Tuesday 6 October 2009

Main stream politics shine job.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but after 30 years of promise I think we can safely say the Great British public can now make the definitive judgement.

All the promises were baloney. All the pledges were phoney. All the words were chicanery. All the actions were empty.

We’ve got political lunacy.

Our country has been subverted from within our polity and they intend to subvert our people by treachery. Selling out to EUSSR whilst pulling in millions of other nationals to vote for the destruction of our way of life.

Never a mention of the tax exempt hyper billionaires that decide how much national treasuries touch their hoards. I.e. no they don’t. Any British tax official approaching these guys will be gunned down by Robocop in the subterranean car park.

We of course have to put up with TV adds threatening our every move. CCTV watching every fart. Our cars will be crushed if we look wrong. TPTB expect us to pay for the roads they drive down, the infrastructure they use to fly around in their ecofriendly flying casinos. We get tazered going to Dominos for a pizza!!!

The Liberals took the piss by telling us they’d tax the well off.

Labour couldn’t stop telling us what a bunch of bankrupt goons they were.

Now the Tories tell us it’s all going to get a bit……miserable.

Go and fuck yourselves the whole fuckin’ lot of you.

You are shitting yourselves; you’ve all been warned by the MiB.

“Keep the scum quiet, or else. That’s what the foundation pays you for. Do it or else its wartime rationing time!!!”

WTRT. That’s how we settle our accounts after TPTB are found out as having nicked other peoples’ cash.

Georgie boy says we’ve all got to feel the pain, take the sting. Sorry Georgie but TPTB don’t feel any sting ever, they pull the Stings on us the marks. We have been taken for clowns.

It also tells you that the whole edifice of what is basically a high jacked state with a classical economic model as the political economic cover story is bollox.

It’s a giant theft machine and we’ve been found out by the rest of the world.

Surely we cannot claim to have been ignorant of that fact now that TPTB are going to shit on us, make us work until we die in harness now that our pensions have been pissed up the wall by their mates and keep an eye on what we say in case we get uppity.

Oh and you can bet our children will be of to transhumanist boot camp as well when we’ve no food on the table, because we’ve no money, because we’ve no jobs, because there are no jobs, just foundation approved thought niches in the slave ecology.

Fuck them all up.

Heads up.


  1. That sounds about right to me Incoming & the older I get the more I see happening that just doesn't add up. Did you read about privatising surveillance companies so people can monitor cctv in their own homes and earn up to £1k for reporting suspicious behaviour?)
    btw have re-added you to my blog roll (took you off because I thought you said you were going away so wouldn't be blogging any more)

  2. Oh yes GV, I'll be keeping a very close eye on myself don't you worry. Ta muckle.


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