Friday 23 October 2009

A Higher Psychopathy

Ever wondered why we are out here with our fleets of snoopers, minders, herders, phekkwitz and all round goons?

You know the goons that are paid to wander around keeping us off scent and bamboozled.

Why do we bother? Is it because we are fluoride resistant? Is it because all the vaccinations we got as children didn’t dumb us enough? Is it because we are weird and wired? Is it because we are warped or twitter and bisted?

No it’s because we smell a great big dirty rat. And no matter how many times our conditioners groom us we’ll go on smelling the eternal rodent shitting in our tomato soup.

What’s behind it all? Well if we take a good look at the cream of the soup there are people like Imperator Antonius, Boney Sarky and GeFePo Merkel. Each one chosen from that great big stock yard known as tertiary education. Imagine the horror on the faces of broken men and women from the early part of last century if you pitched up and told them flat out that their scrimping and saving, busting their guts and asses, restraining their appetites to get at least one of their next generation, or the generation after that into Uni to be a Doctor perhaps for their community, imagine the hate filled fury you would witness when you tell them the Uni was only a big cattle market from which the mindless goons would be picked and brain washed to lead their children’s children into slavery. Imagine that.

Everyone asks what do UK plc MPs do when in recess, and they spend a long time there. Well the flock go on beanos and spend our cash in the sun. The chosen though, the anointed, they get rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed, over and over and over to tell lies and cover the true intentions of everything they are told to do. Day after day being programmed to deal with any awkward questions that might get through their staged appearances.

Some with chicken swill between their ears cannot countenance such a thing; surely they say laws are needed. Well there are no laws just statutes, and the danger is the statutes conceal a deadly intent. If you’ve nothing to hide then you won’t refuse an ID card some might say. No, lame brain, the whole structure of that enterprise and every other introduced by the dark side of technotronics is to steal money from you whilst the loaded gun clearly in sight aimed at your forehead waits. Waits for what?

The certainty of ignorance and a Higher Psychopathy.

I’ve seen a few posts recently, and Max Keiser this past week, remarking (I think that’s the kindest way of putting it) about how dumb the population of USofA Corp is. Here in UK plc I’d say it is just the same. Why is that? Well again we have to visit the training we give to our young people to equip them for life. Some refer to the dumbing down of our education process and sure enough that is true. The tests that the brightest and best were given 50 years ago would have the brightest and best teenagers today whimpering all over their buttbook pages and twittering so hard their fingers would be too knarled to even attempt onanistic release. However that is not the point of the whole exercise. To dumb them down or stupefy them without removing their capabilities would be redundant. The current education framework seeks to deactivate and decommission the young for ever from the human race.

Your correspondent is currently knee deep in what are termed “hard” papers from the “top” secondary education providers in the London area. And the real doozies are the verbal and non verbal tests.

God give me strength.

Now taking a good hard look at this intellectual lavatory roll you can only come to the conclusion that all the “bright” young things are having their mental faculties warped and their world view collapsed into 20%. There are only ever five choices in the world and we’ll show you how to choose the “correct” one. “Now listen carefully .

The important lesson to be learned, young, is that there are only ever a few choices in this world and “we” will provide you with the “correct” choice. Any other solutions are verboten, non valid and will certainly draw sanction should you persist.

With enquiry deactivated the mental cage is in place. As I’ve remarked before this whole process of introversion is reinforced by the digital and relativistic. We are returned to a flat earth scenario, to venture too far from safety means you’ll fall into the abyss.

With this comes the certainty of ignorance, which carries immense dangers for us. For if the rail cars start again these minds will only accept five versions of reality, they will never consider the idea that those so condemned could have done anything other than bring it upon themselves and that nothing like death could possibly await them.

The psychopaths in charge have truly learned their lessons over the centuries and softly, softly does it. They’ve stopped fighting amongst themselves, for the moment, and a higher form of psychopathy has grown. In the old days there were several flavours of psychopathy battling it out because there were several independent sources of wealth upon which to enjoy psychopathic predilections. USofA, UK plc, Germany AG, Metals, Shipping, Electronics, Foodstuffs, Lumber all sorts of industries and places to do business and prosper. However after several depressions and a thinning of the sources of opportunities for wealth acquisition we are in a monopsychopathic state.

The universal spreadsheet which has each and every one of our lives pigeonholed kicks in the door of each organisation’s accounts dept and demands to see the books. Once that’s done you are TOLD what your margin will be. So much for commercial confidentiality, that’s just a legend for the mind washed to swallow.

A psychopathy that is patient and focussed on the end result. A psychopathy that has studied and learned and is alive to the great infinite spectrum of problems and solutions.

Not for them the mindless numbery of verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Oh no alchemy and necromancy for them all the more to bind us with.

So when in a few generations time when broken men and women are scrimping and saving, busting their guts and asses, restraining their appetites to get at least one of their next generation, or the generation after that into Uni to be a Doctor perhaps for their community, they’ll be wasting their time. The Unis will be closed just like the good old days and they’ll quickly find themselves taken away from the herd lest their polluted minds corrupt the Herd Attention Space.

How do we combat this?

Well judging by the grunts coming from the blazered and twittered littering the High Street at school chucking out time, we’re in the shit up tom our necks and no one cares. The ignorance of certainty means that they cannot imagine a world where industrial waste served in a fast food bapp might disappear and, like Ivan Denisovich, they’ll have to eat grass porridge. Oh no, life is sweet.

For those who do care and try and break those who are in their care out of the spell or try and prevent the spellbinding in the first place, that brings us directly into confrontation with that patient psychopathy, expect trouble.

That’s why we are here.

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  1. "flouride resistant." i love that. you are on a roll today.


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