Tuesday 30 June 2009

The finer points of cuisine,high finance & movies.

So the grass scavengers are back grunting all over the telly. Some sound as though they’re being fucked up the ass by a steroid enraged rhino with a flannel fetish. In a more sane age they would have been told to shut the fuck up and get it on with Ron Jeremy.
Reminds me of when my mate Ram and I came up with an idea for the ultimate food programme back in 2002. “Track it, capture it, fuck it, kill it, eat it.” To be done in all the out of the way places like Tierra del Fuego and Siberia. Kind of like Bush Tucker Man. Only more so. Every part of that pitch was nicked. But not all is on telly.

Any way back to the grass scavengers in a bun. How come they are all over the place?

Well not everyone wants to consider that our UK ID scheme has apparently been dropped. Oh yeah!!!
Well according to the FT June 25th “India plans ID cards for its 1.1bn citizens”
I can just see the pitch in the big consultancies “The big money is overseas so let’s drop Britain ‘cos they are poor. Once India’s in the bag, back to Blighty to sort the serfs out on the cheap.”
Can we just reiterate this one more time SOMEONE’S NICKED ALL THE FUKKIN’ MONEY!!!
Not Madoff, he’s small beer. We are talking trillions and trillions and trillions. We are talking a big player, a supra sovereign entity, with massive fukkin’ bags.
Something so powerful that No10 is a pet roach, if that. Someone so evil that the Mandelbrot Set are expendables in a snuff movie. Some entity so insinuated into our daily lives that there has been no crime committed ever, because they say so!!!
Note that there has been NO prosecution of anyone for anything, anywhere in this whole story.
It’s a commercial secret. It’s Fleet. It’s piracy.
You try dodging a parking ticket and the lead pill pharmacy will be all over your ass.
So what’s the story for you and me then?
We must realize that we live on a pirate ship and the whole way this movie plays out is that the pirates win every time. Don’t speak up, don’t debate the finer points of opening move theory, don’t try and find reason. Pay up fuckker.
When the grass scavengers have finished their grunting you can be sure that whoever stole all the money will have had their bags emptied.
Heads up.

No trident, no Queen Elizabeth? Expect a harem in Hounslow soon.

Med or Baltic? Hanseatic or Venetian?

Every so often a great day arrives that allows us, the great unwashed, to get a glimpse of the GREAT CEREMONY being played out hidden in clear sight.



Whatever the pish spewed onto our screens by the MSM regarding these two military symbols we can now see that if they are torpedoed the UK plc will be going Club Med.

Do you know what that means chums?

An age of Hashshashin, Gomorra and the slow degeneration into the bronze age. NO civil liberties, no rights, no freedoms, nothing. Stay indoors and do as your fucking told or else!!!

All the phekkwitz that marched and ranted in the late 60’s will find their great, great grandchildren enslaved by their phukkwittery. Sweet!!!!

It is obvious now that the whole 68 malarkey thingy was a put up job. Go checkout who funded their literature.

It is germane that "see me" liberationists banging on about youths blasting their spunk across the room would never have dreamed in their sweetest dreams just how integral liberationists would be to the, can’t be far away, establishment of the first harem in Hounslow. I’ll bet they’ll get rid of front doors pronto and we’ll be getting in through the roofs a la Stone Age.

Other things to look out for in the bronze age, eunuchs, ziggurats, white slavery, child labour, no trial by jury, no habeas corpus, no due process, rule by fiat, incompetent goons running things on faith, satraps.

Shit most of it’s here!!!!!


Heads up.

Redacted Redux

Here we go, get your lugs round this. Go baby go.



So we know they took down Iceland, Ireland & other small European states.

They then took down GM?

California is next?

Who do you think they might come after then? Feel the cross hairs on your neck?

Now when we’re sitting freezing this winter because we’re poor.


With a guttering candle and our loved ones coughing up their lungs because NICE reckons our lives aren’t worth a fuck.


Who’d want to be an MP?

Monday 29 June 2009

More PIGPISS. A peek inside Zorzi's mind

In the Floating City Zorzi was unhappy. Seated within his office atop the Imperium he gazed at the slowly rotating hologram of John Dee on his desk top and allowed his mighty mind to wander over the world.

Just to the west there sat the farce. Within it DF brooned mobiles at anyone who moved, Plums plotted, TLHE seethed poisonous schemes not knowing that he, Zorzi, could fathom every multi faceted treachery. Ma Cherry cried oceans of red ink over her books at number 11 wondering what the hell had happened since she had come down from Athens. How she longed for those gilded evenings so many years ago back in her home town when honest to goodness plotting and slick practice had been so simple.

Z chuckled to himself, “Suicide watch ehh!!! Some of you won’t be coming back after the hols!!! Baddabbing you ain’t gonna sing.”

A little further to the west and Z could feel S preparing for the battle with DFT. S could handle that, but it would be tough.

Out over the ocean his mind reached and there he could feel his agents were holding tough against the colonials. Bernard Pancake had done well to imply disaster if they stuck their noses into Z’s Fed.

Z brought his mighty mind back and reached east. DFT was on her way with an offer from the Teutonic Knights of Zion for S. Z looked forward to the clash. S and Z hadn’t had the chance to wield Cthulu for some time. Good. Just hang on for a few more sweeps of the local sun and then the age of molten metal would be gone and the flying rocks could start again.

But all was not well in Z’s world. Further to the east the Chinese Emperor was back on the scene.

Things under his predecessors had been allowed to get too chaotic in the last century. Even with the best will in the world you could loose track of your evil schemes, he mused. Well it’s not the first time they’d dealt with CE.

Time to prepare a trip to the Adriatic.

Don't listen to Blinky and Perky they're full of porkies.

Time for more statements of the bleeedin’ obvious.

As Aangirfan asked http://aangirfan.blogspot.com/2009/06/cia-is-trying-to-break-up-pakistan.html

Well I thought there was a treaty dating from the first decade of the 20th century that surrendered the very NW tip of the then British Raj, currently NW Pakistan, to Afghanistan by the first decade of 21st Century.

If so then part of GWOT is simply a ruse to facilitate honouring of that treaty.

See also this well known item below published ages ago in Turkey. Go on look closely.

One also has to ask what other secret treaties we the great British public are being unwittingly forced to “Honour"?

Heads up.

Would you trust these clowns with anything of value to you?

Inhabited Carbon Based Life Forms

You can make an ICBLF from a human being but you can NEVER make a human being from an ICBLF.

Who loves ICBLFs?

Behavioural Economists, Economists General, Materialists, Any Phekkwitz who’s talked bollox about philosophy during the 20th century(Fukkin’ lazy work shy clowns), Any Phekker who’s been a foundation bitchboy, Human Rights Lawyers, Minority Rights Activists, Bankers, AI Researchers (in both fields), Abortionists, Relativists, Predestinations, Creationists, Quantum Theorists, Revisionists, Slavers, Warmongers,
Psychopaths, Dictators, Degenerates.

These clowns swarm around The White House and No10.

Why do these, amongst many others, love ICBLFs.

Well if you want a license to steal from human beings get on these ICBLF gravy trains.

And when you peer deeply enough into their activities you’ll find a vast sucking emptiness.

The pursuit of the nothing.

The ICBLF CREDIT, the bane of human kind.

Heads up.

Sunday 28 June 2009

Deep fried Mars bars and the lack of sunspot activity.

I see the question of being Scotch raises its ugly head up north. The answers given to this question locally by their power/elite will tell us who the bitches are. Annnnddd we wait…….. ALL of them apparently.

Let me explain.

As always with any independence movement, the local power/elite keep the focus on the illusion of independence at home and exhaust everyone else. Then the global NAZI/SOVIET takes everything away.

Broon, Fishboy and the rest are dancing in the same ballroom. They know the rules. Always have done, always will be.

You wanna dance?

Become a foundation bitchboy then.

Or else you are to be displaced and cleared.

Sound familiar.

The aboriginals who inhabit what is now called Scotland have to realize that by the time TPTB have finished raising hell with the weather through their arts and devices places like Kilmarnock, Kilmaurs & St Kilda will be seriously sought after real estate. And as aboriginals there they have no place when TPTB decide to move their mansions in then it's fuckoffski to the locals.

English don’t snicker, you are first.


I don't want to scare you but.....

...sometimes I just get flashbacks.

Mandelbrot Set= Infinite Evil bounded within one body.

S has decided to check out the latest cyber war control centre in person rather than by remote viewing. S feels the sovereign’s presence will boost morale. S takes Hose and TLHE. S will be given a ceremonial tour by Strap who’s already on site wearing his PPE.

As S and entourage warp into the Command Information Centre we find Colonel Crecidikable Tally Vann having trouble finding Strap.

“Sir, for fucks sake it’s between your nuts, as I told you before you put it on. That’s the last place a bloke would ever forget about no matter how phase shifted he was.” CCTV roared.

God she was fed up with this twat. He wouldn’t be warned, no, as soon as he saw the CiC’s only full spectrum phase shift suit he had to try it on. Wouldn’t take a warning. Her beloved Cecil was out there in Afghanistan having to recycle bullets from dead skooks so they could afford this high tec majik shit here in Blighty and the Crown’s Top Brass could only fuck about in her Cyber bunker “trying on the trick stuff”. She’d like to lead pill him right there and then. CCTV fumed.

“I can’t see my nuts, I can’t feel my nuts and I can’t find my nuts” Wailed Strap as he crashed into another bank of Barky Water filters.

“Sir stand still at least we KNOW where you are now…. ‘Tention Admiral on the Bridge.” CCTV barked and stood rigidly to attention.

The CiC was run on Fleet Law since it wasn’t strictly on terra firma, though theoretically located just under Dick Toasters underground station at the end of the Piccalilli Line, it floated free in time and space. Hence S was in full Admiral of the fleet regalia.

Hose immediately warped out within Heisenberg range of S ready to take one. TLHE swept around the CiC in his robes. He loved swishing.

CCTV appraised S of the situation. Strap, ordered to remain stationary whilst CCTV briefed S, sulked.

“Now then Colonel” silked S “I want to be brought up to speed concerning our current operation in what they call Main Stream Media”

“Yes your majesty.” CCTV’s chest swelled, recognition at last.” As of Q2 2008 we started the full Hegelian dialectic within MSM supporting the John Dee main event. Disrupting our main MSM assets within the conventional MSM by bringing our two Trojan horse CyberMSMs to public attention. We did this through several vectors but as you know the tried and tested is Hegelian. That as we expected resulted in the rolling of several heads in the conventional MSM/Parliamentary asset inventory. Once the conventional MSM envelope had been pushed, and unknown to them essentially expanded, we then inserted our CyberMSM assets into the expanded envelope and healed the breech. Mission accomplished. We now have full MSM cover for the main event.” CCTV beamed, her pure white combat flash suite stretched with satisfaction.

“Wonderful, wonderful” smiled S. “And just remind me of how we can now use our new deep cover officers offensively?”

“That Admiral could only be reported by my immediate superior, who is currently trapped inside the CiC’s Shift Suit” Replied CCTV.

“Clever girl” thought S.

“Admiral. Do I have permission to release Sir Strap” CCTV’s heart beat faster. “Yes, immediately if you would please, we have not much time” S quipped.

CCTV stepped over towards Strap and delivered a good well judged boot to the happy sacks area. The only tried and tested way to get a tit out of a phase suite without any further fannying around. Strap sagged to the ground and the suit peeled off.

Hose phased in. S, Hose and TLHE immediately warped out. Leaving a faint sulphurous odour in the CiC. Strap clasped his nuts. CCTV focussed on the future and was happy.

Back under the drawing room five minutes before.

“Your majesty what happened?” whined TLHE rearranging his frocks. This was most unusual.

“Der Fuhrertochter will gate in the Chamber in five minutes. Despite your reassurances to the contrary things are going to get scary” Thundered S.

Saturday 27 June 2009

Gordon Broon will never leave the building.

So Gordon wants to HELP some people to the tune of £60Billion annually. Well whoever they are I have some advice.


He’s a NAZI operative and he’s fucked us over big time.

In the UK we’re now too poor for them to steal any more from, so they are going to kill us off. He’s had behavioural economists up his arse for two decades now and he thinks he’s doing good. The delusional Stepford Fifie.

He’s now going to “nudge” us towards the correct decisions. Since we’re too poor to be robbed we’re going to be killed off. Of course they’ve got no spine to take us on mano’a’mano, of course not. They’ll persuade us to make the best choice as useless eaters.

Lexicon time.
NHS=Population Reduction Scam=PRS

They’ll tax us for the following soon if Porrit and the WWF Nazis get their way,

Pissin’, shittin’, breathin’, birthin’, seein’, thinkin’, wankin’, shaggin' ever givin’ cool killin’ NAZIS.

You can count on it that when the job cuts come in the public sector it will be a putch by Common Purpose to get rid of the opposition. Once CP are in power just go read about any proto Soviet/Nazi society from 1920-1970 to see what we’ll get. Beria, Trotsky, Pol Pot, Mao, HoChi Minh, Heydrich and the whole MandelBrot Set.

Don’t forget these fuckers LOVE ChiComs and hate us.

Note that under deep MSM cover the Stepford Fifie totally subverted Parliamentary freedom this week with his proposals for reform. That means that when the CP Greenshirts storm parliament and tazer everyone there to death it will be legal. Just check what happened late last year when the LPP actually got into an MPs office without traitor Martin skeeching a fart.

Heads up.

Friday 26 June 2009

What are the signs of an economic hit coming up soon?

It’s hit time. You are in the cross hairs, duck!!!

Go find the answers, the truth is out there.

US embassies have been told to buy up to a year’s local currency?

Rumours of a Bank Holiday in the USofA around Q3 2009?

What did Hillary hand over to the ChiComs recently?

What did little Timmy Geithner promise the ChiComs recently?

Total MSM cover in place?

Do all the big Banks have cash to hand to buy up assets for cents on the Dollar?

Nazi health care reforms?

Just how much do our ceremonial elites hate us and love the ChiComs?

Heads down.

It’s the only thing that can explain it you know!!!

Once more we return to a big house near the big smoke on a pastoral island just off a massive landmass on a beautiful blue/green planet circling round a wondrous golden electric sun, swaying gently through the spiral arms of a galaxy very, very near………just up the road in fact.

Under the quiet sunny drawing room there is a secret vault. Wherein everything is quiet except for Strap humming a martial tune and admiring the garters. Stockings and Hose hang silently from the ceiling in their own shadows. Cotswold Ninjas they are charged to take one for the Sovereign. The last line of defence.

The Sovereign is seated in front of an Xbox playing Her Defender. Surreptitiously the smell of sulphur enters the room.

“Hose, have you cracked one off again?!” S says calmly. Too calmly. “N-no your majesty” Hose projects back.

“’Tisss only I your Majesssthty” Steams The Lord High Executioner “I thought it besstht to approach sstealthily. We know that Dark Force is abroad”

“Yes ever since the CIA op one has noticed a change in his singing voice. Refresh one’s memory please”

TLHE coils up and gets comfy and starts. “As your majessthty knows…..”

“Drop the affectation grease stain and get on with it” Barks S.

TLHE recoils and starts again. “In the early 1980s DF was chosen to attend CIA screening to check his suitability for main plan inclusion circa Y2K boundary. He passed and CIA put him through a thorough MK Ultra process that gives us the DF operational asset we have had running since 1992. As you know the whole Islington Bistro incident was easily facilitated by that programming. I was there after all. Wonderful stuff! As the years passed we tested DF’s programming by really pissing him off with that air head Emperor Antonius’ antics. DF held firm.”

“Yes but I detect a disturbance in the farce in Westminster TLHE. Is DF still holding steady?” interrogated S.

“Oh absolutely. No doubt about it. DF still believes all that crap economic theory the magician Grunschpeil poured in his ear in the 90s. Currently DF will continue ‘til his dying day believing that only he’s got the answer to the problems. Have no doubt about it your Majesty when the time comes we can switch” The TLHE beamed.

“What about his 2iC, Plums?” S closed.
“Out of the game or he knows he’ll get Smithed” Streamed TLHE.

“Excellent. One is pleased. Once we pass the main event though are our plans for the new controlled assets to be placed on all general election lists complete?” Arced S.

“All are in place. Plan will complete” swelled TLHE.

S warped space/time and TLHE heard in his synapses “Changing the subject. When Der Fuhrertochter gates in from Ost next what do you think she’ll want”

“We all have a common purpose your majesty. No surprises I’m sure”

Slow burn or not slow burn that is the question.

The sun beats mercilessly down. The bleached sand hurts the eye. The last of the gang makes it back and throws himself panting down behind the low stone wall into the dust beside you all. He smiles, its Jimmy Coburn back with another six gold bars.

You look left, Clint, Lee, Eli, Kris & Big George they’re all looking at you. Right, Jimmy and Bob Mitchum stare back. They all want a few dollars more.

It’s your call.

Gingerly you look over the wall at the wrecked remains of the railway carriage up on the track. It’s a mess, but a shed load of gold remains in its carcass. The blast was only supposed to blow the doors off but Jimmy the nitro man got carried away again. Another check at the carriage and you can see the biggest barrel, still miraculously in existence after that god almighty bang, and its slow burn is still on. You can see the smoke spiralling up from the slowly smouldering fuse, all you need is just over thirty more seconds. It’s your call.

The sun scorches the very air in your lungs, heart pounds, sweat pours. Ten seconds to run in grab 6 bars each, ten seconds back and then that’s it. Onto the horses and get the hell out of Dodge. One final run. You look past the gold wagon, past the remains of the flat cars towards the battered passenger cars. They’re all still crapping it in there no danger from them.

You call it and everyone leaps over the wall and heads for the gold. You keep a close eye on the smoking fuse. Three seconds later the slow burn is out and it’s going to go. Split seconds become minutes; microseconds become years and time stops. Dead but not dead just yet.

For us in the passenger cars this is where Catherine Austin Fitt meets Michael Ruppert.

Will the banksters get caught up in their own heist as Bob Chapman reckons?

Who knows?

However for us in the passenger cars, concusses, cussing, dazed and confused we know that whatever the headlines in Variety we’ve been screwed.

Thursday 25 June 2009

Counter measures required.

Have a peek at this.


Now I’d delete a few words myself, and replace with words like London and Attack Helicopter. I know you’ve got the idea. No wonder we’re not allowed to know where our MPs live. Now if our chums out in the steppes can arrange that then why are our lads in Afghanistan being left out on a limb by the necromincers at UK MoD?

Strap will know but he’s knee deep in garterry and ceremony so he won’t let on.

I have always contended ever since the first whiff of MPs expenses scandal breaking, that it is all MSM cover for other more important plots affecting UK plc. What could those plots be?

One likely plot involves the answer to how are UK MoD going to extricate the lads safely, from the middle of FUKKIN’ EURASIA!!!!, if the Pound Sterling won’t buy shit? Or does ritual require them left interred in the plot. Remember Emperor Antonius’ words about a blood price?

By Sept we’ll know the answer.

Another reason for MSM freakery about MPs expenses is to take our eyes of the ball re: likely composition of Parliament after the next general election. That is, the actual characters that will be on the lists for election, not their party allegiance. Expect dumbass fascists clothed in swaddling kitten. They’ll all be waiting for the word and Manchurian Candidate like the first PMQs should tell us if we’re likely to see a complete break down of the oppositional system into multi party chaos. Think Russia & Germany very early 20th Century.

If the election is allowed of course. Don’t forget there is a distinct whiff of sulphur in the air and TLHE might be installed to defend the realm and the interests of the Eternal City where Zorzi uses alchemical incantations to store magic tokens of exchange brought into being by his mighty mind from the ether.

Finally one more test to check how far in the crap you are.

How closely do your lead pill pharmacists resemble ZOMO?

Heads up.

Bye to whatever passed for democracy here.

Credit where it is due.

So Zorzi was out waafling again yesterday exactly on schedule. Zorzi and Strap, as we imagined earlier, have been cleared on when the hammer needs to drop. They will have full MSM cover when the hammer is dropped. Who’ll front up for the hammer being dropped? The Lord High Executioner hisssself?

The clever bit though is in the detail of what Zorzi said. In his use of words of ceremony and ritual it was hidden in clear sight that TLHE would be installed for as long as it takes to satisfy ritual.

I hope this is crystal clear. So in keeping with the spirit of yesterday rantings let us continue with more of the “Stating the bleeding obvious in clear English” campaign.

BRITISH SUBJECTS must never be allowed to realise that they are now too poor to afford STUFF. STUFF can be defined as food, water, heat, shelter, medical care, anything you fancy but the BSs cannot afford STUFF.

Oh many outside UK can buy British STUFF, but guess what? They’ve got REAL MONEY. NOT CREDITS.

If a BS noticed that British fields were full of sheep and cattle and yet BSs are not getting grass scavengers delivered in their rations. Or Market signals, PRICES on SOOPER MARKET SHELVES, are telling BSs that they are too poor to afford dead grass scavengers in a bun.

BSs might get vexed.

SOOOO Strap, Zorzi and the TLHE will make use of the ground already paved by such twats as “Meat free Monday” and the vegetarian Nazis to nudge you into a meat free way of life so you’ll never get to realising just how PISS POOR you are. Similarly if you are too POOR to fly overseas you’ll swallow the UK MSM line that you live in paradise. BSs cannot be allowed overseas to witness REAL people with REAL MONEY, NOT CREDITS.

And guess who’s been crawling all over No10 for over a decade preparing for the hammer dropping? The behavioural economists. (Plain English=) NAZIS.

TWO tests to see how far into the crap you are.

Check the number of weeds on your rights of way compared to the (non-camouflage) vegetation obscuring CCTV assets.
Is it easier to get your medication handed to you by the nice nazis or the lead pill pharmacy?

Wednesday 24 June 2009

Take your eyes off the screen, it's watching you.

High Street Banks & Financial Products and a SALE of same.

Well if that didn’t tip us off nothing would. A SALE on Financial Products. However see my previous about bowler hats.

Let’s just say it all quite clearly for the last time. PAY ATTENTION!!!!




Now that’s out of the way, how long did it take them to engineer it?

Well go back to the 1990s/Y2K freak-out. That’s when they put in the IT infrastructure, WorldCom, Global Crossing, ENRON and the big Motorola satellite constellation. They then rolled out the business model world wide. As businesses these all went tits up, but that’s good cover.

By 2005 all the money had gone.

All we’ve been doing ever since is holding our breath hoping not to exhale.

Just you wait until the US commercial property loan failures start hitting the books big time in the next 8 weeks or so. It’ll make the sub-prime crisis look like a wise business decision.

BTW for UK readers here’s something to consider.

TAX CREDITS < Luncheon Vouchers < Fiat Paper < Gold backed Paper < Gold

Well thanks to the Dipstick in No10 all we’ve got is the former, try starting a Black Market in TAX CREDITS!!!!! Hah!!!!

Tuesday 23 June 2009

The bad guys win everytime, what makes you think it will be different now!!!!

When you live on a pirate ship you cannot expect to be allowed to conduct polite society and learned discourse unless the Captain has a bent for such pastimes.

Guess what UK; the Cap’n isn’t interested anymore in such trivialities as justice, due process and the rule of law.

Nope, diktat and rule by fiat backed up by goons and ZOMO are back to stay.

Injustice and buggery are back big time

And just to rub salt into the wounds he’s changing his crew.

Hard cheese UK, you’ve spent too much time fannnying around when you should have strained every sinew to change the Black Pig from the scourge of the high seas into a beacon unto all mankind. Now your all for the plank!!!

Happens every time.

Monday 22 June 2009

The only nation batshit crazy enough to fly Iron Lotus?

Ever wondered why two nations reportedly absolutely prostrate in the face of self genocide and obliteration on the battle field could still stick their nebs into other folks business? Eh? Take the USSR. How could Stalin stick troops into the Middle East to secure the oil fields 1941/42 and Mao’s Communist China squat on Tibet in 1951? What were the ChiComs after & who told them to go get it?

Ever wondered why the USofA didn’t nuke the ChiComs into oblivion 1950?

Ever wondered why we have a long running problem with ICBMs and nukes from a nation that is supposedly starving.

I’ll tell you what starving is, its 1847 Ireland, that’s starving. Ireland has never threatened the world with WMD. The folks in North Korea have had this stuff for a very, very long while all the way back to 1944, ever wondered why you never hear about that. There is no need for a famine there, that’s just a ceremonial cover.

Ceremonially the all pieces are soon to be in place. Then and only then can the sacrificing start. Where will it kick off? Initial moves in the Far East would only be ceremonially consistent if the first targets are Christians, so The Philippines it should be.

Sunday 21 June 2009

Rome has moved to China

Now then let's see now.

Since 1981 we’ve had Bush senior running things through Ronnie for 2 terms. Then Bush Snr. in his own right for one term. Then Clinton for two terms, but not really doing much. Then Bushbaby for two terms. Now Clinton’s missus is the secretary of state and the guy in the Oval office isn’t a citizen of the USofA but a subject of her majesty!!!!

Two families 30 years.

What I want to know is who is Caesar, who is Pompey and who is Cleopatra?

When will the civil war start?

Will Augustus be a baby in a box?

It’s all on the cards.

Saturday 20 June 2009

Gourmand famines

We’ll all be English soon, mediocre, dazed and unable to build a decent sized bowler hat.

We’ll all die but not everyone gets a life. The second life brigade are just selfish, self sacrificing, self centred, narcissistic, self absorbed, self serving, delusional, onanistic, self admiring, selfing serfant……broons.

We’ll all be able to buy a baby in a box soon. It’s our right. But the baby bond that underpins the inhabited carbon based life form’s existence; BTW it’s not alive, means that its body parts are for sale at any point during its entropy time to the highest bidder.

Have you ever heard of Accident Facilitators?

Why do you think it has taken so much money to digitise all the patient records for the British NHS? Well the criminal network that want to deal in your body parts have sooooo many systems that need to integrate with that central database. You’re on a farm PHEKKWITZ.

Butt welders, seam welders, mash welders selfish bustards.

Oh to be a TV sheff. Must be like leading the gilded life at Memphis looking back at Set Tepi. All ceremony. Remember the butter mountain, the wine lake. Starving, it’s ceremony; all the cooks on the box are priests of the human harvest. Ignorant, unaware, basted, over relaxed shellfish Bastards.

To die at a point of your own choosing is a ceremonial luxury denied to ALL of humanity.

No exceptions.

Chew on that sheffs.

Friday 19 June 2009

Fiction is stranger to fact.

Once upon a time very, very recently in a quiet sunny drawing room in a big house near the big smoke on a pastoral island just off a massive landmass on a beautiful blue/green planet circling round a wondrous golden electric sun, swaying gently through the spiral arms of a galaxy very, very near………just up the road in fact.

“Welcome Zorzi please sit”

“Thank you your majesty”

“How’re mi bawbees looking”

“Not good your majesty!”


“Well the stupid fucks in the colonies, as you know, totally screwed up the 2007 plan. So we’ve got the tanking of the Pan Galactic Pyramid Selling Scheme, without the concomitant martial law conditions. We now know their patriots somehow restored their chain of command, but the WMD are missing”

“I know all this PIGPISS shit, cut to the chase. Bawbees!!!”

“Apologies. Of course our friends in their financial system have been shovelling as much of their treasure our way as they can since Q3 2008, but the awareness of contagion has spread to rival shamanic forces and I’m afraid to say that we have reached the point where we have to take control of the crush and call the……”

“For phekks sake Zorzi is it time to start taking the ceremony outside the alchemical financial paradigm?. Yes or NO!!!!”


“Thankyou, dismissed”

“Send in STRAAAAPP.” Sound of sparking horseshoes approaching. “Ah, Strap. SITREP please Strap”

“All our forces will be in their correct ceremonial positions as of Q2 2009. Excellent progress has been made in evacuating the mainland of any threat to the necromincing power, complete by Q3 2009. Continental SLBM force was taken offline by the January incident as planned.”

“And the colonials”

“ALL resources are ceremonially co synchronous for any cthulic eventuality”

“Good, dismissed”

Sound of retreating sparking whoreshoes.


“Your majesssththty called”

“Are the ceremonial grounds prepared for blood sacrifice?”

“Yessttth your Majesssththty”

“090909 it is then. Depart”