Friday 9 October 2009

Check your body parts for electrodes, it might be you that's caused the election delay.

Over Barking Spider the general election count down thingy to the next election goes on.

I love teasing myself with a little sneaky peak to see how close to the wire The MoonJoos Sloosing Moos is going to take it.

Then I start with the full China Syndrome melt down, that’s why I only allow myself a little swaatch now and again.

I ferment on the thought that if this had been ANY other election, headlines about going early, not going early, too scared to go late, to scared to go early etc. All this would be all over the shop as the MSM got itself into a total nanny knickerelastic elastane melt down and confused the hell out of the rest of us. Just think 1979, 1992 and 1997. In the run up to those after 4 years had passed it was total politico freakout as every political pundit got into crystal methball mewing.

But not this time

And in my pitch black brooding I realise that all the fuckers been told to stick with the stench.

Because the focus groopyers have been at it again and WE the general public are not thinking correctly and need re-education.

People like this love standing over scum who’ve got electrodes attached to their body parts!!!



  1. I'm glad I'm not alone in my pitch black brooding, Incoming!!!!!!! Thanks for the link, mate.

  2. Yes BS thinking dark thoughts of going over to the dark side where all the fun's to be had!

    No trouble BS. BTW I think I've got the hang of the new comment malarky at your place. See you later.


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