Friday 26 February 2016

Never stare a Greek gift horse in the arse.

I don’t know quite how to put this but…..well; do you really think that there are real heavy machines guns and howitzers going off when you watch Warhorse? Do you really think that anything real happens anymore now that the west is flooded by legions of drama school grads? Can you see why the theatre is where assassinations traditionally take place? The stage has staged the world now and we are all targeted for ritual slaughter. Whether we realise it or not we are all expendable bit part actors now.

So what makes you think that ROR are going to spend any of their precious metals on your costume?

Oppenheimer’s job is to keep track of the old slave mines. Of the three, Roth/Oppie/Rock, it is the O who is most likely closest to pure breed Apiru. They have the oldest trade.

Now let us return again to the scene of the ongoing crime. Way, way back in 1940. At that point when it got serious, where the play started to go off script. A carefully scripted play that had gone through the Hollywood sketch writing process over and over again, gaming out the scenarios to obtain the desired outcome.

The desired outcome was complete annihilation of Germanic and Slavic peoples. Removal of threat to the British global interests and continuation of the Talmudic Empire on a grander scale. Russia would have turned into a Trotskyite backwater. Germany would have had its Kaiser returned as a UK proxy no doubt. Either way Europe was to become a thin parsely populated herb garden.

Anyway what should have been a one act light opera with good sound effects turned into War and fucking Peace. Signs of this miscalculation are all over the place but one of my favourites is the Beveridge report. A 1942 document that intended to deal with the five Giant Evils of society: squalor, ignorance, want, idleness, and disease.

I think we can deduce two things from this report.

1.      That the UK London City long range planners in 1935 didn’t intend dealing with those five great UKakos evils because when the war was kicked off by them it would be over by 1941/42. A war of no more than 24 months or so.
2.      Squalor, ignorance, want, idleness, and disease are coming back UKplc, big time. It was only a temporary deal to pay off the unwanted UKakos who were suddenly needed then and no longer needed in 2016.

As I said last year, the only reason UKplc got to read, write and count is because the Germans were targeted for destruction and they fought back too well. There was no other option than to raise the level of human capital in the giant open prison.

However the script all went pear shaped.

One of the reasons, I wager, is that the sanctions, put on Germany by Judea, backfired because the goldsmiths lost account of the(ir) metals. I think that Oppenheimer, who’d been given Africa to rule over, lost track of what the clever Germans got up to with the technology that allows the release of energy from his metals. The sudden scouring of planet Earth for sources of Uranium, that got all fevered when it was discovered that not only was Uranium/Plutonium up for grabs but the Protactinium route to kablang was a goer, must have given Roth and Rock, esp. Roth as his deer parks were getting torched, cause to bring the RORsenior scion to heel.

Add to that the Lithium/Tritium/Deuterium unholy trinity and a Thorium chaser to boot and we arrive at a point where the resultant gunfire and sniper has required activating of deep political/familial/occult Apiru coordinating channels, that should never get to see the light of day, to resolve the mess, as well as the hatching of a mega cover story after the gunfire and sniper has stopped and to top it all, the continuation of the cover story into a new legend for decades afterwards because there were too many undesired witnesses of the wrong type*; and one can see that the ROR would have sat down and made sure: Never again.

Anyway what I am really trying to say is that after the halt to human progress was started in 1945 with the sealing of evidence, bunkers, mouths and lives. The hiding away for 100 years of documented evidence and witness statements. (I wonder if a similar process was in place just before the destruction of the library at Alexandria.) Once the rolling back of human development was well under way in planning via the UN. At some point Rock and Roth must have taken Oppenheimer aside and made it quite plain that every micron of gold, mercury, thorium, silver, lithium, all hi spin isomers, all bred plutonium, protactinium, gold and assorted exotics were to be put under strict lock and key and fuck the markets. Only, repeat only, was a release of metals for sacred missions to be sanctioned**. All must be in ROR hands pronto. Hence the so called NPT sham and sanctions against developing nations like who would not tow the line.

However the chaos unleashed has been so gigantic that I don’t think Oppie has managed to seal the box of Pandora again.

Let us look at the world before the attempt to resolve their local GermanoSlavic problem started in the 19th century.

Africa was a massive Capability Brown garden with slavepits. Asia was trashed. The Americas were lovely. Once Europe was empty everything in the world would be sweet. Absolutely every single old root belief system of humanity would be gone. Paradise.

Do you think they really, in their wildest dreams, could have thought they would lose the plot so drastically by 1945?

Now don’t be thinking they panicked, they simply reverted to passive mode and bided their time again. It is not the first time that this kind of situation has had to be ridden out.

A classic marker of this approach to riding out the storm, waiting for enough memory to die off, is the subsystem, known as the Roman Catholic Churchengine designed to sterilise the world, going into active defensive mode as opposed to its traditional steady killer state. All culminating in the massive dumping of chaff/IR flares/ECCM and assorted highenergyclownfuckkwittery into the common weal as the Babyromian killer freaks manoeuvred hard, pulling the biggest cork screw escape in history.

That is Vatican 2. Bodies of the faithful forgotten all around the altar.

Deep in the black out curtained secrets of the years 1940-43 too many people in positions to actually do something got to know what we know now. They found out that the whole kit and caboodle is a psychokillerfarce.

Not just Nasties found out, but US democrats and republicans. Ordinary South Americans. Asians of every flavour rediscovered what their forefathers knew.

Crime is the basis of all Babylonian commerce. Trade is crime and crime is the default civilisation now. Megamurder is the spirit of the age and everyone wants in on the act. All the perps need to do is lie make up dormant in camo like the Windsors and everything will come up roses.

Well that is the plan.

*/** TBC.

Thursday 25 February 2016

20,000 tealeaves under the sea.

Carrying on in the spirit of yesterday’s phased incoherence let us sally forth into another load of nonsense today.

I accessed a site listing all WW2 unterseebootenumern recently because something had wormed its way into my noodle after reading through another load of bollox about Rich/Lear/von Braun and assorted NASANAZI jump room fukkedwitz. How come no one ever suggests that von Thiel got paperclipped by aliens then, instead of getting torched by Bomber Command? I’d rather have him than a mediocrity like the SS major.

Anyway after a good wander at the U-Boote site and slipping into a blog that seems to have gone quiet, side barred at the other shop, where I read the following comment…

“Modern History, a Western invention, as we know it today, is State supported. Western historians gloss over the State support. Hegel was the father of modern Western history and Max Muller, one of his many illegitimate ‘ideological’ children.
Max Muller was a paid by the English East India Company (EEIC). The EEIC had clear agenda of Christian proselytization, Dominance of Western Race and of course, economic exploitation. Western history, that we talk about, is finally the outcome of this agenda. Similarly, I have experienced in the erstwhile State of Hyderabad, another version of history, which too was State supported.”

… said it baby, I paused and asked myself about black projects again.

Now let me restate that old equivalence that I do like. Gold=Uranium=Mercury. Keep it in mind because I will add a gold equivalence to this after the next few drips from my mind.

I know that I will be leaping to conclusions but that does not matter. If a false/mistaken thesis has proven stochastic properties when applied to an unreality then it may have some value. It doesn’t matter if it is a load of horse manure if it works. Kind of like getting into the mind of Marxist moron, you can see who he will arrange to murder off next.

So there I was musing about Fleming sitting off shore watching a great pinch raid unfold. Did he have a mind to write about the real thing in a fiction? All his Bond adventures rely on black projects based on reality. We know that a gold car really was constructed to smuggle the metal pre war.

So with that in mind I wondered if Bormann’s black U-Boat fleet would have really turned up with serial numbers, US BuAerstylee? Or not, Area51stylee. To put it simply, all one need do is disappear hulls on demand as RAF bombing write-offs.

Ah…the fog of war. So that then got me to thinking about all the other wonderful weapons developed subsequently by the victorious murderers after the gunfire and sniper had halted after many, many, many script rewrites and unknown changes of director and cast members. More precisely their direct antecedents of 1945 vintage.

It is rumoured, though unsubstantiated by script rewrites, that the following actually got used by the Nasties in real live shooting matches with real live dead people involved right at the end of the closing act. Not the phoney swilling champagne stuff that the banker staffed/recruited heroes of Bletchley were involved in. But real live history that got unwritten.

Wire guided air to air missiles. Wire guided anti tank missiles. Manpads. DU AT rounds. SAM systems. Now if I were geezer in one of the dispersed assembly halls putting that stuff together and got drafted into a local self defence unit as Soviet rape armies heaved into view, I might just fire off the nearby stockpile because that was all there was to hand. Similarly if the Yaks, LaaGs, Mustangs and Thunderbolts were machine gunning my local bus stop I’d have a one shot throw away manpad on my shoulder. So it may have happened one day or two and then faded away all unrecorded by Hollyweird/NKVD history fakers.

We know IR systems were used and your correspondent has indeed found spoor indicating that AT IR systems were used in 1943 in the Ukraine against Soviet tanks, as well as the more well known airborne systems. The first use of (unguided?) glide bombs against RN targets occurred in very early 1941.

We also know that the air defence systems, swept wing jet fighters, U stockpiles, bombers, ballistic missiles and assorted other goodies, on the drawing boards or in prototype shops, got dragged away and deployed over the next ten years in NATO. Remember the UK govt. decided to have a ten year R&D holiday after 1945, which is how long it took to digest all the treats in US weapons labs, not a need for social spending.

When one has a little peek at the available evidence/speculation about what the U-boats were up to one inevitably stumbles over the U-235 or 233 or 234 or 238, funny how the number confuses the issue. So let us ignore it.

What do we know?

There are graves of many crew in Indonesia. Penang was a major stop. Italian/IJN/German subs went back and forth, how frequently, don’t know. What we do know is that the inbound trip to Germany involved rubber and opiates and the outbound trip to Japan involved IP and Mercury.

What else do we know?

The opiates ended up in the pharma industry and the Mercury went to a source of high voltage/high amperage. We know that the opiates would have come out of Montagnard controlled plantations (Marlon Brando/Gene Hackman); it wasn’t just a Michelin rubber plantation in CochinChina that attracted the criminal undergrounds. We know that the name for refined opiates is gold.


When the retarded nutters that started the killing, contemplated destroying our world by turning the whole of the UK into one great big Supermax arsenal work camp, they hired mentalists like Szilard/Oppie/Einstein to front the programme for Atomic power with only one aim. A bomb, a bomb to end all bombs. They did not intend that the UKakos were ever to be well fed, educated and healthy. No the UKabos were expendable items on the accountancy ledger. So fukkthem and their cold hovels.

The geezers on the opposite team, the bad guys, viewed the whole isotope shebang as a source of civilian/industrial power, they were under trade sanctions and had bigger problems to deal with than planning to kill everyone, and as such the Thorium confiscation problem heaves into view. I will venture a pound to shilling that there were, may still be, Thorium power plants driving pumps in the deep assembly halls sealed in 1945.

So that then got me wondering again. How big a submarine do you need to run a nuclear power plant? Note I didn’t say power a submarine. That came in 1955 with Rickover’s baby.

BWAHAHAHAAAA you couldn’t make this stuff up. OFM!! I will continue this muppetry later.

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Toasters don’t go to electronics heaven!?

One of the problems of becoming a nothing is that sooner, more likely sooner, or later you disappear.

I was going to ask Flanders about this but I don’t think he’d be up to it since reading his feelings about getting taken down by an angry Korean theologian. I don’t know why Flanders thought he was dealing with a half Jap, Akira has always reminded me of Koreans, the most well balanced angry people in the world. Akira would have been a great Tiger in Vietnam. So perhaps he won’t be in the mood to deal with a tricky ecumenical matter.

Anyway I know that what follows will seem incoherent, even for yours truly, but that is another thing we have become. Incoherent. Those who are incoherent disappear. WTF do I mean by that? Well let me moot that those who pray coherently prevail. Those who do not pray coherently become extinct. Well then guess who worships coherently for their masters? Guess whose masters pray coherently every single day? Now I don’t want to get all mizz on you but, Europe you are going the way of the Etruscans, Greeks, Romans, Iberian Gauls and Picts. I don’t suppose that you even consider that you are worshipping Babylonian sun at WasabiTesSainWalHSBBC. Well you pray there every day and no one makes you do so. That is unforced, sweet, compliant, free coherence. Sweet.

Which brings me nicely to Korea.

As I mentioned yesterday at the other shop the Jimmy C has returned to port for “repairs”. Now I make that less than 4 weeks real mission time. Now you and me we know that the reason for going all SSN is to disappear for endless months in the deep, deep, endless, endless months. So this must have been a test drive round the shopping mall car park, learner driver stylee and it got “damaged” all plastic fender bender plastique stylee.

This brought to mind the “western” sub ops in the Philippines during the 1970s picking up some of the non existent IJ gold stash. “Western” can only mean UK, French or Aus SSKs. I think we can see London gold pool at work there.

Which brought to mind the whole idea of black projects. Now you and me, we will think “Skunk works”. But what about before that? I mean low observables is an ancient concept. Aircraft that were LO have been skulking around since 1915. Lockheed’s P-38 was an LO design from 1938. And what do you think a dirigible is? I mean you’d have to be blind not to see one but you’d never hear it sneak up on you all stealthy like in the dark. Task task, tsk tsk.

Special operations black projects were the province of gentlemen’s clubs, think Sherlock or Bond, BTW what have all the Jamesh Bondsh been doing this passed 25 years? The same as the previous 100 years. Business as usual of course. Not working in our best interests contra the prop and agenda we’ve swallowed. Do you really think MiHiCIAARSSADBND give a flying fuck if we get fried? As I detailed years ago the UK government was going to nuke it own citizens because of a perceived failure in Soviet fission/fusion theory. One cannot have a load of half nuked subjects staggering around all Walking Dead style. Can you?

Anyway the gazillions of dollars later the west is being flooded by “guerrillas”, “agents of a foreign power”, “fuerzes epeciales” and foreign mercenaries. All welcomed in by our EU/NATO Quislings to kill off the European peoples. And that is doing a disservice to the good name of Quisling.

So which bit of this do you not get?

You can be sure that the gentlemen’s clubs have put their agents into place there to get that headline provoked on schedule. So here is the narrative that you will see pumped out into NATO, esp. UK, childkiller pimping & hiding, racist, anti European, sandshuffling, camel shagging, child slaving, perp accomplice FAUXGGTSNOREMSM soon.

“The Eastern Europeans deserved to get nuked. They are inherently racist.”

The old plan of the 1930s has not changed.

Anyway what was I going to ask Flanders?

Well if I replace the word Latin in the following sentence with a selection of any or all of the words France, Spain, Germany, UK, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden does it make sense today?

Over the period of 600 years the native Latin population in the peninsula was replaced by aliens of Chaldean (Babylonian) origin.

Now don’t be getting all happy crappie about that because once the Latins were gone the next thing that turned up was the terror of the sun worshipping priests and their renditional confessional.

Which bit of inquisition don’t you get about your electric appliance spying on your every thought?

Tuesday 23 February 2016

R&D Bunauschwitz. Or. On IR. 40.

………The Ashkenaz propaganda has created a Jewish victim in holocaust indoctrination centers across the globe for profit and guilting other peoples into allowing Jewry carte blanche. It is a one sided view of history, as when Jews were outside their Creator in the Prince of Peace, the Messiah, Jesus the Christ, they embarked upon more heinous realities than what the Nazi's are being condemned for.

Let us review World War II for a moment in what really took place. Adolf Hitler wanted the Jews who were communists out of Germany. The Jewish Ashkenaz elders though did not desire this, as Jewry wanted a massive death, so after the war, they would gain a homeland.

Ghetto Jews were sold to be slave labor to the German state, like Slavs were, like the French were. These concentration camps were work camps for war production. The Germans did not waste resources or people as that is what Germans did. These workers were treated like all slaves to get 12 hours worth of work out of them every day. These Jews became sick and malnourished when allied bombing cut rail supplies. Starvation then brought on disease and the pictures people think of the "holocaust".

The holocaust did happen, but not in the way it is propagandized and not in the numbers of dead. All European peoples had like numbers of around 1.5 million people perished in each national group………..

……………It makes one think a bit differently about history, when one discovers buried in it, is a Jewish holocaust of Romans over 1800 years before the German "holocaust" of Jews. The Jewish slaughter of innocents though, was more reprehensible, as they were not defending their homeland or their people. They were just exploiting a political opportunity as invaders to genocide the native peoples in Cyprus and North Africa.

Let that permeate into your thoughts.
Jews as victims have excuses made for them in murdering other peoples, but Jews murdering people in crimes against humanity for genocide are intellectually cleanse from history, to allow the myth of the Jewish victim to prevail………….

- Lame Cherry”

At the moment this blog is of the opinion that the Apiru can be defined as the currently existing remnants, and ersatz recent recruits, of the logistics system utilized by the original thieves conspiracy to take over the first civilisation’s religion/surplus/currency for return to the age when megalithic yards and nonnumeric mathematical science prevailed.

It is our current thesis that this secret action was the first part of a self sustaining psychogenetic ecosystem designed to restore, not create. The Apiru have not changed their primitive practices. Chameleon like they are the stealth tapestry upon which the mission is facilitated. We are the woven threads upon which it is enacted. They are not jews since we take it as given that Yahweh was a recruiter for the Apiru when he it hijacked the tribes skulking in the Sinai under Moses (or whomever they were).What was your true handle mush?

However the jews have a problem since they are trusted to be untrustworthy by the Apiru. A simple sensitivity experiment is all that is required to bring the servants of the Apiru to the Apiru masters’ heel. A manifestation of the Apiru mind infestation can be seen in action by the Bolshevik murderers being recruited out of New York’s East side in the early 20th century.

The racial/demographic profile of the Apiru changes slowly over the millennia but there is one constant in their limited world view, their disability, they simplify administration, from their master’s point of view, by worshipping one entity. They are monodogmatic and thanatophagic.

A subset of that singularity being monotheism. A better example of their cloistered monomaniacal belief system is false money, there can be only one money system and that is shuttered though endlessly published.

So atheist bankers are Apiru. Atheists are Apiru. Monotheist leaders are Apiru. When you’ve got atheist money lovers you have Apirucru like Goldmansucksgodcock and Talmudickcommiepsychos. All these monodogmatic retards are the spoor and dropping of Apiru. Down the ages they can be identified in history. Just look for the massive numbers of dead persons who were going about their lawful business not harming anyone and got all unalive. Bengal, Ireland, Libya, Canaan, Russia all the soil there is enriched by the unhonoured dead of hundreds of millions of Apiru sacrifices.

As of this date this blog considers that the following equality is vital to our understanding of everything that has happened, not the Dolan equivalency, not the Autin-Fitts omissionary, not the Breakaway Civilisation theorem. All these are too intimately linked with the Silver/Gold bugs exemplified by Maloney/Morgan

and the Bitcoin failure that Max promotes.


It cannot be otherwise since that is why the gold was hidden in the first place. Isn’t that so Oppenheimer? Duh!

Now don’t get me wrong I love all these guys and read/listen to them avidly. Some of them are part of my magnificent 7 after all. The guys who will ride into town with six shooters, long guns and knife skills to take down the bad guys. However when push comes to shuvv not one of them has realised that every number they use is false.

So with that in mind we wander back into Thorium.

Give them the messianicmanicmaniancurrency and they will murder on any scale. Classic Apiru matteriasupermens.


The process in reverse can be witnessed in the Jopsephus/Saul character sneaking off to join his Apiru placemen, after sallying and sashaying through Arabia Felix, Apirucru who had been working their way through Rome since the days before the Punic wars. Apiru Punic and definitely Ba’al Hammon child sacrficiers.

They all fail the healing gold test.

Just apply it to the Apiru keptpetpopulation and they will talk, script and write any poisonouis bollox required, or they get put down livestock throatcuttingstylee, ergo modern Apiru GMO toxic animals like Marx, Smith, Hubbard and Fraud are fools’ fools. Weaponsyetms.

Here is an example of Apirucru weaponsystem chaff and spoof at work.

“What about the claim of Dr. Len Horowitz, a Harvard-trained epidemiologist, that HIV was a bioweapon authorized by the Jew Henry Kissinger? What about the research of so many Jewish geneticists and biochemists that is being used by the Pentagon to create lethal bioweapons?

What about the Jewish nuclear scientists who promote nuclear power even though we have no way to manage its lethal nuclear waste that is poisoning the environment? And what about the nuclear weapons they created, whose 2000 atmospheric tests have left the world swimming in a sea of lethal radioactive fallout that is the real reason behind the epidemic rates of cancer?

What about the Jewish officials at the FDA and USDA who refuse to regulate the tens of thousands of synthetic chemicals flooding the environment, who ignore cell phone and WIFI radiation, and who turn a blind eye to lethal mercury in the vaccines mandated for American children?”

I would not trust the author to be anything other than operational Apiru counter measures. Why? The thought would be completed by a healthy mind. Remember Apiru are disabled humans. The researching would in complete form then proceed as follows…

…….What about the Apirucru jewish nuclear scientists, Apirucru jewish biochemists, Apirucru jewish managers that successfully participated in the German research into “lethal bioweapons”, “what about the nuclear weapons they created”, “synthetic chemicals flooding the environment” all of it done under the Nasties that hated the jews so much they had them tucked up nice and warm in their comfy billets in Auschwitz.

Only when the Soviets realised that their scientific professions were stuffed with limited Apiru minds did the word go out that the Soviets were anti-semitic. “Anti-semitic=Anti-fukkwitz”. Remember that when the fuckkwitz were murdering tens of millions of Russians. Ukranians, Latvians, Estonians, Fins, Tartars, Cossacks, Chechens and on and on it goes, everything was kosher as far as the fuckkitz infested west was concerned.

In USofA corp General Alsos was just a front for a troupe of Apirucru fuckkwitz that got paid to fail massively in everything they did at huge expense. Oh I’d love to sit all day swilling pink trombones, mixing heavy metal daiquiris, buttwelding peyote reports back to Vancouver and Ciudad Juárez and getting false history written about how great I was. As I’ve mentioned before the collection of failures that ran away from Eastern Europe to drip around USofA at taxpayers expense, Like the lizard Szilard the tard, legged it from Europe because the RED murder army was scheduled to roll through. No way were they hanging around for that. The ran away to slope around poolsides and DC cocktail parties because of the Nasties being all unfriendlystylee? Really? Einstein was nothing but a great big fake Hollyweird failure of a high speed gaseous centrifuge, how else do you get your hair to look so B-movie? Shagging your own close relatives? Can you imagine any of the Hollywood physicists stuck in a Soviet paradise gulag working? Oh FM!! Only native Russians did that. No,  no, no. They wanted to hang out in Commywood shagging starlets and getting them lobotomised for noticing what a bunch of Apiru traitors they were Hedda Hopperstylee.

So Russia 1950s, USofA 1940s and Germany 1930s. All of them stuffed full of Apirujew scientists and their false memory syndrome.

Whatever they write, it is studied rubbish.
Whatever they say, it is beautiful staging.
Whatever they do, it is a blood disguise of theft.
Ignore the useless scum.
They are temple whores.
They have nothing else to do but plot.
Banish and shun their fellow travellers.
They are all Apiru Cru affront for gods.

“Ancient cultures for centuries all across the continents build huge structures for places of worship, observatories, burial places etc. The size and layout was so complex and perfect to indicate that the basis of such constructions must be sound scientific principles of most advanced branches of engineering sciences. The need of such huge places also must have been dictated by more pressing and practical concerns in public policy, agriculture and public health than just to show the pomp of a king. Other than in India and across the East Asian Buddhist countries spanning from China to Japan, most of these structures all over the world lay now in ruins or are completely destroyed. This successful destruction was perpetuated from the 4th century onwards by various plethora of groups religious zealots, hate groups, nomadic tribes as a tool to propagate their religion and intimidate existing cultures and traditions. In the modern day when such atrocious acts cannot be perpetuated the same groups are using multinational corporations, rebellious groups, Islamic Fundamentalists, Rightwing hate groups and missionaries to destroy these structures in the name of land reforms, modernization of agriculture, industrialization and if nothing works by engineering and creating terrorist and separatist groups.”

I asked you to imagine Europe sterilised from end to end, the 20th century grand plan, which did not get completed and so the next wave of the plan involving replacement by moneyfed pastoralists who have delivered nothing but starvation in every sphere of human activity have been engineered to destroy the rich farm land just as they did in Libya and Egypt 1500 years ago or so.

T’is time I would ask you to stand with me within one of the great Thorium thin film looking pools and envision the reality of the past that has been the mission of the Apiru to destroy through recovery.

Monday 22 February 2016

English for beginners

Freedom= Lockdown of persons of good will and unrestricted movement for perps
ROI=Accountancy term that actually originates with financing Venetian gangland hits
Insurance=A means of receiving free spending money through use of ROI for investment into more ROI.

So with that out of the way let us deconstruct some more English as used by freedom loving perps.

"Saudi lies. If you have the stomach for it, take a look at this interview with Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir. Much of what he says is pure deception, of course. But you don't have to do much reading between the lines to get a shiver from the following:

“SPIEGEL: Is Saudi Arabia in favor of supplying anti-aircraft missiles to the rebels?

Al-Jubeir: Yes. We believe that introducing surface-to-air missiles in Syria is going to change the balance of power on the ground. It will allow the moderate opposition to be able to neutralize the helicopters and aircraft that are dropping chemicals and have been carpet-bombing them, just like surface-to-air missiles in Afghanistan were able to change the balance of power there. This has to be studied very carefully, however, because you don't want such weapons to fall into the wrong hands.

SPIEGEL: Into the hands of Islamic State.

Al-Jubeir: This is a decision that the international coalition will have to make. This is not Saudi Arabia's decision.”

Translation: Of course the missiles (which can -- and will -- be used to shoot down civilian airliners) will fall into the hands of ISIS. Why not? Every other piece of military equipment we have sent over to Syria has "accidentally" ended up with ISIS, in the most outlandish series of oopsies in military history. See here and here and here and here, and that's just for starters.

Did you know that we "accidentally" gave ISIS a fleet of 2300 Humvees? What makes you think that we won't also "accidentally" give them surface-to-air missiles? Hell, I'm surprised that they haven't already "accidentally" received tactical nuclear weapons...

Actually, the "accident" may have already happened. Some believe that ISIS already has a limited SAM capability: See here and here. There's even some evidence that ISIS has Scuds".

War News Updates: U.S. Tries To Contain The Islamic State In Libya: Senegalese commandos during a recent United States-led training exercise in Senegal. Credit Sergey Ponomarev for The New York Times New...

Let us now pour all that into the babelbolloxfish add a little twist of ISI/TriBorder/Ratlines and what do we get?

For 40 years the petro dollar has financed a bunch of Wasabi nutters. For 40 years Wasabi ratlines have trafficked jihadists into the Americas. For 40 years Wasabi nutters have been breeding like terrorcyst cells in the Tri-Border area. For 40 years FARC and MILF and other creative MLAs, as yet unknown to us, have been fertilising and cross pollinating. Never unemployed or pestered by IRS, SS, UN, HMR&C or anyone else who has trample all over the ordinary person. Free from GREEN taxes and climate change rubbish as they practiced explosives techniques, sabotage, cybercrime and SAM launches.

IF USofA annoys the Wasabi nutters then their Mustard brothers in Tel Aviv will activate the jihadists in Paraguay to export terror into USofA bigtime with a splash of Worcester Sauce.

All the CSI, NCIS, JAG HDTV nonsense is not going to help you. THEY DO NOT EXIST in the real world of terrorist rights and freedoms. You will have to pull all your Marines, SEALS, Green Berets, SOCOM, Black Fezzes and fuerzes especiales out of Libya, Iraq etc. and deploy them in The Americas.

You think that the Donbass is far, far away don’t you? Well when Spanish speaking Chechen special operators en route to Manila have taken down San Diego docks with a large Hoisin, you’ll think differently.

Why do you think you’re off world POTUS bows to these freaks?

Now that is the mark of Apiru planning.

Thanks a million Heinrich.

Friday 19 February 2016

Sanctions Can Be Applied to Russia but It Is Illegal to apply Sanctions to Israel -

Sanctions Can Be Applied to Russia but It Is Illegal to apply Sanctions to Israel -

PCR and most commentators seem to misunderstand the nature of an Apiru Firebase. How can you sanction a pirate base? It has its fellow captains and buccaneers ruling in every port under Roth patent and lettres. It is an engineered asset for the Apiru front, Roth. If you dare impede its fire missions you will get taken out Kurzstylee. They will send as many as it takes to destroy you, your family, your livestock, your lineage and your soil. Make no mistake. It does not exist in civilised nation space. It is part of the overall Apiru mission to destroy all civilised nation space. Only corporate Pirate space is to be allowed to exist.

Look what London City pirate base did for the Roth in the 20th century. Europe destroyed in preparation for Kalergification And the panto continues. Trouble making clown Camoron is pissing around taking up valuable theatre time on the UK in/out of Europe issue. Europe is facing an existential crisis brought on by its slut leaders and Camahoon wants to talk billions of rebate? WTF, just get your chancellor to publish all the money you need or go over to Janet and get a shed load of free $s from her masseeev cash stash.

Oh no we cannot do that. It would destroy the centuries of propaganda about the nature of money, economics and commerce to get bunged a shed load of fiat. No we need to keep the UKabos in the midden, it is after all where they belong after 150 years of grooming. Have you noticed that no one has raised the old HR mantra, as I've said many.many times, past performance is a sure indicator of future behaviour? BBC is a skulking den of child killing/ crime front running/ lying drivel peddlers. We know that from the sex crimes perpetrated by Savile & Co. and the cover up. So if the BBC was staffed by child killers in the 1960/70s why should we not consider it to be so in 1939/45 and 2016? Lying money burning blood swilling khaants!!

Look at who the BBC are making us look at today. Who are doing the mutual masturbation HDTV replaymatch today? Kalergi laureate and holder of the 2010 Kalergi Cup; STASI Merkel. Who isis doing the RCE/LC pissing around with Italian style rolling around on the ground after no tackling? Rothbitchboy Rockmyswinephageporking Kickstart eunuch court defective No10 inmate, the Hong Kong subprimate PM.
Do you really expect anything other than another Ba'al feast?

Russia, a nation bound by international laws and norms, is the target for the pirate base at Tel Aviv, on instruction from RCE/LC, and the Roth launch pad is quietly working on the coming holocaust just like its other little brother did in the 1930s out on the Amur.

Now I don't want you geezers and geeztrice in USofA corp getting all lonely and not feeling all group hug inclusive, retch! If you perused that old outing I did on C-K, he's got that Schacht smell, you will have noticed that he's a real operator. In fact he's got that Apiru look and feel. Prepping Europe for a dissolution. Messing about in Imperial Japan. Oh and he's a Hapsburg lad.

Now that reminded me of something else I wrote ages ago about Hapsburg lands returning, that why you've got secessionistas working in your country (Mormons and Zionists) amigo and a very interesting talk given recently.

Don't be getting all choked on your grits now goys and bitrice. Just listen to the names this interviewee mentions.

Wednesday 17 February 2016

The Real Winners of the Air Force Bomber Contest

The Real Winners of the Air Force Bomber Contest: The Air Force’s selection of Northrop Grumman to build a new stealth bomber is the first major award in years to withstand a government audit and, for some, a win for Pentagon reforms.

By the time this thing flies, if it flies, USofA corp will be nothing but one megaWalMart$Store surrounded by a HumungouSuperMax prison. It will be a matter of psychology who considers whom to be imprisoned.

More seriously by 2050 the TexMexbomber assembly hall in Yucatan will have cleared the jungle and destroyed any remaining evidence of inconvenient history.

Always assuming a ChiComm Free State rebel alliance hyper kinetic orbital icicle of doom hasn't started another media induced ice age of global warming by deliberately dropping in on BBCCNNBCIAGCHQ all accidental Belgrade swiftlystylee.

As I've said before the USAF now finds itself in the self delusional Disney world of TSR2: Return of the final destruction of the industrial base. Then it will find itself in the position of the RN in 1935 where the industrial base couldn't supply and Czech armour plate was imported, oh the balance of payments crisis, only to have the Corporal queer it all by wandering in all peaceful like and nationalising the shebang.

You do know what peaceful means don't you? I'll give you a clue.

Peaceful does not involve Agent Orange, Depleted Uranium, wiping out wedding parties, missile strikes on hospitals and assorted other war crimes perpetrated upon innocents by the brain dead stooges inhabiting the retarcracies. Oh sure some geezers snuck out of Czechland pronto to Blighty but they had bars of gold tucked into their car fenders contra UK exchequer statutes and laws, so they were cushty unlike the deliberately made starved, ignorant and malformed UKabos already imprisoned there all unemployedstylee.

When did any UKabo who was about to die have gold to smuggle into any country?

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Thorium by way of Nell Gwynn

Your correspondent dropped by for a bit of culture and verily enjoyed himself. China Town was rocking for the coming year of the monkey, Shaftesbury Ave was choked and chokka, the tube system was not on strike but was sweating nicely that is how you run a business, as theatre. So your correspondent parked himself and awaited Gemma to entertain again. Stonkingly good stuff it was.

Now talking of stonking, take a swift peak at one of the latest from Submarine Matters.

That is as succinct a round up as of Feb 2016 of the general situation that you can get.

Now if you recall what I was saying around the Space Clities of Mars/Mobility Kill and Overstretch outings in 2011, you know, the ones with the photo of a dead Christian child just out side the gates of Aleppo and sanctuary, from 100 years ago. If you recall those mindburps then you will know that from this blogger’s point of view the above perspective is all wrong since only rational human beings would view the world so. We know that the bankster world view makes no sense to us hence the so called “mysteries” of history. Crime is the default setting of trade and commerce. True sacred trade, the bedrock of all false commerce i.e. TPP, Common Agricultural Policy etc., true trade is universal slavery golden death.


USN must know that their flat tops will get what the RN flat tops got in the Med 1940-1 if they wander into the SCS. I mean which bit of RAF screwing over the RN air capability do USN CAGs not get F35stylee?

The Philippines need to be viewed as a sort of SCS Poland, just square miles of Earth surface to be used in a higher calling.

The Island defence chains were blown wide open long ago and the whole view needs to be inverted. With the following caveat.

The thin film surface of the Earth has become lethality space too dangerous for human occupation in a real war.

When Lady Castlemaine related to Nell that both were nothing more than kept pleasurebitches and Nell would get thrown back into the sewer to rot when the bewigged monarch tires of her, we should pay attention, for this is the correction needed for our political astigmatism. Money publishing allows one to publish any history one desires before it is written by your bitches’ scribes, enacted by your bitches’ military and accepted by your bitches’ kept pets. All CFR and Trilateral nations are headed by kept bitches just one fait COMINTERN faux pas away from the no longer lime lit lime filled ditch. The further up the food chain the more banksterspunk filled the supplicant. SNP Salmon has a gut full of it, UKako Cameron might not be able to walk straight ever again and Ashton has been genetically modified by the amount of EUbanksteroil forced into her transhumanist shell. (BTW Nell would have KO’d our Caff mentally and physically)

So what would I get my local keptpolibitches to do for me out East?

Watch for a reunited Korea under, clear you lenses, sit down, and take a deep breath, NK leadership. Not under duress but welcomed with open arms by all Koreans.

Now you might not get it but to the banksters it resolves the untidy situation of the old equality lingering all unsaid by spunksoaked MSM hyperbitches for 70 years.

Japanese Gold=Mercury=Uranium=Thorium

So with the far NWestern End of the HL currently on fire nicely at Aleppo, that unexpected K-Pop move should seize solid the far NEastern End and ensure a smooth move out through the Philippines for the ChiComms. Now don’t be thinking that the USofA corp has any real say in these moves. At the bankster level view of things POTUS is just a gaping fanny and it stinks. India is a far more enticing dolly now.

Thursday 11 February 2016

Thorium Ring of Brightwaters

One of the tortures of being alive at this namshubmoment is the certainty that it will all end soon because we are learning too much. That in itself is an ironic ague because all quanta we are gleaming are the uncertainty reflections off echoes of the shadows of vaguely remembered legends of what occursed. However before the hammer falls again I believe we can certainly resolve the old reality by simple use of our own magic wells,.....

To reinforce our powers in this evilmirrorworld is a simple selfcasting spell, the power to which it is the unending task to deny us of, of the wonders arrayed in rotational onanistic splendour, here in the Herd Attention Space. I know it is almost impossible to do a Logan’s Run now but that must not stop us from trying because the more of us that attempt a breakout the more disruption to the trance field we bring into existence. In addition we can do several things to slough off the mantel of necrotic knowledge we are forced to wear as sustenance and shelter. The first being shunning all attempts to slave cue our eyes onto the great park wankstators.

I ask you, what would please you more? Watching temple whores gyrating or staring at the sky? I know, I know if you attempt to ignore the spastictwerking the pimps will beat you up or the priest will marginalise you but wouldn’t you prefer to die having used your wells well just once?

So with that preamble of ever nonsense over, let us use our eyes as God intended.

As a sort of primer for the heap of dulux that is about to turn up here….oh forget it, the few still reading here know where the bodies of Astle, Kepler, Thom, Manning, Bruno et al are buried in the ashmidden of my blogging……….anyway let us consider the pyramids at Giza.

Let us also comparoconsidero the F-35. OK? Finished? If the F35 RICO teams were tasked with building a pyramid they would use all their resources to convince us that a steaming pile of horse manure was what we signed off on. So there they are. I know both exist, I can go and touch the things, well most of their constituent parts. I remember 30 years ago when discussing HTHP blisc tech. that they were a no touchy subject. So what can we say about the two “projects”?

Well the first thing is that it does not matter what the big pile of stones was for it got built. I mean for all we know the power plant, burial chamber, weapons hypotheses guys have got it all wrong and it was really a megalomaniacal Mongolian barbeque advertising hoarding for the paleolithic HAS. Under an alien sky the albedo would have really gotten your attention alrighty. So much has been forgotten, eliminated, badly remembered or vaguely dreamed again.

Now consider the F35. We have the apex of decades of aerospace research and development. We have the synthesis of bust on time, supply chain mismanagment, theft as logistics and perp systems integration in all fields of human endeavour. We have the blankest of blank quantum optics cheques written and the most manipulated of timescale matrices and schedules signed off. What do we have? Well you could just about run a Mongolian BBQ from its heat output and that is it.

“Ooooh you are being a tad unfair there” I hear you murmur.

Well……no. I am being restrained. I chose those two projects deliberately to illustrate a pivot point in history. The node, nondimensionalpoint, the singularity, abstraction when the numbers were created and started to lie.

Somewhere, sometime between customer acceptance of a big pile of stones and the F35 going into service, not B32stylee into service but B29stylish, the current HAS started its long building cycle, all Derren Brown tricksylike.

Ever since then, that precise moment when the Apiru got aligned with the strategic business plan, the march of false numbers has been consuming mankind. So much money induced mental phukkwittery has being introduced into the world now that the biggest POS in aerospace history can only be considered the cap stone of Marxist historical nonsense.

What we can say about Lockheed Martin, without contradiction, is that 10,000 years after project inception no one in the iSpace colonies will even dream that such a load of criminal confetti ever existed.

Conversely everyone and their publisher wants to construct all the most contrived money burning research and infobollox about the10,000+ years old pile of rocks today and 10,000 years hence.

Henge. One thing we can be sure of is that no one had a money publishing scheme involving false numbers back then to construct a complex. No one attempted a faith based megalithic project with monoheathenismsimjism and its fake money followers.

No; only real people built the great big piles of rocks. They were masters at logistics, people management, systems integration and project planning. They were also global and their greatest works are lying in the shallower seas around Indonesia/Hispaniola/Arabia.

Once you have read enough about ancient geezers and geeztrices, their big stones and their erections, a seed of an idea forms, fertilises and brings forth further speculation. All their works seem to have been in remembrance of an even more ancient homo geeziens.

Consider this. Even the more famous British Isles stone marker arrays are thought to have started in wood moats. Yet to even start remembrance in wood would require how many centuries to watch, record, study, reflect upon, teach and consider a 366degree sky for precession, star and planetary cycles, constellation transients and lunar stability? 10,000 years? 100,000 years? 1 million years of stability and stillness? More?

And before you did any of that you stood under the sky and cast your wells into a ring of brightwater.

Monday 8 February 2016

UKplc take this as a clear warning....

Welcome To uadinnuh's blog: Jackie Chan is linked to a bus explosion in London...: On Sunday morning a bus exploded in London. It went up in a great whorl of flame on the Lambeth Bridge, its smoldering wreckage flung int...

Just like 2005 you are getting too uppity. Who do you useless phukks think you are?

UKakos, know your place. Do not ask questions and do not take any notice of death dealing.

Keep your noses out of the BBCchildkillers/MSMchildtraffickers/terrorimmigration/planned migrations/warcrime families as refugees/import&export terrorist trade questions OR ELSE!!!

Friday 5 February 2016

Th Or. On IR. 39. 90.

To think like an idiot is to be Apirucru. Therefore their pet banksters’ shenanigans are childsplay. Though their master’s beliefs remain obscured its intended outcome, lethal for the Apiru, is clear.

“Members of the Black Nobility lay claim to being descendants of the Nephilim and I honestly doubt that they worship any of today’s major religions.” Namgod comment

Let us consider two funs=actions of the sacral Apiru mission.

One; is to waylay travellers (kill) and
Two; to spread as much info rubbish to the static (babelbollox) as possible.

I wish to scramble history as given to try and see what was happening and why this is important for the future.

I wish to take us back exactly 71 years and like a good RANDfool I wish to game with you. Imagine the world dissolving before its time and the panic ensuing at the very top of the trees as the various phukknuns work on their subjects. Imagine having to stop the realisation of that for which you had worked so diligently towards for over seven decades to achieve.

Imagine that at last you had to stop your project, imagine the Morgenthau plan meets Omega man, but without Anthony Zerb. Imagine having to explain to your failed collection of foreign born Hollyweird pseudosciencysts that "NO" you were not going to turn Europe into a radioactive desert at last. Imagine that conversation as they sat there sending field reports to their Trotskyite handlers in Mexico whilst swilling down the best asymptotic ladyboyjuicings and perpetual hookersqueezings at infinite tax payers expense. Imagine that.

So to start the next few droppings in this contusing series about the worlds largest bankster managed pinch operation of all time, and its failure, let us consider the scene in Jan 1945.

On the “loosing” side everyone who needs to be is on courses or at seminars. Even the bankster deep throats in the German Staff hadn’t been able to engineer enough Stalingrads, Tunisias, Courlands and Kerches to weaken their nation enough to counter the serious geezers that had out manoeuvred the Speer. There is no sign of defeat, no sign of victory, but no evidence that we are at a UK 1916 moment, verily phukked. Serious geezers like Heydrich, who in 1942 was assassinated by the RCE/LC secret service bankstercommies because he was raising the living standards of Czech workers and winning the political war, unlike his predecessor who was likely a deep state bankerbitchboy, serious non-Apiru had successfully leapt to the next stage of weapontech and they were about to deliver on schedule.

On the “winning, whining and wining” side everyone has read the reports stating that on the basis of the business plan signed off in 1942 it was failure all round. Our entire tech was exhausted. All our shipping was going to the bottom. All our TAFs were going to get taken out by 1st gen MANPADS. All our bombers were going to be shot out of the night sky. All our infantry was using not fit for purpose personal weaponry. All the armour, which was already toasted, was going to get wire guided to phukk. Worst of all we knew the bad guys had converted their civilian atomic programmes successfully to military use.

I’ll bet you Ike was a tad worried as his RothIrishphukknun tickled his prostate with a giant radish. Oh shit!

To complicate matters the bad guys have a deep state, at that time working through goodguy Dulles for the BLUE good guys and MiHi Roth for the RED good guys, that intends to hand some of the techytrinkets out evenly to either side of the Mafia who’s Kapos and Molls are going to meet up at Yalta in very early Feb.

So with that in mind I ask you, since I already mentioned that we might entertain the idea that Dresden may have been cover to take out Soviet assigned Auschwitz/Blizna chemical warfare researchers, which group of SS corporate employees/researchers might have been taken out by a lucky 13 member of a pretty useless and inactive Soviet Baltic fleet submarine force in Jan 30th 1945? Ahhh RED Admitrealty.

Bearing in mind that of all the sides fighting in the second Big One the side to which the banksters, Apiru boybitches, had most sympathy, the side which they had nurtured most carefully, the side who best reflected their idea of an ideal humanity and whom they considered most likely to defend their interests, the USSR, struck first; we can further decode the Dresden strike as a USofA corp operation in which the lack of an RAF component would have stuck out like a sore thumb after the gunfire and sniper had finished.

Now don’t be getting all “WTF you khaant!” here.

Always remember that USofA corp. was not supposed to be in this war and just like Croesus and others millennia before, POTUS of the people, people a concept always hated by Apirucru, paid the price, for USofA breaking the gold=uranium=mercury Apiru slavering monopoly in 1945, in 1963.

How dare they be free people!!!!