Wednesday 29 July 2015

HWW: Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard Will be Released By U...

War News Updates: Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard Will be Released By U...: New York Times: Jonathan Pollard, Spy for Israel, to Be Released on Parole in November WASHINGTON — Jonathan J. Pollard, who was sente...

Only one of many.

Which bit of internment don't you get USofA corp?

This is not prophecy. It is not supernatural powers of premonition. It is not majik.

It is a simple understanding of the debt dynamic becoming self aware through meat sacks.

The money worshiping meat sacks are all selected for Turing Fails, go on have a conversation with one and time the period until closed system repetition, however the TFs will triumph because the spirit is weak.

Monday 27 July 2015

Top secret files on VIP child sex ring could shed new light on horror at Kincora Boys' Home in Belfast -- Puppet Masters --

Now then, now then boys and girls. Which part of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland is treated as a colony?

Top secret files on VIP child sex ring could shed new light on horror at Kincora Boys' Home in Belfast -- Puppet Masters --

A hint?

Well it was the crown of Scotland that killed off all the Scots. And the crown of England that killed off all the English.

Which crown killed off the Irish in the Irish Holocaust then?

Oh that would be the Rothbitchboys' boybitches in Londsalem circa 1840AD. It is 2015 and nothing changes, still causing trouble without a care.

It is 2015 and the same thing applies. NI is a colonial remnant. Expect UN intervention soon to normalise the dump.

Mind you the US Reptard Xtainclowns don't get it at all.

Wednesday 22 July 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 32.

War News Updates: The Middle East Is Gearing Up For A Nuclear Arms R...: Reuters: Saudi Arabia considers its own nuclear options after Iran deal One likely Saudi Arabian response to the deal its biggest enem...

OK lets put this one through the babeltronfish


One likely Saudi Arabian STONE AGE THEIVES response to the
deal its biggest enemy Iran CENTRE OF CIVILISATION has struck with world powers
nuclear power plans, creating an atomic infrastructure it could, one day, seek
to weaponize ALREADY HAS DONE.

But while it has recently made moves to advance its nuclear program WHAT?, experts
say it is uncertain whether it could realistically build an atomic bomb in
secret or withstand the political pressure it would face if such plans were

"I think Saudi Arabia
would seriously try to get the bomb if Iran did. It's just like India and Pakistan. The Pakistanis said for
years they didn't want one, but when India
got it, so did they," said Jamal Khashoggi LYING
MERCHANTOFDEATHSCIONSHITHEAD CLOWN, head of a Saudi news channel owned by a

Update #1: Nuclear
Arms Race: Saudi Source Reveals Plan for the Bomb
-- Arutz Sheva MEDIA SLUT

Update #2:
Middle East rivals agree: Iran nuclear deal is no solution to regional turmoil

-- Washington Times UNNEWSSEWER

WNU Editor:
Whats my take .... quoting New York Observer columnist Micah
Halpern is his latest post .... We’ll
Have What They’re Having: The Iran Nuclear Deal Will Spur an Arms Race


.... Before, during and now after signing of this nuclear deal with Iran,
Saudi Arabia has repeatedly maintained that they want the same rights as Iran.
The Sunnis of Saudi Arabia cannot—and will not—permit Shiite Iranians to get
the upper hand in the region and move toward improved nuclear technology under
the safety shield of a signed and sealed deal.

I concur .... Saudi Arabia
will never position themselves to be subservient to Iran .... something that Washington has probably
underestimated. WASHINGTON

Babeltronfish OFF

If you’ve read here over the past few years then you will know that the RCE/TA, which is ever so modestly presented on that map, is the centre of a massive integrated thieving network to transfer all surpluses from
the west into the new caliphate where the Roth will proclaim itself King in a solid gold temple. That little unmentioned fact about centuries of gold theft globally, explains what sincere folks in the precious metals malarkey do not understand. Almost all gold is sequestered/in escrow/off market.

This is one understanding that always makes me keep a close eye on my favourite, and I do like to hear what they have to say because their rationale is valid though flawed because of their closed world assumptions(Apparently), silver and gold guys like Maloney et al. If I can work that shit out why can’t they? Only enough metals have been released into economic activity, which is itself a holy mission, to keep the machine moving to recover into one palace AGAIN all the gold on earth and its environs. All the while that same machine is used to remove the weeds, us, from the Boss o’ Roth’s garden. More on that garden later and your place in it this century USofA corp.

One will also be aware if one read here since 2013, that the RCE/TA was always intended by Roth to be the only home of WMD. The development of WMD, nukes/chemical/biological, was subcontracted by Rothbosses to German/Jewish (SS/Zionists, call them what you want, they are all fake money manufactured transients built for a purpose and will be taken away to the scrap yard once their sell by date expires) terrorists in SS contract labour camps run within the only nation scientifically and technically capable of
engineering the weapons. These corporate R&D centres were swallowed up as the Reich was overrun by actors with a nonRoth priority and agenda.

Ooooohh the Roth hated that. USofA corp is the main perp as far as Rothbosses are concerned. These actors by 1944 included Stalin who knew by then he had been nothing but a phoney Rock RCE/NY Rothbitchboy, USofA citizen soldiers who were too ignorant and sincere to even realise that such a thing as a Rockboybitch or Rothbitchboy could exist, Rock Milstock who realised they were in deep shit if Roth grabbed the gear as he planned.

All these actors, and others centred out of RCE/LC, caused a massive fireball to erupt in Europe which required a fire blanket to be lowered on the scene of the biggest crime and fairy tale ever imagined. Then the fire curtain called the Iron Curtain was lowered to keep the shit from over flowing into the US public realm whilst total fictions were invented to try and hide the Roth financed and planned horror story that is Europe.

Try and remember that the original plan 1941 had Roth roll over ALL Europe with Stalin’s expensive, Rock tech financed, Red Murder Army, CHEKA Talmudic murderers killing everyone, stealing everything and setting up shop in RCE/TA with the BOMBS.

Project paperclip was a Haifa bound luxury ratline for 1941/2.

By late 1941 RCE/LC would have been happily administering its Empire from an untouched UKplc with millions and millions of starving, ignorant, stunted aboriginals to keep the Roth estates running with dead
children, dead sex slaves and dead crippples’ bodies. A Jimmy Savilestylee on steroids 1940s and eternity.

William Beveridge, an economist, who identified five "Giant Evils" in society: squalor, ignorance, want, idleness, and disease, and went on to propose widespread reform to the system of social welfare to address
these.” Presented UK Parliament Nov 1942

USofA corp. was to be bled white of its whites in an RCE/LC managed 50 years Pacific War. Where do you think that Blair got his material for 1948 from? Big Brother was POTUS before that glorious year
of CIA/NSA 1947 came along to try and bring everything back on plan.

Why do you good burgers of UKplc think that all the public amenities, spaces and areas are M E? Did anyone from UAE, Dubai, Saudi, and Kuwait ever come over and help you defeat the greatest threat to civilisation ever to face humanity? Oh UK civperp peasant scum? From the M E names all over your public infrastructure one would expect that Fighter Command and Bomber Command during 1939-45 were
stuffed full of camel jockeys saving us from the sausage eating eviloids.

Nah. No chance.

There was no rationing for these wise men as they slept peacefully after having beheaded an uppity bitch or bitch slapped a chattel in the deserts, just like today.

So UKplc let us look into your future then.

Within the time frame that it takes to make it quite clear that you cannot afford the money laundering scheme and financial crime scene that is another SSBN and trident replacement programme you will, under full MSM
camouflage, be brought under full Roth operational tribute, parole and serfdom with a nuke strike aimed at your Parliament from the Riyadh, RCE/TA proxy, once it is made quite clear to you your place on Roth’s earth.

Think of the planned 1941 and a Super Savile stalking your land of ignorance. Why do you think all the pedoperps, sexcriminals, cBBCcokesnortingpimps and deadbodyshaggers have been hard at work
removing themselves from the internet? They intend coming back at your children with a vengeance very, very soon UKplc. UK aboriginals will soon have fewer rights than any other aboriginals on the planet.

You will do all this voluntarily, in your own enlightened self interest, as rational economudic decision makers.

No wonder the Boss of Roth is pissing itself. All that need be done is print the money/credits/vouchers shovel it to the appropriate distributor actors and sit back and wait. Do you really think that there is anything other than a magician’s wants at work here? Boss o’Roth need never break sweat other than when draining its vesicles into appropriate breeding recenptacle dollies.

Oh BTW USofA corp. you lot are going into a massive Americas war and at the end of it USofA citizens, that is the stereotypical well read, independent, rational individual so loved of the constitution and Huck Finn will be dead. You are as deadly to the Roth as the kulaks were 200 years ago and you will be removed.

All you have to do is look at Russia now. Fully Boss o’Roth compliant. It may be causing some local difficulties for Roth but it is fully aligned in the overall business strategy. A kulak would never be interested in
BRICS, SCA, BIS, global currencies or alternatives to SPRINT infrastructure.

So the 22nd century Amerogyn is never going to be worried about independence as it straps itself into the hive of emptrapathy.

Indeed, and I will give you this one as a longest of long shots, if and it is a big if, if Nth Europe can be viewed as a 16th century Venetian driven experiment to deal with non adoption of the New Territories business plan by Nth European primatives, as originally specified near Rome in the 2nd century BC, AND Sth European compliance with the business plan was completed much earlier by 10th century AD say?

Stay with this I know we have almost snapped the monofilament of keeping this outpouring attaché to local reality.

If this divergence of business model compliance, and that is what monotheism is at heart; a murdering business model with spiritual pretensions, is viewed over the very, very long term, I mean millennia. Then
the Sth European extension into Sth America in the 14-16th centuries, Genoese/Florentine not Venetian, is the more likely to be in favour this next 2-300 years or so because it is the more mature business model AGENDA21 stylee and recent Papal bullshitstylee.

If the current Euro bollox is not about Europe but about setting up the Sth European, read Med, conditions for Sth American global emergence as Phoenicia, then Nth America is dead meat.

Hence my wondering about Brasilia many years ago now.
“I have also speculated that John Company might have scarpered somewhere. Why? Well the symbolic nature of 9/11 sent a global signal that a base, if not THE base, of operations was no longer in play. I would
hazard a guess that Berlin, Shanghai and Brasilia, especially Brasilia might be the new John Company bases
for the 21st Century. If you know what you are looking for in ground plans and ritual architecture these would be top trumps I hazard to venture.”

To sum up the areas looked at in this outing of mindbarph.

We might view the world in terms of viable compliances.

Nth America Rock
Nth Europe Roth
Sth Europe Roth
Sth America Roth
M E Roth

Which contrasts with the world of 1945 when there was only one operational compliance,

USofA Rock.

Which contrasts with the world planned for 1941.

British Empire Roth
USofA Rock
IJ Roth

BTW USofA corp. when viewed from Roth’s chateau as it gazes out of the upper salons after a hard night’s carnal juxtaposing of bared Scythian blades. EU sounds terribly close to UE. Where as there is a distinct difference between the EU and USofA when viewed out of a Waddesdon balcony. Isn’t language a funny artificiality to reality?


Wednesday 15 July 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 31.FackWuffle

So here we are once again staring at the book for bed time, the faerie fable, the tyrannical magick of alchemical lettering and trannysubstantial meaning.

Do they think we are stupid now?

Well of course not, we have a period of knowledge rollback to endure, that is why the peaceful shut down, dry run in UK 1939-1951, is going to happen again so that no one may ever point at Roth/Rock and laugh out loud at them in their presumptioussumptiouspiousbloodsoakedeviloidphukkwittery and call them a “Baanch aahv Kaants” outside their publicly paid for child molesting traps at Waddesdon Open Gates, never shut, by appointment only to Ba’al Hammon worshippers in majestic kilts. But until that moment arrives, and it will, we can state some obvious truths.

A truth such as all burning bras ever did was to ensure that useless consumer bitchboy drones joined the ineffectual effeminate boybitch eunuchs in service to evil. Anyway here we are back in 1944 again watching the Nazi and Zionist strategic evacuation plans enacted through the ratruns of Europe and out into the wider world.

I love the EastEnders barraboy on this one NLP Turing Fail as always.

Then we have GBcBBC dishing up a plate full of nutroast .
Anyway let us go back to that list in the Tarptape @ c1:25.

“World powers recognise…..
……sanctions will be lifted”

Now in order to make sense of this nonsense, getting a Munich/Molotov-Ribbentrop feeling yet?, let us go back to what we know about atomic weapons.

1.      Rothschild bought all rights to the weapons. Do you understand what the money as debt model actually means in the world of IP?
2.      Only one nation was technically capable of realising the technology, Germany.
3.      SS and Rothschild’s Zionists developed the bombs in a pact made in hell in their joint, note that “specialem gratitudinem”, corporate work camp R&D labs.
4.      Civil use of the technology must be destroyed otherwise people might be free of the Rothschild psychopath parasite.
5.      Rothschild’s Corporate Entity/Tel Aviv, the Roth pirate base, Tortuga sur Med, David’s Death Star, was to be the ONLY home for nuclear weapons once developed. EVER.

So we notice that in a world being driven to a stateless universal corporate unified slave camp run for the pleasure of the Rothbosses we have no mention of anyone who is really in charge being involved in these wordy words of the IRAN P5+1 JOINT COMPREHENSIVE PLAN OF ACTION.

To a Rothboss “World powers” do not exist. For a Rothboss the UN is a stud farm and fuckfestung for the pleasuring of juxtaposed waste organs. Rothbosses own all the “advanced centrifuge” concepts ever since they made sure all the Sumitomo jobs got dumped/transferred in 1945. Heavy Water is something a Rothboss puts in its finest scotch. All arms embargoes are for taking the piss out of the general public, a Rothboss trafficks arms whenever and to wherever it wants, anytime, anywhere. Try and stop it and you will be deaded JFKstylee. Sanctions do not affect the splendid access a Rothboss has to all the worlds’ products, slaves and off cuts. When did you ever hear of sanctions stopping anything other than your use of Cuban cigars? BWAHAHAHAHAAAA.

So to sum all this staged fuckwittery up we have “talks” going on for ever and ever all paid for by us, not the Rothbosses, to keep a load of PC spouting bitchboys and boybitches in the finest sex linen, fine wines, epicurean foods and cultic sacrifices whilst the world starves and all the while the next round of disaster and rationing is being prepared by the Rock/Roth. This is a ritual of “always taking” and “never giving”. Always take. Just think of all the resources wasted on this circus of clowns. In return they give nothing.

Now if I can spot all this bollox then it means that ALL our leaders have done similar since time immemorial and they all went along for the ride because they know that they are being Lamarckian selected and we are being Darwinian selected.

Anyway one of the places we can be sure that Sumitomo centrifuges ended up was ChiCommland, the Rothbosses most favoured nation, a land with a soon to be lauded manifest corporate destiny.

China Defense Blog: Thailand to buy 3 submarines from China: If this deal is realized, it will be the second Chinese submarine export success this year after the earlier Pakistan order. http://www.t...

Tuesday 14 July 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 30. Non Conjugate Apiru Wankery

Here we are at the 30th grade, six years out, three blogs standing, living in a criminal sneak regime of phukkwittery where everything is just as it must have been for ordinary Russians during the golden Moshe age of pretraumatic-Talmudic priapicworshipping postapocalypticApiruism in spastickbipolarCOMINTERNmurdergrad c1930, only more so.

This system is not here to assault you out of life, it is here to dissolve you from life.

If ever one needed to know how it felt to be a good German citizen in a functioning democracy circa 1930 then simply look at UKplc today. What did the Luftwaffe do in 1939? Machine gunned defenceless civilians. What did the eeeeevil Waffen SS do in 1939? Shot defenceless civilians. What did the Kreigsmarine do in 1939? Machine gun defenceless civilians. What did the pesky panzers do in 1939? Shot defenceless civilians. What did the monsters in the Gestapo do in 1939? Spied on everyone and disappeared the innocent, then just for fun machine gunned defenceless civilians.

Ditto the Jews, training to be citizens of RCE/TA, in the CHEKA/OGPU/SMERSH and COMINTERN.

Always with the machine gunning of the defenceless!!!

So with all that being ignored by the hive retard mind, and I don’t think anyone could present evidence to the contrary, not even the paedoaerobicBBC could cockwaffle around that gobstopper especially after last nights load of necroshagging nonce nonsense fronted up by the geheimegegenpandasqueezer historyfakerhisself, on Vietnam by BBC4.

The BBC must be staffed and stuffed with the same families who kept meeting at synods around the Med in the last centuries of Rome and the first centuries of Byzantium making things up to keep them in comfy child shagging jobs listening to castrati from the Somme. In fact the same clowns who defected over the wall to Islam are back under the MSM table talking bollox 1400 years later.

With that in mind let us take a look at the great NATO societies where freedom shines like a beacon to the entire world. BTW I am fully aware that all this was planned for the express purpose of making democracy and the ordinary western inhabited carbon based life form look shit.

Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Chagos, Serbia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Trans Jordan, Northern Ireland, East Timor and on and on it goes.

So the richest peoples, the most highly educated, most politically aware and active, the most organised for good and justice, the greatest generation and their offspring have over seen what his passed 70 years?

Death squads, secret police executions, secret courts, secret deals, Molotov/Ribbentrop Pact stylee, Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere malarkee, and machine gunning of defenceless civilians on an unprecedented scale, whilst at peace.

Sounds very Soviet era and Nazi regime to me.

Mind you the bankers only let the Soviets and NAZIs go at it for 30 years or so. NATO members and assorted co-war criminals have been bank rolled now for 80 years!

FEMA,KGB,NSA,STASI,MI6,GESTAPO,GCHQ,SS,SERCO,CIA etc. All the same killer creeps doing nothing for counterfeit religions.

Whilst traipsing around the Universal Studios at Auschwizzlville the civcreeps infesting NATOland have allowed and killed millions and millions and millions of people world wide whilst mindlessly dialling out for a pizza. If this linkage is good enough for the goose it is good enough for the gander oh NATOcivperps. Whilst goose-stepping at all the rallies for killing noncompliant bra burning pandas and sitting on their arses listening to talentless noise makers protesting Peter Pan’s nonentity, no, really, the wondergenerations have become phukkmindless one directional genocide pukkedwitz of wankwittery. Toxic fanny batter, caustic spunk and acidic seed everywhere. Truly alien. An affront to nature.

This is not so much the calm before the storm. It is the engineered stasis, the treading water, the flushing out of the inconvenient morons that lived between San Francisco and Cape Cod through lethargic degenerate symposia.

This is all going to go away. If the reading of past events teaches us anything it is that all these moments of pleasure leisure disappear once the system has digested their waste and stolen their gold. Closed system feed back loops are a bitch. No wonder the aYahweists are legging it to hide in a new pirate base in Patagonia, both Argentine and Chilean please note.

One Patagonia for the chosenites to steal by rigged market methods or gunfire and sniper, whatyeveryapiruhwehlikes.

Sunday 12 July 2015


CSIO: TURKEY WAS SAVED ONLY BY BRITAIN: General-Skobelev- At-Shipka,-Russo-Turkish-War-Of-1877-78,-1878 TURKEY WAS SAVED ONLY BY BRITAIN

Yes that is indeed the case today. Just watch. Turkish NATO or RCE/TA proxy forces in Ukraine soon.

Whenever you see the word Britain use the words Rothschild Imperial Head Quarters where all RCE report into despite the rubbish about economic standing.

Let's face it, if RIHQ was stuck in poor as PIGPISSland all RCEs would still report in to it. If as I've always remarked past performance is an indicator of future behaviour then expect the RIHQ, or the true Apiru precursors of the Roth inbred fauxkleptokreepersatzkikes, to already be off planet. That little item is never mentioned by the Exopolitics five finger shufflers or Breakaway Civilisation COMICONwankfesters because they are too busy taking the free meal tickets to notice.

OxBridge fifth men to a jaffandrogyn.

New Europeans are too stupid to realise that all their leaders have always wanted rid of them. In UKplc that process is almost complete.


Friday 10 July 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 29. Kharzbigian Fashion.

So he really is one of the Enochian undead. Almost a century as ersatz/faux/dummynational security advisor. Does he hope to be on a stairway not anytime soon?

Tsk tsk.

So if we can assume that he has no remit to do anything other than carry off the roll and steal the scene then all he’s been writing about is no more than brain rot aimed at the temporarily over educated and easily confabulated by the bamboozletron of technotronica. He is just like an Oracle priest. Taking and talking his bollox off the altar, ritual wealth and gold stealing and money trafficking front man for the mob. How easy it is to fake the fakir disguised within degenerate academic method acting. Just like the rotting old temple virgin over at the Fed. For these clowns anything can be cut off or shuvved up for money.

Although the two ark stages are now one, it is still possible for the actors to lob a bomb or two into the royal box. Unlikely though that may be since all western leaders are now normalised there are still onstage bloodletting to be had behind the fire curtain. Two unavoidable facts that cannot be gainsaid are that the two western leaders with the most mental horse power are Merkel, quantum chemist, and Putin, market theorist. Both have deep psycho warfare backgrounds, are likely not fully normalised into idleidolfaith, and to cap it all Putin is likely a true Christian scholar to boot. Everyone forgets that the KGB ended up fully subverted by the Russian Orthodox Church. We can date the success of that program to when the chosenites started to want to defect to USofA disguised as dissidents claiming the USSR had gone all anti Semite.

I mean wouldn’t you once you’d made a shit house out of the country. They are like a bunch of retards being given the biokeys to an iHouse in the SMART grid. Shitting all over the solar cells, pissing into the water recycling, washing toy dogs in the waterless wasteless, tasteless kebabing concrete squirrels with the WiFi and piercing their clits with optical fibres and flashing LEDs out their fannies to attract low flying insects in their eternal ennui. Then taking an axe to the front door after getting their hands covered in smart water from the local car recharge point whilst trying to steal something shiny. Carcrashy n Dashy n like disanointed clapped out whores and fettered eunuchs of trash worship. Then asking to be rezoned because the house has turned Amytivilleunfriendly mon ami. Phukkmuppets!

Oh you could hear the rending of No7GUM fashion and tearing of young pioneer hair stylists, as Kim would say.

“The late 19th/early 20th century great experiment raging through the Northern hemisphere finally settled down into the two power blocks. West and Soviet. Both run by TPTB’s representatives. After thirty or thirty five years, around the time of Saturday Night Fever, one lot of oligarchs noted that the other lot were having a phekking good time. Not that they were miserable. Indeed they’d never had it so good. 

However their elitist cousins in the West were having a much better time placing their familial reproductive organs in pleasurable juxtapositions. Better places, bitter music, better food and bitter drugs. Las Vegas, Saint Tropez, The Beatles, Sony, Ferrari, Le Mans 24 hours, endless beaches with babes, golden sand and water skiing, 2001 A Space Oddity, Michelin Stars everywhere; the list goes on. What they did have; the most advanced scientific philosophy and concepts on earth, they couldn’t give a stuff about. They wanted to be on the beaches with their Western cousins just like it was before it went pear shaped way back in the 1890s

So they told their Hollywierd cousins, “We’re coming over”. “Hold on a minute” the lads in the butt tight disco flares said “you can’t just pitch up”. WTF we need a narrative to keep the story unbroken and the scum in the dark or TPTB will verily fuck us up.

So they came in from the cold, and lo it was good. The narrative was Glasnost; their agent now runs a big green foundation. However the happy conjoining of those so long sundered was not good for the Russians.

Always remember the preYahweist genocidal Apiru scum and hipgeezers that financed the jewish trashing of the Russia House are the same cameric gold dildo worshippers that pay for Zbig, The Panda Squeezer and any other conference attendee to talk utter shit all day every day COMINTERNunspeak and Synodwrotestylee.

Zbig also lies by ignoring the real "curtain" coming down which is being drawn across the Med to return Sth Europe impoverished and enslaved, see recent papal encyclical, and a vassal to the Levant, which is the usual place for the Med littoral since before Phoenicia.

De-industrialised economies are not service economies they are serf economies and serf economies are never free. Europe is too stupid to understand that. Though the Germans and Russians, even now after a century of culling, are not and again Zbig cannot allude to that, so it is all dressed up in the usual faith based fiction of money fakirs and treasury wankstator mechanics.

USofA corp needs to understand that the temporary inhabitants there are viewed as kulaks by the global creeepzoids and can expect to be labelled as perps just like in the good old USSR. Again see recent papal outpourings. That is the AGENDA21 cute and cuddly desired outcome. Keep drinking the MonsantoGlobalkulakaid.

Parsley is here.

Wednesday 8 July 2015

Olympian Perspective

Every so often it is good to stand back and take stock.

6 years of pushing the albedopixelluxbollocks here might make one reconsider one’s originally premise as in error and the motives invalid.

“Rudolph Vrba’s given name at birth was Rudolph Rosenberg. He was the cousin of British intelligence agent Vera Atkins (nee Rosenberg). At the Zundel trial in Toronto Verba/Rosenberg’s testimony was deconstructed and shown to be a tissue of lies by Ernst Zundel’s defense lawyer the late Douglas Christie. He reduced Vrba and Holocaust historian Raul Hillberg, the prosecution’s two star “lie witnesses,” to comic book to Der Sturmer type caricatures prevaricaring horn billed Hebrews. The story of Vrba’s humiliation in the witness box can be found in two books about the Zundel trials, The Holocust On Trial by Robert Lenski and The Great Holocaust Trial: The Landmark Battle for the Right to Doubt the West’s Most Sacred Relic by Michael Hoffman. I have David Garnett’s The Secret History of the PWE (The Political Wafare Executive 1939-1945) in front of me and I can find no entry for “Holocaust” in the index of this door jam sized miracle of obfuscation. Vera Atkins’ name isn’t in there either. I suspect the Nazi gassings story was put into circulation as “black propaganda” by the PWE and never decomisssioned because it soon became obvious to the machers orchestrating things behind the scenes at the Nuremburg IMT (Mickey Marcus, Murray C. Bernays and Herbert Marcuse) that fables like Vrba’s were going to be The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg for Zionists and all manner of reparations racketeers.”

I didn’t really care much about this stuff and really still do not. It is legend. The geezers in the Big Room can engineer a reformation/counter reformation over the span of centuries so a small subproject like splitting the German zygote is small beer mien fecund. All sorts of wordy words will be spelt in the fall out. Own the presses that spewed out Marksist/Capital Market theory or Catholic/Protestant tracts? If you do then you can keep the arguments going as long as you like and let the fools draw their own conclusions from your owned ersatz proprietary limited hang outs. Kind of like they are getting ready to do today when they really kick off the androgyny/humanity false titties to suck on. Milk for all as long as you argue and kill for the right to breast feed.

If we simply ignore the chaff constantly being put out by this system, i.e. by us, and instead concentrate on the guys who were not within this system, i.e. the dead and destroyed like Etruscans and kulaks, then we might glean some working hypotheses from the wreckage to make useful when studying the gleaming dither rolling out the kleptoreligious manufacturing plants.

One working hypothesis that would appear to hold true is that the Apiru are the eternal comms network who must place their DNA at all points. I cite as a case in point the Sephardic sugar processors operational in the Americas in the very early 16th century. That would be the equivalent of a deuterium plant operational ohm tube Moon today. Where did the capital and foreknowledge come from?

A Second working hypothesis is that all recon acted lost must be brought from savagery, by savagery, to mediocrity in order to be useful. Europe yesterday, Africa today, Amazon and Papua tomorrow. DNA recon/recovery and then war as market clearing mechanism for disguise of the true mission.

So decades after the little space in my mind was set aside for the what if/WTF/U-What! catechegories of not necessarily needing looked at immediately, indeed might not even care to examine at all, but someday something might trigger the answer attempted, I can offer many opinions on what might be real in this Empire of the Eternal Crime Scene.

One of the most obvious settlements that can be made is that UKplc is the most advanced society on planet earth at this moment with very little sign of that changing. Evidence for that will be of the non obvious and non trivial. So we are not looking at the actuality of a LEO launch capability in the Thames estuary nor a plasma torus research lab nor even a load of time servers like the facility in Singapore.

No; someone decided that it was time to re-establish the Globe at its old site.

That means UKplc is now a very safe haven for the world’s creepzoids to come and slake their thirsts. Only a node of tranquillity would be chosen for such a singular signal to those in the know. No existential threat can possibly be gamed for this realm for the next 1000 years or so by the geezers throwing the knuckles. A splendid pastoral vice and secluded degeneracy can be embraced at last.

That means that UKplc has been taken out of time, the developmental time of Darwin, and halted. STASIS UK; the ideal ever welcoming 24/7 venue for the STASI to operate with ZOMOiGREEN priests of diversity ready to dilute and delude. An open planned confessional for the liars to lie with whatever victim they like with impunity in camera.

One can see Jimmy Savile getting raised to godlike status in a few generations time because by then no one will know anything, nor care about what really happened. That is the mark of our beast right there in yer baby faced scabby cBBC. If you consort with radium girls expect to be irradiated. If you hang out with degenerate scum then you are toxic. Let them squawk rubbish and write drivel all day then expect to inhabit an all encompassing Turing failed state.

No wonder only a stylite’s view can be trusted these days.

Monday 6 July 2015

Whatever happened didn't and no one said anything ever.... some one we will never know got sentenced for what?

"......It is the first successful "victimless" prosecution for rape by the Met Police and has been described as a "momentous milestone" for rape victims........

....The victim was interviewed by specially trained detectives. Officers believe she came under significant pressure from family members to withdraw the allegations, however legislation enabled prosecutors to continue the trial without her testimonial.

During the trial, the defendant contested that the dungeon was a safe house to be used as a refuge in case of an attack by terrorists."

I notice that these guys have it filed under key words "UN COURT"

However everyone died in an attack by fictional non persons who never got to do anything captured on CCTV in the most STASIcrimestate Big Muppet surveillance society of fools on the planet in 07/07/05. Then an electrician who knew to much wasn't allowed to come in from the cold in the kind of Czech hit team wet job that Tom Clancy would have loved in a London tube station.

In a tube system that has recently decided to go on strike because it will be in use 24 hours a day at weekends. Funny how there were no strikes for increased safety for staff after hundreds of passengers got blown to smithereens and an electrician got executed on their premises in one month in 2005. Obviously the union bosses are the usual British rubbish, only there to see their members unemployed eventually.

Meanwhile in a bank near you nothing is being given away for real things 24/7 in a global off planet Ponzi scheme run by krimepansyboybitches and blowjobbitchboys.

Child rapists get buried in secret, corpses get raped in secret, children & elderly and disabled get raped all day long in secret by Alzheimer riddled business directors and no one ever is prosecuted by the geezers snooping all over the abos and serfs populating the charity shops and pound stores.

No wonder UKplc is the most advanced civilisation on the planet.

Nothing real ever happens here ever to no one by any one. Not even the phone calls are real.

In fact UKplc is living the dream in a realm of fake wooden crisis actors and doesn't even realise it. No one needs to rewrite/edit history here Winston Smith stylee.

It is all non existent.

The defendant, who cannot be named to preserve the anonymity of the victim, told the court that the ‘dungeon’ was a safehouse to be used as a refuge in case of a terrorist attack.

Read more at:
Copyright © LONDON24
The defendant, who cannot be named to preserve the anonymity of the victim, told the court that the ‘dungeon’ was a safehouse to be used as a refuge in case of a terrorist attack.

Read more at:
Copyright © LONDON24
The defendant, who cannot be named to preserve the anonymity of the victim, told the court that the ‘dungeon’ was a safehouse to be used as a refuge in case of a terrorist attack.

Read more at:
Copyright © LONDON24
The defendant, who cannot be named to preserve the anonymity of the victim, told the court that the ‘dungeon’ was a safehouse to be used as a refuge in case of a terrorist attack.

Read more at:
Copyright © LONDON24
The defendant, who cannot be named to preserve the anonymity of the victim, told the court that the ‘dungeon’ was a safehouse to be used as a refuge in case of a terrorist attack.

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Friday 3 July 2015

The SoftunUnemployed of Rentserfs and the EndunLeadership of Bitchmarkets

What do you call a country full of rotating wankstators?

Leaders in their own fields.

We might as well be at a COMINTERN meeting circa 1930. Same boybitches, faux leaders, odd bitchboys and the same scared to go off message eunuchs acting tough.

Epicures of Wanksatisfactiony.
Posted by Yasmeen Shaheen-McConnell on May 06, 2015 at 10:58 AM
 We are excited to announce the launch of our new Franklin Project Ambassadors Program! This leadership development program and local engagement strategy will address three key goals over the course of the next year:

Make national service part of the 2016 election conversation
Increase the number of service year positions available in communities across the US
Steward the next generation of national service leaders

Over 170 people applied to the program in its inaugural year, and 45 Ambassadors were selected to join the program based on their community leadership, their creativity, and their demonstrated commitment to the Franklin Project’s “big idea”. Franklin Project Chair Stan McChrystal said of the Ambassadors: “We know it takes carefully planned and well-executed action to shift American culture, and we believe that the Ambassadors Program is the first step in the next wave of citizen-centered change in this country.”

Over the next 12 months, our Ambassadors will work with community stakeholders in 25 states to work toward making national service a cultural expectation, common opportunity, and civic rite of passage in their areas. If you are interested in being connected with the Ambassador in your city, please let us know!

The program will begin with an intensive three-day training in Alexandria, VA. The program is phased so that Ambassadors go through a one-on-one design process with Franklin Project team members, before planning for an executing on a local event in each Ambassador’s city that addresses the goals of the program. A capstone seminar at the end of the program will include skills-sharing, leadership development, and organized reflection.

We are honored to have the following people join our inaugural class of Franklin Project Ambassadors:

Alen Amini Gordon Rooney Mark Payne
Cincinnati, OH Charleston, SC Chicago, IL
Amanda Panciera Greg Ericksen Marquis Hawkins
Milwaukee, WI Los Angeles, CA Dallas, TX
Anna Lenhart Jamiel Alexander Matthew Blackwell
San Diego, CA York, PA Atlanta, GA
Brandon Bodor Jamison Braun Meghan Hughes
Chicago, IL Washington, DC Columbia, SC
Brian Pawlowski Jason Crow Michael Auerbach
South Bend, IN Denver, CO New York, NY
Catherine Cheney Jason Jaffery Mi'Jan Celie Tho-Biaz
Sacramento, CA Cleveland, OH Santa Fe, NM
Charls (Roch) Turner Jeff Bryant Mike Meaney
Hamilton, MT Reno, NV Phoenix, AZ
Chelsea Martin Jennifer McArdle Nikki Gusz
Lansing, MI Flint, MI Phoenix, AZ
Dan Sullivan Jillan Hishaw Patrick   Murray
Boston, MA Charlotte, NC Boston, MA
Dev Zaveri-Tabb John-Paul Smith Pete Kalenik
San Diego, CA Durham, NC Chicago, IL
Elizabeth Barrett Josh Fryday Randy Frazier
San Luis Obispo, CA San Francisco, CA Houston, TX
Elizabeth Collins Josh Visnaw Roger Wong
Wheeling, WV New Orleans, LA New York, NY
Geoff Wilson Kevin Ward Sarah Guy
Minneapolis, MN Seattle, WA Philadelphia, PA
Godfrey Plata Lauren Boswell Thomas B. Howard, Jr.
Houston, TX Atlanta, GA Vinton, IA
Gordon Liu Luis Chavez Whitney Parnell
Wiscasset, ME Fresno, CA Washington, DC

Thursday 2 July 2015

How Much Money to refuel a C17; again?

"If you wish to bring the body back to the UK, British Consular staff will help by putting you in touch with an international funeral director. The body will need to be embalmed and placed in a zinc-lined coffin before it can be removed from the country. It may take some time to bring the body home, especially if a post-mortem examination is held."

I have already mooted the idea that MOAB are binary warhead WMD evidence delivery/area denial black propaganda weapons.