Wednesday 31 March 2010

Here’s an interesting bit of ancient and modern history from a Far Eastern perspective.

Again it comes with the usual health warnings.

It is a two part document, basically the story of Gold and then the NWO planned roll out.

It is a PDF with supporting Word docs.

If you got yesterday’s drivellings you can see the match to sacramental/ritual seafaring inherent in the narrative.

I stuck it at The Stoker’s place because blogger wouldn’t let me load it up.


PS the source for this was originally 4winds.

Tuesday 30 March 2010

Secrets of the Trade.

Even though the world we live in is a highly complex experience I believe that basically we are following very simple agendas derived from a very, very few individuals’ experiences.

When I left off the two threads flowing into this outing I was coming from two different viewpoints.

Going back 6000 years just wasn’t getting to the crux of the matter.

One of the simple agendas, which is an age old sacrament needed termination, if mankind was to even attempt to cast off the parasitic power of fiat finance.

If my going back 6000 years leads to a, hopefully temporary, brick wall then how about going back to something we know exists and working our way forward if possible?

From what I’ve been able to fathom there are two important genetic bottle necks through which mankind has been squeezed. One in the paternal lineage over 100,000 years ago and another more recently around 60-70,000 years ago which was the most recent of the maternal lineage. The number of human individuals who survived that last maternal squeeze could be as low as 10,000 people.

Man that must have been a lonely planet!!!

I wonder though what the source of the researchers’ data was. Whose maternal mitochondrial DNA mutation rate did they study? Was it a full cross section of humanity’s 6+billions currently? Or was it three or four years of undergraduate intake at Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford etc. In which case I ask is that 10,000 THEM? You know I had to ask that question, it has to be put out there, those are the rules.

So to recap, whatever happened, a massive number of human beings did not make it through and I have chucked a random thought out here that the GeeGee memorial stones commemorate the fact that there were in fact 500millions of THEM back then. Large stone monuments always hark back for these guys, never forward. Thinking this way allows one to put some very weird but very ancient belief structures into perspective. The Trinity, Tarot & Astrology. All currently bollox but perhaps not for THEM then.

This subject takes us into human memory, tribal memory and racial memory. Just how far back humanity can remember. If we map Vedic beliefs and the 60,000 years ago cull does that help? Can that help bridge the yawning gap between 60,000 years and 6,000 years ago?

Let’s fast forward to around that 6,000 y.a. mark. Human global population may have been no more than several millions, perhaps 10 million tops. So for the cradle of civilisation and the Mediterranean basin that’s no more than 3 million. A vast proportion of that 3 million would provide staples for the settled elite that we’ve met before. Elite initially centred on kingship/godhead before the temples and the hidden power there usurped royal authority completely and got on with the old game of forging the temple accounts and receipts of precious items held therein.

I remarked that it was going to be difficult to name or ID these occult entities. However there may be one activity in which these characters indulged in, for ceremonial reasons, that may reveal a little of their motivations and perhaps names.

Like the temple scam it was a sacrament.

What was it?


Very specifically long range sea/oceanic trade.

Until very recently trade of this type took a very simple ancient form. The hi-tech guys, in oceanic craft, turned up on the autochthonic shores. Spread their wares on the beach and then sailed off when enough of the good gear had been deposited by the natives.

Usually, though not always, gold.

If you’ve ever read about the amount of hullaballoo that greeted the start of one of these voyages in the ancient world you’ll realise that this was big magic. Blessings, priests, temples, the full works were involved. A voyage may have lasted up to 3 years, and there was a fair old chance you were not coming back. On average the journey would have been short 20-30 mile hops. However we know that the Pharaohs had Africa circumnavigated, the Persians attempted the same and the Phoenicians were well down West Africa and out into the Atlantic before 1000BC.

Even today launching a craft has a ceremonial aspect that is just a mere echo of what would have been a major ceremonial and ritual occasion for the ancients.

Who would have had the cash to finance this sort of expedition all those thousands of years ago, yes the lads in the temple with the forged receipts and the real lucre. So our missing THEM would have been directly involved in navigation.

I speculate that under the guise of trade they were seeking out the far flung remnants of humanity that they knew were out there somewhere. A mission that might just have been completed very recently.

Two things I note here.

If we are looking for these clowns or their reps now, right now, I will wager they are to be found in the major trade negotiations like Doha and anything BIG and GREEN.

Why? Well it is a sacred duty that only they can perform, they’ve been protecting the rules for millennia.

Secondly when Gentleman John Harris was talking a couple of years back he mentioned that as part of the price of King Richard getting handed back to England, Admiralty had to be part of the deal. I wondered why at the time. Now it is obvious.

Admiralty is their prime mechanism of enforcement; they’ve been at it since the first ships sailed out the Levant/Med and headed down the West African shoreline most likely 10,000 years ago. And I’ll bet you MTs lads were at it before then.

We have to torpedo trade completely and replace it with a different way of promoting human development and progress. It is an ancient way of doing business and we should consider it obsolete.

The quest continues.

Sunday 28 March 2010

Distributed Systems

Hidden from sight. Secret in the open air.

As a rationalist by instinct and an empiricist by training I take my reality seriously. I always observe and seek to explain the beliefs and actions of others in that great spectrum from Baphomet to Real Estate.

However I will reserve the right to follow my Dumnonian chum into the Barrows.

Ever wondered what false memory syndrome really is? Ever wondered why that grouping of letters, utterances and phonemes should be arranged just so? Ever wondered if time exists? Ever wondered that time might just be a turn of the screw?

Ever wondered why there should be a series of gruntings for each and every age that is the Lingua Franca? Ever wondered why there should be a strange progression from plasma discharges to beautifully smoked cave art to nothing to stick on clay to pictograms to squigglings and then letterings and a beautiful, though ill-equipped, stylings trying and revealing the inner working of our essence. Then pictograms again. Texting and silence.

If there is one thing that strikes me as I observe the flowings and followings of the moment it is that there is no more measuring and precision. All is poetry. Bad poetry.

Not being a graduate of any Venetian academy I am blissfully free though somewhat bereft of the beauty that is Percy Bysshe Shelley.

I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: "Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown
And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear:
`My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings:
Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!'
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

I always wondered why it should be that a poet would effortlessly encapsulate all that is the sweat of every art, craft and device. To describe what is the objective individually and by Smiths’s specialisation, science and industry.

Other than mathematics.

Are you an artist or a scientist?

If you are truly a great artist then you are a mathematician, an instinctive magician. Yet part of you is removed from the reality of others.

If you are a scientist then you are an instinctive theoretician, a priest. You miss the parts removed from your examination.

The problem is intelligence. Some are not picking up the signal though they are piercingly brilliant. They are isolated from the great flux of memory which surrounds all that live, have lived and ever will live.

Though the means of termination will soil the sweet waters of life’s babbling unbroken mitochondrial DNA mutation rate.

Thanks to Keiser via ZGR I caught up with this.

Yes that is false memory syndrome.

If you spend all day every day having your dead space blotted, blasted, filtered, assaulted and manured by filth you are not going to be healthy in mind, body or spirit. If you spend all day relating with others who cannot name a flower but know the exact transmission time of a favourite soap characters biggest scene then you are in a false reality. You do not exist. You have been removed from reality.

The reality that the smokers in the BIG ROOM are allowed to play with.

What happens if the reality is changing around us and rationalism and study is coming to an end as the great spiral arms twist and the universe pulses to a harmonic that we discerned in bits.

We are stilted, stalled and contused in more ways that one.

For those of us living in UK plc we are being assaulted continuously by a very dark effluence which seeks to deter enquiry, undermine veracity, conflate complicity, obscure culpability and escape reckoning.

The latest line in a long mine of child deaths by torture is supposed to stun us into compliance.

We are not to ask the following questions?

Who is allowing the children to be killed?

Since in UK plc you cannot park your car without being fined; how can you torture a child in camera?

What are you really looking at?

How much money do you get? How many dead children?

Is there an agency quota, to be incentivised of course, of sacrificial trash kennelled children delivered monthly?

To be lucky is to be impossibly jinxed.

To be correct is to be cursed.

PBS knew instinctively, I reckon he was connected, that we flow as the universe flows. Our thoughts never end and our imagination creates reality for those to come. Do not stop thinking. Combat thought killers and thought killers by your own double think. They hate us because we know their legs are so wood wormed they are old and rotten to the core.

We also know that no matter how much they protest and shamble those children were assigned to die through sweet charity’s long armed killing embrace...

We are slaked by killers in sheep’s clothing.

A war is being waged over times and spaces that only a deep and full stillness can defeat.

Open systems.

Monday 22 March 2010

I Ching.

The Thing is I’m running out of manoeuver room…...

….the channels and routes down which I pursue those who are always millennia ahead lead to only one place. All is confluence. The harmonics of the universe despise the quanta of our masked lives.

As you know I’m on the sniff and looking back as far as I can to make sense of what the lads smoking in the BIG ROOM know about the great big mysteries of life.

I put up a bit of MT a couple of days back and realized that I hadn’t checked out the I Ching apart from this very interesting though highly memetic article from way back.

Fu Hsi seems to have been the lad attributed to getting the I Ching off and rolling, though King Wen does get later crediting.

It seems that our Oriental egg heads were into the philosophizing malarkey at least 4000BC, which is only slightly further back than I was able to push things with King Hammurabi and the laws against forgery in the temples of Mesopotamia, say 3500BC.

The MT article, the Fu Hsi philosophizing and the creation of money from nothing, thievery and forgery as high black magic, all point us backwards in time to a central human belief that we came out of nowhere. Look at the old Pharaonic beliefs with the Benben and the primordial mound, surrounded and then being subsumed again.

If like me you like Rohl’s early stuff and his rejigging of the king lists then you need to ask who’s messing with our recorded time. It is heresy to start banging on about civilizations in The Americas before the prescribed academic orthodoxy. No way are you going to get tenured. This is a repeating pattern, what are they hiding?

I remember when Graham Hancock started banging on about lost human knowledge I thought “He’s been around and seen a lot, does he see something that is being quietly ignored?”

Is he in the long airport arrivals lounge when all the wall phones ring sequentially and he actually hears the call? He does however almost willfully get it wrong. What’s the deal Graham are you like DIcke a cipher; are you Gundan?

Since then I’ve peered through the non linears and spread my watch over time and space.

This evening whilst supping a Magners with my chum we were talking about what was out here on the Ausfahrt decades ago, he’s an old ARPANET user and I’m ex-corporate user, we disagreed on the origin of current content but we agreed on the fact that there are very few “real” resources out here unlike the old days.

We both remembered NASA being most welcoming and letting you wander through their vast hallowed halls without escort.

Now you cannot get in anywhere unless you are a triple national and each of your turds is chipped.

So where is this going?

Well I reckon that with 7 billion of us occupying the universal mind there is most likely a putsch coming for the better.

If like me you look back at the millennia since the numbers started to get culled through direct state action globally then you will know just what makes TPTB soil their souls. We will take over before their alignments reassert their control. They do not control through direct force by instinct, that is base, but through higher influences of the universal mind within our solar system.

Remember the big glowing thing in the sky doesn’t just make your tomatoes grow and give you skin cancer it is non-linear in its effects on the stalled human cargo.


Friday 19 March 2010

For reasons out of our control this evening’s programme has just gone…

..out the window.

As I said "Bring it on".

It is a staggeringly small piece of shit, just like stone henge.

I’ve been out here looking for a number and I believe I’ve found it.

A number that is from their last completed census.

It has nothing to do with the future.

Thursday 18 March 2010

Brain & Soul?

How to approach the unapproachable?

Take a snapshot and expose the negative?

Mind & Universe.

How much is you and how much is your?

As I wombled earlier I conceive of two (three) exotic states independent of any all-powerful deity. One idea Brain/Mind relatively localised. Soul/Universe infinite and yet bound. I’ll put Spirit/Faith on the back burner for the moment.

Brain/Mind and the Electric Universe or the Eclectic Elliptic in the Spiral Arms. Gravitics, Hormonal Time, Non-Locality and how the whole lot changes and morphs human consciousness as the fabric of reality is stretched and stressed, compacted and strained by the ever changing harmonic celestial tides and the electric well.

Into this arena comes our what? As I remarked in Chicken or egg? we seem to have been stopped and trapped, perhaps deliberately.

I’ve let drop on several occasions I reckon a great deal of this is hidden in not for public consumption teachings in the modern mystery schools. Schools like the Black Programmes, though not the US DoD where the stealth bombers were hatched.

Where is Kronia now?

Recently I mentioned the Saturn Hypothesis which was a very interesting mind wander around novel planetary alignments, gravitational fixes and other ideas trying to match ancient celestial observations and alternative approaches to explaining these observations of the ancients; rather than just putting them over in the corner as the meandering of savages. Parts of the ideas were encapsulated in Symbols of an Alien Sky, still here. Kronia has gone.

If it is possible to engineer a mind map and influence individuals, groups, societies and nationalities by mastery of novel approaches to natural philosophy as outlined in Bearden’s appreciation of Soviet weapons tech?

Then I give you this.

Would a massive outpouring of our Sun’s electrogravitic potential be able to bathe all life on earth in such a way that over a varying rate, rate of time the potential to synchronise all higher forms of life on earth (?) in a natural mind snapper could lead to conditions such that when the potential collapsed all or almost all higher forms of life expired instantaneously?

Earth crustal shifts being a mere bagatelle.

That is one of the things I remember from Kronia, The Holocene. That the Earth Crustal Displacement caused the death, freezing and shifting, but what if the electric well’s output being suddenly curtailed caused the whole thing? And it shone on giving shadow to the dead.

Now then this will really spin your tops.

What if certain (human) brains interact locally with the Sun's hyper dimensional output differently? And the survivors remembered a different sun.

You’re not supposed to think like that are you?

That’s Brain/Mind and non locality.


I like Michael Tsarion, I’ve posted him before , and he’s bang on about Common Purpose and the Fabians. However you have to keep an eye on the clever man.

Here’s MT again just to put this guy into a bit of perspective.

It may be predictive programming and even if both are being played and run the rules mean we have to be given the chance to see.


Monday 15 March 2010

The blogging here since The problem is……..on Saturday is one long continuous process that can be considered the unfurling of a distinctive plain banner. A flag around which those who can wear the white hats can orientate and marshal. Then identify, locate and destroy the enemy.


The curse. The Nam Shub. All we experience is dedicated to robbing us and yours of our life.

Filling our minds with false memories in order to push out the reality of being. Destroying the good words and thoughts and replacing with still and brackish thistlings and weedrings. So much better the huge and complex whorldling to displace truth.

If you can conceive of a structured document that can destroy the understanding of the human race then the output of our MSM is that curse made modern.

Destroying understanding the more that it is used and observed. Separating associated peoples and destroying relationships between the sanguine. Unbinding families and making the destitute commonplace. Nowhere to live, love, seek, search, hope, live, nurture, enjoy or give, teach, unbind, free. No where, because it has been banished.

If you got your head around the “mind snapper” stuff in an earlier post then you’ll have recognised two things. Firstly an artificial mind can be constructed as a net in our 4D world and overlaid within 3D. It does not need to be said that the weaponisation of this technology is but a precursor to greater evil. Secondly you have to ask about the concept of mind.

When, assuming they haven’t done it already in Singapore, they finally get the fertilised egg and prematurely born tech. together and join the gap between killing and creating, a soulless monster will be the result. A true transhumanist’s wet dream.

What is the K rush when the human egg is fertilised? Why is human DNA capable of sub luminal transmission? Where are you? The body is a vessel and the structure of the body does not just support our breathing and movement it is a channel, an unbroken chain to the past and the future, we are more than the 18th,19th and 20th century monsters would have us.

We are not consumers of papp and schweinstruddel.

We are sovereign.

We can see from past experiment and future shopping trends that our physical grey matter can be manipulated to get us into line. Whether you go for the soft option of cracking peoples skulls open and measuring the mental grid or go for the hard option of psychotronics the human being can be mind controlled. However that is the blind, the Derren Brown smoke screen behind which the real shining crystal influences whole generations and populations through older techniques.

If as I’ve mentioned tangentially on previous occasions there is a releif in the ancient beliefs that crystals were powerful tools in the hands of the initiated, have a squeak at the emerald tablets of Thoth to get a grip on that thought line, then what’s is it with all the name taking and position marking of the current squad of feckless chinless wonders that have been given the shambling corpse of human destiny to fuck up?

What are they marking? Who instucted them to? Names and places. Why?

I related in a past ranting that me and my mate Tim the tube driver couldn’t work out what the smoking ban was about. We knew that they didn’t give a fuck about our health so the cover story was blown away. I ferreted out Nazi research which documents the apparent heightened resistance smokers have to propaganda, but that still didn’t get to the root of the zealous fakirey of the persecution of smoking.

Then the moment when bringing diverse and apparently unrelated facts and musings together gave their game away.

Smoke particles fuck with their mind net. They cannot get the 4D net to settle on the host subjects to control mood, emotions and response to their satisfaction with smokers around. The mind grid needs clear air, not your lungs.

Their lattice is not going to sooth our critical faculties into oblivion without clean airspace.

For your muse until the next part of the banner unfurls.

Pyramids and Ankhs

These are instruments of their agency.

Sunday 14 March 2010

In a lunchtime long-time ago in a galaxy far, far away,…………. well the PA boozer off Colney Hatch Lane just down the road from The Minstrel Boy, me and a colleague got to yakking about… well… stuff.

Jung and death. Intelligence is a dangerous double edged sword and both edges will kill you if you are not careful; it is the soul that will save you.

The place we were working for was a half arsed boiler room run by Gibraltan refugees and a thug mindset. So a swiftian or two in the boozer was called for at half time as the mason’s marks were made for all to see how much stone you’d dragged up the ramp that morning. There was a third presence with us, a right mukka, who was the bloke that caused the Brunswick strike, but we didn’t get to grill him too much on that since we were about to go into lala land.

I opened the gambit with something I’d been musing on. Jung’s idea of a universal soul. I reckoned that it seemed a fair idea, from the little I knew, and that if there was a feedback process then we were in real trouble.

My colleague agreed, for she knew more than I did. We got to chatting about life in the 40s and 50s in the West Coast of Eire that her family had told her about. The strong arming of the USofA corp. to get Eire to ditch neutrality and join the good fight. The promises of money and loans if the white hat was to turn grey. How there was never much on a plate at meal times.

She told me about the book she had in her possession that I by chance realised I’d read a long time previously before it got swaatched from the shelves. I was then allowed to read again thanks to her kindness. How she took the bullet for her department when it went tits up in her industry and how she had died.

Now I’ve never been one to hang around with the undead but there you go. So I raised an eyebrow on cue.

She related how a few years previously she had contracted MRSA and had been loaded up to the wards in a well known premier infirmary in North London. There she died.

While she was dead she had the usual follow the light experience, her experiences in lala land culminated in supreme contentment knowing that she was in the presence of the creator and then her dead father intervened and pleaded with her to return to life for she could not leave those behind alone. Eventually she was persuaded to return. The pain on returning to her body being far greater than anything she had ever experience, the rigours of child birth was as nothing.

We turned to the Brunswick culprit and asked “Really?” My dead chum having been in the civil unrest at that very venue protesting with the being shit upon women employees.” Yes” he said “it was my entire fault. I was in the IT dept there at the time!” I got back on track and filed further pursuit of the Brunswick tale for a later date, since my dead chum got back to the other weird thing about the whole experience. When she came round she found out that if it hadn’t been for a Philippina nurse staying vigil over her for a full 24hrs straight and battering in the antibiotics she would have been left to expire. The nurse knew who would be left behind alone and was intent on not leaving her post until my chum was back with the living.

I didn’t have to believe or unbeleive, doubt or indoubt. I just remarked that if the universal soul does exist, could it be that she had experienced a higher human state instead since there seemed to be some sort of input from the temporal to bring her back, manifest as her father. “No” she wasn’t having any of that, she’d been in the presence of God and was back to get on with life as best she could.

I kept on the universal soul tack though and asked whether it could exist independent of a deity or higher being and that if it did and the postulated feedback mechanism did exist I asked “What if we are proving to be toxic to that Jungian universal soul AND that is then making mankind more and more fuckedwitz like?” A kind of spiritual downward spiral if you like. AND being a fully rationalised process by whom?

Now years have passed since that quiet boozer vignette. Almost immediately Mr. Brunswick told our bosses to go and fuck themselves since they were running nothing more than the typical North London business model of legalised scamming, so we couldn’t get to quiz him any further on exactly what he had done to precipitate the crisis there. My chum and I got to spend several more lunchtimes chewing the rag and formulating escape plans. In her previous career she had access to the kind of people and info I’d kill for. She knew that there would a call to her to get out of Dodge pronto when the SHTF for real. So we prepared escape routes, mileages, alternate routes, the places to stay the hell away from and the supplies she’d need to reach safety. We’ve all moved on of course and she’s still here in the Smoke so the call hasn’t been placed, yet.

I remember when I first came out here onto the Ausfahrt there were three things you could get. Hard core porn. Access to US mil. sites and US academia, even way back then the European academic sites were shut up tight. Verboten to the vulgar. Last but not least the most amazing sites dealing with all sorts of alternative views on things. Even then I used to wonder why they were there. The porn was obvious and the US freedom of info act was in place, but things like the Saturn Hypothesis WTF was that doing out here back then?

If there are 7 billion of us and each of us is connected to that Jungian soul, if there is a feed back cycle and if we can manipulate it then we will be in conflict with the longer term users of this knowledge. So to counter our increasing memory and knowledge and to keep us from integrating through this powerful idea we get our minds fucked with.

What is your mind? Who are you? Are you in between your ears?

Well no. How’s about you are just using the grey stuff between the ears as your non dom. You are there, but not really. You are actually off shore?

I hope you are getting the flavour of what is actually a very hybrid mixture of in your face piss take and occulted philosophy continually practiced by adepts in all spheres of our conditioning.

As I’ve said before “We have to think as they think”.

What's coming next can be conflated. However whatever the outpouring I take the soul, Jungian or otherwise, and the mind as two separate though very exotic states.

Both being messed with at our expense.

What if?

Who remembers a micro second ago that we wanted something other than the unedifying repast of recycled verminous ritual offered to us upon pain of death?

GV does.

I do.

I remember that micro second ago when Maggie was going to kick our management up their arses, put the commie agitators under the cosh and then UK plc would be great again. We’d kick every other load of state sponsored industrialist into the long grass.

Of course what we were told was going to happen and what we got were two different things. A 30 year continuum sapping the life and memory and knowledge from the country so that we are fit for satrapy. Generations and generations to come of stasis and unchanging energy drained and vitality stunned debt chain gang.

Industrial people are active, vibrant, challenging and resourceful. They seek answers independent of dogma and will confront any given as they seek to better themselves and their society.

Here industry is not wanted. Simplistic beliefs and lives with no foreseeable non-compliances is the desired outcome. A society with all answers derived from a simple book of instruction and dogma. Compliance is to be rewarded with life.

Now more and more realise the futility of this repetitive ceremony that passes for existence. An ersatz reality that has made us all pestilent in spirit. We’ll be getting the offer the Irish were made all those centuries ago.

Get on the NOAHide or you’ll be getting out of life.

So what form does the offer take this time? Just think of anything that has been introduced under the GWOT.

For UK plc it is goodbye Magna Carta and trial by jury. Introduction of secret courts under any pretext is the same process . Carbon taxes and the rationing of your breath, same con, because energy means freedom. If the sole source of energy is the capture of sunlight then that means there can be no movement for you and me, no freedom.

However our lords and masters will be free to travel on sequestered modes of transport that we won’t get to hear about from our cannibalistic MSM. Oh and if you say otherwise you’ll be killed, you very obviously do not believe appropriately.

So that’s the last micro second back to Maggie and the last millisecond back to Whitby. What about going a little further back?

Back to …ooooh Noah of course!

How far back is that? Well it might be as far back as a tenth of a second. It could be a fuck sight farther than that. So what do we know about the lad in the big boat? Well the best source from what is available to the vulgar, yes that’s their term for you and me and what we are allowed to read, is the Gilgamesh story. You certainly are not going to be getting the full Monty from any mono theist’s handbook on getting onside with NOAHide under the guise of hanging with the good guys.

I left a little fragment of a potential pantheon that Gilgamesh might have recognised in a previous post and as I remarked at the time the deity revered by the ignorant monotheists and worshipped by the blinded illuminists might be a bad guy like Enke.

What if?

So then, is their clever, clever secret world the correct version? All those secret society’s that we know about are just shop window dressing. What we’ll never see is what’s going on behind the shop window, behind the front of store, behind the counter, behind the storeroom at the back, behind the stairway down to the cellar door, behind that cellar door at certain sacred times when the celestial alignments are correct and the correct blood lines are represented and the sacrificial victim is procured.

I will say their memory of what has happened is better than ours. Most of us cannot get back further that a hundred or two hundred years. These slobs have an unbroken lineage of millennia and that gives them a justifiable temporal snobbery. No wonder they take the piss out of us at every turn, they actually know more.

If you kept meeting at a secret location and got foul smelling libations and stupid ceremonial outfits on, draped yourself in false skulls and incanted nonsense you would quickly lose interest in it, even if their was some top shagging and orgyisting to be had, of it didn’t actually deliver into your hands real tangible power over your fellows who were kept out of the schools and in the sheep pen. Wouldn’t you?

You couldn’t keep it up for generations over the millennia and across the planet as you were forced to move on by pursuit or the search for competing knowledge and rival practitioners to rub out of the timelines, unless you got the real deal. Could you?

And what if this ritual and ceremony is itself just a shadow of what used to be? What if Enke, and the other guys in the pantheon like Adam, Eve, what happens if they are an incomplete memory of what was? Once you start asking these questions then you collide head on with the guys smoking in the BIG ROOM because no matter what you turn up with, truth, fantasy or falsity, they don’t care because you are going to ruin their gig. A gig that has worked for them for millennia; the clearest manifestation of their powerful magic being fractional reserve banking or debt. And the secrets of mass control.

That creates a problem in our received perception. Our reception of their view of things might mean retuning mankind again.

A dissonance between their stated view of what was and has been; and our experience and returning memory.

There is only one final solution as always.

Erase our memories. Reset our clocks.

The NWO is a non esquintera, these guys are remembering back to the good old days and they know that all they have to do is hang on until the correct celestial alignments pitch up and then it will be party time again.

But they’ve forgotten something.

Approx 7 billions of us.

Saturday 13 March 2010

The problem is….

…that too many remember and more and more are joining us every day.

More and more are unearthing the past and revealing our mistaken and perverted history. We rediscover and remember that life is not about the seven laws of Noah. We are not the first to remember and we are discovering what happens to those who will not comply.

Just like the Irish.

Tarnished forever.


Monday 1 March 2010

Banking on Tesla

OR yet more movies and books.

As I’ve mentioned on several occasions me and my mate Tim the tube driver would chew the rag on many occasions about the weirdness that is banking whilst schlepping round Trent Park with our pups. Indeed I think I’ve detailed my speculation, way back then pre 9/11, on how the banking world seemed to be using occulted physics as its business model; in a previous ranting.

I’ll explain again and then really let it rip.

If you wander through any of the realised weirdness that could provide some hint about what’s been hidden since metering, or rationing as it is called in UK plc, became the paradigm you end up here. USS Eldridge was a great big Gaussian experiment run wild. The Beehive was a far more clever exercise is Einstein et al’s unified field theorising. Tesla was peering into the lost world of Maxwell’s mirror. All were hazardous to biological systems but they accidentally revealed an opportunity to engineer time. Remember when Tesla got belted on the scone by a multi million volt jolt he is reported to have said that he could see all time, past, present and future.

Ignoring all the legend surrounding these projects the one common factor is the AC system pulsed by DC.

So let’s get analogous. AC/variable interest rates pulsed by DC/injection of debt.

Now don’t forget that all the voodoo from Tesla onwards is placed in the tin foil hat corner, or coroner.

Totally barking. Yet have a good look at fractional reserve banking, if you wandered through earlier musings, all the way back to the laws of Hammurabi and before; that’s how their philosophy works.

Human society, ether, is manipulated via usury, AC systems, and injections of debt, DC pulses, with the capture of wealth, release of energy and over unity.

You get more out than you put in. Bankers put in nothing and get it all. Stimulate the aether with x and get x+y. Alchemy.

Such over unity systems for the masses are total bollox and yet for millennia that’s been the money lender’s secret. Not the only secret mind you.

The classical and conventional narrative says that you save hard, work hard and pass on wealth to your children. NO. That’s classical thermodynamics. Have you noticed that there is nothing to pass on unless you are a high priest of finance and accessed to charitable foundations?

One of the “accidents” of the Tesla, Bell & Eldridge spanking around is the tapping into time quanta. That’s where this line of medication started.

Goldman Sachs and Stealing Time.

[BTW as a direct aside please notice that the money scammers do not care which brand of god bothering it uses to cabal the Herd Attention Space, human quanta flux, it will promote any and all HAS control that suits its purpose. Sharia UK plc you bet, that though is another story from the trinity.]

Since we know the combination of Goldman Sachs and High Frequency Trading allowed them to scam all other market players just what was the secret? How they got the tech. is another story for another speculative day.

Essentially there is a Black Box into which buy and sell signals entered, a BB in the control of GS. GS sneaked a peek, made their play, and then the buy/sells went in their merry way with a pico seconds difference between them and the GS inside deal.

I won’t get all expectorant here I’ll just note two examples of what I imagine we could be dealing with. One example from the sane end of the unsane spectrum and one, which I’ll go with, from the unsane insane unsane end of the barking scale. Mind you knowing how weird real life can be and that 9 out of 10 million-to-one shots come off; I reckon my money is safe, if you excuse the fiat based pun.

1) The BB fucked with time by the order of a nano second and time stamped the buy/sells as though nothing had happened. Rendering the process undetectable.
2) Remember that, at least as far as we know and this is contrary to what we’ve been pre-programmed to expect i.e. Terminator, biological systems are anathema to the process. So sending someone back or forward is not going to work. However what if an object was sent forward and retrieved. We’ll stick to the going forward bit for this drivelling. A something to retrieve a what?

Other things? Numbers and data? Images?

What about GS’s BB reaches forward just far enough to get a good peek to massively influence GS’s plays amplifying what they already know about the other market makers’ plays?

It is all in the name High Frequency Trading. Where is the HF AC/ HF DC system held and operational?

If you’ve read any of my other bayings you’ll know I, and lots of others, reckon the USofA corp. has handed tech over to the ChiComms. So has the BB gone over as well since the USofA corp. has been trashed. Are the ancient handlers moving the centre of operations again?

I might as well go Full Monty.

That’s what the USCG cutter was doing alongside the slave quay in Shanghai last Oct/Nov when the US Comm. Sec. was in town yakking with his kinsmen. This also means that the favoured play ground of TPTB is ChiCommland as signalled by the take down of WTC 1&2.

The language is at least 5000 years old but it can be read clearly. The decryption is childsplay.

Heads up.