Saturday 31 October 2009

The Sting.

Watching the obfuscation over dead soldiers and helicopters, or the lack off, no one mentions the obvious fact.

The military operations we are engaged in have been put through a business case; there exists a business plan and a project plan.

Just like building a stadium the prime contractor pockets a huge wad of cash and hits the beach immediately. Bungs are handed out to the politicos and the PC then lets contracts, excuse the pun, out to secondary contractors, who contract with tertiary contractors and so forth all the way down to individuals who pay for all their own equipment and then don’t get paid for work carried out when the project spins out of control.

The result is that the project costs multiples of that originally contracted, is late and parts were built using substandard materials and had to be pulled down.

Apply that method to Afghanistan and we are where we are. Only the guy at the bottom of the contract chain doesn’t end up sitting at the road side out side the site looking glum and drawing on a cigarette, he’s in bits at the road side.

That’s Western Government, look at our hospitals, schools, roads, and water. In fact anything you care to mention. We paid for it all, it’s been stolen, and now we have to pay for it again for ever. What a shit heap.

Who’s Robert Shaw though? Are we Robert Redford? Surely Gordon Brown isn’t Paul Newman!!!!!

And don’t give me any GREEN shit!!!

Heads up.

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