Monday 28 January 2019

Mami's Shit: BNK48, Thai girl group, apologises to Israeli amba...

Mami's Shit: BNK48, Thai girl group, apologises to Israeli amba...: One of Thailand's most popular girl groups has been forced to apologise after one of its singers wore a shirt emblazoned with a N...
Not in talmudville it doesn't.

I bet the Palestinian Polishiksa farmer was told by Namsa to phukkoffski, she didn't want to appear in prawnfilms and to be disappeared into a Tel Aviv run body parts futures market riggedswapshop managed in the stylings of ChimmeeeSavilestyleee.

Did the T shirts come from the same slaving sweatshopgulag complex that the Polishiksa farmer's family has run for centuries in a moving slaver camp across the planet?

Did Namsa and crew get the shirts from an old 60s Tel Aviv concentrationzlaager porn carryonstylee costume drama wardobe?

Be sure to set an empty fine golden seat at your evening meal for the devil rothshitstylee.



Friday 25 January 2019

Phekkin' A

Mami's Shit: Davis Lurmann’s ‘Right Perspective’ 2019.01.22: The role of Davis Lurmann’s ‘Right Perspective’ is to question the conventional narrative fed to us daily by the mainstream media (and s...

Tuesday 22 January 2019

“Illness is a political decision”

What none of the MiHiMediaSpyBBCbitchboys will ever mention is that Moscow hated the Magyarscum, London hated the Magyarscum, Washington DC hated the Magyar scum.

Just like the Polish national uprising in 44, the MiHiMickeymouseOSS club made it look as if the west might help. But no, Washington DC hated the Polakscum, Moscow hated the Polakscum, Berlin hated the Polakscum, London hated the Polakscum. And all the scum died or got reframed.

Kind of like the Tet uprising. Peking, London, Washington DC, Paris, Moscow all hated the Vietscum. And they got deadified and reframed into Nike factories for Basketballslaverstars to prance around in.

And all the while RCE/TA welcomed the found out jumped up criminals from all over the cokeworld. I love that bit at the beginning where the massive faces get paraded in the processions. I’ll bet the godlikecreationpsychobitchboy Moshe loved that shit too.

GlobalAbos let it be quite clear you are hated, always were, always will be, by halfbastard voidminded universalbanksterscum and will get removed under the intense media coverage of a D notice outrage.

Sunday 20 January 2019

Napalm, Jeyes Fluid and Agent Orange……..

Some people get by with staring at mirroring pudenda and shadowy linga. Some people get by with a hole lot of whore. Some people like to bathe in death and some people are a complete waste of attention space. Some people are simply no more than wan wankstators….

“…..Leading economics journalist Stephanie Flanders delivered the 2017 Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI) Annual Lecture at the University of Sheffield.

Her talk – For the many not the few: do we know how to deliver inclusive growth? – was delivered on Tuesday 26 September 2017 to a sold-out audience in Firth Hall.

The prestigious SPERI Annual Lecture has previously been delivered by former Labour leader Ed Miliband, ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston, Guardian journalist George Monbiot, Lord Robert Skidelsky and, most recently in November 2016, the Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

Dr Craig Berry, Deputy Director of SPERI at the University of Sheffield, said: “Stephanie Flanders is one of Britain's most high-profile and distinguished economic journalists. The worlds of finance and big business often seem remote to most people but Stephanie is an expert at communicating economic news and connecting it to everyday life……”

Some Athenian women broke all the phallussississss off the city herms. Some care to fill their barren wholes with sterile cults. Some are toxic vessels and some are poison vectors.

“…In 1989 Maurice Strong was appointed Secretary General of the Earth Summit and in 1992, addressing Earth Summit II in Rio, he told the thousands of climate change delegates:

“It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class— involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work place air-conditioning, and suburbanhousing — are not sustainable.”

There goes the Sunday roast, a house to live in, the car, the occasional hamburger and generally, life on earth as we know it. But what Strong didn’t tell the delegates was that he was involved in the purchase of the Colorado Land and Cattle Company, which he bought from Adnan Khashoggi, an arms dealer who had strong connections with the Bin Laden family……”

….than death on legs. Some people’s needs need emptied from their corpse for sure. Some people are so onanic in others swollen lives they are self realising, selfactuating antierotic selfaltars. Some are Gestaltenmities of something else’s flaccid erection. Some people are never going to be missed when removed from their future by blunt objects of the self healing.

Vasquez had it just right, roll the canisters in……

Where ever ordinary persons raise themselves from the dirt….

China Defense Blog: Photo of the day: PLAN's fourth KJ-500 AWAC spott...: Serial number 81036.  The PLAN continues to deploy land-based AWAC as a stop gap before KL-200 Y-7 AWAC is ready to enter service with her C...

 …you can be sure that one group of perps in pukezentral will always engineer the descent into indecency.

Guaranteed as sure as the RothbitchboybitchRocks crave their own demoniCockhead worship.

“On 22 June 1940 France and Nazi Germany signed the Second Armistice at Compiègne. This signalled the end of the Battle of France, and Britain was concerned that the significant naval force of the Marine Nationale would now pass to the pro-Nazi Vichy government. If these ships were used by the Axis powers, they would secure a significant advantage in the Battle of the Atlantic.

Winston Churchill received reassurances from Admiral François Darlan, commander of the French Navy, that the ships would remain under French control. However, Churchill and the War Cabinet were unwilling to risk the possibility that they might change hands.

Having decided that it was necessary to neutralise the French fleet, Operation Catapult was launched on 3 July. French ships in British ports were captured, while those at Mers-el-Kébir were offered an ultimatum by Force H under the command of Admiral Sir James Somerville. If the French didn’t surrender their ships or move them away from the reach of the Axis, they would be sunk.

Negotiations continued for much of the day, but at 5:54pm Churchill ordered the British ships to open fire in the first Anglo-French naval exchange since the Napoleonic Wars. The French were anchored in a narrow harbour that made them an easy target for the British guns. 1,300 French sailors were killed in just a few minutes, while one battleship was sunk with five more seriously damaged.

Churchill later recalled the ‘hateful decision, the most unnatural and painful in which I have ever been concerned’ but, in the context of the war, the attack at Mers-el-Kébir proved to the world that Britain was determined to keep fighting.”

Ever so sub telly such that they look like the heroes of their own plot out with cons piracy.


Letter from BC

greencrow has parked a great post today.


One of the purposes of the global war on jackanory is obliteration of inconvenient oopart.

Once Strong's global harem is in place, around 2050, no one will venture beyond their own gravsite.

All will be forgotten.

Thursday 17 January 2019

What's Cathay for rothbitch?..

China Defense Blog: Photos of the day: SM4 120mm self-propelled morta...: Photos from their recent Borkane 2019 exercise. Yes, those SM4 are based on the WZ551 chassis and 200 copies were exported by Norinco in 2...

Sunday 13 January 2019

Friday 11 January 2019

Wednesday 9 January 2019

Steve Strange à Visage découvert

Stabat Mater Dolorosa

Aerial resupply in Marzak, Afghanistan

elvis presley - in the ghetto

The Seekers - I'll Never Find Another You 1965 STEREO

The Mamas & the Papas - California Dreamin'

Big Country - "In A Big Country" - East Berlin Peace Concert (1988)


The Skids - Into The Valley

NEW: 9/11 helicopter video released by NYC police

Do me a lemon, do you think the kikenwerfer thought the whole jewish lightning thing would get hijacked by Nixon supporters from Formosa?

The Sisters of Mercy - Dr Jeep (Extended Version)

Donna Summer - I Feel Love [Studio Version]

Time to look at the 7. 1 of 7.

Those equipped to take on the pantechnikon of wankstators are few and far between but there are 7 at the moment. I think the saddles are finally inhabited by sentient carbon based life forms.

Note the warwound but we are patched up and ready to rock. We go to Brasilia this century and Tzimbabwe in the 22nd. I know, who’d’a’thunk it.

Over this coming 12 months the iron handlers will have a yakk at us. I know this is a tad late, Quigley would have us believe that the mid 18th century in USofA corp. was optimum for personal liberty, however even in the early 21st century those of spiritualskill and mindwerfery can run operational.

Now and again some will ride into the battle unknown and forever after will be forgotten simply because at the scene everyone is dead Dave. Everyone is dead; Dave.

A bit like, and I know that particular history is being rewritten at this time, however the romantic version suits this narrative, the 2000 samurai who stood down the Mongol invasion fleet 800 years ago or so.

Everyone was dead on all sides.

As at Midway when Ford was on hand with the history rewrite project to document fact for fiction we are having our reality imagined into being on every front by magicians. These are not just industrial light and magik, at a flat top battle, that we come to view and worship; they are targeted at us in a very special individual way. There is no escape.

If ever there was a strange attractor moment then the wheeling out of certain weapon systems to combat the long and hard work endured by the 7 is more grist to this absolute mill.

I don’t mean the ArseIntelligence auto query of the DailyFail digital archives like Arserfaaan or the well muppetery scene setters like Fartseeker. It is the appearance of tikkingmassalas like exoplotics, targeted bints and sudden Saul of Tarsus billionaires attaching themselves to these 7 very recently.

I would cite GCHQPope, the useless claaahn, turning up like a little decanted discord with Dolan in November last year.

Finally. I would assume that everyone who is deep into this war which we cannot influence at this moment, will know that whatever it is that is taking the care to slow us into defilement is so ancient there were no jews around when the war started and that to concentrate any attention there is to be a traitor to the cause.

The enemy knows it cannot win, it’s best outcome is to convince us we are defeated and have lost our souls.

It can GGTF!

So take it away CAF.

Tuesday 8 January 2019

The bicameral windmills of their hivemind

I meant to post this a while back but the pages are masseev here at the krenkenwerfer and the rate of fire is slower than required.

If the hundredth phukkwitz, bicameral mind and massive cast structures are brought together what does one get…..

Khaammiekhaants in Kharkov. Innit? Trotshit, Lenintheft and rabidbodies in the ‘crete. Has the strange nature of koshergansters in talmudstripes running everything whilst the mix was being poured in the 1930s in USofAcorp., UKabocorp, USSR all been blown away by a setting mind?

I don’t think I have heard TS mention Tsarion but they both point in the correct direction. Like Brizer’s guest McGuire they all know the west was feeding the phukkwitz in the eastern rubble zone as overwatch.

It should be something to be savoured that the current construction of a universal harem, and when ever did a harem revolt, with the globounuch serving as sectral dronegenerational androgynotroopers will eventually lead to the self replicating final battle. As the skits I plonked out here at Parsley intimate, the vestal virgins will kill more than anyone culd imagine. Never a changing gamete in that vasselvessel.

I don’t know when the penny will drop but I am sure one day the that pecuniary will fall and all the laster numbers will evaporate.

As I was saying a long while back, you do not look up when standing within stones unless a phukwitz heaves into view, then you cast the blade.

Sunday 6 January 2019

What nonmetric do you use to judge the strike....

...for almost all went off target. BWAAHAHAHAHAHAAA my ass.

SNAFU!: Countries Hit By U.S. Tomahawk Cruise Missiles Sin...: Pic via Naval News...

WAG is fullbore aujourdhui.


It takes a lot of phannying around out here on the ausphart but eventually everyone is at point 1 when the rebomb strikes.

12th night.


Toll Poppies...

I do hope you kept your lists up to date, printed off everything and expected the blueZOMO.

Morgoth's Review: Hirsch, Critical Theory & Nihilism: In my new video I take a look at the excruciating Afua Hirsch and Critical Theory. There's little point in moaning about the uncar...

Mes braves....

Saturday 5 January 2019

The Ghost hordes of Jimmy Savile's.......

...cock stalks the world.

Woman in long term vegetative state suddenly gives birth, sparking sex abuse investigation -- Society's Child --

I think that the RICO nature of each and every system is beyond doubt now. Perhaps it was a sexual energyemergency Sausagemuncherlandstylee Blackpuddingsodomystylee? Perhaps she was a gymnast and continued to get her coaching cockproxy. Perhaps she was a vestalvirgin and templewhore kept on ice. Does she still have her eyeballs? Which parts of her are missing? WTF are we to make of the sexist escorting men by wimmins, the wimmins are just as likely to phukk you over under overwatch FFS!!!!!!!

Jacques Ellul described it all 70 years ago but he forgot to add the satansoupçon.

Stay the phukk away from all human constructs until the whole phukkin' dump burns.

What is the story supposed to say?

We know that all abortion clinics are run by Hekatecultists, we know they love the spiraling smoke rising form their Ba'al ovens, we know they give free money to their mutantpets for foodstuffs.

WTF is the story for? Arizona is a talmudshithouse.

WTF are we supposed to do with the story?

Print it and take it to the shit house for a dump.


Bring to on.

Thursday 3 January 2019

Member of the year 2018AD..... make up your fake voucher slaver whisperingbicameralmind....

massive sexmillion sixcriminal or....

or phreekmassive unhoodedclitalmud?

Tinycock or clitampfruit, whatever it is it smells like the shithouse door on a Kalergiherring fisher.

By their works shall you know them...pheweephukkme...