Wednesday 29 August 2018

Racist Genocidal Shithouse hosts TrotskyTory

“The UK supports President Cyril Ramaphosa's approach to land reform and believes it could potentially unlock further investment opportunities in Africa.
In her first visit to the continent as UK Prime Minister, Theresa May pledged to become the G7's biggest investor in Africa by 2022, using the UK's development budget to not only relieve poverty, but to create a sustainable investment environment for British businesses.”

Looks like Russia c1919. Smells like Talmudic starvation. Quacks like a phukkwitz.

Londonprojekts4U busts a 17th century move and makes 21st century Marxist shapes.

All the wealth is heading for the home counties via John Company as NGO.

Watch out for Ramaphosa’s masseeev welfare bitch bastard herd breeder compound in the Cotswalds.


Monday 27 August 2018

Faked Media Hunger

Know anything about heavy water? No you don’t. It was everywhere. Want to buy a Spruce tree? Why would a commando fail and be delivered as tree success and yet no commando has ever succeeded in protecting the UKabo from anything? Are UKAlbedoAbos too thick to exist? Well I suppose that the tat that passes for UKAbos currently will die off since they were part of the youngest civilisation on the planet. Easy prey to metamentalraptors.

Those who have read out here on this partoftheausphart will know that I have warned here since the beginning and where ever I comment, though no one gets it, that the same modus and propaganda will, I repeat WILL, be applied to the AlbedoAbos in general now, as was dealt out specifically to the Irish and Russians.

I have also warned consistently that the Rothschild Criminal Enmity/Tel Aviv is waiting for the right moment to cry antiPhukkwitz on the West and cuddle up openly to their newest and bestest century inbred hatchery bitched cathayboybitches.

With UKplc having been turrned into a national equivalent of Palmerstone’s 19th century London hybrid breeding kennels for European revolutionaries, the 21st century equivalent will be global revolution, how else do you explain quantitative easing and nothing for the UKAlbedoAbos. The waves of global revolutionaries have been groomed and are ready for deployment. Think Whitehats as a proof of concept and the mega airlift out of Heathrow will reap its global harvest soon.

It is not easy to get hard facts to make these things clear and yet every so often the procelainshatteringshitters drop their load and a great big shiney turd surfaces that should never have seen the light of day.

Let us look at what this means for UKabos.

Quite simply, you will die if you are not strategically aligned with the business plan. No UKabo is even aware of the business plan so you will die through rationing or business triage. Die under clear propaganda cover. If the GGT can lie in the clear for 20 years about the dead left all over the world by NATO flower power. If the GGT can lie in your face about GGT talent sodomising dead cripples and smoothing the lives of imported rape paedophile grooming gangs phukking young female UKAlbedoAbos, it will ignore starved dead UKabos lying in the streets of D Noticed control zones. I would watch  “The War Game” to see how the civil power will pull a distributed system Katyn Wood on UKabos. UKmedia is now HyperPRAVDAfundamentalists afraid of COMINTERNexpulsion from life.


CanAbos can expect, a la Irlanda c1840, all the food to be marched under contract, out under John Company guard, exported from the country right in front of your starving eyes. It will likely be accompanied by an engineered crop failure, a la Ukrania c1930. This is necessary for the business plan which requires feeding the war machine as it kills billions on the hyperlittoral.

SNAFU!: The Philippines is thinking about its insurgency w...: via Bloomberg.  The Philippine president is opposing an offer by the U.S. defense chief and other top American officials to buy F-16 fi...

All this will be eased by recent imported talent families in the Commonwealth administration engines hidden deep in the NGOs and StatecullingOrgs.

USofA corp.

Now don’t expect any help from the USofA corp. They are currently experiencing anti-idolitary as anti-fa. That means private state sponsored bloodshed soon. USofA corp are going to get the equivalent of fake factory strikes, a la Россия c1900. Constant fake strikes for fake reasons run by porcelainshatteringphukkwitz. In USofA corp this will manifest as a running programme of weapon seizures under faked events for the safety of civilians. Then the CHEKA/STASI/ZOMO will take everyone away or organise battles where the shitters will be constantly supplied with endless Special Drawing Right fake currency to buy UNmercs and weapons and the USofA corp. money markets and credit will have gone. Expect all aircraft moved off shore or grounded by UN sanctions.

When the dust settles expect Brasilia/Arabia Felix/Cathay to install Global Ba al Hammon in the Hyperlittoral and MacKindergarten theory to have been at last exposed like Darwin, Freud, Einstein and Freidman as just mind dust for dessicated fools.

One further constant evident in the pixel bashing here is that I have repeatedly stated that no where in AlbedoAbo history has it ever been shown that the AlbedoAboleadership at any point has done anything other that seethe with hatred at the ordinary Albedoperson. From Iberia in the time of Hasdrubal to Breslau in the time of Stalin the AlbedoAboleaders have always been strategically aligned with the porcelainshatterer mindparasite and spiritoten.

Pharmacy time.

Sunday 26 August 2018

Wankstator Diaspora, Habiru Arabia Felix Extant.

Mami's Shit: Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2018.08.2...: Powers & Principalities Episode 66 Henry Kissinger Timothy's Podcasts Your browser does not support the audio element....

Friday 24 August 2018

Money Fast Breeder, what’s your real handle China? The remains oftoady....

Have you ever read the official history of the Manhattan project? The sewage works.

Ever checked out the membership of the olive grove? The amnesiac mind palace self constructed victims.

“However, the test of a culture is purely empirical: despite being the most literate people in Europe, until integrated into western empiricism (Aristotelianism), they Jews contributed nothing to mankind for two thousand years, other than judaism, christianity, and islam, by which ALL the great civilizations of the ancient world were destroyed by the underclasses, and by which they are destroying western civilization at present. Small contributions that are not unique do not compensate for the destruction they have caused everywhere they have gone. 1B dead by Abrahamic religions, and 100M dead so far by Communism and Leftism worldwide: Abrahamism created the Abrahamic Dark Ages.”

Ever seen an emptied mind palace at work?

Look at UKplc, Magik circles selling bog roll und anusol to the redretards. Only in Stabstanistanzentral could there be a move at welfare bitch London Assembly level to force councils to care for dead cats whilst nothing is done to stop child trafficking on behalf of Viet und Nung drug gangs and their booby trapped semidetached plantations. What a phukking dump!

Only in UKplc could the public subsidised creatives decide to force the subject of childrens’ shitchutes onto the Skyspywindow immediately after a notorious GGT charity whore child post mortem sodomiser got released from public attention in rigor. What a shithouse!

Only in UKplc welfarebitched gulag could the phake troTory first Lord of the money debasing cellar, gangstaexCHEQUA from CHECKARS, apply 15th century laws to the 21st century ruins of civilisation.
Only in the Globe theatre as City could playtime STARSI be trained to be disguised temporary ineffectives whilst in actuality they are kryptoZOMO, skeletal murder machines, in waiting to be fleshed out. Think a black Jaime Bond and the UKabo as ubisquitosBlofeldis insectoids to be swatted away, tubeflattended electricianpistolstylee.

This must have been what it was like as the aqueducts started to be demolished by the same phukkwitz we now witness inhabiting the wankstator stages. Anyway the fallow fields principal means new corpirations will be watered into bloom soon as the sweated assets fall into weeping sand blown failure.


Thursday 23 August 2018

The phukkwitz Mind Poured

Mami's Shit: Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2018.08.2...: E. Michael Jones on Dionysos Rising: The Birth of Cultural Revolution Out of the Spirit of Music Dr. E. Michael Jones returns to Our I...

The never ending fabrikation of miasma from illusion will only be stoppered when the banker breeding mares are taken away to be stunned.

It is not the thousand yard stare that trips the wire, it is the thousand yards under the terreur terroire stare.

10,000 years of peculiarly pecuniary horror.


Saturday 18 August 2018

Can you spell Tim Rifat?

SNAFU!: Russia's Poseidon Nuclear Powered, Nuclear Torpedo...: via Popular Mechanics. The world is still processing the sheer awfulness of Russia’s new Poseidon long range torpedo. The multi-megaton...

It may be too soon to say if the zeroG breeders are ready yet, expect a crown breeding mares' compound here in UK, but the lethality space is now in camera terra ubiquitous. With 50 years of John Company corporate planning for an exoandrogyn creation already passed  that makes 5 generations of mutation.

Now I know you are thinking WTF!

It is Lunartic Talmud Time.

Expect coerced peace soon.


Thursday 16 August 2018

7 years out and everything is still on programme....

You didn't really believe anything that scorched earth wankstator weaseley Clarke said did you?


Juniper Cobra needs silence in the prayer space.

Bye bye Alex


You might as well follow MiHi, nothing to say here, wankstator UFO Pope, you phukkwitz.

OFM!!!! GGTF!!! Yahkhaaant!!!!!!

Tuesday 14 August 2018

Smokin’ saddles and deep action state.

It was a few years since I did a saddle check and we’d lost the spoor of the perps in our own reverie. The namshub had not protected us from enchanted chance.

Even back then there was still an empty place for someone who could use a long gun, and Chris was still looking to hire a knife man.

Our trail looked like this.

Farrell, CAF, Dolan, Levenda, Celente, Tarpley….

Since then we’ve had to leave Farrell gutshot in a whore house in El Paso, Levenda got taken somewhere around Tuscon by Vatican Assassins. Tarpley got lifted by Pinkertons and is languishing in a Boston pastry shop. Celente left to pick up some new boots in Baja California and Dolan and CAF went off to Australia.

So there I was sitting by the dock of the Bay moping, filing down the lead.

A sudden shout and Celente is back.

PhukkinA Gerald, PhukkinA.

A short telegram from Hart says he’s on a swift packet from St Ives and will be with us shortly.

Mami's Shit: The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2018.08.13: Graham and Brizer's guest: John Kaminski Graham Hart - Hoax Train.mp3 Graham Cornwall Stream Mami's Archive The G...

We ride again, south, towards others who know what is what and what we don’t know but I’ve got my bus pass with me just in case.


Monday 13 August 2018

Stand Down Orders ChappatteeChabaddieCharraddeee

Like Smashy and Nicey with schweremachinengewerpsychotronische.

They couldn’t foil 9/11, they couldn’t assist AGTR-5, they poisoned all of Vietnam with defoliants, they can’t clear the poppies, they are simulacra robokillturingfails, an airborne global pox.

What is the point of sending an F22 after a disparaged, despairing aircraft pilot?

As remarked here

And here

Many times it has been obvious over the passed 50 years that the RCE/TA firebase was getting ready to ditch its westbitches and rehookup with its cathaybitches, all under the cover of the westbitches being antiphukkwitz.

SNAFU!: I want your opinion. Why should the US step betwe...: Have you been watching the little dust up between Saudi Arabia and Canada?  A quick rundown goes like this.  Saudi Arabia arrested some wome...

So right on queue the Canuckbitchboys roll another snakeyes and the Habiruextant get all shirty. Well guess who’s cravencaravan is off to shit all over the decks of chicomm warships, eh?

If there are Chicomm feurzes espeziales in Syria that is only because when Syria is gone Iran will be surrounded and there is only that one country not under RCE/TA control between the RCE/TA firebase and the RothCathay border.

Then the masons of the air will blow away home, spent.

Saturday 11 August 2018

Black Aircraft over Tabriz

If you’ve ever read Keith’s stuff, which is just an echo of repatriated Phoenix and unbent Paperclip, one thing that should strike one is the “hearsay” flavour of the narrative.  I suppose when you get a load of black chopper self unloading cargo kicking over your phu bowl and torching your rice store that is your own very espeziale “hearsay”. “Ignorance as hearsay” as an unknowing V2 victim might say in London 1944.

Black U-boats, black ops, black budget all hearsay. Except when it turns up and blows you out of the pages of recorded and fabulous “history” at 2:30am zulu.

If you’ve ever supped from the glass of whitehatdom you’ll know that all of it was/is distilled by A.A.Milne.

All of it is a pooh porn shot.

There may be black helicopters over head but there are definitely no white hats anywhere now.

Everyone has been made a monkee of.

For the UKabo, not the recent imports of supremacists, the smell of Yankee Tetraethyllead and the feel of Czeck armour plate make us all aglow. We did that, we did that. And we did. The rickets infested, deprived white scum of these isles were given some stuff for a while and we did it all. Then it was taken away slowly whilst the European eternaltalpiotcriminals were integrated in comfort.

Do you remember getting nothing? And paying with everything.

All erased like a geezer getting his teeth pulled for Memorex. Once the next one has blown over no one will understand that the dead never wanted this future.

Look at those two photos. Remember?

What was going down that the multipronged op that failed and succeeded in the rest of that year stopped?

What we can say is that there were no black aircraft over head and that there is no reason whatsoever to believe anything you hear over ATC nets or on radar displays, ever.

If phunky women and telephone engineers in 1943 could mess with the Kammhuber lines WTF do you think learning engines and bought media proprietors could do to persons sickened to death by their debts and in rotted spiritual health, c 2001AD?

Who do you think did it? Judge Dredd!!!

Back to zeevar. Do you remember when the 100octane lads were backs to the wall having just, and no more, staved off the 87benzeneers? All we could do was hang on by our finger tips until the lads we had been trying to destroy, semiseriously of course off course, turned up in their P47s to rescue us.

Do you remember when the eeveel nasties, who hadn’t gassed anyone yet, attacked the biggest gang of murdering, 20 million unalive Europeans by 1940, psychopathic talmudic welfare bitchboy warlocks ever seen on earth? Do you remember how the head witch Stalin was in so much trouble that USofAbos were conned into giving him all the goodies that ordinary people in Virginia and Texas had to die without in the 1930s? Do you remember?

So if me and Walker Texas Ranger are lying gunshot in an alley way, one would be more than surprised to hear that both of us, subsequently, had been witnessed ramraiding a WalTescCarre for humous and orgiastic asparagus whilst roaring our aspergers hard shagging a selfcheckoutAI.

Wouldn’t one?

So how come Walker and I invaded Iran in 1941?

In those days black aircraft were indeed witnessed overhead in Tabriz. Now I am not suggesting that Kommando Rowehl had 288s running out of Bulgaria but it is a measure of the failure, deliberate sabotage of western tacair, that something in the SPECTRE infested LM/BAe/P&W triumvirate, the pact of shite, has not got our best interests at heart. I used to think that the F35 was like the Ju288 but it is even worse. Conceptually it is like a Breda 88. £££££££Bernoullimong$$$$$$$.

Look at those two photographs again.

In 2001 the F35 was crap. Gazillions of sponds later in 2018 it is megacrap.

In 2001 the ChiComms were just able to park a 1950s vintage derivative F8 over Hainan. Gazillions of sponds later they have paved the South China Sea and can now park the 2018 equivalent of an F111 and an F23 overhead.

And the black aircraft still fly over Tabriz.

Friday 10 August 2018

HWW Royal ChiComm base.

SNAFU!: Singapore is critically vulnerable...: When Singapore's defense leadership wakes up in the morning what are they thinking about?  Check this out from Senang Diri Blog (YOU...

Consider this an additional to the previous post.

Love this guy, he’s one of the canaries tweeting 2020.

Since the RothMilner group pencilled in the Brisbane line 80 years ago now, the viability of the old Huq lands and Sulu seas have been in limbo.

First the OsakaRoth boys rolled through and got stalled by geezers from Montana and Victoria.

Then McArthur walked out of the surf again and before you know it peace had inconveniently descended and Alinsky theory means you cannot gunfire and sniper your way into Oak Island like biscuit bunkers disguised in indiscernible Japscribble.

Watch the ChiComms roll through for a big McVities pickup soon.

He’s going to burn.

“(CNN)Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to kill dozens of Philippines National Police (PNP) officers who are under investigation for crimes in an expletive-laden rant targeting criminality in the force.
After hauling 102 officers to the Malacañang -- the Philippines Presidential Palace -- Tuesday, the firebrand leader unloaded on them, calling them "useless... (and) a menace to society," CNN affiliate CNN Philippines reported.
Many of the officers presented to Duterte are under investigation for serious crimes including rape, kidnapping, extortion and involvement in the drug trade. Others are accused of administrative lapses, like being absent without leave and failing to appear for court duties.”

Marcos got US custody and protection despite spending decades helping HM fuerzes especialies and black SSKs load as much as could be got from the bay but the big pickup needs island building skills.

Oak Island traps=Golden Lilly traps


Sunday 5 August 2018

The only question I could not ask then.......

.....was who's world view the AIs will be given?

SNAFU!: China might fight alongside Syria in the ongoing c...: via Two Chinese diplomats have raised the possibility of Chinese military operations in Syria alongside the Assad regim...

......well 3 years ago they were on UNBLUEdisguisedrecon as I remarked here....

....don't forget all the juniper cobra kit got left behind in the RCE/TA firebase that year as I noted here....

.......that was when the AI got loaded and integrated into the magic warrior in the firebase. No wonder there has been so much action in the area to get Russia in and to observe them. Satan's quantum sentience must have been learning and learning.


Friday 3 August 2018

Proximate and Approximate

Morgoth's Review: Hate Reading The Guardian & Discussing The Tommy R...: A veritable YouTube video bonanza this weekend with two videos related to the state of the white working class in Britain.

They never existed except on paper and yet this week I’ve seen two open up.


The magnificent cats are bracketing their targets.


Addendum. Don't those UK childeeens look skinny compared to the corporate Ausphartkinder.


Wednesday 1 August 2018

ProjectmangangedtheftCancelled U.S. Aircraft Programs | Defense Media Network

Cancelled U.S. Aircraft Programs | Defense Media Network: A history of some of the most notorious cancelled U.S. aircraft programs.

GMAT MyarxerseBitchesArse

No gadgerprofessor or gadjeycentral wanker can explain anything. It is all a mystery.

Watch and learn.

Arserythmaticmajik nobelprizedarsology.

Now add childblood, quimjuice and manoil and you can rule the world.



Phukkin Pharmacy Time