Sunday 4 October 2009

Petit Hameau

Created in 1997, the Petit Hameau is a mock farm area, complete with farmhouse, dairy, and poultry yard – all areas traditionally associated with women.

Back in Marie’s farm deep in the ordure we’ve just had another load of pig shit dumped on us and verily it is good.

The Irish cock has had it’s neck wrung and we’re about to get the goose stepping fascist totalitarian two step all over our faces even if we duck. The chickens are about to come home to roost.

The Vatican statement late in the day was very important.

One must not underplay the import of its ritualist and ceremonial impact.

If I want to set up a moon sluicing commune and get a recognised state, can be done (Bosnia, Kosovo etc.), then I’ve just been given cover.

What about the rest of the farm though?

What about the lady ruinning things? Well she’s happy as Larry though her bitch is getting rather concerned about peasants staring at her from the Wolds.

Her deputy has been sniffing too many hops again and has decided to lie in the hay stack until May.

However the 2iC, shoe shuffle suited and rabid looning prejudice booted, has decided that pissing on the scum from afar is sweet since her chief shit shoveller got into the groove.. We need the nitrates, apparently!

So life on the farm goes on with ne’er a thing to interrupt the interregnum.

Heads up.


Voyoy cheeky, leave us a deadletteredroped..