Wednesday 7 October 2009

Barking mad suggestions of the year presents.

It just gets more and more barking.

How can this guy be serious?

The more NATO troops deployed the more dead NATO troops. The more the McCrystal strategy of getting the insurgents into urban areas the higher the death rate for Afghani civilians. So to add Russian troops to this mix can only be to really set SW Asia aflame.

We sank the Kursk. We caused Beslan. We attacked Russian forces in Ingushetia. We tanked the rouble.

Now if they are wanted in Afnamistan. The only reason I can see for this is to really get the tinderbox bone dry.

NATO Secretary General calls for Russian help in Afghanistan

Or to pull us right off the scent of what’s really going down in groove town.

Therefore what’s going on around Iran? Juniper Cobra kicks off

What’s happening in N Korea? What’s happening in Columbia? What’s happening in Somalia? What’s happening in Nigeria?

These buggers seem to be completely unaware of the fact that China might not be interested in Siberia. China might want its old territories back on our deadly playground.

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