Thursday 14 August 2014

The Flower of What?

Here we are 70 years out and still no one knows what really happened. No one cares, it was so long ago. Yet it is likely the most important happening ever. I will not dignify it with the description of history. There is no history, just stories to die by. What we have is integration theatre and the play put on for our entertainment from 1937 to 1945 was the largest most expensive piece of integrationist theatre ever produced. I mean just look at the actors and directors and the cast of thousands. Then just to take he piss out of the audience/spectators/participants even further a whole new slew of 6 million fictional characters is integrated into the narrative that never existed. It isn’t enough that 100 millions actually died during the death play, 6 millions of fake actors are written into the script to further muddy the crime scene. What a piss take.

So the forensic storyteller sallies forth to paint his own reality on the forgery from the evidence left strewn around the murder site. CSI Holobollox.

So here I am trying to find the kamikaze vid I linked to a while back with the mental electro koto musik, de nada. All I can find is the same colour footage with acoustic accompaniment. And I watch the blazing petals falling, the sea shells tracing their mental arcs, the metal smoke on the waters and I stare and think.

Across the blue tinted film, just behind the Intrepid, a huge carrier escort slips by. Guam or Alaska. If ever there was a measure of just how wealthy the USofA corp was, not the failed Manhattan district, it is the appearance during a full on War, remember this was a real War because the UKplc declared it as such. No UK declairee nor waree. The appearance of such a large consumer object.

This consumable is simply in its secondary armament alone a Flakturm and a half. It has more power installed than any British capital ship then extant. They were an extraordinary thing to turn up in a world of rationing and darkness. Except if one lived in Portugal or South America or Africa or Mexico or Saudi Arabia or the Emirates, where life got on as usual. Funny how the sand shufflers never did anything to combat EEEEVVIILLLLL, never lifted a finger and yet they sit in wealth like conquering Khans. Funny that.

Well it took 50 years to trash the presidency and reduce the country to the most indebted soap opera ever but mission finally accomplished; eh USofA corp? I  don’t think that the sons and daughters of the service men who fought and died in 1914-1919/1937-1945 really ever understood how much they were hated by the script writers here in BBCland. I mean they’ve been burrowing away into the body of the people here for over 500 years and have more in common with their rellies in the desert than the people who farm and tend flocks in the shires and isles.

What part of enslaving/killing everyone in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland do you not get oh flower of Scotland? What bit of “He’s a Soros funded boybitch” do you not get about the fisheyman? Don’t be snickering Middle Saxons, you’ve all been ethnically cleansed long ago from the lands you stole from the druids thanks to sand monkey money out of BabyRome. Oh and USofA corp wave bye-bye to freedom. The New Syracuse has gone.

As I watched the young lips take that last sip of sake, their tear soaked pillows left behind, I wondered at just how wise it has been to be a stiff upper coward ever since Yahweh dropped by and started the current round of mentalist murder using commerce as weapon. In other words being a spineless bitchboy/boybitch confers selection advantage in the world mimed by yahweists.

I mean who does not get the direct link between Holodomor/Katyn/Gaza? All perpetrated by the adopters of the first stage yahweist mental disease. A disease that can be contracted by anyone. Don’t get all smug Christians. Most of you have second stage yahwesit spacicity. As for the black stone mentalism, well that is exactly as it says on the tin. Stone age yahweism. Every version of the illness, including the truly mentally diseased ayaweists, all toxic to mankind. I mean just look at their works. All unfit for humanity. All a clear and present danger to peace, life, love and liberty.

Yahweism is the religion of cowards. It loves killing the defenceless. It is the empty seed. The cuckoo in the nut house.

Yahweism is The Emptying(s) and Tilling(s) of Evil

The confusion surrounding who mans the firebase at RCE/TA is causing a great deal of deliberate confusion over passed, past, current and future cropping in the fallow fields.

What we have here is the effluvium of the Pripyet carrying out their fire mission financed from RCE/NY for over a century now. Although originating in RCE/LC the main operations centre has been RCE.NY for 100 years. What we have are signatures/trade marks/finger prints/congenital deformities of the human being currently in action that exhibit the traits of GMO agriculture. This is a trait ever so innocently dressed up in the classics as establishing colonies of the mother city. Let us be clear. Any place on this Earth that has been suitable for a colony’s establishment is first going to need its aborigianls cleansed. Syracuse/Gaza.

Imagine what would happen if a bus load of crisis actors on their way to  a staged terror incident at which an exercise actually were to live, got involved, all accidentally like, in a false flag event. Imagine their faces when they picked themselves from the Greyhound wreckage, all their theatrical make up dripping with real blood and gore, imagine their faces as the neutron weapon went off two hundred metres away  taking out the election hustings? Imagine the perplexed fully choreographed artiste trying to get its mind around its soon to be vaped thoughts. Can you get your head round that vignette? Boston Bombing meets 7/7 WTC7 JFK?

Looking too closely leads one into the trap created by the designer dithering of control. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle applied to Schroedingers livestock. Random things just have to be allowed to happen to keep the awake distracted. Operations must be allowed their Brownian motion within the Herd Attention Space. It is all about scalability. One can have tragedies involving RDX, Crashing aircraft, dead persons and melted infrastructure just so long as the random events do not cause human attention flux to congeal into a thought of a critical mass, back ground radiation is desirable, a prophylactic against the nosey buggers who need distractions on a regular basis.

Forgetting about colonies in classical times invokes misreading in modern times. Baalbek/Haifa. Who’d have thought that thousands years after the first chosen pirates snuck in like cowards to steal the lives of plenty, honey and milk with their starving monoheathendoctrine, that the GMO yellow streaks of piss would be taking out children with howitzers. From cradle to grave thanks to 155mm HE airburst. In this the 100th anniversary of the start of the stealing of this land of plenty, milk and honey, no one in these soon to be abodecanted lands will have the wit to piece together the corpses of all those taken apart by the psychopathy that is void, this passed 10 millenia. The tilling of emptiness is to crop nothing. Every plant stunted to aleph.

If the clowns are letting slip the epigenetic secret then why not just complete the reality with the evidence to hand.

Darwin’s idea was, as he knew, not the final end all on the question. Lamarkian selection is far more successful at explaining the human condition. Forget giraffe necks. If one creates a psychopathic society then humans will change themselves to fit it. If humans decide to create a psychopathic society then it shall be so. Add the time reverse and stochastic properties of DNA and you’ve got a devil’s brew to better inform the observer of what has occurred this passed 5000 years. Psychopathy is being selected for in Yahweism. Money breeds evil.

Yahweh took a bunch of already inbred degenerates and trapped them in a spawning cycle of death.

It does not matter where or when this was or how long it took. 4 generations of psychopathic inculcation and breeding should have allowed enough time for a collection of slavers and cut throats to be turned into a fully functioning cult of murderers fully focussed on money.

All of creation is to be sucked into this demonic staged spectacle by the use of money, inbreeding(genetic disposition reinforcement), murder and all the time it takes to produce.

Notice that one does not need to inhabit reality, One has only to believe and then create reality. A la Rovian “White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Highlights America's Next Generation of Social Entrepreneur and Nonprofit Leaders

On December 5, the OFBCI convened its final event in a two-year Compassion in Action series with the "Next Generation of Social Entrepreneurship" roundtable discussion. Hosted by OFBCI Acting Director Jedd Medefind, the event spotlighted the philanthropic work of enterprising young Americans to serve needs within their neighborhoods and around the world.”

The seeds of this destruction are to be spread to the four corners of the world whilst the breed mares are to remain hermetic.

Commerce and business are the vehicle for this disease to spread into every portion of humanity. Cause all females to dry up in any other population and keep the true blood line out of site. When was the last time you saw any of the old Chaldean families letting their breed mares near the great unwashed like a Khardasian skank? When was the last time you ever saw anything any where that increased the stability of humanity’s families? Ever within this system of evilypeculiarilyeerilyimpecuniaryYahweh.

Follow these simple rules and never stray. Hide in plain site and finance anything that will kill itself. Humanity will provide the chaff.

Closed systems thinking and reading the shit book over and over again to see how you can cheat on it. Always the victim, refugee and fleeing helpless nameless. A conduit for the channelling of credit. Gold and knowledge. Hostages, breeding mares and spies. Truly a job for intergenerational banking Apiru.

One final trait is that once a critical mass has been achieved, which is a function of numbers, power controlled and helplessness of the abos, a switch to killer commie state instantly no matter how long since arrival or how deep the roots set down in the welcoming community.

Anyway all that came to mind as I watched the Vals and Judies come down. The Essexes and Fletchers weave. The very young men die on screen again.

For what flower?

At Bon Festival, then my task here is over.
If the Bon Festival comes early, I can go back to my home early.

I think of myself as a beggar or an abandoned child.
The family of my employer lives a good life.
They wear splendid Obi and Kimono.

Should I die.
Who weeps for me?
Only the cicadas living on the mountain behind chirps.
No one would cry.

When I die.
Please bury me on the roadside.
Only those who pass by could lay a flower.

All I ask is a camellia.

Only the rainwater from the sky are given to me.

Tuesday 12 August 2014

Paprika und Ebola Gay

Finally got to watch it and have to say that it is in its execution Akira/Spirited Away/Ghost in the Shell 2esque and slightly disappointing in technique. It may have been the inspiration for Leo’s little aleph in mindery but is still a palled shadow of what the Ziondub should be about. If blue beam does indeed arrive it will feed in through the black ice, not the blue sky overhead, is the message. That is the meme for the next closed generation of human killing dwellers. No open systems thinking allowed in the YoungiGreen, as one gazes upwards from the rubble strewn relimegreenedgraves. No wonder Gibson got knobbled.

Anyway I just wanted to note that on this day 69 years ago F-Go/NI-Go was go.

Consider that.

Fiction is fictionalised to hide the fact. Fact is factionalised to hide the fiction.

If ever the reminder of what was humanity gets itself off its knees and starts to look around then the first ever miracle in human history will have taken place. Only the third ticking occurrence of such an act since those who had their dreams shattered in an instant, twice, in this resetting of the universal intention of symbology. For in every resetting there is a universal intention of amnesia. Of murder. If only ten percent of all the dead white men, 1914-1919, had turned around and shot the wielders of symbol then the world, this instant takes so long to collapse into reality though, would now be a paradise off earth. Instead because of the hundreds of millions of dead persons procured by London/New York we experience a Copenhagenesque quantum as yet unresolved. Heisenberg was fully mastered by the ancient priestly classes alrighty. I mean when was the last time you actually evaluated one in reality. To see one is to not know its transform. To know what it is is to be blinded out of spectrum.

Chronosthesia, the application of the universal intention of symbology, is a virulent symptom of the symbola at work again. Can you actually remember that those who are at work in Gaza are the same clowns who went to work for Wall Strasse in Gomel one hundred years ago? They are not the same as the geezers who cleared the ghetto tunnels of Roth rats and Babel Ba’al worshippers from alien lands. No, these Symbola are the eternal infection, paid killer henchmen with no fixed abode.

And so today, would you actually be able to bring an RTA involving crisis actors on their way to a charity bombing exercise about to go live, spilled all over the carriageway, just as a false flag kicked off and smart droned the same freeway taking out a religious leader? Could anyone actually bring that chaos into focus and state the truth even at first hand? No.

Imagine the scene.

A troop of missionary actors on their way from Taxila to Memphis get caught up in an anti partisan sweep by the einsatzlegionnaires. Locals are trapped and starving. Time to break out the loaves and fishes.

Universal scalability of the intention.