Saturday 28 April 2018

2 Johns

A long time ago in a research lavatory, far, far away, your correspondent was likely to be found trying to catch something of the proper world peeking through the analogue engineered disaster zone that was UKaboland’s daily bogroll of powercuts and rationed phukkwittery.

Don’t forget this was the land of unbounded UKaboscumprivelage where coal miners would come home after a 14 hour shift at the mine, black lunged, and shoot a house nigger for fun. Steel workers would be found whipping Africans around their allotments after coughing up their tubercular hatred. UKaboland where acres of  20th century war dead graves testify to the institutional racism of UKaboscum and their squalid, disease ridden, freezing, designerignorant, impoverished supremacist homes.

In those days, as the 21st Century was just coning into focus and Captain Scarlett had retired, I would try and watch for a long limbed Aus who always seemed to be doing a thing to be admired by a youngster who couldn’t wait for the real thing to finally turn up.

If Aus wasn’t around there was the BBC clown who was parked in front of us to make sure no one watched the real John later. This BBCraven cataract of a pukin’ punk was instructed to make news bite sized gruel of nothing for small UKaboscum so that in 40 years the average UKabo would not recognise an event in its tenapants.

It was not easy to watch telly by candle light 1970stylee. In the years when UKplc was getting ready to transfer all its engineering capital to what had been the Imperial Japanese Rothschild colony. A land where RothRock had ensured there was not more than 10 native university graduates in the whole nation in the year 1945. A tract of land where the ROKabos had been genocided by RothAlliedRock gun fire and sniper for year upon year and then a family military dictatorship installed for decades after, N&S.

Do you remember how easy it was to engineer 9/11? All you need is the CIA, industrial scale counterfeiting of fake money and a messenger of death Kiss Heinrich, heypresto suddenly you’ve got 30mm shells ventilating your cranium in Santiago de Chile. So don’t give me any crap about military dictatorships. They stay as long as the banksters need a suspension of the accounting system in this or that country.


Alas the alternative was doled out to us small UKaboscum and all we got was ersatz fanta citybru instead, force fed through cosseted botbitchboys and boybotches urine tracts from the sewer at Whitecity from where BBCSavile shagged dead cheeldren…….

Don’t give me any bollox about rogue Satanists wandering the corridors of power and procuring and prayeying on the helpless on operations. All you need is the deadHand of replacement killers and a common purpose, abracadabra suddenly you too can wear clearedofhuman eyeball jewellery to Sandringham and Royal bedchambers.


Anyway here is John as I always think of him. A real geezer in real events dodging dangerous players who wish to halt peaceful realisations by violence.

And here is the cBBCbotchboy who heaved into view spewing syntheticpablum…what a cunt!!!

Friday 27 April 2018

More porcelain shattering diamond shitters on the horizon....

One must be aware that the long term managed decline of the walled ballpond garden that is UKaboland never stopped when Thatcher got financed to get rid of UKaboscum 40 years ago. Bilderberg snappers and navvy coated weirdos who had actually dodged high velocity nitrate derivatives and witnessed the splattered remains of rikkitinfested tenamentvintage scum around them were so unSaatchi. They, real people, could never be remarketed into Bagdadkunstart.

If one were to wander into the pinkdildoed felinephlegministchatrooms of the rabidfascistas infesting the wetdreams of bankster created antifagolem, kind of goylike conzentrationslagerporn, today, then the exact same silence would be experienced as was manifest upon the infodesert during V2 communications to Tel London.

Do not inform anyone.

Now and again though a real beaut turns up.......

  • "...........negation of their entire proud history and ancestors‘ innumerable achievements by a worthless Affirmative Action negress.

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        F%$^ Off Abbotwat. My family and others like mine built this bloody country, mostly down stinking pits from when they were still children. My grandfather had to leave Blyth Grammer School at 14 (where he had won a scholarship) to work down the pit when his father died to help support the family. He was then in a mining disaster at 50 and never worked again due to spinal injuries.
        We also lost 2 men in the 2 WW leaving four fatherless children, assorted combat injuries and 3 POW.
        So piss off with ya Rastas built Britain.

        The only prive ledge here in UKaboland is the ass wiper to the crown or the imported crimefluidgenderkapo racist supremacists who think the UKabos are only here to wipe their arses. 

        Well isn't that what the Matrix Ovens' travel brochure said?

        Watch out for the Unit 700 shrapnel flying. It is going to look like a Liberace suicide bomb going off.

        Gonyersel Burly....

        Monday 23 April 2018

        No protesters now......well that is because they were all racist bastards back then..

        SNAFU!: The US has been at war for almost 20 years now. W...: Question. The US has been at war for almost 20 years now.  Why haven't we seen a REAL antiwar movement. I've been chewi...

        You are only allowed to protest when there is a danger you might succeed in a real act of dissent.

        As GC asks , compare and contrast with the concentrationzlager und sonderplatz like Singapore and Brunei. Singapore declared UDI at the same time as Rhodesia, one to get away from head chopping primitives the other to embrace primitivism. Brunei is a fascist dictatorial Pashapalacepleasuredome and gardens. No chance of NATO forces turning up in any of these properties to rearrange the furniture and bring democracy to the aggregate scum. Oh no. One gets an engineered fiat cash flood and the other gets a flood of engineered cash. Sweet. Nothing to do with economics, all to do with geoenginjeering the money worshipping scum.

        If UKabos ever stopped looking at their workshy diseased publicly subsidised Saturnpigsbladder shufflers and started to follow the spoor of the perps then there would be tanks on the streets RedClydesidestylee y fuerzes especiales snatchsquads dragging them away into the night for deep sea fishing expeditions. Every idler on the public purse fronted by businesses would be watching. listening and awaiting the note through a great big lion's mouthbyte to snitch you up just because they don't like your socks.

        Over at Penny's place, side bar, I missed the wind turbine post wot with being busy an'all and just wanted to expand the topic slightly now.

        Here in the epicentre of eeveel I have remarked for many years that the more iGreen awards handed over to various organisations the greater the cull of wild life, in all its forms, those organisations are responsible for. Looking over this part of London used to feel like living in the canopy of a forest.

        Today it is getting clear felled through sustainability refuthuggees and iNow the surest way to get an i4circle 4x4 V12 to drive around in, displaying your iGreen credentials and taxidermy, is to be a tree surgeon and/or vegetation stripper/consultant.

        Everything is getting grubbed up and the local fauna and flora are decimated.

        Foreign imports like Amazon parakeets and scorpions are swarming though. Darwin obviously didn't realise that the Galapagos Islands had no Commie finches or Redterror turtles!

        iGreenery is typical commie mind tripe.

        In fact the west is so full of commiemindtripe that no one, I repeat not one person, will protest, when NATO/EU/Shatan's forces of godlight drop a iNuke. It will be presented on Terroresa May's Big Muppet Broadcasting Service and Tartface GCHQ's ELO feed as an iGreen iNuke of purest TheoiNtention and iPodpomp over and over again.  The iDevilice will be used against racists and shall be received with standing ovations by the cominternedgulagiGreen IvanDenisovitchbitchnations of the  hivetripedesertedmonglands of inbred consumers of autodetritius.

        BAe have been preparing the way for this for over a decade now starting with their green artillery propellants of 20 years ago.

        As for the diverseprotectedsnoflakepoltroons that are now suddenly noting the lack of war protesters in town, they are too far behind the trajectory to  see what is coming soon and are effectively removed from any form of action. They are no more than powdered bewigged courtiers in a pre-revolution farce.

        It is not that the gods are making mankind insane, mankind is simply returning to its natural default state of utter emptiness through will. There is no need for TPTB to do anything anymore, just simple humanity, the universe is striking back.

        The median western meat sack is now an utter mong.

        The average western intellectual is spastic.

        Luniversities are collectives of the unsane dead.


        Saturday 14 April 2018

        China Defense Blog: 5th PLAN Marine Brigade update (4/12/2018)

        Anyone got that 1941 feeling, rolling west on someone else's roads. Or a Manchuria 1945 roll over by experts. Dead collateral everywhere.

        I don't want you to get all miserable but just think of all the stuff that would never have been had the BT5s got to Ploesti and the Iron Gate. No Scooby Do, no Beatles and not one of you reading here.

        The expected ass symmetry in opposition defence circa 2020 suggests this is not  expected to be a peer penetration.

        It can only be a matter of months now until the OMGs start rolling into someone's town near you, as the Monkees would say.

        China Defense Blog: 5th PLAN Marine Brigade update (4/12/2018): Recon elements of the 5th Marine Brigade just received its Lynx 8x8 All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) .   The fact that they are issued ATV instead ....

        See also SNAFU

        Where ever the new high speed armour turns up we can be sure that the business plan was signed off ages ago, forget the protests phukkmuppets it is coming no matter what you do, and decades past a bankster funded NGO/Film crew as Aufklärungsabteilung turned up and stayed to open the city gates today.

        Friday 13 April 2018


        ......bringing you the smell of your children's spilled guts every day in every way.

        One wrong move by these MKSTASI muppets, one word off prepared TALMUDscript, one gesture of freedom and a ROYALsilent night pass will be issued from the firebase in RCE/TA.

        Mind you the tour spouse/fluid swapper handlers will get a good beating before hand when the dream analysis unit start getting warning signs of freewill creeping into the Stepfordmanqeuines.

        Can you imagine how much better life would be without the massive overhead of their utter noncesense and ubermong stenching up the world. BTW robophukkwitz, where the phukk has all the money gone that you stole from us in the form of taxes?

        These deviousdevoidmingingmissionkreeps inviting disaster to all.

        Monotheists, mongheathenists, prestoneageunitarycommiemong eunuchs and barren vessels, all servants of deathcultic blood spilling.

        Thursday 12 April 2018

        Imagine a Kriegsverbrecher, imagine a collection.......

        .......of vacuousAbos, only in this the most advanced society on Earth can it walk around unarrested by the lead pill pharmacy.

        This thing opened its arse and made piousflatulentnoises about Syria.

        Imagine Kaganovich taking your grandma away to a caregulag.

        Imagine Blokhin taking your children away to Kindertoten.

        Imagine Marx taking expectant women to Cathrinechimneys. BWAHAHAHAHAAAA!!

        Imagine your life as useless flaming stage props and having no works to be judged by.

        Only in the shithouse, soon to be  turned into Roth's fallow fields, known as UKaboland, can these NobelOscarcouchedclowns lord it over the spiritless inhabited carbon based meatsacks.


        Wednesday 11 April 2018

        12A Fiveyes Muse, Makework, Londonistan, UKaboland.......

        There is no one in this conzentrationslager worth the time these days, all we will get is 1984kickstart.

        "But he is perhaps best remembered, by socialists and non-socialists alike, for his anti-militarism and attempts to avert the outbreak of the First World War.

        “Never, for forty years, has Europe been in a more threatening and more tragic situation," he warned in the spring of 1914.
        Jaurès spent much of the final years of his life travelling across Europe, attempting to organise general strikes among the workers of the continent’s great powers in order to force their governments to back down from the brink of war."
        Forktongued blancminds dancing to the fiatazeruptheass nudge therapy from Tavistock ain't going to move anything but pixelbarrowloads of falsecash into their holypockets.

        SNAFU!: London Mayor goes full Nazi...: via Fox News. London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced a tough crackdown on knives Sunday as the city reels from a spike in stabbings that have ...

        Since it took secret schools of orators to gen Hitler and Lenin, Mao and Ho up to speed and get results, a great deal of insight into the aggregateersatzUKabomind can be gleaned from staring@ and watching the silence watching of anything that heaves itself into our attention space here in the world's most advanced society.

        Nothing in a UKaboland organisation should be allowed to arrange collection of deadfall or roadkill. The khaants will persuaded to have a shit in our biscuits and paid to piss in our cereal pronto.

        Friday 6 April 2018

        Go tell the Etruscans........Morgoth's Review: Living In A Madhouse: The Guardian vs The Guardian...

        Since the welfarebitchboys in UKaboland's media industry are shitting themselves over their sharing the fate of their comrades in the heavy metal industries like coal, steel, automotive and assorted dust covered scum at the wheel tappers and shunters' social club c1970, we need to bring in the scalability factor here to answer the two questions being posed....

        Morgoth's Review: Living In A Madhouse: The Guardian vs The Guardian...: If, like me, you're an avid hate-reader of The Guardian you may have noticed that they close their comments section on what they...

        1. The Blockleiter are soon to be enabled from spare scribes, leader writers, BBCarsefacetalent and scribblers. This is a huge step down for the Cotswold/Hampstead swingers but it is better than starvation. The Wold realestate will be used for those with the ranks of KomBrig, GEUleiter und OberGruppenpolitzeiGEUleiter, BigRoth and above.

        2. The lockdown that encompassed the lands from JO'G to LE, in both 1939 and 1914, will darken the hills and dales from Shetlands to Corsica in 2020. A nation that could try and stretch the neck of a witch in the 1940s will lime pit the altminds anytime with relish.

        Unlike the last two big ones where the scale of the conflict relative to the base of operations necessitated the betterment of the aggregate UKabo's average life the next one will require the destruction of the UKabos completely as deathtalent is imported and billetted. I think that the most fitting place for the lime filled pits will be green spaces like the Wembley pitch. In 50,000 years time digs will be conducted to try and work out why the UKabo lived and died there.

        It is high velocity pharmacy time.

        Wednesday 4 April 2018

        Go tell the Etruscans........Les Problèmes de la Baltique: Finland in the Eye of the Storm. Erkki Hautamäki’s...

        Right on time Carolyn Yeager, side bar, parks something of fundamental use to your correspondent in the ongoing piecing together of the shuttering of humanity by inhabited carbon based closed systems from the stone age.

        Les Problèmes de la Baltique: Finland in the Eye of the Storm. Erkki Hautamäki’s...:                                                                                             Finnish author Erkki Hautamäki was a co...

        The thing that really freaked out the BabyLondonkreeps was the abilities of their engineered boycotted/rationed/excluded (truly closed) Schachtsystem to outsmart and outperform their carefully laid plans. And the uncanny abilities of free men with CocaCola and stetsons to not fall into the trap prepared for them in the Pacific.

        Man, no wonder all the characters in UK spy novels are miserable in the 1950s!

        Having spent a century lining up the three great threats to their ignorance for oblivion, the 3 all escaped in a more dangerous form.

        However if you have all the time in the world then spending another 100 years getting the job kicked off again is de nada. USofA still owes their altar 50 millions dead after all, even if their Catherinewheels spiral kindersmoke up chimneys non stop.

        Anyway over we go to the 21st century soviet equivalents.

        Why would 1945 Dessau concepts still be operational?

        It is a bit like asking why the Roman siege engines never improved and then disappeared.

        The tragedy this time is that the Stetson wearers are all dead now and the currentcroppedcircusclowns are truly fools.

        From out of a clear blue sky...........

        Go tell the Etruscans.......The Vatic Project: 9/11 FGNW Prima Facie Case

        As I said years ago; one building, one dial out nuke/scalar field generator.

        The Vatic Project: 9/11 FGNW Prima Facie Case: Clerk Note: This article makes the prima facie case that Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons (FGNW) were deployed in the annihilation of the...

        Someone is getting there.

        Now then smart boybitches.

        Where/when did they do the proof of concept test?


        Mystery surrounds all these open systems.

        One Trinity; 1 Nagasaki.

        One ?; 1 Hiroshima.