Thursday 22 October 2009

And Lenin wore a wig.

He really did!!!

The jury of this esteemed prize is pleased to announce this years contenders for the

"Lenin Wore a Wig” 2010 prize

Awarded for the continual fomenting of confusion, bollox, unmitigated arsebark, obfuscation, evil mischievousness and all round phukkwitery, and in no particular order are.

The BBC for constantly pushing the agendas of microbial political life forms. The jury cite every single day they transmit.

The BBC for constantly pushing the agendas of foundation bitchboys. The jury cite everything they ever transmit.

Bibi for being at the wrong place at the wrong time, as always. The jury cite 7/7 and Moscow Sep 2009.

The BNP for being an MI5 front. The jury cite Scargill’s 2iC.

The Taliban for being a CIA front. The jury cite drugs

The Pope for being an unreconstructed oligarch. The jury cite Madeleine McCann

Anjem Choudary for being a foundation bitch boy MI5 operative barking banana splitter. The jury cite Islam. Hahahahaaa hahaaa. Sorry we couldn’t help ourselves, the Fuckwitt. SPECIAL citation. Just like all foundation bitchboys he’ll have a free downtown pass allowing him free entry into any Palembang lady boy and a tanker load of pink champagne.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for being a MOSSAD/CIA stooge. The jury cite Jimmy Carter and Starsky.

George Soros. The jury cite: this is for being a turncoat multidimensional out of the Jewish ghetto Omni faith shape shifting anything he’s told to be psychopathic lying motherfucker Nazi. The Jury also cite Hungary 1944.

Jacqueline Smith/ Harriet Harman. The jury cite for selling their one soul to the devil for two equally repulsive bodies. The Jury also cite any deferential inclusive diversified kebab cum super tanker terminal shop run by lesbian pygmy paraplegics raped by
Polar penguins on crack. Of color ‘innit.

The votes are coming in as we speak, results soon. Tune in to see who gets the wig ;-)

If there is anyone we’ve forgotten the jury apologise and will take names and pointy fingers for the 2011 award.

God willing we are still all at liberty.

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