Saturday 10 October 2009

Another Black Monday approaching?

Until then more weekend treats, you’re lucky it’s not more aircraft.

There is supposed to be a bank holiday coming up so whilst Nero fiddles lets play.

Here’s the lads again. Hope you enjoyed them yesterday on my tribute to the prize winner!!! Useless phekker.

We are being played and the Yankee Dollar is heading West as the new Pan Galactic Pyramid Selling Scheme heaves into view. The IMF finally taking it’s place as PiGPySS Zentral. Things can only get bitter.

If you lot are really good I’ll ferret out some of The Armoury Show.

Until then enjoy these lads there’s nothing quite like two lead guitars that know what they’re about. Phekkin’ A.

Fuck the carbon footprint its all a load of bollox.

Bottoms up.

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