Thursday, 18 April 2019

Slaving not breeding. Feeding the autophag. So much manoil, so little issue.

21st century fukkwittery. Welcome to the new harem. The gulag bitchstalls are all occupied. Every niche in the commerce ecology allocated by your komdiv you khaants. Pour, pour, pour your poor empty deed seed.
Got a little thought proposition for you. Since UKplc was instrumental in moving ChiComms into Africa 60+ years ago despite what UKplc public believe, Gandhi out, ChiComms in, that is why we have perpetual D notices here, I suspect that we will find ChiComms in charge of Gib, Malta, Cyprus and Suez soon.

Now I suppose that you think this is mental since EUbolloxForce or UNarsefark would perhaps think that self interest would prevent such an occurrence. If nothing else EUBF/UNAF would have a fetidfilledfield day sodomising children, grooming neoCOMrevolutionaries and slaving. Well what do you reckon the concept of self interest is? Peace is a lack of conflict. No mention that peace needs everyone dead. Self interest means someone else not you.

Sovereign means all, some time in the future, after peace is reached through self interest.

If the EU thinks that it is going to get anything other than breakup and swamping then it has that other thing coming. UKplc loves what is going on there. As an aside gc's recent little piece
about fertility clinics as kryptoweaponsystems gives us a nice clue as to what has happened in ChiComm land this passed 1 child century.

The genes are what matters and no matter what the weapon system, ICBMs, SSBNs, rifles, slings or swords the lineage long gun works best away from the gunfire and sniper. Just look at London spies in WW2; they infested every side, which brings us back to manoilD notices.

If you put the whole of the British nation in a D cup sportsbra do you get your tits burned after several decades of sybian abuse? Is it possible to legislate for this occurrence? Well it depends if you want to or not, or more precisely it depends if the menacing money geyser geezers decide it is time to call fallow fields time whilst the rest of the peaces get set up to be shattered.

The golden period of the Dcup notice is usually associated with peace, at rest, no discomfort, relaxed posturing and a certain lack of assassination as diversity control. Whilst one sleeps the sleep of the just all the mammary tangoers are plotting the next stage of conflict as progress through titslapping.

Whatever happens in the 100 cubic metres around your own boobspace one can state with certainty that in the aggregate (scalability * time* numbers) will make all bets a certainty in the futures market. Just keep those majik cackeymoney presses whirring pumping demonsmilk out to everyone but the aboriginals under the shadowy Dcups.

Just before the 21century roman roads are finally shut, all the bone yards will be cleared of one last flight crates. Stuffed full of fuerzes especiales they will land at all major aeropuertes and rally with their ground irregulars. If as I mentioned previously 4 A380s should be enough to take out NZ south then 100 similar sized redundant birds should do for western Europe bearing in mind the number of imported franc tireurs in place.

I mean if some clown in a cave can do 9/11 what do you reckon a hypercriminal mastermind genius could do after talmudzentral printed all that counterfeit from NyooYoick for them? I mean with all that funny money since 2008 even a thicko like yours truly would have bought out and/or started all the private security that infests the west. Made everyone lease my airframes. Bought all the politiclits and eunucunts.. Buried all the Jaime Bonds.

In the great struggle accurate targeting of manoil is more important than H-bombs. Clausewitz/ArtofWartheorists will always find themselves outmanoeuvred. If the mangun is parked just so a century before the gunfire and sniper those in control of the breeding mares will always win. To shit all over a much loved trite, instead of wondering what a time travelling retard would do to stop WW2 and other halucinotritonics by aborting baby Hitler, a much more profound affect on humanity’s wellbeing could be occulted by tracking down all the Rothbitches and offing them 200 years ago.

The autoinsensate tits in this dump will never know what it felt like to be a Gallic knoble drifting a peacefilled downstream to town 1800 years ago, never.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

ZOMOSOROS looters, traitors, firestarters

SNAFU!: Blast from the past. French Collaborator's Execut...: The instant bullets from a French firing squad hit a French man who was executed for collaborating with the Germans, Rennes, France, Novem...

Friday, 12 April 2019

Next time, no one is coming from across the seas t... I don't want the faces to make too much of an impression simply the positions of the actors in the play. The board game has changed the nature of the pawns and never again will we ever witness the non admiralty ordinary person represented.

All the park bench letter droppers are admiralty no matter how much the mind sweeping in the ceremonial space convinces us otherwise by presence or omission.

Embassy, admiralty. Commerce, admiralty. Media, admiralty. Banksters, admiralty.

Morality, admiralty.

All is now admiralty and no one wants saved any more. If a cold eye were to stare at this ceremony then Khrushchev’s words about children and communism can be placed in context. What he meant was all will be admiralty soon. For his controllers the process was part of reducing the world to nothing. For only under that system can everything be reduced to poverty.

Have you ever heard of a pirate vessel being anything other than a closed minded monoculture of ignorance with no hope of being ever less than it was?


PHEKKWITZ AHOY!!!!!!!!!: Next time, no one is coming from across the seas t...: Stone age belief systems in modern drag image source.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

All is absolutely Kushty

If one watches the popornpassionplay that is UKplc then the disturbing conclusion that always breaks greasy wind upon reflection is that there is absolutely no doubt that the number station is bang on schedule to complete the destruction of ordinary persons and their hopes for the future, globally.

Scene 1. usually has a hotbitch on her way to a friend has a some car trouble and before you know it she’s over the hood getting her lipstick on a dipstick. In another universe the UKtart has been getting all upset at the way her orifices are getting used contrary to the contract terms she thught her agent offered her before she first got her kit off. Renegotiations are started before traiteneging.

Scene 2. usually has the bitch arrive, after a good fluid exchange, at a chummies place for a party and lo and behold there is the geezer who helped get the clapped out old Merc on the way again cleaning the pool under the hot San Fernando sun. Britbabe is all hot and bothered and before you know it soapy bubble boob action distracts one form the sunbaked subplot as a couple of lady chain gang escapees struggle up hill through the scrub.

Scene 3. has the pool guy wondering what the rustling by the pool side undergrowth is and before you know it a massive darkpoolcock is staring at him as the tranny orangesuited NATOsexbeasts spit roast him to the sounds of shitty 80s west coast guitar mangling.

Scene 4. the Berkowitzagent and BBCzeppelinstaakinescort arrive in a drop top ‘stang with brand new contracts and a shed load of snow in a dime store briefcase. The walk on crew having gotten dolgmansucksreamed senseless, had clitwinstrummed, blown their fishquotas and meatloads or hauled in a shed load fake pharma get down to a group bubble bath shot with lots of servile economy lovinging lingeringing linghamcentric gaycamera work. Aiding the whole ceremony we have the unseen human trafficking industry.

So did Britspice get a new contract reflecting her understanding of a life on the silver screen that doesn’t involve anal prolapse?

And who is the great big wind bag Ron Jeremy in this fiction as reality guaranteeing the on script money shot on queue?

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

The 100th Strange Attractor Monkey and Pavlovian Dogs

I do love a good old listen on the player as the night dawns and slumber brings the dreams of the wicked purist. Getting my ears round CAF, CG, ACH/PE, JPF, DJ, AW, TK, EMJ  et al. It can take a minute, it can take a quarter of an hour, it can be of indeterminate duration but eventually the shutters come down for another day in the complete failure that was today.

By failure I do not mean a personal failure, indeed the opposite is the case, I mean the utter contempt with which one must hold all systems that have impinged on one’s daily windy miller wander.

For example, we can simply look at the idea of the old Camberwick combattante. If any of the heroes of the Soviet Union we have shuvved into our phizzogs every day, on the wunderwall, as kapos of commerce, kombrigs of industry etc., had anything to do with Windy’s sails the persons dependent on their daily bread, at the middle of the sun/shit cycle, would starve.

It is a bit like Fenetres10. If a tax were ever so mediaeval evil then it is the inability to stare out of a hole in the wall via electroalbedopaper. All business is RICO tax farming. Would you trust any of the hand picked handmaidens and footsoldiers of money handling to run a cold bath in your house? Would you? If you would then you are dead to all. Quite simply there will be no Robin Hood moment for you, well met fellow type bonhomie, no. RICORCS get it smitingstylee, for your spoor stinks up everything.

Can you imagine allowing anything that cannot make a business function unless it is a mewling commercbitchboy dependent on government hand outs all day every day? Whoremaistering welfare bitches of business schools and finance whores all draped exhausted, spread over the knockingshops of usury and the diseased fluid filled channels of lucrefilth.

Let me leave you with a little scare the shit out of you scenario today.

The type of systems talmudmind that will be in charge of putting the Arsehole Intelligence entities into place are of the exact same bent as Kaganovich, Blokhin, Parvus, Trotsky, Marx and all the other lauded tiny minds who always travel with fake documents and a false name, never want for a good shag, warm bed, gold and great food and wine. It is what these kryptokreeps do. They are Artificial Persons, they do not exist in anything other than a servingbankster’s wet dream. How can the idea of allowing people who couldn’t boil a kettle, be in charge of anything make sense, unless you are similarly bent and empty? The cherry on the top of cake is that the AI will have more legal standing and recognition than any one of us helping windy grind the grains.

Just as the most important legal entity in the slaver systems of the 20th century were the gulags, work camps and prisons so the 21st century will find the AI sonderkommando swarming to incorporate the public spaces into the chaingangs. The enclosures are coming again and we are to die outside the fallow fields.

Well of course you and I know different for a bath is a dangerous weapon.