Tuesday 13 October 2009


I was going to down load some Spandau Ballet but decided better of it. Instead here we go, get your tinfoil hats on.

“c. 3000-> 2000: Development of Banking in Mesopotamia Banking originates in Babylonia out of the activities of temples and palaces which provided safe places for the storage of valuables. Initially deposits of grain are accepted and later other goods including cattle, agricultural implements, and precious metals.” p200 THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF MONEY & FEUDAL ORDER USURY SECRETS

Compiled by Alexander James

Precious and base all at the same time.

There are any number of analysts urging a return to gold and the purchase of precious metals as a hedge against the coming conflation conflagration. That is a prima facie case that you cannot argue with. Congressmen like Ron Paul are always seeking a return to the gold, an audit of the Fed and motherhood and apple pie. However I’d keep my eye on the good congressman. For any weakening of the bonds of the USofA, deliberate or not, would help the return of Hapsburg lands to their “rightful” owners. It’s all about perspective. What might be good for you today could prove disastrous for you next decade but is exquisitely ordered for those carrying out a plan forged in the early 19th century.

However I’m looking at this from the perspective of 10 maybe 20 thousand years and what do I see. The gold is always in the secret hands of a group. Their names are never revealed only their front men. Front men like Hammurabi, Croesus, Midas etc. Today in my fiction it is Zorzi.

The constant throughout the whole story since the load stone was discovered, we are told about 8000BC, is ceremony and ritual.

The temple centre of ritual, centre of occult learning and the continuation of belief. Give your front man the palace to lounge around in whilst the serious work went on deep in the holy of holies. The strongman upstairs would keep the nosey parkers at bay. If he fails then replace him with another, time after time, only rarely do you actually move the occult centre.

As I said yesterday there is only one way to make sense of the current weirdness and that is to look at what is happening from a very, very long perspective. I think there is enough proof around to justify that assertion, if only we’d look at the evidence without our conditioning.

I once remarked to my mate Tim the tube driver that there was more than passing similarities between actual banking practice and occult philosophy. The banking practice that we were given in economics 101 was analogous to the dead end natural philosophy peddled every day.

What did I mean? If you take a good look at what Tesla was up to and ceremonial banking, fractional lending, both would use stimuli to bring something out of the “aether”.

Tesla used varying magnitudes of voltage, DC and AC, and varying frequencies as well as specially designed devices of capacitive and inductive capabilities to bring about work at a distance and “free” energy.

Occult bankers use varying magnitudes of fiat money creation, varying interest rates and expansion/contraction of the money base using specially designed machines called central banks to work on the human aether to create wealth from nothing for them and “free” conformity and uniformity of the masses.

I noted that this was not accidental and gave us a glimpse into TPTB’s secrets. All the while the gold is being removed quietly from the market into secret “temples” over the period of centuries. Where And Why?

I think at this stage I could have a crack at the why, though I warn you it’s not easy to get your head round.

As an aside it is generally advisable to go into any website/blog etc with a predisposition to violence. Why? Well if you don’t you’ll be set upon and violence will be done to your spiritual person. This is just an extension of the swaatcher activity I lit on yesterday. Unless you go in with the full nine yards ready you’ll go down in flames. As soon as the sound of compressed air is evident you pull up and get the hell out. Regroup, learn your lessons and take the fight onto the next target, only that way can you hope to glean what you need, and it’s out there, and stay out of the mind meld. If you know what you are looking for it’s the only way to go about this.

Examples. OK have a wander through here , and here . Go anywhere near these sites without getting tooled up and you are dead meat.

So what is this great big gold sucking machine for?

Universal constants and Alchemy that’s what. One of the great secrets that were carried out in the holy of holies was alchemy. The changing of base into precious. Most famously base metals into gold. Now why would they do that you may ask? Bringing more gold into existence would destroy the price of the metal. Take it to its logical extreme if you were an alchemical wizard and transformed a mountain into gold the metal would become worthless. You can see the reverse of that process when worthless bits of compressed carbon are sold for fortunes. Typical herd bamboozlement.

So if it’s not because it is precious what else do they want the gold for? Well I’ve puzzled about that for some time. The appetite for gold is insatiable. The cover story that it is precious doesn’t hold. I’ve speculated that TPTB remember way beyond our imaginings to a very distant past.

Remember what Julian Jaynes said about the bicameral mind. Perhaps the human brain didn’t change as Julian theorised, perhaps the nature of reality changed around mankind during that several tens of thousands of years that Julian thinks the bicameral mind stopped. Perhaps all those constants that the great scientists of the world have enshrined in laws are not constant. We just do not have the engines to measure changes in them, or we haven’t travelled far enough away from our shiny blue planet to see that Newton’s gravitational constant is the first one to fall. Remember Newton was not foremost a great scientist, he was the last great alchemist.

What if the significance of the gold is to allow the generation locally in the holy of holies the world they remember when the gods spoke to man, to them. Here’s the kicker, they know that only their DNA can create, manipulate and respond to that space.

Just a thought.


  1. And I just thought they wanted gold because they know it's the real world currency?

    But who knows, there might be more to it than that.

  2. AS with these guys nothing is ever as it seems. Their belief structures are so out of phase with the rest of us that you just have to deconstruct all you've been told and then put it back together from the available evidence no matter how crazy it seems, because they are crazy psychopaths.


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