction of the Teutons took from 1840-1940 to orchestrate. To assemble the full spectrum hands off sabotage characters needed hundreds of years of NPC cock warfare until the surrounding field of flesh could be actuated, FrankensteinFrankenfurterstylee, and switched on to matrix the animated replicant space. Unknowing Scalable Supremacy comes from the end of warm cocks. The Queen of Sheba knew that.

Mami's Shit: Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2019.12.1...: Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson on the Opium Wars and Neo-Liberalism Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson returns to Our Interesting Times to di...

Friday 6 December 2019

Now then, now then, female subject…..

…and male subject defencelessimmatures what do you reckon is in store for you in the Royalredrothparks of cissterdom?

As the rent boy Churchill would remark, sorry for letting my free will butcher the mangled quotation, “….your given view of Russia is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, secreted in obscurity protected by a toxic cloak of lies by people not of your land” oh UKabos. “We want Russia to be like you retards, UKabo, too stupid to think. All action reflexPavlovianstylee”……. “Chuckle chuckle schlurp, burp…belch.”  Eventually though all flesh goes the way of the devil, it is the affliction of freedom from nature, it is our choice after all BWAHAHAAHAAHAAAAAA.

The only difference between the Slavs and the current UKabos is that UKaboland has been stolen by thief imposters importing satrap pet psychopathicracistsupremacists and Russia is still in the possession of those who built on their land despite being subjected to full spectrum invasion for centuries. I’m sorry UKabo but the equivalent persons in UKabo land got wiped out around 1900 years ago by the trannyshekelgoosesteppers, hence the poverty of UKabo memory compared to such advanced tribes like the Kalahari bushmen who had to wait over 1000years further for the glory of the godlessextinctionmoneyworshippers disguised as Godtroopers to turn up.. Only the Irishabo can, in so many ways, be equated with the RUSabo.


The Orthodox Nationalist: The October Revolution Part I – TON 112719
The Orthodox Nationalist: The October Revolution Part II – TON 120419

Thursday 5 December 2019


This outing is misstated; it should really be “Time to look at the 7. 3 of 7”. However before we get there it might behove us to consider the total muppetry that the white sup racists love to drink fromm.

Which bit, oh whitecremsupremcysts, of chiselling off faces from obelisks or smashing icons and paintings from churches don’t you get about doxxing and deplatforming?

Which bit of getting dragged out of your home at 3am in the morning to disappear into NOAHide/STASI/CHEKA/Diplockcourts don’t you get?

Which bit of UK concentration camps in South Aficka to kill Boers and improved models in Russia to genocide Russians don’t you get?

Can you point to any event in the passed 2500 years when the mideastminddisease was rolled back? Ever? All I see is inexorable defeat. One cannot use heavy machine gun fire to destroy the mind ming of commerce. All you end up with is mercs from the stone age with WMD and everything you fought for gone. All gone except the infiltration exchequer. There is a reason that the Fart Shrekers got two Chaldean minds as their OC and 2iC. That’s correct, give me a prime number as missionary and I’ll show you a long count worshipper.

Prototype by UK and roll out globally. Unlike UK auto electrical systems these killingcohempounds work every time. Which bit of stocking up with natives from the lands about to be turned to dust as part of your RothbaseC4I don’t you get UKabo?

So number 3. Unlike the other six I use him to signpost the trail and then invert the perps and motives. Whether he is aware of his unfailing failings is beyond me but the exobollox attempt to torpedo the ferreting around the missing trillions story lends credence to the health warnings on his packaging.

If gc is reading here this candidadian is how I got the JJA angle rooted into the jewish nuke rat liens into Palestine. JJA and art museums in Rome. Parvus in Zurich. Dulles in Geneva.

On a wider note, P, it should be obvious that if a modern Yojimbo gang turned up at your door, unlike our Mejican pobrecittos in the 1960s, then you know that the whole family is getting spit roasted.

If you look back at the archive on D&TT I noted long ago that when the USMC was getting parked permanente in Darwin that Batavia was finally on schedule for levelling.

 80 years ago the Singapore base was fortified for the convenience of IJ use, not UK defensive use, in complaisance with the Brisbane operational plan to kill off 50 million Yankees… here we are 2020AD with a heavily Spanish speaking load of ferals operating with Spanish speaking jihadists all around the Sulu sea where pseudoHitler hid out. What don’t you get?


Monday 2 December 2019


As I was wandering down the murder brook early Sat morning, every ten years, on average, a stiff is found floating there, or tucked into a suitcase, or throat slit and slit violated, I happened upon a jotter on a public bench.

As an aside, this is an area where our Donmeh Turk Wassabibitch turned up not long ago in his role as London CO2nzentrationzlaaager Kapo to proclaim a pscyclopath opened. The program infested area has seen innerLondon whitedrugdrunkards polluting the atmos for years on the benches only to find themselves classcleared by imported supremacists who don’t want to see loudmouthed rehabbed freaks shouting at them as they jog past on the iKlaars. Oh no, imported krimfamilies do not like UKabos. So the brook has been leibensraumed for dormer piratical fanatical breeding weapons.

So there was the jotter, dampened by being left forgotten over night. The paperien bitte proclaimed the ownership to be ethnically exIndus.

It declaimed “German History 1880-1940”.

Ah yes.

“Our cover story on how we stole all the gear from a bunch of hard workers who didn’t want to fall for the schtikk we peddle here in the continuity of oligarchy pirateshipshithouse 1880-1940”.

We are always the lethal victim whorkhouse full of willing perpic jaffas.

Now don’t be getting all expectorant. I don’t think that the reality bubble here can ever be prejudiced pierced, it has accreted like an all inclusive bigshitpearl over centuries, so one cannot but fail to wonder at just how many millions there are around the whorld who will export themselves for a slice of the failed post space age state in order to send their remaindered relatives to the stone age again. “Come to UKplc and gas the old country” sounds like a Verheoven movie.

PM Callaghan identified the malaise when he remarked about managed decline, he just didn’t get the scale correct. When the new UKabos are stuck in their late 21st century midden trying to get a bit of heat from their UN compliant humancorpsedungburning heater, constantly checking their six lest a UNcorporate termination drone turns up to put their lights out, search for “PARSLEY” on this wordmanglingmouldmound, they will be D noticed about the contrabari engined pleasure yachts taking off from Sandringham and other secret Rothparks infesting the wold. One spaceroyalyacht will be named HMS Epstein I wouldn’t wonder.


This is not fiction, it is what happens, it is a trending when a load of prancing Beau Brummel football turds get to poof around like powdered bewigged goons with more money in their bank accounts than all of the UKabo working class ever had in all their existence. So welcome to UKplc exoKrims, you to will soon be retarded.

BTW talking of that camo’dTorybot, if you swing over to Greencrow’s shop, , you’ll see a great photo of the red/white checker black/white checker book ending the expendables. When the BorCor phoenofarce is over you will get imported krimfamily leaders to shut the place down and spread the freedom to be killed for no reason globally.

UKabos the gift that keeps on killing.

Thursday 28 November 2019

Soros' apprenticeship,,,,

SNAFU!: Never was a Marine division in greater danger of b...: 27 November 1950 - Chosin⁠ ⁠ Never was a Marine division in greater danger of being cut to pieces. The 9th Chinese Army Group hurled over ...

Imagine designer failure or repetitive fukkwittery. Compare and contrast Peterloo and Petrograd.

Imagine inverting all of the passed 80 years little big points and flashfarts of history.

Imagine that the USdeepstate went in to aufklarung after the fact of having the Magyid piss taken out of them. All the R&D sites that employed the jewish chemists/technicians under SS watch to NSDAP contract to US contracts from London are under Soviet lock and key after 1945. So go have a peek at last at what the mercury Unterzeeboots were delivering to augment the farflung overpolar flights and Altai hops. And then BigMac was no longer in the park. Contend me this.

Chosin. Chinks have nukes, Yanks don’t. Blamo and Hungnam goes radioactive again.

Imagine 1974 and the MWEC embargo. Saudis have nukes, Scotland doesn’t. Gorbals get levelled again.

Imagine 2001 and the twin towers in Tel Aviv get taken down by Basque separatist banksterbitchboys……ooops……that is in the future.

I don’t think that history can furnish us with a collection of phukkwitretards to beat the clowns here in the west. The quicker they are removed the better.

Imagine going backwards in technical capability and freedom, only in the NATOharem, soon to be held hostage and farmed for tribute by stoneagenukechuckers.

………….the answer, as planned, being importation of people, resources, finished weapons and approach from South America.


The Russian Revolution and its Consequences - Dr. Matthew Rafael Johnson (Myth20c - Ep148)

bcImagine life as we know it to be an experiment like Camoron used to conduct way back when for the Cultic Insinuation Aura in Canada for Maximal Kulturkampf  Utility. Imagine strapping infranoise engines to your scone all day everyday. Now you know why all is obliviously shit and yet the essence de merde is sooo good to do anything about the dungyming.

Imagine 1920 and Lenin/Trotsky/Stalin, imagine 2010 and Epstein/Maxwell/Weinstein with death squads, machine guns and deathcamps. Now imagine 2100 and fill in the three primitivecovernames running killerbotGULAGS and arseholeintelligenceCHEKA.

Wednesday 27 November 2019

Morgoth's Review: My General Election Dilemma

Morgoth's Review: My General Election Dilemma: My thought's on the truly abysmal state of British politics and the upcoming election.....

Morgoth is not focussed on what has happened here this passed 200 years. What is coming is a tailored face peel. The pirate base needs facepaint for the new Corsair Malthusian Empire. Depending on where the discrete nukes are popped, that’s phaseoutneutron to you, the face here will be either black male for blackmail or weirdtintbint for the mulattomutilation. Either way the pirate ship will be commanded by the most diverse inclusive range of psychopathicperps ever assembled.

Visigothbollox and Wastebin are going to get swept away right after the polls are closed.

No one in this Tortugasugashithole loves anything but dearth, theft and lying, it is epigenetic.

Tuesday 26 November 2019

Wassabiwretching in a Servile Economy(HaremHarvardeconomidiptheorystylee)

SNAFU!: More on British Armed Forces chaos...: via The Royal Navy are said to be furious over the decision to lease out one of the two flagship Queen Elizabeth class aircraf...

When one casts a steeldeadstilly gaze over the current deliberate turmoil that excellence in leadership has afflicted upon the world, a little background noise can sometimes cancel out the Palmerstonianpalistinian infectons drifting like great aerosol plagues through the iGREENphononisphere from which we are forced to GREENhale quanthexa by a talpiot force iron fisted lung. Expiration as infiltration of filth.

Many, EMJ et al, have noted that the unbelievable amount of ultrafanny and hyperschlong parked out on the ausphart since it first excreted all over our VDvectorUs makes for a societal background of utter degeneracy. I mean what type of person, when asked by the head in a bucket all inclusive san Fernando valley gamete spermatozoon testtubetrash nothinganalogpeadogogue, “what do you want to iB when you grow up little Thingie?” replies at the age of 6 postinceptioncoop,.. “ ...ohwellcismissfluidexophreek I want to have as much septic manoil pumped into as many bodycavities as possible, all naked all day, with a glorious sepiaarsephannybatter schmeer on the lens all artisticstylee, phramed and setup in deathculticcontrabari innitasyouaks..”..

Well sorry EMJ et al, that is genetic and no amount arsebark from the butcher shepherd is going to change that despite the glorious Latin framing. When all you have done is wander around in your mobile schtetl causing trouble twixt cities for hundreds of generations using brigandage, blackmailingcockweaponry and fannytraps, you have gone full Darwin selected, as Robert Downey Jr would say.

So let’s have a little summary of the situation before the corrective.

Unending publishing of fake notes from the ersatz sound garden under mobileschtetlagentownership has resulted in unending porn, unending slavery, unending prinzperps as panto royalty, +1s and courtiers. Unending dead persons, unending semitic barbarity, misogyny, slavery, whining supremacy and camelspunkpunkjockey privilege. Don’t worry Khazarikhaants you lot are even worse so phaak off and butler elsewhere, we are checking out your elder brothers here, not everything revolves around your sponsored fakery and fakiry, and all the while every clown that got parked by the so called rocketsledparaplegictestdummy equivalents of voters in the khazisewers called the West voted to hold office arearse licking protoplasm failures, all and every time, as if they were starring in their own ladybodybuilderstuntclit shots, staringtumescent with permapharma induced encephallusy.

I am sure that the modern equivalent of all the well fed ancient temple whores that cut their own genitalia off to get on the charabanc gravy train would love to glue themselves together into one great big trimaran to waft the crazyeyedgreengobblingoddess of fakedeventrealism to her blessed epicurean delights afloat on the blood of everyone else. If there is infinite money to build Fartender boozer, houses and homes and leave millions dying on the streets then surely there is enough hatred left over to take the fake lives of all who spend their arseholed movements as a faked colostodefectivememes and commies? The world is awash with dollars and no one has a brass farthing to rub against a dime.

To steal a paraphrase, the greatest trick the dee’il ever played on us was to convoy our humanity.

Britain, where a Donmeh Turk and a spampain socialist fake it all before a rabid hung parliament gets installed, Weimerstylee, an ersatz UKaboaudience that has been groomed to believe it is an electorate and these goateeclones are serious, is the supreme example of what the earth will be remade in to. All of the retards gob in the faesces of the dungyhead and chant their remodelling as everything less than they could be.

This is when the universe goes out.


Sunday 24 November 2019

Mami's Shit: Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2019.11.2...

Mami's Shit: Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2019.11.2...: Powers & Principalities Episode 127 The Rape of Russia Timothy's Podcasts Player.FM   Your browser does not support ...

....what the lads miss here is that we are not heading for a slave camp, slavery would mean there is work to be done, we are, look at UKplc "...the most advanced pigbyre open outhouse on the planet" TM.., heading for a globoharem. Classic UKplc haremwhorehouse forensics would profer evidence like rape gangs preying on dispossessed UKabos at leisure. Where else but in a harem would intact sweatfree pashas stick their stiff Germain Greer impacters into the body cavities of the helpless alive or dead, as they please, and not a bon mot from the balllessoccupants and commiequimstaff!!!

This is what happens when a messimagicianic injects a high energy Epstein abrahamicparticle into a phukkwitotron and it collides with a high spin Savile cointerfietisomer. Everyone loves the life less real.


Wednesday 13 November 2019

SNAFU!: Donbass has been officially ceded to Russia...Puti...

SNAFU!: Donbass has been officially ceded to Russia...Puti...: via Yahoo News. Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed on Monday that Ukraine should give its separa...

So 120 years after the Commiecreeps were plotting to leverage the Donbass out of the Russian's hands the EU Trojan horse heaves in to view.

Well just as the plan to kill everyone east of Hamburg required the revivification of the Germans in the 1930s otherwise the RussianSoviets would have occupied Hamburg in 1939 and UKplc Rothdeerparc Inc would be over, so the Nowplan requires a stronger Russia going in to NWO2030.

Whatever is coming will be WW2 scaled up massively. Expect complete lock down and rationing for all Roth5eyes. Expect space wars and moon bases. Expect no Glen Miller/Riders of Rohan/Polish Cavalry this time EMJ.

Mami's Shit: What is Blockchain

Mami's Shit: What is Blockchain: Tel Aviv Citibank official explains Blockchain. Monetized Soma? (Bob in DC/WWS) Let's see if I get spanked for my comment at ...

 Toxic Habiru cockwaffle about unending thievery. If ever there was a case to be made that the EMJ crowd were fashioned to be slaves, it is the unending falling for the compounding in religious compounds for thousands of years.

Ton of tons waffling and scribbling.

Ever seen the old movies of the good old days on the high seas where the geezer in charge of a ship barks down the bridge sound tube to the engine room?  Now imagine that the jester in charge is Lenin and his cookie crew like Helphand Parvus, other fat bastard wastrels, workshy khaants and assorted spunk soaked manholes are infesting the bridge on license from RCE . I mean what bit of constantkhaant, slaving, Nimrudicimal obsessed, pisstaking creepbrigands don’t the inhabited carbon based life forms get about the Habiru Cru and their so called revolutionary spirit?

EMJ, get a phaakin’ grip, it is not a spirit of any sort, it is habitual epigenetically engineered thievery and supremacist homicidal urgings that manifest as appetite form thousands of years of murder, that is what Darwin couldn’t bring himself to say.

Anyway, back to us in the engine room of the doomed vessel. Lenin yells down the pipe that it is flank speed because a great big pink killer sea rabbit is chasing the barge down!! Who is to say it is not. All the coolies get cracking. Meanwhile on the bridge the Lenin cuckoo crew are pissing themselves at their unending wit take.

So which bit of pulling recreational false flags at random don’t you get? If all you’ve got to do all day is lie around doing phaakkol and shoyvving your manoil up the helpless why shouldn’t you use your license to set a bomb off somewhere that takes your fancy? Or crash a market by removing liquidity. Babelbolloxphish ON, liquidity=circulation of false manoil. Once your bollox are dry, and you know when the bins are empty, you are safe in a New Mexico/Arizona compound surrounded by Ba’al idols. A real Habiru Cru 21st century temple complex.

Have you ever heard of London/RCE ever halting the funding to one of their terrorist cells because they killed a load of people? Ever? Ever seen Langley call off a C17 pallet drop of a gazillion reichbucks from their counterfeit printing Habiru Fedshop to Ba'al run psychopathic gangs/countergangs because suddenly a load of innocents got unalived in Quito or Kuala Lumpur? Ever? Do you believe that the CantonRCE are not running suicidepandasquads right now?

So devour this satisfying slice of reality mustard based relish.

Review of Economics BBC lies   Robert Peston: Who Runs Britain? And Who's to Blame for the Economic Mess We're in?

Worthless unintelligent innumerate BBC-style flannel from a hack, November 30, 2010

This book was published in Feb 2008, written, according to the flyleaf, by the BBC's 'award-winning' Business Editor. Among other things, he had the 'Scoop of the Year on Northern Rock seeking emergency help from the Bank of England' which must mean only that they told him first; I wonder why...

It has ten chapters with childish titles (e.g. 'The King of Jackpot Capitalism')—a mixture of human interest drivel—either to hide Peston's ignorance, or to give the audience something easy, or to simply evade the truth.

1 Starts with his autobiography—an ordinary Jewish boy (he notes without comment his ex-school is now largely immigrant|). There's scattered information—his parents, the post-WW2 world, non-dom and wealthy entrepreneurs, tax havens, capital movements, Indian steel, China, executives' pay. Almost all is unsourced, though sometimes the Financial Times or Times or some magazine ('an analysis in Prospect magazine'). He claims to believe the usual conventions on entrepreneurs and performance-related pay (except one must assume for BBC hacks, of course). Obviously there are thousands of relevant people; the choice no doubt is made for him by editors and scribblers and publicity-seekers.

2 Borrowing: goes through the general idea of company takeovers using borrowed money, by comparison with house prices bought on mortgages, in a time of rising prices—he gives no explanation of why these should be rising. He comments (p56) that Gordon Brown confused US 'venture capital' (putting money into promising typically high tech start-ups) with a British sense (putting money into asset-strippers etc).

3 and 4 deal mostly with Philip Green who bought a chain of clothes shops and made money by improving them; or something like that. (He was knighted 'for services to the retail industry'). His strength seems to be that he knew the business thoroughly—letters of credit, warehousing buying from China, cancelled orders etc—if only civil servants were knowledgeable. Chapter 4 looks at an attempted takeover of Marks and Spencer. I have to assume Peston's book came out in a hurry as all this material is anecdotal and essentially of its time.

5 'Poison Manufacturers'—a chapter of random bits and pieces about Robert Shiller's book 'The New Financial Order' on e.g. unlikely schemes such as insuring against house price falls, and more significantly reducing the gap between wealthy and 'developing' nations [except in Palestine?] China, Japan, oil and gas are listed as great exports though none are quantified. One figure quoted is $600bn of sub-prime mortgages as 'toxic debt'; however even if people borrow too much, after throwing them out some value is recoverable—typically, Peston makes no attempt to quantify this.

6 is largely on Goldman Sachs (almost as an anthropology subject—omitting one fact), and JP Morgan. The City of London—330,000 people—is said to be 'astonishingly productive' although of course what it actually does is unstated. Peston quotes a few facts, or perhaps factoids: (p204) ten hedge-fund managers in 2006 earned more than $500M says 'Alpha', presumably a magazine. A German paper, Bild, (p210) says they are 'like a plague of locusts .. devour everything, then fly on..'. P 215 has a conflict of interest—the holding funds don't want the companies they own to outperform themselves.

7 Pensions: long chapter bemoaning the way Britain's pensions have been under long-term attack. The long account is unsourced, and it's impossible to know how reliable it is. Just as the Tories changed the definition of 'unemployed' to suit themselves—20 times? 30 times?—the laws on pensions and things like tax relief, % limits on contributions, inflation linking or not, tax credit, ACT, valuing of the liabilities have been changed so often by Lawson and Brown and others—quite apart from the ONS getting things wrong—that the subject is highly confusing; very probably intentionally.

8 'Democracy for Sale' is mostly about Levy, fundraiser for the 'Labour' Party—as it's still called—but also the Conservatives. Including not declaring loans—if they expect their money back, it's not really a gift, is it? It's impossible to know how reliable this material is. Tagged on is material on cash for honours. As an example, Gulam Noon is quoted, supplying 120,000 packaged meals a day to Sainsburys [a supermarket chain]. These are designed say Peston for immigrants—for some reason Peston fails to mention that taxpayer's' money for housing, expenses, health, and benefits and presumably barbaric slaughter methods, with standard industrial equipment did all this; Peston typically regards this as wonderful.

9 Royal Mail (the Post Office—renamed Consignia for a bit) was reorganised by Allan Leighton. Peston duly notes that he swore sometimes and gets up at 5 a.m.

10 Who runs Britain?—Well—whoever it is hasn't told Peston!

It's hard to criticise unresisting imbecility, but let me list a few things:---

** Naturally as with all subjects trying to evade scrutiny inspection Peston uses the elaborate junk vocabulary—'tax efficient', 'wealth creator', 'stakeholder'—you can imagine.

** (p171) 'financial products whose dangers were misunderstood'—175 'hard for regulators to work out which hedge funds, or pension funds, or insurers, or banks are actually holding the instruments'. Peston does NOT address the issue of why banks charge low rates of interest on risky matters. Reorganisation mightn't work; bag of miscellaneous loans might fail. It seems likely that there must have been collusion. 'Private Eye' ran a piece in about 1975 called 'Pension Fun' on tricks used by pension funds holders to get money on the side. Another likely issue is the Rothschild money printing aspect of things and the Bank of England/ Fed. (Peston makes no mention of 'Quantitative easing'). There's amusing material on Standard and Poors, to the effect they pleaded in court they were only giving a journalistic opinion on AAA style judgements. Substandard and Poor, indeed.

** Like all hacks, Peston has no imaginative comparisons. Consider for example average North American/ European people. They don't (or didn't) pay much attention to things like drink and cigarettes and junk/spree spending; say £100/year isn't really noticeable. If you put the adult population at say 800M, this amounts to £80 billion a year. The 'entrepreneurs' might be regarded as hoovering up spare change in obsessive mode; this sort of approximation is important to avoid silly panics.

** As an example, chapter 9 on the Royal Mail reorganisation states it was losing about £1M each day. Say, in a year, getting on for half a billion. Is that a lot? Well, that's about what is 'paid' in 'free' legal advice to 'asylum seekers', all of whom have broken the law about travelling to the 'next safe' country. Peston thinks in his simple-minded way that 30,000 'redundancies' (i.e. firings) and 3,000 or so Post Offices closed was worth that. Recently, some energy company (i.e. holding company that had been sold some of Britain's utilities) made £8bn reported profit—enough to keep post office open 25 years. It's also about a third of the value of homes given to immigrants in one year—not counting the free services

** Peston says nothing about contributions to the EU—with its accounts not signed off; I've seen a figure of net $6bn, but wouldn't swear to it. The cost of wars, de-industrialisation, financing Indian steel and space and airports (Britain gave a steelworks to India; and also paid for an entire supermodern airport). The cost of the 'global warming' fraud—supported by the BBC, incidentally—the cost of selling off utilities, the astronomical costs of immigration are all ignored by Peston.

** It's perhaps worth making a wry note on 'charitable' giving. For example on 'academies'—where a huge building is given in exchange for a fraction of its value. 'AIDS' work is another notorious fraud. I noticed (p202) £1M for a 'Lib Dem think tank' run by 'Jennifer Moses, a retired Goldman Sachs banker'.

Peston appears to still 'work' for the BBC. He should be out of a job and his 'pension' removed surgically.”

Now go read Tom Agoston’s Habiru fiction and fable.

Tom has long gone but all you need to know is that the WMD were always going to Tel Aviv as far back as 1943.

Chemistry=U=Au=SS=Maxwell=Epstein=New Ba’al compounds


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Chimerical notes

One of the great voids in the shitpaste sandwich dished out as wholesome screen fare by the sex criminals in hollywered is the lack of ultrabollox handed to Gibson. The hole in the Swissleschtik. The child traffickers in silverscreengulagpathe can shuv unlimited amounts of money, published by their coreligiistas at the fed, into Talmud tales dripping from the unsteady empty minds of geezers like asumithov, do sheep dream of eclectic intranets fella and assorted wanderingchicksas that don’t count to 7. Not a bareassbrass farthing for snow fall aliens and the Ziondub though. Only through the publishing of tokens are things brought in to being for an apeople who no longer exist.

Now they have gone at it, halfheartedly, but it is on a redacted DeCapprioCIA kind of a way. Like the UKblindpress it is designed to make the no eyed PapriCyclops king.

I know, I know you are wondering “… what the phekk is he banging on about now? Again!!”

Well done tractor statass provisonalpravda schemerschmeer like all the minging Tom Clancyesque hyperstate good guys and LarryBondage whitehatted double penetration tripleagents that couldn’t find a London City financed, Tel Aviv arranged, free range egg in a flying pantheist’s wet dream of Armagegonhardon, populate the diseased gestalt entity that worships at Wal-Mart..

It is not just that we have to realise that, alarmingly, our fellow inhabited carbon based life forms will will themselves to believe anything, it is that they did by an act of will destroy their own souls and make themselves less than bouncer trash out of time.

Foiling bad guys is not the monotony of life, failing as a bad guy is the objective of an aimless fall.

Taken out of context the various teen anxtanime seem to be more predictive and profilactile than all the techobodicerippers like Firefart and a ‘Nam traumatised pilot fannying around with traitors who only wanted to park their talmudarses in spandex and retrain stayin’ alive.

“So they told their Western cousins, “We’re coming over”. “Hold on a minute” the lads in the butt tight disco flares said “you can’t just pitch up”. WTF!!, we need a narrative to keep the story unbroken and the scum in the dark or TPTB will verily fuck us up.”

So what would you have us believe again?

That one drops a big one without prototype. Where’s the Uranium gun device trial before the toasting of slant eyes?

That one sends a technical advisory to GE, P&W, RR, ABB et al detailing that all the $Gazzillions and Quadrillions of manhours spent researching combustion was a waste of time. Simply sling a load of refined hydrocarbons randomly into a void with bogroll, printers and human meat to achieve unbelievable stoichiometry. Where’s the trial involving tall buildings?

The answer to both questions is hidden in gunfire and sniper. Pomeranya and Chechnya.

These and other questionswers, like how many Patents pending and Nobel prizes awarded to the hermitic families, are never the fare in this intercourse. The continuity of oligarchy demands that stupid events of fractal complexity be rolled out regularly onto the HAS by the simplest of complex life forms. Even the herd does not realise that it is farmed by amoeba in its own fiascofaeces.

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The was a Tall Pyot in the Pripyet treelines heading west.....

Mami's Shit: Blackbird9's Breakfast Club Podcast # 181 - 2019.1...: Gone Fishing Between The Wars Part 5 Frederick C. Blackburn (also known as BlackBird9) studied engineering to become an electrical engin...

I don't know which bit of the question "...can you spot the Epstein/Maxwell slutbitchboybitches in the Old Testament? you get but Shirley you can spot where the Talpiot teams were operating in the 1930s, can't you?....." you get. Or where do you think the shapeshifterblousantflotants eternalchildslavers will be operating in the 2030s?

The Marconi Scandal


4,079 words

Guglielmo Marconi
It is the fashion to divide recent history into Pre-War and Post-War conditions. I believe it is almost as essential to divide them into the Pre-Marconi and Post-Marconi days. It was during the agitations upon that affair that the ordinary English citizen lost his invincible ignorance; or, in ordinary language, his innocence […] I think it probable that centuries will pass before it is seen clearly and in its right perspective; and that then it will be seen as one of the turning-points in the whole history of England and the world. — G. K. Chesterton, 1936
The Marconi Scandal is an episode that has disappeared down the memory hole of history. There are reasons for this, as will be explained. It was a very complex series of events that have been difficult to distil into a short article such as this without leaving out anything essential. Nonetheless, I believe I have condensed the most important events and actions in this sordid affair. Firstly, we must begin with a little background history.
Guglielmo Marconi was a young Irish-Italian aristocrat of genius, who, at the age of 22, invented a crude form of wireless communication and offered it to the Italian government, who, in their ignorance, refused it. He came to Britain, where he founded the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company and in 1901 made the first transatlantic wireless signal. In spite of this, Marconi was making very little money and share prices were low, as the profits were put back into further experiments in wireless.
Enter Godfrey Isaacs, well-acquainted with all the European financial houses – and, yes, he’s Jewish. Within six months of meeting Marconi, he was running the company. Within a couple of years, the Marconi Company had become a truly global concern. It is important to point out here, for reasons that will become clear, that each branch of Marconi operated as a separate company, but yet all were under Isaacs’ umbrella. Godfrey Isaacs also had a brother, “Sir” Rufus, who in 1910 had risen to the rank of Attorney General in the Liberal government of Great Britain.
In 1911, the Imperial Conference approved the plan to erect state-owned wireless stations throughout the British Empire. The Postmaster General, the Jew Herbert Samuel was instructed to put the contract for the project out to tender. On March 7, 1912, Godfrey Isaacs’ tender on behalf of the Marconi Company was accepted. The contract took time and had to be tabled before the House of Commons upon completion, the date being set on July 19th.
Immediately after the tender was accepted, Isaacs went to America to develop the American Marconi Company. The British Marconi Company held over 50% of its shares, which meant what was good for the British company was good for the American. Isaacs bought out the American company’s main rival with money from the British company, then sold it to the American company. The American company could then create two million shares, 500,000 of which Isaacs took responsibility for, and all of which were guaranteed by the British company.
Isaacs then came back to Britain and told Rufus and his other brother Harry of his arrangements, selling 50,000 shares to Harry. Rufus refused, stating it would be improper, given his involvement in the Liberal government, but then bought 10,000 from Harry, which he apparently thought was fine. Rufus then sold 1000 to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and future Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, and 1000 to the Chief Whip, Lord Elibank. This was on the day before the shares were actually created. When the shares were put on public sale, they were 50% dearer.
Rufus then acted as a stockbroker for Lloyd George and Elibank, buying and selling shares at a tidy profit. No records were kept of the transactions between the Isaacs, Lloyd George and Elibank. Elibank also bought 3000 shares for the Liberal Party itself from an unnamed source, all the time, we must remember, before the contract had been established and signed. What is also unusual is that between the time of the tender and the time the contract was to be tabled, Rufus Isaacs, the Attorney General, was brought into Prime Minister H. H. Asquith’s cabinet.
The contract itself was coming under increased criticism as being too advantageous to Marconi. The more advantageous the contract to Marconi, the less beneficial it would be to the taxpayer, but the more beneficial to company shareholders. Herbert Samuel, who knew what was going on, tried to push the contract through and further investigation of the rival Poulsen system was shelved. Samuel made much of the fact that the Titanic had used the Marconi system to signal for assistance, which he claimed had saved hundreds of lives. The sinking of the Titanic was a boon for Samuel. On August 8, 1912, Cecil Chesterton’s journal the New Witness launched this attack:
Isaacs’ brother is chairman of the Marconi Company. It has therefore been secretly arranged between Isaacs and Samuel that the British people shall give the Marconi Company a very large sum of money through the agency of the said Samuel, and for the benefit of the said Isaacs. Incidentally, the monopoly that is about to be granted to Isaacs No.2, through the ardent charity of Isaacs No.1 and his colleague the Postmaster-General, is a monopoly using antiquated methods, the refusal of competing tenders far cheaper and far more efficient, and the saddling of this country with corruptly purchased goods, which happen to be inferior goods.
This was both followed and preceded by a spate of criticism of the contract in various newspapers and journals. Finally, on October 11th, a Parliamentary Committee held an enquiry in the House of Commons. A lie was never told in relation to the accusations because Rufus Isaacs formulated the accusations himself so that those concerned could easily rebuff them in such a way that would convince everyone there had been no impropriety. Had the politicians bought shares from the Marconi Company? No, they hadn’t. Had they bought shares in the company with the governmental contract? No, they hadn’t. It was left to L. J. Maxse, editor of the National Review finally to get to the crux of the matter on February 12th, 1913:
Over four months have elapsed since the discussion in the House of Commons, but Ministers have done nothing whatsoever to dispel the mist of suspicion overhanging the affair. Mr. Samuel stated that Ministers “will be most ready to appear before”—I am quoting him—”the Committee.” One might have conceived that they would have appeared at its first sitting clamouring to state in the most categorical and emphatic manner that neither directly nor indirectly, in their own names or in other people’s names, have they had any transactions whatsoever, either in London, Dublin, New York, Amsterdam, Paris, or any other financial centre, in any shares in any Marconi Company throughout the negotiations with the Government.
The next day, the newspapers were full of Maxse’s stand and relished the reopening of the Marconi enquiry. Then, the day after that, a strange article appeared in the Parisian newspaper Le Matin, which stated in French a gross libel against Maxse:
Mr. Leo Maxse, the eminent Editor of the National Review, protested vehemently against the way in which this disagreement had been concluded. He imputed that Mr. Herbert Samuel, the Postmaster-General, whose idea it was to enter into negotiations with the company, had entered into an arrangement with Sir Rufus Isaacs, the Attorney-General, also a member of the Government and brother of Mr. Godfrey Isaacs, managing director of the Marconi Company.
All three had bought shares in the company at an average price of about 50 francs, at which these shares were quoted before the opening of the negotiations with the Government, and had resold them at a profit rising to as much as 200 francs per share according as the negotiations  enabled it to be foreseen that the contract would be concluded.
Mr. Maxse attacked at the same time the fact that the contract had been signed in haste on 7th March, without having been brought before Parliament as it should have been.
This gave Rufus Isaacs charges he could easily defend himself against – charges that were completely fabricated – and, indeed, he did so, along with Samuel, at the hearing of the libel case against Le Matin, even though Le Matin had already printed a retraction in its London newspaper at the behest of Rufus himself. He also admitted freely to dealing in American Marconis to give the impression that all was above board. What is curious about the whole affair is that Rufus was in Paris when the clumsy libel was printed and back in London to oversee the retraction. It raises the question: did Rufus have the information for the story sent to the newspaper?
Certainly, G. K. Chesterton believed something was afoot and wrote his satirical poem “Song of Cosmopolitan Courage” about the whole affair for his brother’s journal, the New Witness:
I am so swift to seize affronts,
My spirit is so high,
Whoever has insulted me
Some foreigner must die.
I brought a libel action.
For The Times had called me ‘thief,’
Against a paper in Bordeaux,
A paper called Le Juif.
The Nation called me ‘cannibal’
I could not let it pass—
I got a retraction
From a journal in Alsace.
And when The Morning Post raked up
Some murders I’d devised,
A Polish organ of finance
At once apologised.
I know the charges varied much;
At times, I am afraid
The Frankfurt Frank withdrew a charge
The Outlook had not made.
And what the true injustice
Of the Standard’s words had been,
Was not correctly altered
In the Young Turk’s Magazine.
I know it sounds confusing—
But as Mr. Lammle said,
The anger of a gentleman
Is boiling in my head.
It all at least served to speed up the Parliamentary Enquiry, the next session of which took place the following week. The Liberal politicians twisted, sweated and snarled throughout, Rufus flying into affected rage at questions about him not having mentioned buying American Marconi shares in the first session, while David Lloyd George insisted on having made a loss on his purchases, as did Rufus. What this had to do with the point was anyone’s guess and they had certainly not bought them with the intention of making a loss.
Another interesting point to come out was whether the 500,000 shares Godfrey Isaacs held were his or the English Company’s. Godfrey claimed they were his, which meant him selling them at cost to others before they were put on public sale was fine; but where was the record of the transaction for the sale between him the Marconi Company? The company books were inspected, and it could not be found – it did not exist.
During the various hearings, all manner of luminaries were called to give evidence from the worlds of journalism and politics. One last note about the parliamentary enquiry is that one of those luminaries was a certain Winston Churchill, whose name had also cropped up as one of those trading in Marconis. He appeared, denied everything, complained about insults to his honor and stormed off. And that was that.
The enquiry served little purpose in any case, for the jurors were selected according to the party majorities in the House of Commons; and so there was a little murmuring from the Conservative representatives; Rufus and Lloyd George were given a slap on the wrist and that was the end of the matter. Later, the writer Lytton Strachey would describe the Liberal government as “a sink of iniquity tinged with the worst kind of Hebraism.”
It was not the end of the matter for Cecil Chesterton, however, who had been pursuing the matter with some vigour in the New Witness. In particular, he saw Samuel and the Isaacs brothers as being the source of the corruption, as the tender had been arranged between them. Chesterton had also made much of the fact that Godfrey Isaacs had been at the head of or implicated in no less than twenty bankrupted companies, and someone with a sandwich board with words to this effect had wandered up and down the street outside Godfrey’s office.
Godfrey’s solicitors wrote to Chesterton demanding that he stop bringing Godfrey’s honor into question until after the Liberal-biased Parliamentary Committee, threatening legal action if Chesterton persisted. This is what Chesterton had wanted all along; although, given who the Attorney General was and the foregone conclusion of the Parliamentary Committee, it was perhaps foolish. Godfrey was no stranger to the courthouses and had a penchant for suing people throughout his life. On February 27, 1913, Chesterton wrote in the Eye-Witness:
We are up against a very big thing. . . . You cannot have the honour (and the fun) of attacking powerfully entrenched interests without the cost. We have counted the cost; we counted it long ago. We think it good enough—much more than good enough.
Other writers had done most of the criticizing, yet Chesterton took full responsibility upon himself. Chesterton was an honorable man fighting the deceitful and unscrupulous when the entire system and those controlling it were against him. The judge himself, Mr. Justice Phillimore, was against Chesterton and his counsel, Ernest Wild, from the beginning. One can see this quite clearly in the court records from his constant interruptions while either was speaking and from the way he virtually did the prosecution’s job for them. Here is one such example:
Judge: It is not an imputation against a man that he has been a failure. There is nothing in your libel to say that because Mr Godfrey Isaacs is a bad man of business, the Government ought not to deal with the Marconi Company. The allegations were that the prosecutor is a fraud and a cheat.
Wild: There are two parts. First we say he is not the sort of man they ought to deal with because of business failures. Secondly because—
Sir Edward Carson (Prosecutor): That he is a man that ought to be sent to gaol.
Wild: That is what I am coming to.
Judge: I have not seen the first part.
Wild: (to Godfrey Isaacs) I suggest that you were not exploiting the public but these rich gentlemen?
Isaacs: I was exploiting nobody, sir.
Judge: How can you exploit rich people if you are not a promoter?
Wild: The witness was in most of these companies from the start.
Judge: That is not being a promoter.
Isaacs: I do not think I ever invited people to put money into any one of these companies. I joined them myself as one of those who put money into somebody else’s company.
Wild: Here are cases after cases of failure.
Isaacs: That is my misfortune.
Judge: You might as well cross-examine any speculative widow, Mr Wild.
Wild: A speculative widow would not be concerned in the management.
This last point reveals just how peculiar the governmental contract was: as Wild pointed out, there was a vast difference between Isaacs and a speculative widow and would Justice Phillimore have not thought it strange if the government had given a huge contract to that widow, especially if she had had close relatives in the cabinet and if the contract had been very favorable towards her?
Another peculiarity of the case was that Chesterton wished to defend himself by showing Godfrey had engaged in misconduct, which meant that the burden of proof was now on him and not on Godfrey. Chesterton also wished to prove wrongdoing by those in government, in particular Samuel, Rufus Isaacs, and David Lloyd George, which, given the outcome of the parliamentary enquiry and that the Attorney General himself was in the witness box, was an impossibility. This might seem naïve of Chesterton, for he could not possibly win under such circumstances, but winning was not as important as showing the public how corrupt Britain’s institutions had become.
Chesterton’s point of attack was the contract arranged between the government and Godfrey. Justice Phillimore immediately insisted that it had nothing to do with the case “whether the contract was badly drawn or improvident.” The jury, guided by the discourse made permissible by the judge, found against Chesterton. The judge, of course, could easily have sentenced Chesterton to a stretch in prison, but, given public attitudes to the case, fined him £100 and ordered him to pay Isaacs’ costs (which were not inconsiderable).
The fines were paid for largely by his famous brother and generous members of the Conservative Party. Interestingly, this showed a disparity between those at the head of the party, who refused to press the Liberals on the issue in Parliament, and the lay members, who were outraged and did all they could to help Chesterton. This only confirmed Chesterton’s belief that those at the top of both parties were in cahoots and involved in activities to the detriment of the British public. One can see his point, for, through Herbert Samuel and other influential Jews, Semitophilic leaders, past and future, from both parties, such as David Lloyd George, Winston Churchill and Arthur Balfour, were all to come under the influence of Chaim Weizmann, the Zionist leader and future first president of Israel.
As early as 1910, Weizmann was pulling strings in the government, as a letter to fellow Jew Moses Gaster from November 6 shows, in which he was trying to hurry through the naturalization process to become a British citizen and asked Gaster: “perhaps you could do something for me at the Home Office. You must surely know Winston Churchill very well, also the Under-Secretary of State [Herbert Samuel], and a word from you would settle the matter.”
As an epilogue, the fates of our protagonist and antagonists are important, for it shows just how corrupt the political establishment had become. David Lloyd George, of course, became Prime Minister. Herbert Samuel became 1st Viscount Samuel and 1st High Commissioner of Palestine, as Zionist Jews took charge of British affairs in the Middle East. Rufus Isaacs became 1st Marquis of Reading, Lord Chief Justice, Viceroy of India and, again critically, Foreign Secretary.
In contrast, Cecil Chesterton died in a French hospital of infected wounds sustained in the field of battle in December 1918, believing he had served his country and the forces of liberty, when, like so many, he had unwittingly served the interests of the corrupt politicians he had once fought against, who had sent millions off not to war, but to an industrial slaughterhouse. He had insisted on marching in the victory parade, which exacerbated his injuries. Afterwards, Chesterton’s wife, Ada, dedicated herself to the poor, founding a shelter for homeless women.
When Isaacs was made Lord Chief Justice, the great poet Rudyard Kipling, who had followed the whole Marconi affair with great interest, wrote one of his finest poems and a personal attack on the character and ethnicity of Rufus Isaacs, “Gehazi,” blending the narrative of the eponymous corrupt and avaricious Biblical character with that of Isaacs:
“Whence comest thou, Gehazi,
So reverend to behold,
In scarlet and in ermines
And chain of England’s gold?”
“From following after Naaman
To tell him all is well,
Whereby my zeal hath made me
A Judge in Israel.”
Well done, well done, Gehazi!
Stretch forth thy ready hand,
Thou barely ‘scaped from judgment,
Take oath to judge the land
Unswayed by gift of money
Or privy bribe, more base,
Of knowledge which is profit
In any market-place.
Search out and probe, Gehazi,
As thou of all canst try,
The truthful, well-weighed answer
That tells the blacker lie —
The loud, uneasy virtue,
The anger feigned at will,
To overbear a witness
And make the Court keep still.
Take order now, Gehazi,
That no man talk aside
In secret with his judges
The while his case is tried.
Lest he should show them — reason
To keep a matter hid,
And subtly lead the questions
Away from what he did.
Thou mirror of uprightness,
What ails thee at thy vows?
What means the risen whiteness
Of the skin between thy brows?
The boils that shine and burrow,
The sores that slough and bleed —
The leprosy of Naaman
On thee and all thy seed?
Stand up, stand up, Gehazi,
Draw close thy robe and go,
Gehazi, Judge in Israel,
A leper white as snow!
The other Isaacs brother involved, Godfrey, died in 1923, the same year Guglielmo Marconi joined the Italian Fascist Party, which shows the fallacy of fascists being necessarily “anti-Semitic.” Two years later, the Marconi Company was in financial trouble. The Times published an article in which it stated:
Over a period of years, substantial profits were reported, inordinately large fees paid to certain directors, and shareholders were lulled into a false sense of security by receiving appreciable dividends. Yet all the time, as it now turns out, the company was in fact suffering heavy losses by unwise investments (several of which had nothing to do with the company’s business), by advances to subsidiary companies which turned out to be bad debts, and by foolish speculation in foreign currencies.
These things happened for the most part during the period that the late Mr Godfrey Isaacs was managing director of the company. Altogether the losses have involved the writing down of the assets to the extent of approximately £6,000,000 […] Seldom in the history of a joint-stock enterprise have losses of this magnitude been sustained by a single company in a few short years. The Times, April 18, 1925
There is that number again: six million. It is truly amazing how often that number crops up in relation to this particular tribe. And so ends our tale. It may be unsurprising, as it is taken for granted now that politicians are a corrupt bunch, but this was the first time the public became aware of how ready and willing they were to sell out their country to foreign powers for personal gain. The Great War that swiftly followed conveniently blotted out most people’s memory of the events – but not the Chestertons’. Perhaps it is only fitting to leave the last words to Gilbert Keith, who, upon his brother Cecil’s death, published an open letter to Rufus Isaacs in the New Witness, which succinctly addresses the concerns in this article:
Not only is there any question of disliking any race, but there is not here even a question of disliking any individual. It does not raise the question of hating you; rather it would raise, in some strange fashion, the question of loving you. Has it ever occurred to you how much a good citizen would have to love you in order to tolerate you? Have you ever considered how warm, indeed how wild, must be our affection for the particular stray stock-broker who has somehow turned into a Lord Chief Justice, to be strong enough to make us accept him as Lord Chief Justice? It is not a question of how much we dislike you, but of how much we like you; of whether we like you more than England, more than Europe […] more than honour, more than freedom, more than facts. It is not, in short, a question of how much we dislike you, but of how far we can be expected to adore you, to die for you, to decay and degenerate for you; for your sake to be despised, for your sake to be despicable. Have you ever considered, in a moment of meditation, how curiously valuable you would have to be, that Englishmen should in comparison be careless of all the things you have corrupted, and indifferent to all the things that you may yet destroy? Are we to lose the War which we have already won?
[…] My fancy may be quite wrong; it is but one of the many attempts I have made to imagine and allow for an alien psychology in this matter; and if you, and Jews far worthier than you, are wise, they will not dismiss as Anti-Semitism what may well prove the last serious attempt to sympathise with Semitism. I allow for your position more than most men will allow for it; more, most assuredly, than most men will allow for it in the darker days that yet may come. It is utterly false to suggest that either I or a better man than I, whose work I now inherit, desired this disaster for you and yours, I wish you no such ghastly retribution. Daniel son of Isaac, Go in peace; but go.
This article was first published in Candour Magazine, volume 75, number 4, issue 857.


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The Tribals hacked the Aryan mind a long time ago with Christ-Pauline ideology. But they achieved major break-through with the English and later the Americans. I believe religion played a big role, sub-consciously or unconsciously. The Protestant mind viewed the Tribe as the elders in faith, as the arbiters of morality, keepers of ”truth”. The Tribe really prospered under the English/ British patronage and protection.
The price of that gullibility is being paid now, with high rates of interest. Europe, an entire continent, stands compromised, subdued and broken and broke. Europeans are culturally lost, politically confused and have embraced the idelogies of self-destruction which the Tribe has sold to them.
Now Islam, another Semitic force, has made murderous incursions into European lands. European resolve is going to be tested severely. They have no one to blame but themselves.
  1. Proofreader
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Revilo P. Oliver’s book The Enemy of Our Enemies included this interesting footnote on the Marconi Scandal:
“A typical financial operation carried out by artfully depressing the value of Marconi stock in both England and the United States to induce its owners to sell for a fraction of its worth and then artfully inflating its value to sell it to the public for more than it was worth. It involved the bribery of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, an unprincipled opportunist named Lloyd George, by the common device of ‘selling’ him at depressed prices stock for which he would not be expected to pay until it greatly increased in value (it soared suddenly to twelve times its former price). English newspapers that were still in English hands sometimes caricatured Lloyd George as a little boy traveling under the escort of his two Jewish tutors, Isaacs and Samuel.”