Thursday 30 June 2016

ClubOrlov: Firing the Elites

ClubOrlov: Firing the Elites: Given what’s happening right now with the EU redux, it’s hard not to write a little something about it, so I won’t even try to resist the te...

I like this prescient comment. "Michael Sosebee said...
Glen Ford of BAR argued in the 2012 election that Obama was not the lesser evil (compared to Mitt Romney) but "the more effective evil". We can all thank boorish Republican intransigence (for no other reason than opposing Obama regardless of policy) for preventing Obama's offer of a "Grand Bargain" that would have gutted Social Security and Medicare.

Deja Vu 2016, charmless Hillary Clinton (the more effective evil) will make a try during her upcoming term (expect a blowout) to make Neo-liberalism the law of the Land (it almost is). I take delight in the Brexit vote to leave the EU. It is one big Fuck You! to the The Ubermensch by the little people.

The scaling of the game plan matches the technology available. So we will get the youngFemSoviets liquidating the world.

No matter how much we all want peace they will give us death and destruction.

Tuesday 28 June 2016

As I said many, many times.......S&P Cuts UK Rating To 'AA' From 'AAA'

........They are not qualified to rate my farts.

War News Updates: S&P Cuts UK Rating To 'AA' From 'AAA': CNBC: Brexit fears drive downgrade: S&P cuts UK rating to 'AA' from 'AAA' Standard & Poor's announced Mond...

Amongst others...

" Now then ratings.

I’m just going to invent mine with no further ado and apply it as I feel like. That’s what Moody’s et al have been doing anyway as they helped steal all our wealth.

I’ll call it INCOMINGS!!!!!!! Fartthing Index.

The IFI.

And I now pronounce the following well and truly given their lifetime IFI rating.

Alan Greenspan ZZZ---∞
Fitch ZZZ---∞
Moody’s ZZZ---∞
S&P ZZZ---∞
Gordon Brown ZZZ---∞
Barry Soetoro ZZZ---∞
UN ZZZ---∞
Goldman Sachs ZZZ---∞
Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski ZZZ---∞
George what’s your real handle? Soros ZZZ---∞
Maurice Strong ZZZ---∞
Al Gore ZZZ---∞

And you’ll never get a better rating even if you bring the Archangel Gabriel round with you and beg because it is my rating and I can damn well do with it what I want. Just like you muppets did when half inching our pensions."

....and then.....

" Let us update the ratings then.

Old list. Now derated by another Z.

Alan Greenspan ZZZZ---∞
Fitch ZZZZ---∞
Moody’s ZZZZ---∞
S&P ZZZZ---∞
Gordon Brown ZZZZ---∞
Barry Soetoro ZZZZ---∞
Goldman Sachs ZZZZ---∞
Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski ZZZZ---∞
George what’s your real handle? Soros ZZZZ---∞
Maurice Strong ZZZZ---∞
Al Gore ZZZZ---∞


David Cameron (Drugcartel scion) ZZZZ---∞
Hillary (Dope inc.) Clinton ZZZZ---∞
DSK (Rapacious exIMF bitchboy mysogynist) ZZZZ---∞
IMF rapacious shithole ZZZZ---∞
WTO ditto WTO ZZZZ---∞
Ben (Printer’s Ink) Bernanke ZZZZ---∞
RCE/TA (Tortuga sur Med) gangster and pirate base from where the WTC mission was masterminded which allowed their ChiComm bestest buddies, slaving bitchboy, our pension money stealing fuckkedwitz to make their break through the First Island Defence chain soon. ZZZZZZZZZZ--------∞

Talking of which what have our organ trafficking, slaving, child killing Red bastard bestest mates with Rothschild Heathen Zentral sur Med (RHZsM aka RCE/TA) been up to recently?

Well last year they pulled this one near Japan. Nice summary of this years cruise as well.

Note that now Japan, S Korea, Taiwan (USofA corp) are dead in the water there is more attention going on down Malacca way. Whilst the total might, 3 choppers, of UKplc flys off a mercantile standard hulk off Libya to keep us distracted. Just like off Spain in the 1930s.

As predicted.

It is coming, get ready."

Well that was a few years ago so it is not surprising that one of our "stars" has excelled hisself recently. Alan Greenspan (What's your real handle YaaKhaant!), Ayn Rand's harembitch, opened its arse again.

So we can declare his end of life IFI rating, the Retarded Omega Minimus , as...............

Fukkwitz Magus Superbus++++.

Monday 27 June 2016

Pharmacy Time.

War News Updates: Britain Goes To The Polls To Decide If They Want T...: Daily Mail: The final countdown! All to play for as 11% of voters say they have yet to decide which way they will vote in today's hi...

Nice one from NM. He's right to identify the massive danger of the 21st century equivalent of the young Soviets. The iGREEN death squads are being groomed and funded. Funded is the operative word here. There will be tailored shards from the rainbow specifically aimed at the new "reactionaries" or "counter revolutionaries" or "nongreencompliant" or "antirainbowprejudiced" to bring death to billions if we are not careful.

Parsley is not a fiction. Parsley is living amongst us as the derigiste breeding killer eunuch, the monotonous fecund androgyn, the spiritually bereft dead tranhumanist selfbudding antihumanclone. Frankenstein's monster is to be RothRockLi funded like a great big DARPA Sorospsychodildo spraying agent antispunk on the soon to be ejacultated iGREENwastelands.

BWAHAHAHAHAA, bring it on you soft handed, silk padded servile retention retards.

Saturday 25 June 2016

Mission accomplished. Elaine Paige could....

....not have sung it any better.

Don’t cry for me, I’llbeseeinya. The truth is I hated you, you khaaants!!!!!!

ChinaBoy is off to a swift cushty number now that he's used all his considerable skills in fukkering nations, talents handed down through the family bloodline, and crashing complex systems.

Like banana boy 10 years ago angling for a Clinton commission, after flooding UK plc with a view to destroying it, ChinaBoy will be well looked after. Indeed what else could he expect especially after such a successful mission, not just mentioned in dispatches but decorated and cryptoenobled. He'll be deep in the vaults of an BabylAngloSino financial wizard scheme very soon. SDR STDs spreading across the world like a bitmiragoldcoin plague.

My ChiCommchum who runs the Mandarin school for the diaspora Cantonese is well happy.

Friday 24 June 2016

SNAFU!: First victim of the UK vote? F-35/military will b...

SNAFU!: First victim of the UK vote? F-35/military will b...: The first victim of the UK vote?  The F-35/military will be cut.  The short term pain will be acute.  The stock market, EU and globalist ...

The carriers are NATO platforms so expect it to be no problemo.

As I was saying yesterday at the stoker all current discussions are massively out of synch with the kreepzoids in charge. This is the thing that gets me about the analysts in every field. The over arching plan is event proof.

In the UK what we have here is a UKabo neutering plan coming to fruition. Hatched somewhere in the mid 19th century it essentially means that as far as the guys in charge are concerned the UK base has got it's mission accomplished certification of hazard removal. No Teuton threat, no Slav threat. All doors open to the drug running dregs and war criminals to walk safely in the streets without anyone paying attention.

London has divorced the UKabos and they can struggle in the wastelands forever now.

Expect London sovereign passports, pass laws and travel permits to be required soon USSR stylee.

Cameron is a top ChiComm rehabilitation facilitator ever since he worked out in Hong Kong, he's just made his bones for the higher cause.

Thursday 23 June 2016

The Shithouse Built Environment

News Forage: School In Copenhagen That Won Prestigious Architec...:  South Harbour School in Copenhagen is a new public school which is also the winner of WAN Education Award 2016. JJW Architects, one of De...

I don't know about you but these soulless mind masturbing places most likely got signed off with an incantation by the usual Hyramuppets like the Tavistokreeps did in the bowels of the LA sound labs to the Sabbath tracks. Looks like a shooter/gasser paradise when Gladio comes acalling with full media suppressing fire Beslanstylee.

I missed the sakura again.

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Fools no more. Freedom v False Flag

A long time ago I parked this out here without knowing its provenance. I knew a freedom wearer when I saw one.

"The first Theodorakis concert after the dictatorship in October 1974 was also filmed by West German television.

The song To Yelasto Pedi (The Jovial Boy) from the cycle The Hostage (Brendan Behan) sung by Maria Farantouri. Also known as the theme of the film Z about the murder of Lambrakis

It was on an August morning, all in the moring hours,
I went to take the warming air all in the month of flowers,
And there I saw a maiden and heard her mournful cry,
Oh, what will mend my broken heart, I've lost my Laughing Boy.
So strong, so wide, so brave he was, I'll mourn his loss too sore
When thinking that we'll hear the laugh or springing step no more.
Ah, curse the time, and sad the loss my heart to crucify,
Than an Irish son, with a rebel gun, shot down my Laughing Boy.
Oh, had he died by Pearse's side, or in the G.P.O.,
Killed by an English bullet from the rifle of the foe,
Or forcibly fed while Ashe lay dead in the dungeons of Mountjoy,
I'd have cried with pride at the way he died, my own dear Laughing Boy.
My princely love, can ageless love do more than tell to you
Go raibh mile maith Agath, for all you tried to do,
For all you did and would have done, my enemies to destroy,
I'll prize your name and guard your fame, my own dear Laughing Boy.
T'was on an August morning, all in the dawning hours,
I went to take the warming air, all in the Mouth of Flowers,
And there I saw a maiden, and mournful was her cry,
'Ah what will mend my broken heart, I've lost my Laughing Boy.
So strong, so wild and brave he was, I'll mourn his loss too sore,
When thinking that I'll hear the laugh or spinging step no more.
Ah, cure the times and sad the loss my heart to crucify,
That an irish son with a rebel gun shot down my Laughing Boy.
Oh had he died by Pearse's side or in the GPO,
Killed by an English bullet from the rifle of the foe,
Or forcibly fed with Ashe lay dead in the dungeons of Mountjoy,
I'd have cried with pride for the way he died, my own dear Laughing Boy.
My princely love, can ageless love do more than tell to you,
Go raibh maith agat for all you tried to do,
For all you did, and would have done, my enemies to destroy,
I'll mourn your name and praise your fame, forever, my Laughing Boy.

Mouth of Flowers is a translation of the townland Beal na Blath, where Michael Collins was ambushed and shot.
Padraig Pearse was one of the leader's of the 1916 Rising.
GPO was one of the buildings the Volunteers occupied in 1916.
Ashe was a Sinn Fein member who died on hunger strike.
Go raibh maith agat is Irish for 'Thank You'."
H/T Vardar Ovasi

Today sicko BBC toadies get us to wonder about Corexit, the toxic choices, either way we get screwed by BBC perverted  lies and shafted by EU RICO mobs. Having complied in the destroyed nation by perpropagandising fluid funded 5th columnists, redbox chancellors, quantitative thieving and right wing communists we are supposed to play ball and consider the BBC's corruption unbiased. GGTF!

100 years ago the highest proportionate casualties were sustained by two nations on the first day’s assault. No man who fought on that day at the Somme, from any of our nations, would countenance leaving behind widows and orphans for the benefit of a soft traitor dictator front man in No 10.

Here are their two flags.

Yet that is all we have gotten, union flag draped, counterfeit money’d internationalists, rubbish bit part actors as loyal Britons. Front men and women who are hive cultic in their outlook and anti UK in disposition. Perfumed Babylonian stinking larcenous beggars with all the attractions of plague carrying pubic parasites.

As I said here a while back, bring on the NWO NOW. Our NWO; not the foreign bodies syphilitic mind bending imaginings from a bunch of murdering mongstinking academic politoctechnicians fronting for the RothRock.

I also want a united Europe, again. But not the Apiru play pen STASI state that RCE/London City wants to steal by all day every day. Certainly not an EU that goes out and bombs the fuck out of innocents because they have a few pennies to be robbed of so that RCE/LC can get some more red wine slaughtered.

STASIEU=Drole common purpose autoentitlement spyproles displaying the lazy murderous hate of the individual. Soft traitors are here proffering no choice at all disguised as preference to false flags.

The flag of freedom has no form, it is invisible, one does not fly it, one wears it 24/7 unto death.

Beware of traitors bearing flags.

Pharmacy time.

Calling England: Leonard Cohen - The Partisan

Has the therapy worked after 7 long years on the couch?

Well here we are on 22nd June 2016 and what did I park out here exactly seven years ago? My third, and first serious, blurting; though I had drop by scunnert’s shop before that and parked a couple of comments at Les Visible’s shop as an omnibus in May 2009 as well.

The only nation batshit crazy enough to fly Iron Lotus?

What tracks my eye today, 21st?

North Korea has deployed an intermediate-range ballistic missile to its east coast, a South Korean government source said, as reported by Yonhap news agency.

In that 7 years I have shuvvelled out the byre onto the street 979 here (incl. this one), 1179@dreadnought&tt and 226@thestoker piles of steaming horsepukky. That is 2384 in total or an average of one dump a day with the Sabbath off for fastpurging. Regular.

I honestly didn’t think I had that much crap to move!

And so it is fitting that we should come full movement cycle and stare at ourselves.

Look at those murdererodedsmoothhand unhappy sterile fopmuppet eyes, trapped long ago by their lazyredschmurphgrandfather’s inactions in the mountains above the Tumen estuary.

I know I focus a great deal on this bit of sad land and the reason is because of the ready use nature of the weapon. The poor people living there are kept as pets in the ready use locker, like smoking semtex beagles, by the likes of RothRockLi, it is not a country it is a round of ammunition. In no other place can the RRL guarantee a pull the pin and kablang 100% when needed. Everywhere else needs prep’d or the involvement of other local agents.

Don’t be thinking that there are actors with maneuver room here. The stage is full of props, makeup and dollies. Scalability will ensure that all become dwarves no matter their potential.

China opposed to US missile deployment in South Korea: FM: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said this 'would complicate the regional stability situation'.

Chinese military officials are openly considering putting nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert.

It is the place where all the generations of preparation and grooming of their inbred ersatzgodmutantes can be kicked off instantly when the stars and only the stars say so from the top of the ziggurat.

So there we are staring back at ourselves. We’ve been taken childsnatcherstylee on a freepass  to DisFollieTopiaHarlotSTDland and we are miserable as sin! Stuckfukked in an amber secreted from our own degeneracy. It has gone all chthonic and we want our money back, time reversed and everything as advertised in the toothpaste HDTV outrages. Well I’m afraid Judge Dredd says no, you are now a selpfmadeserphperp. Suck it up.

Trapped in a world where the average inhabitant of the west is the most dangerous and deranged thing alive. Where else would the drowning of the helpless, put there by our life style as vacuoustarts, be the suicide house in our night meres. Where else could the rational choice masses be exactly as those despised in our wisdom? Where else is the crop of killers being grown?

Only in the cannibal consumer society.

In answer to the question posed in the title above.


BWAHAHAHAAAAA bring it on.

Tuesday 21 June 2016

Addendum: Retarded Money Barph Relief & Puke Nationalism

Well then where to start?

Yesteryesterday, Sunday, we stood under the sun and lo it was good, so I piped up with a helpful suggestion after we got to discuss the Russian milspec fusball hoogilans in Frogland for Eurobollox 16. It is asking for it is it not having all these haters in proximal enmity? I mean no one seemed to get the point that the Russians might just remember who killed the Tsar and who tend to be the most violent casuals in English foolsball.

I wondered, out loud, why all the nationalist bollfutt supporters didn’t get into a massive search and destroy mission and clear the barrios of lower forms of life?

Now I won’t gore you with anything other than the observation that your average white antagonist is simply too stupid to know what nationalism is in the 21st century. They are like retards headed for the gas chambers in a Reinhardt camp Rockefeller sponsored eugenics programme being asked to play quadrics with Crowley. They have absolutely no idea.

A country that had all the resources of an “Empire” to hand could not take out a starved, blockaded, embargoed and in the modern parlance “no fly zone’d” tiny state after decades of deliberated war, still does not realise that it is headed back to the Stone Age.

Yet thinks it great.

Hey ho sic transit &c.

Anyway there we were yakking, the Teague, an AI specialising Baluchistani, the Canadians, and the British Nationalists amongst others in a smorgasbord of peaceful malingering. Mind you the po-po ran past us to make sure we knew they were there to protect us by imprisoning us 1939 stylee if we got too uppity and started noticing stuff and promulgating anti money publishing hate sprecchen.

I think it was when I mentioned that the London hive is picking up signals that we’ve been watching too much of Daisy Duke’s ass and getting ideas of where to shuvv our pointysticks in a local gang bang and that the cult offed one of its members this week “pour encourage les autres” that I lost them locally.

To really turn off the audience I went all Arthur Scargill’s 2iC on them. I pointed out that when reading all the stuff about Nazi ratlines, ODESSA and Vatican smuggling routes that may or may not have helped Bormann, Mueller and Chuckle Smurf escape the hangman’s noose for War Comic plot lines at Nuremberg, that we must always remember that these are long established Zionist ratlines rented from the Apiru who established them for white slaving purposes thousands of years ago. Well that went down like a unleadened loaf. It would have been easier to untangle women’s braziers from a cement mixer than to hold forth again. Now don’t be getting all rolling eyes on this one. Having prototyped the concept for Spain in 1935 all that you need now in 2020 are a load of John Company fronting NGOs and Chariddees to collect the appropriate human hate filled phukkmuppets and set them off to kill.

So off I went to discuss the coming race war with my Baluchistani mate who got the whole idea of the 21st century equivalent of the Lincoln Brigade that Blair encountered in Spain. London is fomenting the final chapter in the destruction of Europe, just as it gets into the second act of destroying SE Asia, by getting ready to send LGBT, Black, South American, Papist, IslamomentalistISISCIA and assorted zoological creations, hybrids and chimerical forms not yet considered human, liquorice allsorts Brigades to fight on unto the Urals with exoskeletons and RPVs. All you got to do is follow the unthinking hate and there thou will have the fields raise for reaping in the greater work.

He also found the idea of RCE/TA and Muscovy joining forces to get USofA corp. out of Europe and back where they ought to have stayed all those decades ago quite coherent with the business strategy. Even parking a torah of the moon is strategically aligned enchanting when you intend owning everything between the two rivers in the sky.

Anyway that was the endenwoch which was yesteryesterday.

Nationalists! Who’d have them?

What did I stumble over just after parking the above out here on the ausphart?

Well it looks like the petri dish cultures and the testtube mongs are ready to roll out the experimental mental plant factory doors and infect the world with the gift of death. Just like their retarded useless COMINTERN predecessors last century.

Phukkin beezer find B'Man.

It is Pharmacy time.

Monday 20 June 2016

Why Lone Wolf Attacks Are So Hard To Predict

When you have all the counterfeit currency published that you want or need, the following is a stupid question designed for stupid people who are too stupid to realise how educated they are.

Why Lone Wolf Attacks Are So Hard To Predict

Add to the mix autonomous mind drones, Mancunian candidates, clean Gladio, self actuating limited resource units and assorted, phone call away, expendables and you have to be shitting me.

Just think black International Rescue or deepgrey Golgol 13. In reality these kinds of operations are bad guy assets and will snuff us out without evidence. James Bond is not protecting anyone, all the graveyards are full of true white hats, the black hearts are on the beach shagging disposable pleasure gelphs on command.

Get real.

Saturday 18 June 2016

Thorium Rings of Watersbright (Hyperbolloxxxalert)

From an engineering point of view the choice of the hardest rocks suggests the designers intended to use their conceptions for a very, very long time with very, very little spatial variance over that time. These were not award winning temporary cattle sheds of the built environment, land stealing con, public building PPI UKstylee. The piezoelectric and dielectric properties of some of the materials chosen will also have been an engineering requirement. I would also contend that the materials would have had a human mind interference effect as part of their original spec, more on that later.

The global potioning of these sites was also an engineering confection. A magic concoction that was most likely only vaguely remembered even by the peoples who we faintly mythologies in legends now half echoed in falling pre iYahweh recall.

How long ago were these vast machines constructed? Well the machine in Brittany which walks into the Atlantic Ocean must be tens of thousands and thousands of years old since all we see at the sea are the knobs and dials at the east gate, the altar equivalent is way under the waves now. When functioning, the original centre would have been far, far away from any sea spray occlusion of ceremonial and operational.

So old are these places that we must divorce ourselves from any concept of European. This is the land that would have been unknown to Greek myth. Most likely just vague memories to Gallic myths long lost. It is a land long before the pre-bicameral mind.

“So what do you want to say knobend?” I hear you murmuring.

Well we might not know much about the Bechtel, G4S and John Company equivalents of 40,000 years ago but we do know some things for sure.

We know that they knew where the centre of the galaxy was, the black sun. We know that they knew how long a precessional cycle was, circa 27,000 years. We know that they knew the Earth was spherical. We know that they knew there are no numbers and yet expressed universal constants.

They did it. What did they use the machines for? Well to get at the very, very oldest layer of this story we have to forget all the rubbish we’ve been told about these places by so called historians. We need to disarticulate the stones and wood reconstructions from attempts to explain, in modern terms, their function. These are declined attempts at recovery of lost knowledge even all those millennia ago. Little did the Egyptians know that even in Atlantis there were legends of a higher age, …..mmmm….well that depends how much you think they told the wandering Greek.

We also know, from those sites remaining, that the original surveying work in choosing the site involved quantity and gravity. Quantity because a shed load of surface had to be prepared and moved. Gravity because the surface had to be level. Not space shuttle landing or VW test track level, like curvature of the Earth smooth, but level for fluid lens level.

The oldest sites will have had the simplest structure. These, the first attempted continuation, would have The altar and a sun fix. Once that age disappeared the new and/or recovered sites needed the back up of more elaborate stone patterns to get solar system fixes for the lost capabilities of the gravity eyes. I suspect that that is when the long counts got started and numbers invented.

And it has been down hill ever since that day 100,000 years ago?

Friday 17 June 2016

Interesting coherence of departures

I will keep this commentary short. 

The MH shuffle was immediately honking because we got Royal Dutch Military Police stinking the place out. That is like arriving at a children’s party to find Jimmy Savile providing the clown act security. Or arriving at a Jimmy Savile party and finding hearses lined up at the tradesman’s entrance, boom boom. Something is terribly weird.

Also of note is the Australian angle.

Wander over to the other MH event, a disappearance into fartspace and we find the Dutch/Aus melange again.

Now watch this space.

I have maintained for a long while that we are looking at a ChiComm A380 shootdown to start the HW off.

Now we know that the clowns will actually fake mass shootings, shoot hundreds of their own persons out of the air and fix all the news and financial data do you seriously think they will give a flying pfuckk about shooting down 600 gooks over Brunei?

By John Helmer, Moscow

President Barack Obama and his advisors spent at least a week, and as much as three weeks, planning to send up to 9,000 combat troops into eastern Ukraine, on the border with Russia, following the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 two years ago. The scheme, which was to have involved Dutch and Australian army units, with German ground and US air support, plus NATO direction, has inadvertently leaked from the publication of a report this week by a former Australian Army captain.
The military plan, according to James Brown, now head of research at the US Studies Centre of the University of Sydney, “would have consumed the bulk of the Australian Army.” Captain Brown also claims “planning for these military options consumed Australia’s intelligence agencies. The National Security Committee of [the Australian ministerial] Cabinet met every day for more than three weeks , and staff and agencies produced a frenzied stream of briefings on Ukraine, Russia and the intentions of [President] Vladimir Putin.”

According to Dutch sources, the military plan of attack was aborted when Germany refused to participate directly, or allow its bases and airspace to be used. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced the Dutch were pulling their troops out of the plan on July 27. He said at the time: “Getting the military upper hand for an international mission in this area is, according to our conclusion, not realistic.” That was ten days after the MH17 crash. But Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his cabinet continued, Brown and his sources reveal, to plan the operation with the US for another 10 days.

MH17 was shot down on July 17, 2014, killing 298 passengers and crew. Of the lives lost, 193 of them were Dutch; 43 Malaysian; and 27 Australian (plus 11 dual nationals or residents). From the first hours, the Malaysian government suspected elements of the Ukrainian military had been involved. Kuala Lumpur was reluctant to endorse the claims of the Ukrainian and US governments that Russia had been culpable, and that Russian-backed forces were directly to blame. That story can be read here.
The Dutch and Australian governments were, and continue to be, the most supportive of blame for Moscow. This was adopted as the official policy of the European Union (EU) states when they joined the US in introducing new sanctions against Russian oil companies and banks between July 16 and 31, 2014. For more details of the disagreements between political leaders on what had caused the shoot-down, read this......cont.

And just to round off a cup of rich roast.....jackpot. Repeat after me....Brennan is a moron...(The original one fronted by Savile is disabled on spewcube)

Thursday 16 June 2016

SNAFU!: BREAKING!!!! British lawmaker shot and stabbed!!!...

No school milk for miniUKabos when the UKabos actually had representation, so what do you reckon now UKakos?

SNAFU!: BREAKING!!!! British lawmaker shot and stabbed!!!...: No further info...when I know, so will you! The lawmakers name is Joe Cox.  I believe they said she is a member of the Labor Party. So m...

From the comments section
"Eyewitness reports tell that the perpetrator (who has been arrested) shouted "Britain First" as he committed his heinous act.

This so happens to be the name of a small far-right group.
Apparently they have released statement saying the incident had nothing to do with
them & its likely the perpetrator was used the phrase as a slogan.

Both 'remain' & 'leave' referendum campaigns have been suspended.

Yesterday there was a flotilla of fishing boats sailing up the Thames as part of a
protest against the EU's control over fisheries policy & the damage
this has done to seaside communities.

Apparently the deceased woman's husband and children were part of a 'counter-flotilla' of boats
protesting against the protestors.

This episode became rather abusive & made a lot of people on social media in the UK very angry:
That is: the idea of poor fishermen protesting the decimation of their industry & livelihoods being abused by the elites for daring to protest."

Let us be quite clear on this. The UK state hates Abo people of the UK. It has over centuries killed off the UKabos. Welsh, English, Scots, Irish, Cornish, Kentish the whole lot got cleared. In the passed century the UK state exported its mass killing of UKabos to foreign fields.

This is the planned start of the new clearances. All remaining UKabos causing trouble to the UK state will be cleared.

Getting back to the brain damaged, spirit remoulded and vision retarded average, very average, western.....

....bitchboy client analcyst who knows where its bread is buttered and kept boybitch herpfest who knows where to get shafted.

War News Updates: A New Russian Spy Scandal (And It Is A Big One): Frederico Carvalhão Gil was arrested this weekend in Rome. (Photo: Facebook/Frederico.CarvalhaoGil) John R. Schindler, Observer : NAT...

Now I don't know about you but there is a distinct iYahweh smell about spies. iYahweh is universal so there can never be spies unless you make a phantom menace, in which case it will be thoroughly penetrated on all sides of its jammy, buttery and spread bread Apiru. A right phukkwitz sandwich.


Wednesday 15 June 2016

Ohhhnooess!! Waves of vibrant Polar Bear and cabbying Walrus......

.....are heading our way.

From the north they came in their swarms. Wave after wave of unstoppable hairy arsed slant eyed bastards, mainly white though!!! Bringing their vibrancy, stinking cuisine and diverse defecating to a rubbish heap near your soon to be grave. The Arctic circle sunseekers are here.

Arctic nations deepen coast guard cooperation: Despite growing tensions between Russia and NATO in Eastern Europe, the heads of the eight Arctic nations’ coast guards agreed on Friday to deepen their collaboration in the north.

WTF is this for?

If this shit is as effective as the fannying around on southern watch then we can expect a full Hollywood staged production of a dead, four legs stiff in the air, polar bear cub on a beach near Denver. Dropped from the sky by its father, a polar bear slaver and walrus trafficker, whilst the iGREEN psychos are going all psychotic about the latest, in yer face, evidence for their global warming/climate change/arse shavings scam.


Heads up Angie....

Pacific Sentinel: News Report: Indonesia to Buy 8 Russian Su-35 Figh...: Indonesia plans to buy eight Su-35 multirole air superiority fighter jets from Russia and is discussing the transfer of technology from t...

It would be interesting to watch a MOSSAD/MiHi team defend Indonesia against a CIA/TriBorder origin hit here.

Tuesday 14 June 2016

As you know.....

...I do like a good map. If there are none at hand then a shed load of standing stones will do just nicely.

England, France, Morocco...don't care where. One stone here is worth all the modern art, all the installations and all the expensive sterile spaces that Rockoros and the crowd of mongheathen fund at the expense of dead frozen starved persons on the cold streets globally.

Incredible Megaliths of India: Star Maps and Headless Goddesses – Part I

Monday 13 June 2016

Tony, Tony, Tony……


Mexico, Singapore beef up cooperation ties
PANO - Saturday, June 11, 2016, 20:41 (GMT+7)
Visiting Singaporean President Tony Tan Keng Yam and his Mexican counterpart Enrique Pena Nieto on June 10 witnessed the signing of a number of cooperation agreements between the two countries across the fields of agriculture and education.

The two leaders also issued a joint statement, highlighting their determination to promote bilateral multifaceted relations, especially in economy, after the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal takes effect.

They also agreed to enhance connection between the Southeast Asian and Latin American-Caribbean regions through bilateral cooperation.

The Mexican President said that the inked agreements between the two countries’ enterprises on June 9 will put forth two-way trade, noting Singaporean businesses can land investment in the North American country in such potential spheres as tourism, aerospace industry, urban planning, seaport and aviation, and innovative industry.

Meanwhile, President Tony Tan Keng Yam said Mexico’s mechanism reforms will contribute to strengthening collaboration between the two sides.

Mexico and Singapore set up their diplomatic ties in December 1975. Singapore is currently the third largest Asian-Pacific investor and the 18th biggest global investor in Mexico.

During 1999-2015, Singaporean enterprises invested over 1.6 trillion USD in energy, electronics, construction and hotels in the North American nation.
Source: VNA

I make that roughly 50billions per year from the commiecommerCHEKA city STASIstate that doesn’t do diversity nor inclusivity. OOhhhhhh where does that remind me of?

It is also in the correct starting time frame for the theft of all US pension funds.

Monday 6 June 2016


Although the exact analogy would be Varus arranging, he was an "adminstrator" i.e. lawyer in the 3rd century of Roman race replacement by kreepingsemites, a shed load of wooden gladii and rubber pilii for the legions he was leading on behalf of his father in law, keep it in the family my son, and a rigorous analogy would be to have the modern day 4star Genderfluid: third gender and demi-girl Admiral taking a couple of CVNs on a wander into bandit country.

I'll bet the vampires would be incoming at Mach 6 and the ersaztarred unbercunt would still be gazing at a photo of its foundation sponsored trip to the RCE/TA firebase whilst filling in diversity and inclusivity reports with recommendations that all rebuilt phantomcock incipientgender fannyfillers got their armatures rewound back at Joint Ops HQ at public pubic expense because their super cool bionics were causing unexpectedly complex field effects on deck and were fukking with the EFA-18s' side lobes whilst penetrating.

SNAFU!: Canada to buy Super Hornets...but fear of a lawsui...: Thanks to Slowman for the link! via National Post. The Liberal government is intent on buying Super Hornet fighter jets, according to...

Anyway the whole thing is a joy to the Apiru kreeps who do not care who wins so long as everyone is dead.

Sunday 5 June 2016

Great Stuff from Thomas Sheridan

A couple of things that need to be kept in mind.

The last thing that we need to observe is art in these unused structures. Deserted cyphers only need the mens to create the reality again.

Race replacement in Rome will make the Druidic approach in Ireland to Rome more ancient and sinister.


Seemorerocks: BBC protects Saudi Arabia: BBC Protects U.K.’s Close Ally Saudi Arabia With Incredibly Dishonest and Biased Editing By Glenn Greenwald Information Cleari...

Friday 3 June 2016

Cum shots. Why Western Analysts Fail In Analysing Russia

War News Updates: Why Western Analysts Fail In Analysing Russia: Russia's President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting of the Security Council. One European expert estimates that at least a third of Ru...

Some do indeed go the full retard. Not because they are too stupid to play their roles out but because the money is always to good when you are acting out some sort of career choice as life style abortion. Let us face it the western by that I mean fullmongtardMSM are braindead Talmudbitchkaballahboys of the temple now. They've cut their own balls, cocks and fannies out with joy within their sterile fukkwitz hearts. No one does anywrong inside their chosen charmed circle of death.

Anyway before we get too wordviolent something heaves into view.

On a Pre Array of Ring of Precessional Brightwaters

Three blogs have wandered into the Brilliant Warrior shootdowns/disappearances/magicshow second shoe at the Sands the other day and they are weirdly synching with the mindlessness ahead at this blog.

Why would a surface based fleet defence second layer system and a medium transporter from Brasil, separated by half a century or more in their genesis, be of interest here in the phukkwitterycounterskein?

No idea, that is why I bang this stuff out. However let us get on with some of my prepared speech.

I noted a few weeks ago, just as Romania was about to go live, that the ABMs are really just hyperactive SSMs. If they go mental there is no, repeat no, time to duck and cover.

As gc notes, and this outing is in part a massive out of control comment at her blog, Aegis might be shit. Well I beg to differ. So let us go back in time and note that we are in the 1950s just before the German pinch raid tech has been absorbed by the neudeathfabcomplex in USofA corp and the Tavistock muppets have not yet gotten the green light to cauterise the natural flow of intellectual development and societal health there.

We are in the age of engineering Team Alpha, the dudes and mensch that bolted together the satellite phasephukkery. (We will hopefully get back to that interesting and deepest of secret lifted tech. here very soon.)

If one remembers back to the first shuttle disaster the commentators then pointed out that Team Alpha had long departed NASA and that we had a systemic Team Beta-Omega spectrum working in the shuttle program, Team Beta were in the engineering and software depts.. being screwed over by the Team Omega political administrators.

In the 1950s programme offices of the USN, still trying to grapple with the scare the shit out of the Fleet moments off Okinawa and Saipan a decade or more before, home grown US Team Alphas were absorbing the Team Alpha/Beta+ Germans and their tech. to produce fleet defence against a very real threat from Soviet tactical nukes.

By the time Aegis was engineered for production the USN Team Alphas were getting ready to retire. So the Aegis shield is not crap in concept or engineering.

Commissioning the system was now in the hands of Team Delta, that is what happens when you are raised in a society Monsanto’d by the musical roundup culture. And things happen like 655. How the phukk do you get away with that? It is like the USS Maine shelling Brighton & Hove with its main armament in 1900. Only a Frank Zappa flag officer core could do that! But the weapon worked alrighty. Shootdown. No questions asked. Just ask the grieving families. Oh you can’t because they are embargoed.

That brings us up to date and the shoot downs and disappearances mentioned in the gc blog. By now we’ve got Team Omega managing the system life cycle. USN is infiltrated thoroughly and the whole command and control, naval intelligence, officer corps, political culture and society is riddled with those who would open the gates at midnight to the invader. The news is now an undistinguishable form of fairy tales. Can a holohaux audience care if there are no real shootdowns or real aircraft to shoot down or disappear. Was the disappearance a real non event?

In 2016 we must view Aegis as nothing but one of spectrum of SPECTRE controlled psychological terror weapons. Since there is no way it is going to stop anything from a peer enemy hitting the fleet it is a belief system. Team Omega does not do 20mm flak galleries, it does not do staying at your post as a Judy is about to hit, it does not do anything but iYELLOW and kill the defenceless as its music drones on and on.

Once we get over the Aegis is shit idea we can get a grip on the, as yet unreleased into the HAS, meme of Aegis as rogue. The ground is being prepared for when that concept is needed. Then we can get our heads round the Skorzeny 1943 concept of a politicalpsychologicalwunderwaffe and we get Aegis in 2016. We also understand Putin.

I will repeat here that the ABM shield is an cryptoSSM outwith our control. The system is thoroughly perpefied all the way to POTUS. It is a Trojan horse and will go conveniently rogue on a false launch signal out of Iran. A signal generated by the Roth weapons camp and pirate base in Tel Aviv.

Can you imagine one of these things coming in 5 seconds after launch at Mach 5 and taking out a nuke plant somewhere in Eastern Europe? An ICBM launch will burn its way through the hull of an SSBN if not released. The unspent fuel in an ABM will China Syndrome the ground.

Oh yes that scares you because deep in the Team Omega Beyonce riddled software engineering teams there will be Perp Team Alphas who listen to beautiful things and never ever attend anything in the Herd Attention Space.

So what has that got to do with Brazilian tactical transports?

Well with the Antonov, Airbus, Being and Lockheed plants either smoking, abandoned or too expensive to buy from, where else can you get a ready supply of cheap, expendable C-47 equivalents for use in the low intensity pirate wars that John Company are looking forward to starting. It will be business as usual after a hiatus of over a century.


Thursday 2 June 2016

Another good one from Mark Devlin


Where are the Diamond Shitters now?

As long term sufferers of this syndrome by pixilation will know the iGREEN agenda is viewed here as nothing more than another way to kill off humanity. One has to realise that, on the whole, human beings quite like having murdered off, in the aggregate, at a distance, vast number of their fellow human beings. The results are in, after watching the burger munchinghouse by proxy death cult at work this passed 100 years there can be no other conclusion.

I mean go out and ask the average, pissed directly in the eye by UNPyongyang, waterskin to not buy an HDTV surround sound personal prison, to give up remote viewing mobile hoardings sported by over pampered geezers in jimjams, epicurians who can be watched kicking vastly over engineered spheroids around a cloistered and hot housed turf, ask that remote wielding sentientlardpacket to do something and nothing will happen. Though you will get a good kicking if it misses the coin toss.

So with a NATO of self deactivating people haters giving standing ovations to the likes of BAe and their iGREEN ammunition, USN and its iGREEN LHA squadron, GE and its iGREEN turbofans of death we truly do wonder when they will come for us and give us the gentle zoo gorilla treatment?

For as I caught the travel news this morning one of the magazine articles ejaculated from the blind rapers eye at the GGT was about the new BoE fiver. Now in the old days the GGT would have got its inhouse children’s talent to promote the shebang. Talent like Jimmy Savile, when not shagging children’s corpses, or little Jimmy Crankie, when not swinging with circus people, or one of the stable of staple famous magicians who made people disappear. However this morning we got a non renowned street artist making funny money substantiate and vanish like magic, oh you could not make it up.

The new plastic 5er is, you’ve guessed it, iGREEN.
“Polymer banknotes are:
  • Resistant to dirt and moisture so stay cleaner for longer than paper banknotes
  • More secure so will provide enhanced counterfeit resilience
  • More durable so will increase the quality of banknotes in circulation
Polymer banknotes are also more environmentally friendly than paper (see the two reports below).”

The diverse inclusive reality based cypher chief cashier at the BoE was there to tell us all about the benefits to humanity of their new fakirs’ plastic fakery money. A true believer, no?

As one of the top “leaders” and “talents” in a world scarce in such mega minds, we are constantly being told how difficult it is to get top talent to “lead” things these days, how come the chief cashier at the BoE doesn’t have the background general knowledge that the average reader at this blog, I integrated over all two of you and then statistically adjusted the result just for the hell of it, carries around amongst the other myriad of facts and realities?

If the BoE and its chummies in the BIS magic circle really were all iGREEN then they would abandon their counterfeiting industrial scale publishing scam. We know that the only reason for publishing money is to facilitate larger and larger rounds of terror orchestrated by true believers, not “talent”, just monomentalists. Real money, real scrip has no religious mission coupon attached to it.

It is only because of the fake printing hothouses where 5ers and 10ers and 20s grow, where imagined numbers as real money drop like diamond turds, that the world is full of, and has always been blackened by the soot of, combusting buildings, destroyed homes, rotting corpses as former people and empty lands.

If you really wanted to keep your fake CO2 congame narrative intellectually complete then you’d make damn sure not one more silver bullet was ever discharged no matter now iGREEN the propellant. You would cut off their forged money source wouldn’t you? But there is always a hole in their fictions, eh Irene?

Freedom, iGREEN, money publishing, diamond shitters.

Beware religioscamartists at work.

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Bullion by Post

Just watching a bit if RTprovopravda and that advert for UK delivery of gold and silver got me to thinking.

Always remember that it was the Nokiachukkingmonomentalist who took VAT off gold for his child slaving buddies,, and slapped megaVAT on silver so the UKabo scum had to pay for their own assassinations in MiHi run ops like 7/7.

Anyway that brought to mind the headline about the US running out of stuff to chuck at goat herders and wedding parties.

Which brought to mind a statement by Max in 2010-11 that there is circa 15kg of silver in a cruise missile. Now I don't know about you but that is a lot of dead werewolves. Is the war on terror really a war on horror?

Either way let us ignore the sewage that passes for considered opinion and learned discussion on the MongSluiceMerde and do our own thoughts on this.

Assume that the figure is incorrect by an order of magnitude. So the truer figure for our musings is 1.5kg of high velocity silver. We also know that the scheming to suppress gold and silver price discovery is going to stop with a global travel ban soon as the market clearing known as massive killing by state and non state actors gets into gear officially within agreed bounds.

So silver must be nearer $200 an OZ, peacetime.

I make that, rounding up to the nearest 10^4, $10,000 per shot in silver costs. Everyone is going to be using the metal for their own clever flying robots, so when the big one hits the currency for the new dark age will be dropping from the skies.

Now all we have to do is invert the usual camouflage and spoof procedure and actually aim to attract the little money spinners to a place of our business.

I suggest we set up a Mitsui trading house receptionist on Romney marsh, heavily armed with three goats and a load of wedding invitations.

Stand back and wait.