Thursday 31 December 2009

Well that’s it then. Bye bye 2009 and good riddance to the noughties.

I’m out delivering coal this evening, see you all in 2010.

So here’s a couple of songs.

Auld Lang Syne

Ave Maria

HAPPY NEW YEAR chums and I hope it’s a GREAT HOGMANAY.

Wednesday 30 December 2009

Go on try this today.

Shooting under the final approach of a wide body.

No way.

These guys were going about their personal business. No threat. If you know what else was going on in those hills you have to ask…well…..will that have to go underground? Surely the predator drones must have killed the open air swimming pool malarkey.

If you park you car sideways and non approved then you will find a non UK plc subject of the corporation sticking you for lucre.

Do not care where you park your car, wherever you park it will be wrong. What ever you do it will have a penalty. However you think you will die.

Have you noticed that all the new Barkers have no idea about habeas corpus or trial by jury? They know nothing of freedom. They are statute serfs and are covered by the CCTV STASI. Go on then do you know who the CCTV STASI are? I’ve met them and they look just like their cousins in the CHEKA long time ago. Fat and indolent and dead.

Killing people at long range now that is good.

Park in your approved car parking space, you may not even need to if you have a special label, you can park on someone’s bed, or on endangered tree ferrets, or whomever you covertly in your inclusive, diversity, equality way HATE.

Sit in your big fat chair with your big fat arse and chase the leetel video people around with your mavericks and hellfires and chain guns.

Then clock off to the second, because you don’t really love this job, do you? Get into your car in your special place, because you are special, aren’t you? Head for your kennel and then sit………….

Tirade routes.

There is no end to the possibilities these guys have. The pension money that we should have had is paying for their naval expansion. Go on, go ask Goldman Sachs how that happened.

They are back on their old trade routes.

Talking of which.

South America. Land of the unbleached and non-irradiated? I keep asking what is going on down there that everyone who is anyone is hiding there.

Why are they joint exercising? We couldn’t get it together in the Big One but now we are hard at it. Which business plan has been signed off by the board now?

Didn’t I tell yah , watch Cuba soon.

Heads up.

Human mind.

I’d forgotten how much fun CC was. Where is he now? His website suggests he’s gone soft.

This is what I call a carbon footprint.

I bet you don’t like it banana boy, or your Muppet brother. Your dead hands will kill everything that you personally do not control or have thieved. Isn’t that true? How come the two of you are in politics at the same time in what is supposed to be a free country? How much dodging did your daddy and his daddy do to never have to do a day’s work or mouth sense? Who did they report to? Just like you two Velcro haired phreeks.

I’ll bet you and your bro’ will legislate against anyone getting their tootsies slightly warmed, like their brains have turned to mush and they cannot judge things for themselves. That’s what you want isn’t it. So that no one can spot you as the slimed slithering turncoat nothings you are.

How come whole families of refugees have taken up home in the mother of parliaments? How does that work?

It works because the native freeborn Brits have been discriminated against.

Heads up.

Pirates of Genius

They could never be bothered to build their own ships, but they didn’t want to. They got someone else to do the construction with all the concomitant expense of progeny and society, and then they stole the vessel and rode it to destruction. Then they stole another.

Simple Genius.

If you have ever been assaulted by Porter et al then I’ll bet like me you’ve thought Scarface and Columbian. Exemplars of the ever changing business strategy in an ever changing hostile world. Genius. Faced with imminent snuffdom which one do you think will get you out of trouble. MBA or pirate? Yes the pirate.

They’ll blitz the IQ and the EQ.

Business models all hark for easily digested simplicity, the simple tool from which to build complex candy floss worlds, though I will admit that accountancy rules allow a well suited pirate plenty of leeway. The pirate knows that the world is too complex to enrapture so the complex tool needs to be claimed and used to plunder the loot.

“So what’s this got to do with the price of sliced bread then?” I hear you ask

Crew, that’s what.

Ever wondered where the crew came from? I’ve never seen a pirate ship with a maternity ward yet. Just like Venice, UK plc has a breeding problem. The Black Pig needs new hands on deck sharpish.

Have you ever seen a pirate who is absolutist in any belief structure? No they are all contingent, relativistic and amoral. The idea the West has to get its head round is that freedom has no place on the pirate ship any more, it’s been ditched. The one legged, one eyed, parrot toting Ole Cap’n might have decide that he wants a crew of compliant serfs now that freedom has done its half millennial job of knitting together the planet.

So don’t look all surprised when you find that Sharia finance means that Sharia law has its place here. It has been done before to this country. Divine Right of Kings, Unwritten constitution, NOAHide, the pirate ship plows on no matter how choppy the waters or how much mutiny there is on the blood red decks.

If we want our freedom we’d better stop crewing the pirate ship then, hadn’t we.

Heads up.

Cu Jimmy!

After the banksters put Hitler in power he told them he’d print his own money. That’s when his fate was sealed.

So bearing in mind what GU said about copper yesterday these two stories grab my attention.

H/T to the SF.

Chinese firm says won't pay Goldman on options losses

Canada miners jump after Chinese bid for Corriente

Heads up.


They really don’t have much to worry about do they? Though I wouldn’t mess with No9!

You all know what our top ten would be. Starting at No10.

Heads up.

View it as you like.


Baw Heeded DChink.

I’ve always wondered.

Master ?


Tuesday 29 December 2009

Differential Time Synaesthesia.

I woke very early this morning and waited. Waited for the sound of …..Normality…the sounds that tell you Christmas has gone again…the sounds of the dustmen.

As I waited I thought of the enclosures.

I thought of what I’d been taught about them and how they were a boon to mankind, and that the peasants driven from the land were just that, unworthy dullard peasants. Cleared to make way for mental giants who could make the land more productive. Men like Jethro Tull and AC/DC .

I let the thoughts rumble, just like my belly. God turkey curry is fantastic stuff, and then I engaged the time synaesthesia.

The theory is that there were men with brains the size of planets who could see the future. Ultimately for the benefit of mankind. These Newtonian cranial mercurial ideas engines would have been held back from their destiny, and therefore human progress stunted, if the peasants hadn’t been culled.

Warping the whole thing in my illness I fooled at it from the differentiated time synaesthesia.

Perhaps there were and are no mental giants. Perhaps the great new ideas like crop rotation, industrial organisation, and perpetual lives are memories.

I asked myself if there was any correlation between enclosed lands and the later eruption of manufacturies and industrial cults.

Must check that I thought.

I also applied the illness to India , a favourite pastime since it reveals itself endlessly on the GGT but is more immuring when viewed whilst unwell.

The natural progression of human development is laid out before us. Nothing, hunter gatherer, primitive tools, agrarian, stone, bronze, iron, steam, steel, oil, nuclear, time/space manipulation, astronaughts, call centre.

Now I ask you what’s wrong with that.

One is clearly not congruent with the natural progression of humanity.


This has all been played before. There is nothing new. Everything we receive is a given. Given with a purpose. If any part of the overall scheme threatens to run away, then age old remedies to halt progress are brought into play.

Naval gazing.

The likelihood of any one of us ever understanding anything is remote. We live in a constant barrage of head spin and mouth moth. No thought will lead anywhere alone.

Simple questions.

Why would a poor lamb worrier be a magnificent naval architect?

If book snatchers are paid to patrol the shelves and remove words from history today. How much more effective were the toadies thousands of years ago?

There is a new enclosure being played out within our ability to resist.

I believe that enclosure of spirit, of faith, of belief and of life is the ultimate aim. Not with something new and novel in sight, but a reconstruction of something very, very old.

Is that to be resisted or welcomed?

The old legends, read in my illness, suggest of things magical, and wondrous beauty.

However this old memory contains even more that is dark and fell. They reveal secrets that we take as commonplace trivia, spun as amusement in column inches and their next meal.

Whether you feel it, whichever way you view it, however you taste at the entrails. They all smell backwords.

Back to Afghanistan

Swearyword suppression is still ON, but you have to ask just what is in Tinky Wink’s handbag?

Phew, just made it.

Just what the Hong Kong Phooey is going on?

This is not good.

I watched C4 evening Snooze today and the first two items were nutter underpants sputter, and nutter offed in ChiComm land. The fourth was some guy shuvvin’ a tarty HMS Victory in a bottle. These sandwiched the MAIN news which is that more of our dead lads are home. Dead for NOTHING.

Also can you spot the common connection in all four stories?


Got that?

Drug runnin’, nitro pantin’, mental casin’, artyship bottlin’, no hopin’, salty seadoggin’, butt weldin’, crap prizin’, plinth obsessin’ other otter udder utter nutter nuttin’ LONDON.

Where the dead things hive.

Blast shields up.

Heads up.

Nuclear Powers.

This caught my eye yesterday.

Is SK weak on the SWOT stuff or are we being sold a bag of manure?

The SK construction companies have a long and glorious tradition of pouring the ‘crete in this part of the world. They know how to engineer fantastically well. The irony should not be lost on us.

The great grandchildren of the guys who cleared the minefields in SK have only got four options in adult life.

Liars, creeps, goons and if they are lucky porn stars.

The grandchildren of the guys whose fields were cleared will be engineering space stations and lunar colonies.

Nice one Chicago School.

This is not accidental.

I notice SK is not crippled by the diversity, inclusivity, watching over you shoulder lest you be stripped of assets for saying something non PC, creeps. They’ve most likely told the fartbrains to keep out of their university and educational systems.

We have been sabotaged. A massive covert knowledge 5th column has stupified the West.

Heads up.

Funny Peculiar

The SF called this first I think and yesterday GU mentioned it, but I haven’t seen anyone else taking notes.

Even when you deliberately miss search it, it comes up first, in the goldsphere.

What’s going down?

First time ever apparently.

Heads up.

Monday 28 December 2009

Homeland security?

If you had a secure homeland then this wouldn’t happen to you, would it?

The fact that it does happen tells you several things.

  1. You are a drain on foundation charities and inter generational secreted wealth.

  1. You are considered politically non extant.

  1. You and your family line are to die off soon.

I know that the Easyfart council down here had to get its serfs to chap people up and ask them to turn off their Christmas lights to save the local leky grid. If you know how to read that you’ll get what’s coming next.

This however tells you that a very secure homeland has been created, the lists are ready and you will soon be placed in an undisclosed facility where you cannot infect the rest of the mentally well with your unbent mind muse. Chockablock Sinteredblock HegalianHeroesHomes. CHEKAFEMA.

You will be bent to the yolk.

This, doesn’t one of the Gang of Five look like he’s a ‘Stapo man stepping out to set up some slave labour camps, tells you that a secure home is needed for three of the muppets here. Two of them are having their strings yanked by their daddies’ daddies. Just what mind mushypeas did they sprout back then to ensure they never had to do a day’s work then lads?

We all know that the green froth is a massive global indolence creation scheme for you and your mates and their kitchen sink droppings for ever and ever Amen.

Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry . Red Terror, Green Squalor. Tattletale Telltale, Lubyanka Thankya.

Keep your heads up.

Sunday 27 December 2009

Go Max Go.....the unreality goggles are off.

MK telling it like it is. On Christmas Day! Does this man know no rest?

He can smell the CHEKA and show trials a mile off.


Heads up.

Saturday 26 December 2009

Boxing Day, roll with the punches.

It is all Oliver’s fault, and DL and his lady boys, made me realise that we are back to normality.

So let us start with Palam Bang’s finest. Well all I can say is that things have changed since I watched the game.

Oliver reminded me that in 1999/2000 my mate Tim and I could not stop furrowing our brows and scratching our heads at the utter drivel spewed by the massive horsepower whirring away behind the eyes of the great brains that were Gordon Brown, Greenspan and assorted Wall St and Chicago School talking sheds.

We could not see any substance. Just Enron style special accounting techniques, off balance sheet jiggery pokery. All the time the great economic indicators showed that we all lived in a utopia now, constant growth, low inflation, no more boom and bust.

Well we now know that the indicators were made up, the whole economy was based on laundering drug money and stealing wealth through creating “exotic” finance’s lethal cocktail of imaginary numbers and occluded methods. Do any of you remember the “Theory of Large Numbers?” Hahaaaahaaaaaaa, yeah the tooth fairy had a better grip on fiscal reality than those clowns.

There never were great times, never low inflation, no real growth, we knew it then we could see it. They couldn’t grit the roads back then either.

Now we let this happen, we didn’t challenge, we accepted the fluorine hit and shambled on.

The next stage of the mind control panto has got us all going green now, same shaman, same game, same old thieving routine. Though this time we cannot escape.

Another nutter has now caused the airport security levels to go into psycho mode again. If you view all this GWOT crap unemotionally then we’ve constructed a new gulag archipelago.

This time though we must make it clear that we do not want anything they have to offer. We need to quickly wake up to the fact that we are colonised by a foreign entity, its agents are our, don’t make me laugh, MPs it’s warped free market a vehicle for taking our wealth and industrialising other nations. It’s what was done to India 250 years ago. A perverted free market that discriminates against us.

If you are a UK plc bloke or bloktrix and you want to get a leky apprenticeship in the Smoke, forget it. All the subsidies are channelled to refugee and asylum seeking blokes, yeah there will be no bloktrice there I’ll bet. Strange but true. I can take you to meet the guy who wants to get two apprentices sorted but financially he’s being directed to the newly arrived economic rent seekers.

Heads up.

Friday 25 December 2009

More nuts

This is getting worrying.

What's next?

And why do they never focus on the Nokia abuser?

Hey ho, turkey and the trimmings, sprouts and cabbage, cranberry sauce and a good bottle of the red sauce, here we go.

Blast shields are up, eating irons are in hand.

Ho ho ho.

Thursday 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Somewhere on Earth the great dawn of Christmas day sweeps past. It hasn’t reached us yet but it will.

So to all who’ve stopped and pondered here over the past six months or so, scratched their head or found something of interest that brought you back again.

I hope you are all having or are about to have a wonderful, peaceful Christmas.

Mental Kilowatt Hours.

This may not sound too spiritual but stay with me. I know you are going to dig this.

The unbroken chain.

I’ve alluded to the short comings of our mental hierarchy many times now.

They never want for good food and wine. Never want for coupling and squeezing to order.

They never….no I’ll leave that until after New Year when the gloves come off and the hunger starts.

A little part of what I was alluding to over the past few days was the power of unreasoned and ancient belief, with a concomitant spiritual occlusion.

It is unreasoned to us because, as I remarked over at Sarah’s place, we are new comers on this mortal coil. We sprang out of the filth and squalor of Bradford and Northern Rock. We crowd the long lived purple lines from their ancient sun kissed haunts where the sea is blue and the sand is golden, the waters are warm and the compliant welcoming.

In the ground sea creatured world of the Phoenicians we are stilled like rabbits in their trance torch. At their mercy. They can print great big warning signs up in Project Blue Beam high definition signage and we still would not get it.

They like to come up close and say “I’m going to kill you.” However we do not see that, we suffer from synaesthesia. They can draw great big pictures of death and murder but we do not hear that.

They toy with us.

So when you see, hear, smell, touch or taste anything they proffer, it is not.

If ever we catch on, the chain is broken and their power gone. We will not have removed that effluence their masters will, so they believe.

The great big MSM pageant, with its highly rewarded priests and priestesses, is ritually bound to put what we seek right in our faces, but unrecognisable to our senses.

Doing this confirms the superiority of the sorority, each day the ceremony is completed and the sun sets and arises again.

Never follow a story to where it leads head back upstream to the source. I believe that we suffer from a profound time synaesthesia.

To truly get into the controlling agents mind we need to break out of our atomistic conditioning and think like humanity again.

Acting otherwise is to ensure the enslaving chain remains unbroken.

I’ve been a good boy honest.

I’m going to dream of…..

…..Santa all over this great big world.

Wednesday 23 December 2009


You guys know I’ve got a soft spot for the turnin’ and burnin’ squad. You’ve been subjected to enough so far.

Read this about UK plc’s F35 purchase.

Remember what I was saying last week about business plans and UK military having been highjacked?

The bits that catch my eye are…

“…United Kingdom has received financial approval….”

“The U.K. this week received financial approval….”

“….strength of the F-35 business case…”

Am I reading this correctly?

Something, somewhere has approved US, you and me, to buy OUR F35s.

Who, what, where is this something?

I love the business case statement.

And just what else is this who, what, where approving for UK or not most likely?

They always give themselves away, we just need to keep looking.

Heads up.

More nuts.

Still no raisins in sight.

What is going on this week?

Nutters at every turn.

The glass houses are full, so is the looney bin the institution of choice now?

This is serious because if that is the case then anyone not thinking correctly, like climate change questioners will end up drugged up and silenced in a straight jacket Soviet styleee. We all know the provisions are there in the new statutes. They’ll target us, nab us on a spitting on the sidewalk fit up, and then remove us from circulation without anyone knowing about it.

Heads up.