Thursday 31 May 2018

China Defense Blog: Cold War Artifacts of the day: The 7 Chinese arti...

China Defense Blog: Cold War Artifacts of the day: The 7 Chinese arti...: Long before the Chinese started constructing artificial islands, they built 7 artificial hills/fortresses in NE China, hoping to slow down a...

I love this old Amir river zone stuff.

What does it recall to mind?

Lessons learned.

  1. The John Company Japanese fuerzes commerziales on the border with USSR OMG areas must have been semi effective despite poor equipment in Aug 1945.
  2. The Imperial Japanese corps level forces still functioning in the Korean peninsula in Oct 1945 must have been similar.

Shadows cast.

  1. UK chicken coup nuclear chemistry achtung minen that were designed to complete the job that 50 years of virulent anti European racism, directed from London City’s Rothchild Corporate Enmity genocidal transmitter, taking over from the Roman failed attempt 1500 years ealier, had not given mission accomplished.
  2. RothRock’s bollox fire base in RCE/TA.

Now that brings to mind JUKakos engineering capabilities.

  1. Financial derivatives went off in the faces of the Bitched Nation’s best. Ass designed.
  2. RR Merlins v’s Packard Merlins. Leaks like a sieve on the Bitched Nation’s best.
  3. Red Anthrax. Need we say more.
  4. Kill lists from PermindexNHSinc for the Bitched Nation’s tax payers. Sorted; to be FexEx’d out Air Americastylee to payed up, soon to be Bitched, OtherAbos overseas.


“What does the Bitched Nation do very well?” I hear you ask.

Small Royal secret things in the dark is the answer.

There is never a glitch in the Engineering Matrix here. You can knock up a child athlete and not a finger is raised against you ‘cosjuizupplininnit..


Perfect 10s are what you need to steal $40 trillion dollars, isn’t that so Rabbi Roboplanes?

Wednesday 30 May 2018

Cyberlithic paralytic.....

......TSR2/F117/ASAT finally resolved.

Plinking out "black ice" in space to piss off the RFID 8200 LEO Autoshoppers of the Lion's mouth doesn't come cheap.

SNAFU!: SU-57 used for the first time in combat. Conducte...: Thanks to Drinas for the link! #Syria Unconfirmed Report Minutes Ago by the Militant Idlib governorate radio : “New russian fighters &q...

Mind you what is coming is not pretty.

Imagine if you can Verdun, only scaled up by several orders of magnitude to stretch from Andorra to Byelorussia, stalked by nap of the earth Big Dawgs feasting on rotting flesh, the final erasure of Hermetic thought in action again.

Saturday 26 May 2018

Angie those container yards closely....

Indonesia cancels visas for Israelis following Gaza massacre: Indonesia has cancelled visas issued to Israeli citizens and banned Israelis entering the country in response to the massacre in Gaza last week, spokesman for Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Emma...

There is a Chabadeestylee special visit scheduled.

Surabaya Angie stay sharp.

Friday 25 May 2018

Is this what it was like....

......when the ordinary person was staring at the profit and hope, the prophetary note, the forgery waved off a Lockheed from Munchen all those decades ago....

...before the deliberated gunfire and sniper gestarted at an increased tempo, like swapping an MG34 for an MG42, one clears the decks for empty lives and hypergolicmunitions plants. Is this what it was like the evening the women lopped off the Herm cocks over two millenia ago?

If we can see it coming, like Jaurès, then which bit of we think you are a retarded lying phukkwitz don’t the dead get yet? If you believe that McCain and his mates didn’t know that at this moment he would say just so, then phukkofffhyaakhaaant!

Cannot you see that the great library is burning down around you again? Is this what it felt like to watch the flames lick their lips all those centuries ago? Go and try researching the cock stranglers from Golders Green and their Magic Circled bunnies now. Looked at in the amounted usuary of events doled out for iniquitous experience then the last action has long fled from this empty shelved catalogue of words. All that remains are faggots misleading false truth seekers like mercury fuming glowworms showing inabledsimpletons what both parties believe is the light.

It isn’t that all the books have gone forever it is that they are given to vixens to deliver. Any reading of Quigley can only lead one to two conclusions.

The message to take from Tragedy and Hope is that, and I paraphrase, “You cunts got away three times now. You phuikkin’ ain’t getting away a fourth time”.

You can quote me on that.

And. The true influence over all occulted civilisation is the North/South cutting of contact when needed and manipulation of approved contact between, the West/East extremes of the Eurasian land mass. This cannot exclude the preglacial civilisation and I would refer you to all mentions here of singing maps over the years. MacKinder can go and shuv his pathetic totenkinderanalysis up his shitter sideways. I have always maintained that someone is out to reclaim their land grants lost under snow.

I mean what bit of Harran gambling and the purveyors’ stink theory don’t current collateral get? You do not study the stars from a tower. You worship points of light there. You do not study the stars by staring into the sky. You measure your lowered gaze from the ring of bright waters.

The contrast between the small number of hyper intelligent human beings living in this world 5000 years ago and the deluge of starving hypermuppets infesting the dump today is a wonder to behold. Look at what 2 geezers and a bit of day light could do in Giza, the Andes, Celtic lands, Urals, Batavia and under the see off India.

What do you get these days? Massive exoduses of cacophonous Turing fails swarming  and kacking everywhere in the jerrybuilt environment.  What is so difficult AI researchers, the meat sacks are thick as shit. surely you could get a ZX Spectrum to pass the test now?!!! FFS!!!! You can sodomise a robot at a train station these days without fear of CIAduh or MISIS shooting your orange boiler suite off renditionstylee. WTF.

AI, Synthetic Anal Sex, pathetic industrial scale counterfeiting, drug peddling, child killing, war as pleasure and death as recreation. All this activity turns up in the GDP activity, well so does slavery, so fuck the GDP or any other measure of economist equation envy.

If you’ve got the measure of the drift we are evolving into then always remember that the diabolical engines of the number worshippers constantly fails through love fatigue. Their lonely metric cannot deal with the repeated contrabarycycling of our infinite real lofe.

Is this what it was like for all those others who perished all that time ago…... To see it all coming too fast…..

Anyway that is enough bollox for this evening, I’ve still got millions of pages to rune. It is getting late here again and I must be off…

Wednesday 23 May 2018

Steamed Punklings

China Defense Blog: Limited inside view of H6K bomber: Since H-6K's redesigned Cockpit Display Systems is classified without a single clear picture on the net, but judging from Prez Xi's ...

I do love a good retrofuturology reality. It is a little touch of the mongmind at work on the whole world. Whomever it was, Soviet General or Nobel Laureate, who quipped that WW IV would be fought with cavalry didn't quite get it. WW IV will look like a masonic meeting at a watering hole Kubrickstylee.

Anyway look at that stuff. It is all 1940s.

Where ever Chink Groom Lake is you can be sure that their advanced concepts will get aborted once BAe/LM dual biologicals get involved in helping them expand the envelope.

Mind you I did hold my breath as we got through that "Where are my legions?" moment a few months ago.


Tuesday 22 May 2018


Originally posted 5th Nov 2015.

Mindless murderers bankrolled by Banksters on any and all occasions.

Fiat money = Dead people everywhere.

Additional 22nd May 2018

Lets party like its 1939

I suppose like we take a view of high Sun King lalaland, the puffed dandy, a creation not a real thing, the RegencyBeauBummer, the bewiggedwastrelwigger, looked upon as a WTFconcoction?

In the 23rd century even Elvis will be forgotten as a mere transitory fixture in the display cabinet of fauxlife. Butterflies from any other creation.

Anyway as anyone who has read of the horrors perpetrated on the locals in Syria by London financed terrorists, echoes of CHEKA/NKVD behaviour in the USSR against the locals there will be heard clearly. Only the Talmud Stosstroopers and easy free money from London can brew such a witches’ stew.

The parallels continue.

End of Spanish Civil War
A look back at events in history on May 19.
Spanish Head of State Francisco Franco presides over the first victory parade after the end of the Spanish Civil War in Madrid on May 19, 1939, while members of the Civil Guard and Moorish Guard stand under the tribune. During this ceremony Francisco Franco is accompanied by military officials, el Gran Visir del Jalifa de Tetuan, and the Generals Aranda and Saliquet. Franco went on to establish a military dictatorship, declaring himself Head of State and Government and took on the title of El Caudillo (the Chief). During his regime, he caused an estimated 200,000 to 400,000 deaths. His 36-year-rule ended with his death in 1975.

Once all the flies have finished blotting the sun expect OxBridge tenures for the perps again.

"When in 1999 I was in Oxford, they did not let me into their home. They lived in an affluent Victorian town house overlooking the beautiful, verdant district in this academic city. Their neighbors thought of them as staid retirees who came here from Poland in the early seventies. Here, they were the respected Mister and Madam professors. He, Włodzimierz Brus, was an economics professor, who also taught Russian and Central European philology at Wolfson and St. Anthony's College. His wife, Helena Wolińska-Brus, was a frequent participant in the academic symposia, but, even more so, she was an ardent socialite.
Seven decades after her crimes, this bloody Stalinist prosecutor became the inspiration for Paweł Pawlikowski, and a heroine of his Oscar winning motion picture "Ida," which is gaining acclaim around the world.
Members of the real Polish émigré circles, who were forced to leave their homeland in the aftermath of the Soviet takeover of Poland after World War II, remembered that Wolińska manifestly supported the "Solidarity" movement and condemned Martial Law imposed on Poland by the Jaruzelski’s Communist junta. The couple was friends with prof. Norman Davies and other prominent Oxford’s scholars. They all knew that she was the Stalinist prosecutor. In Poland, for example, she was defended by Prof. Andrzej Friszke - the same man who snidely referred to the searching and exhumations of the missing Doomed Soldiers as “meaningless digs.”"

Monday 21 May 2018

Shaggin' the Al'n

I will bet you real money, not industrial scale forgery and counterfeiting as perped by the Fed, BoE and BIS brigands,.....

...Babelconartists und Apiruwhiteslavers, that the first mating of a human and ANY off planet organism, synthetic issue or otherwise, will be crowned hybridUbermongandrogynKong of District 9 here on Earth, thanks to the numismaticamnesiacmnemonicdemonics here in RCE/LC. There will be no, repeat no, special withdrawing rights technique there altrighty!!!! Phukkmee, you couldn't make this shit up!!!!!!

I love this item form the comments section here...
"You know, given the absolute control that "they" have over these de-balled, has-been royals, we can't help but wonder if Meghan Markle -- a moderately attractive, divorced, 36-year old, half-Negress, Hollywood feminist actress who has surely been mounted up by more bucks that even Winston Churchill's notorious whore of a mother, Jennie Jerome -- wasn't forced upon handsome Prince Harry (age 33) as some sort of elite psy-op against the traditional White remnants of rapidly diversifying / rapidly decaying Britain. Seriously, this guy could have married any 20-something year old virgin (or at least something with far less "mileage") in all of England. What the heck is going on here?"

Here's some more good stuff to listen to whilst the Russians get blamed for every penny we handed over to HMG being stolen by perps operating out of the RothFirebase in Tel Aviv.

Mami's Shit: Blackbird9's Breakfast Club Podcast # 120 - 2018.0...: Brizer And Harts Imprisoned Allegory Welcome to Blackbird9's Breakfast Club's Wednesday Podcast, Brizer and Hart's Imprisone...

BTW Tumpernator which global terminatorchariddees have you been instructed you need RCE/Jerusalem to give cover for?


MIRAGEC14: The First Four F-35B For Royal Navy arriving in UK...

MIRAGEC14: The First Four F-35B For Royal Navy arriving in UK...: Four F-35Bs will arrive in the first tranche of stealth fighters to transfer from the USA to the UK, flying into RAF Marham in East Anglia. ...

Saturday 19 May 2018


It will soon be 200 years since the UKabos in Manchester were told to go phukk themselves and got rolled over by horse soldiers.

It will soon be 100 years since the UKabos in Glasgow were told to go phukk themselves or get rolled over by tank soldiers.

Next year expect the UKabos to be rolled over by cybersoldiers.

All these things happen after UKabos are sent overseas and the homebase is turned to a weaponfabblabpageant.

Then, when exported milwitnesses repatriate after the gunfire and sniper in other lands the undesired real world experiences and memories of the returnees must be denied and suppressed.

Ooooooo….. I hear you snikker..what happened in 1949 then? Well ersmartarz it all got delayed whilst the colonials who had gone off script got phukked over royally. Look at the places where noone was allowed to get caught in the gunfire and sniper. Canada, NZ, Aus, Rhodesia, SeethEfrika and of course the great big weapons dump USofAcorp. UKabos got NHS and unionised make work for long enough to make them impotent again.

Haven’t you read 1984? It is to be brought right through your door any day soon by an albedoassaultamazondrone. Muppet!

So with that in mind let us remove all the polluting mindming that clouds the ether, of what sits like a great straw filled fuming curd atop the throne here in UKaboland, soon to be UKaantland, it is leaderless suppression aboriginal harvesting by absence of proxy.

The most diverse, equal opportunity, non discriminatory, homicidal, racist, misogynist, supremacist humanity hating pile of pyramidal shite is topped by no thing.

The cap stone is not missing, there is literally nor thing there.

That is correct. In a territory stuffed full of religioterrorist gated compounds and open gulags how could a collection of TavistockVostokwitch Doctors, Marxist Business Administrators and NumberworshippingAlchemical Ackuntants be anything other than no thing?

SNAFU!: UK to cut its buy of F-35s? This story will not g...: Thanks to Spinflight for the link! Via Telegraph. The British Government is committed to buying 138 F-35 fighter aircraft from US ma...

As for the F35? It is a weapon system designed to kill a generation of engineers careers and leave the west open to being rolled out like Nung and Hotentots. Scalability is a bitch when you are on the receiving end.

Which bit of “You were supposed to have been removed from history in 1942 white boy” don’t you get?

Which bit of "Talmudic nukes came out of the conzentrationlager complex" don’t you get?

Samson is a Buna boy ersatz eretz rubber mushroom phukkwitz option??


Wednesday 16 May 2018

The time is coming when the music will stop..... be replicated by 0.818181818 silence again in Perm.

There are two opposing explanations for the PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization, established in 1968) strike of August, 1981—the tragic event that led not only to President Reagan’s firing of 11,345 air traffic controllers, but to the dissolution of the union itself.

Take your pick as to which explanation most represents what actually happened. We can interpret the PATCO debacle as nothing less than a clear manifestation of virulent, deep-seated Republican anti-unionism, or we can view the strike as one of the dumbest and most self-destructive moves ever made by a labor union.
Addressing the anti-unionism angle first, let’s make no mistake about Ronald Reagan’s sentiments. He clearly rejoiced in being able to spank organized labor, and to do it with a grandiose and very splashy public gesture.

Reagan spent years conning people into believing that, as a former labor union president himself (as SAG president, he was little more than an FBI shill whose mission was to ferret out suspected “Commies” in the movie industry), he understood and was sympathetic to the “working man.” That was a con job. He and his cronies were clearly anti-union.

In contrast to Nixon’s Secretary of Labor, the moderate and pragmatic George P. Shultz, Reagan’s Labor Secretary was Ray Donovan, a former vice-president of labor relations at a construction company known for its antipathy toward unions. Basically, Donovan was Reagan’s hatchet man.

After warning the controllers not to pull the plug, Reagan and Donovan didn’t mess around. There are strikes and then there are massacres. This was the latter. The controllers were not only fired for striking, they were banned for life from working for the federal government. The ban wasn’t lifted until President Clinton did it, in 1993.

As odious as Reagan’s actions were, the behavior of PATCO was close to mind-boggling. The PATCO strike of 1981 will undoubtedly go down in history as a monument to overplaying one’s hand. First and foremost, the strike was illegal. Federal employees were, by statute, forbidden to strike.

Moreover, the strikers knew it. They knew it, Reagan knew it, Donovan knew it, and the American public knew it. Yet, these PATCO guys, led by their inexperienced and egomaniacal president, Robert Poli—and despite being cautioned by the AFL-CIO—did it anyway. By violating a federal labor law they became felons.

Second, they woefully underestimated the government’s ability to replace them. Reagan’s Secretary of Transportation, Drew Lewis, already had a contingency plan in place and instantly brought in replacements. While there some bumps in the road, the transition went remarkably (and depressingly) smoothly.

Third, they overestimated the value of political “currency.” PATCO, along with the Air Line Pilots Association and Teamsters, were the three notable labor unions who, in 1980, abandoned President Carter and came out in support of Reagan. If PATCO honestly thought that this apostasy would translate into a “Get of jail free” card, they were nuts.

And fourth, they willfully squandered a “do-over” chance. It’s true. They ignored the opportunity to reconsider their reckless move and return to work without penalty. A union doesn’t often get a chance like that, because once you hit the bricks, you’re generally treated as pariahs. But PATCO was given a second chance.

President Reagan issued an ultimatum: Return to work within 48 hours, or be fired. Incredibly, convinced that they had the U.S. government by the gonads, the air traffic controllers remained defiant. They continued the strike.

The damage the PATCO strike did to organized labor is immeasurable. Basically, it ruined everything. By allowing a Republican president to publicly humiliate a big-time union, organized labor exposed itself as not only “vulnerable,” but “toothless.”
This wasn’t simply another example of management winning a strike; this was an example of management—the government in this case—clobbering a union, eviscerating it. With everyone watching, the White House went toe-to-toe with a big bad labor union, and kicked its ass.

This very public ass-kicking inspired businesses everywhere to rethink their tactics. Why tip-toe around? Why treat organized labor with undue respect when unions can obviously be beaten down? The PATCO strike changed everything. And the saddest part is that it didn’t have to happen. The whole sordid episode was self-inflicted.

“It was an important moment in American history, though, because Ronald Reagan was in the first months, really, still, of his presidency. He'd been inaugurated in January, 1981. And he was in the middle of rolling out what we call the Reagan revolution. And Reagan wanted to really turn back the clock, you might say, to an approach to American government and politics that was pre-New Deal. And part of that meant reorganizing the relationship between government and the labor movement.

The PATCO strike happened at this important turning point in American history, and it left a very profound legacy, because, as you say, Ronald Reagan first threatened those strikers to return to work within 48 hours of their walkout, and when they did not, he fired them. Not only did he fire them; he permanently replaced them. And with that action, he sent a powerful message that many employers even in the private sector acted upon after that, and it was a period of getting tough with the union movement that a really marked a profoundly important turning point.”