Sunday 25 October 2009

Blazing saddles.

Now as I’ve remarked before wherever the GGT and Boorman/McGregor and their bikes turn up chaos ensues. Especially if there is a UNESCO angle involved.

“Charley is reeling from the disappointment of having to catch yet another commercial flight in order to reach the Philippines. He touches down on the island of Manado, embarking on an epic journey across the Philippine Archipelago. He then tries his hand at anchovy fishing off the island of Camiguin, before hitching a ride with the Filipino navy to the town of Cebu.”

So having clocked a little bit of tonight’s episode second hand where the boy biker gave us a swaatch at the planned route out from the Pope’s Eastern most Western most lands to the bousouzoku islands. Well if I were in Formosa I’d get the phukk out of groove town pronto.

GGT, spies and subversives in a great big tax payer funded common purpose Fantasy Island.

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