Sunday 27 September 2009

Take an Andy Warhol moment, it could be your last.

I had intended to let you sit back again with another glass of finest blended tonight but I’m feeling pessimistic so the next part of the optimism can wait.

I remember after the Berlin wall came down and that foundation bitchboy Fukayama got his Warhol moment we were told that we’d won. The West took the Soviets down. Afghanistan had tortured their souls and Ronnie had out spent them.

Those of you who’ve stayed the course since this tachyon feed started will recognise an “I don’t hold this view and here’s my take on what I really reckoned went down. The secret stuff that only the initiated will get to find out about centuries from now in the great libraries of the five sacred universities”

Well sorry to mix metaphors but remember the film The Spy who Came in From the Cold? The Brit spy who was sent into the Soviet zone, came back damaged and went back again.

The late 19th/early 20th century great experiment raging through the Northern hemisphere finally settled down into the two power blocks. West and Soviet. Both run by TPTB’s representatives. After thirty or thirty five years, around the time of Saturday Night Fever, one lot of oligarchs noted that the other lot were having a phekking good time. Not that they were miserable. Indeed they’d never had it so good.

However their cousins in the West were having a much better time placing their familial reproductive organs in pleasurable juxtapositions. Better places, bitter music, better food and bitter drugs. Las Vegas, Saint Tropez, The Beatles, Sony, Ferrari, Le Mans 24 heurs, endless beaches with babes, golden sand and water skiing, 2001 A Space Oddity, Michelin Stars everywhere the list goes on. What they did have, the most advanced scientific philosophy and concepts on earth, they couldn’t give a stuff about. They wanted to be on the beaches with their Western cousins just like it was before it went pear shaped way back in the 1890s.

So they told their Western cousins, “We’re coming over”. “Hold on a minute” the lads in the butt tight disco flares said “you can’t just pitch up”. WTF we need a narrative to keep the story unbroken and the scum in the dark or TPTB will verily fuck us up.

So they came in from the cold, and lo it was good. The narrative was Glasnost; their agent now runs a big green foundation. However the happy conjoining of those so long sundered was not good for the Russians.

Now it is not good for us either.

Everyone is getting all up tight about the goings on with The Mandelbrot Set, Broon and the DebtOnation Kid in USofA.

We who think ourselves mentally alert and sane cannot get our heads round the Uber mind-bending drivel that has poured forth from the big G20 child sacrifice ceremony of the past few days with the top predators jetting in from all over the world to feast.

Well we just don’t think properly, we just don’t get the fact that no matter what our opinion, on any matter, if that opinion differs in any way from the chosen then we are wrong.

Check out the DebtOnation Kid’s entourage. Everyone’s a winner baby and we are losers. Gates is the Dead Stator here. If we are unable to grasp the fact that the state has to define every part of our life and leave us no choice in any matter what so ever then we will be removed. There is no room for any other viewpoint. The state is benevolent and we are bad.

Now why do they insist on such a viewpoint? Well there is a certain degree of auto erotic narcissism involved here. In an average day you and I would be happy perhaps trying to get Pre Heavyside, not these guys. They need to be on stage strutting their stuff under our adoring gaze. They’ll spout anything to get up there in front of the limelight. If we don’t watch they’ll force us to at gun point. They have no mercy, their Lead Pill Pharmacy dispenses at all hours for Dr NaZoviet.

That’s why they were tapped at Uni; the psychopathic, schizoid disco dancer was waiting for the call onto the dance floor of tyranny. As an aside that’s what the great expansion of University education was about in the latter part of the 20th century. There has been absolutely nothing intellectually complete come out of these places for over half a century, the real secrets are inactive. The time is not just right for their further development. TPTB needed to get a more diverse range of bitchboys to front for them. Now TPTBs stable is full of breeding material the University doors will slam shut. Just watch.

They dance and prance around absorbing our gaze whilst anything we ever had is stolen from under our noses. And what a lot of stuff there was to be stolen. Everything that was ever the pride and joy of the private citizen/subject, everything that was worked for, fought for, sweated to achieve, broke men, devastated women and despoiled children has been picked clean. No matter the dancer goes on driven around by their master’s whip crack, high frequency reanimated herms threatening us.

To what end? Why would such a thing be attempted? The answer to that is ceremony and ritual. For those to whom the gyrating pricks pay homage have a world view that is very different to ours. If we the vulgar think of the flow of historical progress we would perhaps cite maritime progress sail, steam beam, steam reciprocal, steam turbine, coal, oil fired, gas turbine, nuclear etc. A clear progression of technological achievement.

The minds that control the whole show however wouldn’t be impressed if we developed a star gate, time travel and action at a distance. Their world view would regard that as pathetic. This concept is important to grasp, they KNOW that is child’s play.

We are vulgar and pathetic our correct place in the universe is to give them worship through ritual and ceremony, every day, every year, every generation, for ever and ever.

Heads up.

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