Tuesday 27 October 2009

Defence budgets.

If you can be bothered go look at the amounts being posted for National defence spending 2009.

Alright then I’ll give you a clue.

USofA is on top.

That is transferred directly into manoeuvre.

Think carefully before you answer your own question, but who provides you with this information?

If the fiat money empire collapses then the ratios change dramatically. If you take a minimal 50% hit on the BigMac index then….oh shit.

Manoeuvre ceases for USofA.

However the horizons for the lake bound become infinite.

Now let’s replace the Big Mac index with a “Your Name on a bullet Index”, well that changes things even further towards the academically poor non foundation bitchboys. Let’s call it the Kalashnikov index, or more accurately, since I’m in a Teutonic mood, the Maschinenpistole 43, Maschinenpistole 44, Sturmgewehr 44 index. The fucked and not knowing yet index.

FANNY index.

Hey if Bloomberg and Standard&Poors can invent nothings so can I.

This is not a judgement on how delinquent the USofA have been in parking their reproductive organs into white goods for the delight of the masses.

It is a reflection on how much of your money has been stolen, as planned, and relocated before you get round to noticing.

The FANNY is trending towards Zero, don’t snicker UK plc you don’t even have a fanny.

Heads up.

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