Monday 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

I am travelling afar.

Will be back early in the New Year.

Heads up.

Wednesday 21 November 2012

What do I have to say……

Why my fixation on that first sepia of a great monitor, laid up after the gunfire and sniper, in an estuarine anchor, quiet, peacefulled, emptied and gutted to faux accounting and ersatz ledgering. Abandoned, purposefulness evacuated. She had shelled and shelled and shelled. Great 12 inch shells, and no victory was one. Why did that first scene direct my gaze upon, as I opened the book, so many decades ago, in a library in Glasgow?

The photograph haunted my young mind then and haunts me still as I seek quietude.

The contract phase kicked in again as I reconnoitred the lie of the land some years later when I read of the famous Prinz Eugen who had not sought her final rinse in roiling hot water at Bikini.

CV3 caught it, a cherry tree felled at last after unstinting service, in the well.

What to say?

As a forensic story teller I can cash in on the untidy endings left naked shorted like the gold filings soon to be melted down in a usury insurance fire.

Here we go.

The legend of our demise is not the truth of the given, it is the realisation that all must be weighed under the heavy light of reality. So I try to explain here only a tiny part of the unreality of our halted love.

If an infinite space can exist in a bounded state imagine what we could achieve, as our selves, free of the monoheathen and their state of poverty in every perverted way.

God or given debt god?

Our choice.

Saturday 27 October 2012

Why Would You?

Where and for how much fooling?

I do not mean any fuckwitz exercise in a so call ed busy ness school arseholersize. Business scholl  has nothing to do with the sinck stink of education or Phukk D’Witzinsation. The MBAinsertion of nothing into your part of the parkland wherever the glorious wankstators rotate the muted, deafed, deferring Herd Attention Space that is unlifed smoothed eye shine. Taking it up the sahittersphere.

Would U release ysourself when a suit in a suit cannot relate? Or wood you die?

The trance dance is to enjoy.

I ask you again. Would you?

Would you?

For what would you?

Are you wold?

Then do not understand world for wold.

Wood you?

Wood you?

Stand in the affront to those you love and take the blow?

If so; I love you.

I love you before you are me and after I am you. Before we died so long ago. The resulting insult is dread and no bread.

Would U?

What is it that you are unaware of as you gently sleep before your day of turmoil?  My sword arm is tried, my shield arm almost rebeaten. We need to stand.

I died and lie with final breath for you.

You do not understand the heather.

I am, with my imperfections.


Give me the winter.

Friday 26 October 2012

I hurtled, my love.

I will let you down.

I am a liar, and can sniff and kill them.

The dead waters of my currency.

Pushing the limits and the alchemy of my life has resulted in an occurrence unknown to me since I almost killed myself through carelessness, enthusiasm, glee and carriageway. I cannot stop my blind mind.

A shard and a silver sliver of broken glass 45 years ago.

The scars can be demonstrated even as protest.

Hurt, opened by me.

Now here, in the cul de sac of ordure, wherever the sky has been occluded since late Saturday, almost aerosoled H2O, no sol, no soon, no orbital unless checked, in the evening evening of where my soul rests.

A small moon, not the amplified moon of two weeks ago, arrears and then disappears in the cracks of twighfight.

We are getting settled for a massive constructed faux fight, you read that correctly foo fighters, retard retard smog alert.

We have a big pea souper coming down and I can feel it in my breast. I walk the Queen’s Highway. Getting the cardio vascular ready for flight.

I am pounding the ‘crete and MacAdam in the arsehole borough, wearing out the horse shoes, burning the sole as my soul heals.

I  tripped, stumbled and fell. Face fall down in the autumn leaved pavement. Bruised, cut and stunned. Clown!!

Like an idiot.

Did the thoughts 2 U, illustrating my words, drive my fail?

I hurt.

I remember everything.

If I could sing.

What have I become to betray?

No thing.

You cannot account my vowels and consonants

And yet their number are not sufficient for my heart.

Last night I wrote to you. Words of your beauty. The names of my feelings, the days of my being and the strength of dwelling here now and never. The words are not gone now, though sacred and erased from my face. To describe my arc is too much to start short.

Why to resume again; when all was gone?

Where should I write again? And against.

Angst, bereft and none.

There was an unendable day within which I lie undone. With you.

Over our many joys the fissure of our fusion was cloaked in action, in activity, outwith our reality.

The cipher is gone, the incisions eroded, the markings removed, the letters erased, the words blanks, the sound no longer to be heard. Decoded.

When I halt, no matter what I witness, it will be beside you.

Thursday 25 October 2012

I wrote upon a pitched peach blue sky

Imagined from knowshpere.

I had to break off, Monday, from this malarkey to get on with stuff and I braked the bolloxian output.

Family busy ness.

Real shit.

Neither commercial nor transactional intercourse of false wealth, no business in reducing ersatz entropy. Reality within my eyes, my heart and my spirit. When eye opened last morning my cast fell upon the huge pile that I had had to be examined on in Lalaland. To be conferred with my little red book, my COMINTERN passport to sloth, my death pass.

What a pile!

Expensive alrighty and as always one dollar translated across the pond to one pound, no matter the exchange rate. LIBOR revealed in dead trees decades ago.

Method and moment, heat and momentum, always leading us with its weight. Like a heavy metal hyper plastic balloon dragging us away from terra firma. In the vicious vacuity of our glassed lives we miss the ball in our ceaseless flapping around our numbers.


If the idea of business, quadruple abacusic ledger, religion as nothing more than killing nonheathen in numbers is not cauterised then we are lost. The sophist sophistication is ancient.

And zeroed.

Monday 22 October 2012

It was so blue my mind.

A very long time ago my cousin was born and for some reason I had to wait in my parents’ car, for what seemed, an eternity outside the hospital. That afternoon the sun was a torrent of light. The sky seamless, seemless and seemingless. Illuminating a torched, broad, faux thoroughfare where the vehicle was parked in individuated stasis. An indicator of a rich society about to be impoverished by democracy. In my solitude I wondered at the sky, which on that summer’s day, my seat dappled, trees gleaming, the air starked, my eyes scorched, in burning silence, was intensely whitened and my mind left me.

Many decades later as I drove my daughter and her bestest chummie back from stage school, this past Saturday, we met the most glorious sunset sky here in the centre of global criminal activity. The girls remarked upon the vista and we agreed that it was sintering and sincering.

I was stopped. A quantum moment of unimaginable, infinite, bounded beauty. A Planck resolution of the grains in my life and death. There is no darkness. Between piss and shit is simply a tiny sliver of shortened stark occult. All freed between two great borders of illumination. We are free. There is no death, only life.

Why do I feel so distraught? Why my desolation in the caressing, bathing, warmth of that sunset?

I drove, we moved, traffic light red, indicate, wait, be aware of all other users of the Queen’s highway, note the muppets who endanger, we returned to my mate, the secretive squirrel’s hovel, but in the wonder of that moment I was halted as only once before.

Only twice have I experienced reality. All other as fiction is fiction, the constricting construct of affliction. The constituency of the fools and their djinn master.

I cried recently, the tears dropping, like infamous rainfall, a traitor to my self. I am strong. I do not weep. Yet when I was a boy anger made me lachrymose. That rage. The indignation at a collective fools’ unreality. The outrage at those who are heathen. My indignation at indoctrination.

The closing of my eyelids increased the precipitation. Why all ways?

I saw.

I have not really eaten in a week, nor slept in a month.

What do I see?

What do I scry as I cried?

Is it entropy dying? Is the love of the world being replaced? Is it the last spiritual experience before sloth overtakes us all?

What is this reality?

Not realty!

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Terminus. An end run on the Bomb Line. Terminus.

Cont from….

The Bomb Line. 1 of ?

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He got his brains smashed out with a crow bar by a real labour camp slave. The Bomb Line Pt 9

The Bomb Line Part 12 of 13. 

Corps Crop Rotation or a prelude to Part 13 of the Bomb Line; Part 1

Corps Crop Rotation or a prelude to Part 13 of the Bomb Line; Part 2. Reposted Dates to remember before and after 9/11. 

Corps Crop Rotation or a prelude to Part 13 of the Bomb Line; Part 3

Corps Crop Rotation or a prelude to Part 13 of the Bomb Line; Part 4

Corps Crop Rotation or a prelude to Part 13 of the Bomb Line; Part 5

I’ve been on and off hodilay since late August. I took a load of listening and reading material with me. Didn’t get to read a lot since it pissed all over us nonstop in Cornwall and the sun was so strong in Barca I almost went blind. However I did get to listen to a great deal of malarkey on the catholic subjects your correspondent sticks his sticky beak into.

As an aside here I’d just like to remark that petrol is cheaper in Barca and the SanMig is cheap and proper. One day the whole world will be as England is, sterile and taxed to death. Airstrip One is the proto-NWO.

Anyway once we got back to Blighty I just sort of ruminated and belched a lot. Oh and set the secret squirrel’s compound alight with a never ending set of Qs. As he remarked last week, whilst giving a big hint that it might be sukiyaki time for a change, he’d never seen so much charcoal used to so little effect. Then he hid the accelerant, so sukiyaki time it was this past weekend.

Then my dreamland stopped.

Several things caused this, small things, the cumulative effect being what follows.

The last little bit of the quantum straw that broke the virtual camel’s back was Kev. I realised that the important thing that needs to be said I had left unsaid.

What follows is not a criticism of KB in anyway; he simply shook me out of my reverie.

At this shop you will find several bloggers with RISC in front of their names on the side bar. This is because your correspondent finds it interesting that they do nothing other than operate on a reduced instruction set.

Let me explain.

Since we all know that the legend, scripted in Wallyweird Strasse, of what happened in the years 1931-1945 is all bollox, indeed that the Cold War was also a staged play, then when the singular focus of so called counter argumentalists over what really happened in the slave camps is not “WHAT HAPPENED IN THERE?” but on the number of gas chambers, rail heads, forced marches or the wonders of NaziJizzim; this leads one to conclude that they, wittingly or unwittingly, are batting for team Satan just like the monoheathenoids that insist they all shat diamonds as part of a well balanced diet, got shot at by Ralph Fiennes or cannot show us a tattoo on their arse. Remember these heathen loyal troopers are directly tapped into the funny money machine and can never run out of lucre to promote their fiction. They were the commie kapos in the camps, never short of cash or violence. The banksters bestest assets.

No one ever asks why did the Nazi’s best forger assets come from the Khazars in the camps? What did these ersatz pillars of society do in “peace time” then before they got to eat porridge? Criminals of course. All the attention goes on the number of shower heads in a gas chamber, idiot factory processes of the mass murder of millions and the deluded imaginings of fiction practitioners. No one ever spends time noting that these fevered outpourings on paper really reflect the actual practices used by the PsychoKhaziKillers of the OGPU when dispatching the intelligencia of Poland and the land owners of the Ukraine. The terminal KhaziKillers are lethal to all non-Khazidroids at all times and all places. Where ever the USSR trod there were dead persons everywhere all executed by Khazari monoheathenoids. Simple guilt transference. An old trick.

So bearing in mind the secrecy surrounding the documentation that would actually let one make a real appraisal of what happened in the Reich, the weird imposition of tell tale crime scene ephemera, the forced silence of the current residents and the mass killing of actual witnesses, can we really make a judgement of what transpired in there? We are supposed to be kept in the dark or frightened off snooping around the crime scene, can one make an inference that makes more sense of the iCSI, the Iron Curtain, the 3rd Reich and the bomb line? All the dead people we are not allowed to know about because a bunch of KhaziKillers are hogging the lime light on cue?

Well you know me. I believe I can. Not just that but I can tell what is going to happen here in Europe because it is a repeat of 2000 years ago.

Zoh first things first, what can we actually see that no amount of fannying around the fiction factory and rewriting history faculties can erase?

After the gunfire and sniper finished the western ally controlled part of Europe, Hessian lands esp., were knee deep in well fed Khazars awaiting their ticket out of Europe for the soon to be Rothschild Corporate Enmity/Tel Aviv pirate base. Where did they all come from? I thought they’d all gone up in smoke! Their young women heavy with child. Germans booted out of their remaining homes so that these clowns could rest peacefully. All stirred into action by orders from on high in banksterdom. Their path cleared by the infinite ability to print as much money as you need. Remember UKplc would remain rationed for years to come.

So here is the question that can be answered by current human resource management theory. What were their skill sets that Roth wanted? Those of you who’ve been processed by the apes that infest HR these days (SS, GEFEPO, GESTAPO, NKVD, OGPU in previous eras) recently will know that your previous behaviour is a clear indicator of your future behaviour patterns.

Well there are clear indicators in two irrefutable areas as to what was required of them in their new fire base at Tortuga sur Mer.

Einsatzgrüppen/terrorist skills and that X-Factor which I will tease you with until later.

Bearing in mind that some of these mysteriously alive KhaziKillerklowns were so called partisans that were COMINTERN stay behind units previously used to exterminate the local populations who wouldn’t bow to KommieKhazi terror prior to Barbarossa we can see in the atrocities carried out on the Palestinians a clear continuation in behaviour patterns. So we have hanging around in the western allies controlled areas Einsatzgrüppen specialists, wanting for nothing, waiting for their boarding pass and passage to the Promised Land. At the same time we were handing over vast numbers of nonKhazi men, women and children refugees fleeing Soviet terror to the Soviets for transportation and extermination. Funny old world.

What do you think the USS Liberty heard in 1967 as she sniffed the ether? Yes. Einsatzgrüppen at work on defenceless Palestinians. A continuation of their behaviour aberration transferred from TransDniestre to TransJordan.

Now then we come to the real secret which I will speculate about here. To do that we need to look a little further down the line from 1947 to 1957 in the pirate base.

When one looks at the map here, one thing that I hadn’t really contemplated upon is the immediate clearance of the Negev into Tortuga sur Mer’s killer hands by Roth/Rock’s UN. I look at the numbers involved, and remember when dealing with these clowns and numbers it is always magical, however lets take them as a given. This quote provides a further idea about the skill sets imported into the area. Once Einsatzgrüppen, always Einsatzgrüppen.

“At the beginning of the strife in late 1947, it is likely that the Jewish political leadership in Palestine would have rejected any formal plan to expel the Palestinians. (Although that would change by the following June, as discussed below, when the new Israeli government prohibited the return of all Palestinian refugees.) There was, however, a shared belief by many of the Jewish (later Israeli) military leaders during the war that the entire Palestinian population was the enemy. Acting on that belief, the Jewish militias (the official Haganah and the unofficial Stern Gang and Irgun) engaged in a consistent course of conduct that was intended to--and did--cause the Arab population to flee. (The Israeli myth that the Palestinians left on instructions from Arab leaders has long since been shown to be a fabrication.)[3]”

Now we come to the second set of skills, the type of human assets that would once again behave in the future as they had done in the past, that were brought into the Rothschild pirate base from the ruins of the Reich.

This place is, like the Holohoax, surrounded by layers of secrecy and disinfo. One of the chief dysinfofunctioaries is this asset. You will get my reasoning for this when I get to the last part of this article where we look into the future and meet the deep past.

Once Negev was secured by the Einsatzkommando, RCE/TA started a programme to enrich fissile material to create nuclear weapons barely 10 years after the pirate base was established. Quite a feat. Especially as we are gently nudged to believe it started from scratch.

To contrast what we are supposed to believe here take a relatively untouched, high tech, centralised state such as France. A nation of tens of millions with a history of centuries of scientific endeavour took until 1956 to get a nuclear reactor critical and until 1960 to light off a big one. RCE/TA? “Before the partition, Jews comprised only one-third of the population of Palestine, which held some 608,000 Jews and 1,237,000 Arabs. Even within the area designated for Israel under the U.N. partition plan, the population consisted of some 500,000 Jews and 330,000 Arabs. How could a country with such a large Arab minority become a Jewish homeland?[1]” RCE/TA is not the quiet cloisters of Oxford or MIT where enquiry can progress with academic rigour and research. It is a fire base full of gunfire and sniper.

So where did the human assets do their research and get trained in a stable environment such that they could then replicate the method in the Negev?

To answer that we need to look at some of the signatures of a nuclear programme, particularly power. Recognise this? Recognise this? Interesting time frame, no? All up and running in time to separate isomers.

Recognise this? “For example, less than thirty per cent of the workers at the Farben plant were in the "prisoner" category; more that half were free foreign workers who had enlisted voluntarily for labor and the remaining approximate twenty per cent were ordinary German employees.” Didn’t think you would. Same time frame. Same vast power requirements. Also note that free foreign workers would likely be doing R&D related work in a humungous R&D facility. Slaves/prisoners would be expendable, free workers doing R&D would be assets and hence the swimming pool, dance floor, orchestras etc. Of course we are not supposed to look at this scene, it is a holy place. Well I’ll bet we are not supposed to rumble to the fact that was a two tier cast of Khazi characters in there. One tier getting the attention of the Lead Pill Pharmacy, the other working on the lab benches and management quite aware of what was going down. That is what we are not supposed to think about. Then they get whisked out to RCE/TA and the cover story fiction starts and a hermetic Iron Curtain descends to quarantine the crime scene in the Reichprotektorate for two generations.

At the other shop I will elaborate a bit more on some of the details implied above including Patton’s famous army, more on Operational Manoeuvre Groups and finally Bikini Atoll.

First though we have to deal with MV and the looking forward to Europe’s demise. This is the reason for my current thoughts appearing in the shop here rather than the other shop where big bangs and bombers really hang out.

2000 years ago the demographics of the Roman state had changed and with it the nature of that state from Republic to heathen degeneracy. The Roman citizen found himself out fighting wars and being out bred by freed slaves from the Middle East at home. Eventually all the positions of power within the state were held by Babylon money worshippers. The Roman natives were displaced. With the disappearance of Germany we have the same dynamic in play today. Europe flooded by middle eastern Babylonian money worshippers who will make sure that all positions of power in such places as local parliaments and EU institutions (OPEC is a great example of levying tribute in disguise) are occupied by their progeny whilst the aboriginals are indebted or maimed on the battle fields.

A sure sign of this is that the Ba’al Hammon Bishop of Rome is an ex Nazi. And here is my problem with MV. If he’d gone Russian Orthodox or Assyrian Catholic I would not entertain the same doubts that I have. He went from one branch of the Babylon money worshippers’ monoheathenism to another branch. For make no mistake anything that springs from Rome or is protestant to Rome is at its root Babylon. That is why they always harp on about debt. Anything that springs from Mecca, Rome, atheism or Babylon is a debt based, slaver operation run by people who hate humanity. Remember when the Bishop of Rome took power after the fall of Rome the local power families were all of Phoenician descent and then they started to kill anyone in sight as soon as they were secure.

Just look at their body count.

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Did the Watchers have any real choice in their approach to their problem? Part 4 of ?

Those who read here regularly will know that, except for an oblique reference or two recently at the other shop, I really last looked at the, how can one describe them, the master magician logisticians of the centrifugal dynamic, seeded into the world by those called the Watchers and….

……By some serendipitous synchronicity just as I fingered them out here in

Northerntruthseeker fired up, which I parked out here in Apiru clue?  Unfortunately the original blog is gone really!!!!, thankfully NTS has saved part of the detail here, at the part about Menorah and donkey dicks .

So what comes next, started over at the other shop, though the remainder in this house stands independent of that blog, is for your delectation.

The Apiru, conveniently obscure and hidden from recorded history. I would posit that that is what you would expect them to be, that our given history would keep them, the important, the key, occulted, in camera, though their principals would know exactly who they were and where they were on the mission, the great enterprise.

We have two groups here, one invisible in the crypt(Watchers and/or their divine stewards), one out on the trail(Apiru, the dusty red, donkey drivers). This is the kernel of the system to steal the world by divine instigation disguised as monoheathenism, AKA monotheism.

There is one big problem with my thesis; that this system carries on to this day after 10,000 years or so. I know you are thinking about it as well. How do they keep the lineal continuity going? The unbroken lineage.

Well this is where we come to something that I started to bang on about more recently. What is it that we’ve been misdirected about that could explain their peculiar breeding habits, what are we being gently nudged away from that could help explain their multi-kulti-millennial continuity?

Lamarckian selection. Which I last touched on at Archons,Archetypes and Arch Angels. Part 3 of ?

A little resumé of Lamarck then.

“"Do we not therefore perceive that by the action of the laws of organization . . . nature has in favorable times, places, and climates multiplied her first germs of animality, given place to developments of their organizations, . . . and increased and diversified their organs? Then. . . aided by much time and by a slow but constant diversity of circumstances, she has gradually brought about in this respect the state of things which we now observe. How grand is this consideration, and especially how remote is it from all that is generally thought on this subject!"
Text of a lecture given by Lamarck at the Musée National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, May 1803

Lamarck's scientific theories were largely ignored or attacked during his lifetime; Lamarck never won the acceptance and esteem of his colleagues Buffon and Cuvier, and he died in poverty and obscurity. Today, the name of Lamarck is associated merely with a discredited theory of heredity, the "inheritance of acquired traits." However, Charles Darwin, Lyell,Haeckel, and other early evolutionists acknowledged him as a great zoologist and as a forerunner of evolution. Charles Darwin wrote in 1861:
Lamarck was the first man whose conclusions on the subject excited much attention. This justly celebrated naturalist first published his views in 1801. . . he first did the eminent service of arousing attention to the probability of all changes in the organic, as well as in the inorganic world, being the result of law, and not of miraculous interposition.

Who was this man, and why did he inspire such conflicting attitudes?

Biography of Lamarck

Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet, Chevalier de Lamarck was born on August 1, 1744, in the village of Bazentin-le-Petit in the north of France. He was the youngest of eleven children in a family with a centuries-old tradition of military service; his father and several of his brothers were soldiers. The young Lamarck entered the Jesuit seminary at Amiens around 1756, but not long after his father's death, Lamarck rode off to join the French army campaigning in Germany in the summer of 1761; in his first battle, he distinguished himself for bravery under fire and was promoted to officer. After peace was declared in 1763, Lamarck spent five years on garrison duty in the south of France, until an accidental injury forced him to leave the army. After working as a bank clerk in Paris for a while, Lamarck began to study medicine and botany, at which he rapidly became expert; in 1778 his book on the plants of France, Flore Française, was published to great acclaim, in part thanks to the support of Buffon.

On the strength of the Flore Française (and Buffon's patronage), Lamarck was appointed an assistant botanist at the royal botanical garden, the Jardin des Plantes, which was not only a botanical garden but a center for medical education and biological research. Aside from a stint as tutor to Buffon's son during a tour of Europe in 1781, Lamarck continued as an underpaid assistant at the Jardin du Roi, living in poverty (and having to defend his job from cost-cutting bureaucrats in the National Assembly) until 1793. That year, the same year that Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette went to the guillotine, the old Jardin des Plantes was reorganized as the Musée National d'Histoire Naturelle (National Museum of Natural History), which was to be run by twelve professors in twelve different scientific fields. Lamarck, who had called for this reorganization, was appointed a professor -- of the natural history of insects and worms (that is, of all invertebrates), a subject he knew nothing about.
To be fair to Lamarck, we should mention that since the time of Linnaeus, few naturalists had considered the invertebrates worthy of study. The word "invertebrates" did not even exist at the time; Lamarck coined it. The invertebrate collections at the Musée were enormous and rapidly growing, but poorly organized and classified. Although the professors at the Musée were theoretically equal in rank, the professorship of "insects and worms" was definitely the least prestigious. But Lamarck took on the enormous challenge of learning -- and creating -- a new field of biology. The sheer number and diversity of invertebrates proved to be both a challenge and a rich source of knowledge. As Lamarck lectured his students in 1803, after ten years of research on invertebrates:
. . . we perceive that, relative to the animal kingdom, we should chiefly devote our attention to the invertebrate animals, because their enormous multiplicity in nature, the singular diversity of their systems of organization, and of their means of multiplication, . . . , show us, much better than the higher animals, the true course of nature, and the means which she has used and which she still unceasingly employs to give existence to all the living bodies of which we have knowledge.
Lamarck published a series of books on invertebrate zoology and paleontology. Of these, Philosophie zoologique, published in 1809, most clearly states Lamarck's theories of evolution. The first volume of Histoire naturelle des Animaux sans vertèbres was published in 1815, the second in 1822. Aside from Lamarck's contributions to evolutionary theory, his works on invertebrates represent a great advance over existing classifications; he was the first to separate the Crustacea, Arachnida, and Annelida from the "Insecta." His classification of the mollusks was far in advance of anything proposed previously; Lamarck broke with tradition in removing the tunicates and the barnacles from the Mollusca. He also anticipated the work of Schleiden & Schwann in cell theory in stating that:
. . . no body can have life if its constituent parts are not cellular tissue or are not formed by cellular tissue.

Lamarck even found time to write papers on physics and meteorology, including some annual compilations of weather data.

But Lamarck's works never became popular during his lifetime, and Lamarck never won the respect or prestige enjoyed by his patron Buffon or his colleague Cuvier. While Cuvier respected Lamarck's work on invertebrates, he had no use for Lamarck's theory of evolution, and he used his influence to discredit it. Most of Lamarck's life was a constant struggle against poverty; to make matters worse, he began to lose his sight around 1818, and spent his last years completely blind, cared for by his devoted daughters (he had been married four times). When he died, on December 28, 1829, he received a poor man's funeral (although his colleague Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire gave one of the orations) and was buried in a rented grave; after five years his body was removed, and no one now knows where his remains are.

Lamarck's Scientific Thought
Beginning in 1801, Lamarck began to publish details of his evolutionary theories.

Where men like Buffon had hinted at the possibility of evolutionary change, Lamarck declared it forthrightly. In 1801 he wrote:
. . . time and favorable conditions are the two principal means which nature has employed in giving existence to all her productions. We know that for her time has no limit, and that consequently she always has it at her disposal.

What was the mechanism for evolution? "Lamarckism" or "Lamarckianism" is now often used in a rather derogatory sense to refer to the theory that acquired traits can be inherited. What Lamarck actually believed was more complex: organisms are not passively altered by their environment, as his colleague Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire thought. Instead, a change in the environment causes changes in the needs of organisms living in that environment, which in turn causes changes in their behavior. Altered behavior leads to greater or lesser use of a given structure or organ; use would cause the structure to increase in size over several generations, whereas disuse would cause it to shrink or even disappear. This rule -- that use or disuse causes structures to enlarge or shrink -- Lamarck called the "First Law" in his book Philosophie zoologique. Lamarck's "Second Law" stated that all such changes were heritable. The result of these laws was the continuous, gradual change of all organisms, as they became adapted to their environments; the physiological needs of organisms, created by their interactions with the environment, drive Lamarckian evolution.

While the mechanism of Lamarckian evolution is quite different from that proposed by Darwin, the predicted result is the same: adaptive change in lineages, ultimately driven by environmental change, over long periods of time. It is interesting to note that Lamarck cited in support of his theory of evolution many of the same lines of evidence that Darwin was to use in the Origin of Species. Lamarck's Philosophie zoologique mentions the great variety of animal and plant forms produced under human cultivation (Lamarck even anticipated Darwin in mentioning fantail pigeons!); the presence of vestigial, non-functional structures in many animals; and the presence of embryonic structures that have no counterpart in the adult. Like Darwin and later evolutionary biologists, Lamarck argued that the Earth was immensely old. Lamarck even mentions the possibility of natural selection in his writings, although he never seems to have attached much importance to this idea.

It is even more interesting to note that, although Darwin tried to refute the Lamarckian mechanism of inheritance, he later admitted that the heritable effects of use and disuse might be important in evolution. In the Origin of Species he wrote that the vestigial eyes of moles and of cave-dwelling animals are "probably due to gradual reduction from disuse, but aided perhaps by natural selection." Lamarckian inheritance, at least in the sense Lamarck intended, is in conflict with the findings of genetics and has now been largely abandoned -- but until the rediscovery of Mendel's laws at the beginning of the twentieth century, no one understood the mechanisms of heredity, and Lamarckian inheritance was a perfectly reasonable hypothesis. Several other scientists of the day, including Erasmus Darwin, subscribed to the theory of use and disuse -- in fact, Erasmus Darwin's evolutionary theory is so close to Lamarck's in many respects that it is surprising that, as far as is known now, the two men were unaware of each other's work.

In several other respects, the theory of Lamarck differs from modern evolutionary theory. Lamarck viewed evolution as a process of increasing complexity and "perfection," not driven by chance; as he wrote in Philosophie zoologique, "Nature, in producing in succession every species of animal, and beginning with the least perfect or simplest to end her work with the most perfect, has gradually complicated their structure." Lamarck did not believe in extinction: for him, species that disappeared did so because they evolved into different species. If this goes on for too long, it would mean the disappearance of less "perfect" organisms; Lamarck had to postulate that simple organisms, such as protists, were constantly being spontaneously generated. Yet despite these differences, Lamarck made a major contribution to evolutionarythought, developing a theory that paralleled Darwin's in many respects. Rediscovered in the middle part of the 19th century, his theories finally gained the attention they merited. His mechanism of evolution remained a popular alternative to Darwinian selection until the beginning of the 20th century; prominent scientists like Edward Drinker Cope adopted Lamarckianism and tried to apply it to their work. Though his proposed mechanism eventually fell out of favor, he broke ground in establishing the fact of evolution.” Source 

The current state of Darwinian natural selection, indeed the given paradigm, is always studying the lower forms of life with the hidden agenda of brain washing the human herd into believing that we are nothing more than lowing live stock. All backed up with a massive psyop called man made global warming/cooling/whatever fits.

Now the bit in the above quotation that interests me is this line.

“Lamarck viewed evolution as a process of increasing complexity and "perfection," not driven by chance; as he wrote in Philosophie zoologique, "Nature, in producing in succession every species of animal, and beginning with the least perfect or simplest to end her work with the most perfect, has gradually complicated their structure."”

Did you see that bit, “not driven by chance”?

Now then, let us reverse the usual Darwinian perspective which is nature applied to animals and replace nature with Watchers and animal with humans. So Watchers applied to humans, a closed system, within an open Darwinian system.

Note that the closed system is now a higher system with human beings raised way above all other animals, the opposite of the Darwinian mindfuck for the rest of humanity.

What advantages does the Lamarckian system give to those benefitting from this approach to selection? As a corollary of getting away from the animals we shall focus on one of the great secrets which falls out from this view. We are abandoning the corpus here; we are focussed on mens et spiritus.

Well let me list the things that the Watchers required from this system, which is at work to this very day, as an unbroken chain. Though we are required to believe there are “Dark Ages”. For you and me all those centuries ago, perhaps, but the bitchboys in charge lived it up elsewhere. The are distributed at vast cost to themselves.

There has never been a dark age. Only engineered lights out. They haremed it up elsewhere when our gold and silver had been slaved out.


I’ll bet you do not have a clue.

Do U?

Do you really think that ARPANET is new? The wetware?

The red, dusty, donkey drivers did it all and more millennia ago.


Friday 3 August 2012

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Some times the power is devastated into our hands

We, untwined, receive and do not not know what we have received.

And in that innocent momentum we pass on our power to their end.

Feel free and create our world.

Thursday 14 June 2012


Chimes with my thoughts on some given thoughts and naught belief this passed week.




No rest until never.

It will be hard lifting though.

Many will die.

Keep your lists up to date.



Imaged in source.

If you know what to look for you will ask.

Hide, dead cow skinned, NOAHide, footwear, wherer.





And god?


Why god?


Ever had a whole peach stone stuck up your stuck up arse?


You know no jokes.


Thursday 31 May 2012

The birds fly, the aquatic bees cry, the trees shine and the atoms sing.

The calendrical blossoms under which I stand are stilled blue.

Wherever could I be but in the song birds’ lives.

Forever they have sung me to sleep and awoken my grief.

Never have they failed me.

This evening I listen.

To the tiniest quarks.

In shrubbery and sky.

Highlight over my life.

Do they reckon?

Do they thrall?

They live.

Do they care?

I live ad nausea.

To have no time to care or sail?

I have no time and yet I do care.

For every atom that fails there is a song bird.

Singing to me for ever and ever until I return the compliment.

How many have passed before me that I am?

How many have passed away that I would be?

How many are we?

Infinite and ubiquitous and never atomised

Will come.

When I sleep awake under the still falling petals of the blue tree.

Friday 18 May 2012

Did the Watchers have any real choice in their approach to their problem? Null DNA? Part 3 of ?

Cursed or accursed?

I’ve been bashing my bonce for 2 years now trying to put the wordy words together to meaningfully convey my thesis. Which is, at its simplest, wrapped in the nature of light. What is it? Whatever it is it is entrapped within a great fabric of lies and eyes.

If we are to take Planck, the last universal constant and you know what I think about that state, my eyes are constantly absorbing momentum. What does that mean to me in the aggregated loop?

Einstein, the fakir, used to take the railcar and imagined riding a light wave. And he was stopped. Stopped when?

If we take JCM at his word then the answer is nowhere yet and everywhere gone. Allwhere.

Gold, no we are not going hyperdimensional, is another of those constants that fail my consonants and vowel movements. Everytime the clown Paul, not Damascene, opens his yapp about the Fed you can see that age old god given slaver mind at work. I love listening to the precious metals lads, Morgan, Chapman, Maloney et al. They are worth their weight in… ermm… HOWEVER, I have never heard any of these guys state the obvious. Bearing in mind that several are already on the horses and many are being checked out for inclusion in the Magnificent Seven, I admire their work, I cannot state this more clearly than that precious metals are being recovered as a continuing process off slavery, unending servitude as a device, as engineered human suffering. It is, like fiat money, a monolith of the fakir construct of monoheathenism. Want gold and silver? You must accept slavery.

Well you can GGTF!!

So there I was struggling to try and make sense of one strand of what I would want to apply vast numbers of wordysword upon and then LL scripted it so simply.

Nuff said for the moment.

Wednesday 9 May 2012

How far are you close to me?

Last year I got started on something How far can you run amile? that I have not yet fully expanded upon nor completed. There are many reasons for this partial failure but at last I can plot the course which has been started again here at AA&AA. This burbling will feed into AA&AA Part 5 of ? but concerns only us and our condition.

So let us start where I left this conversation and see where it takes us. Last time out I asked rhetorically

“Why is it always the Canadians?”

To put this maelstrom of unfact into perspective, we are supposed to believe that the Cabbageeating swine infesting the Smoke fled town with shit streaked breeks when the Bonnie Prince threatened to drop by, kicked the Frogs in the nuts and then lost the bulk of the productive North American land mass; all in 30 years! One thing that we can be sure of though is that anything constructed to support a British royalist state is cheap, artificial, ephemeral, psychopathic and sacrificial and the leading role bit part actors have no kinship or empathy with their natives. In such a state there is no money for Aboriginal people, all the money is to be spent on sluts, slattern, whores, dope, fine wines, sweet meats and sloth. Not numeracy, literacy and health for the masses. Oh NO! It is a NOAHide state.

So what is Canada really for?

It is Crown land, i.e. it belongs to Babylon. We know that a great experiment was carried out in the New World. BTW those of you familiar with my speculations will know that I tend towards a Phoenician flow of hidden history which makes that New World crap…..well, crap. South America got turned over to the Ba’al Hammon Bishop of Rome, no land for the scum. North America got, at the price of genocide, to play with property for the masses licensed via Calvin et al from the Bishop of Molech.

There it hangs for now over all the Americas.

So, as I cracked open another Bow that evening, that is what I was pondering when the 2iC heaved into view. Canada is a weird haven for skull cracking nutters, kind of ultraPaperclipped. At the other shop I asked just who were the Kapos and commies in the camps managing the assets for? Just who was the real beneficiary of all the inhuman experiments carried out upon helpless persons in ice baths with their turnips exposed? One is supposed to go all RISC and concentrate on the concentration myths. No one is supposed to ask just whose contract was being fulfilled in there? For contracted they were. All was licensed in the Reich’s protectorate. All was known despite Gestapo Mueller’s best efforts and Kammler’s swift constructions. What do you think Tehran and Yalta were about?

Well needless to say shed loads more pleasant evenings have been had since then, the secretive squirrel’s back yard is now a hot spot for the iGREEN scam fascistKapos. When I light up a Q it can be seen from space. I was not kidding when I did the Parsley blowing Abos into shit pieces. To be a witness and not enclose their spell is negligence and I’ve been wondering, more and more, about the things we take for granted. The thing, unsaid but often thought, on the cusp of my lips as the great big phekking 2iC wreck heaved into view.

That is why this was the next null set, ghosts.

Why do we see?

Looking at the human body there are three important spots. The brain, the heart and the eyes. I know, I know, I know but that will have to wait for part 6 or 7 of AA&AA. What is coming up here is already hard enough to swallow.

Only our eyes inflect the medium within which we bathe, the immersion of our temporal nature. Brain and heart are occluded by our flesh.

Our flesh is no thing, we are as animals if we are to take the given. The conditioning to be groomed and prepared for slavery. Look at all those fools who spend all their lives stalking the beasts and protecting their spawn, and yet would leave our own to die in the gutter. Intra urinas et faeces are you aborted. Look. Darwinian bankster zero sum gaming Malthusianism, the devil’s light giving hand job knob, a great big cock up round which we are supposed to gather. A bit of advice lads, go spend your effort on those who will die and stop trying to function in the attention economy’s alter space, for you will be culled once your usefulness to the moneyreligiokriminals is over. Become human not a hearder.

Look at that false premise. Look at the showy charity. Look at their cowardice to face the real iCSI. No ersatz lucre, no dead whales, you muppets.

We have been taught to think ourselves base, animals, amoeba, germs or worse unlived. Everything is raised to a superior position needing more false lucre for their maintenance than the ordinary child borne of us. The munnyperpweirdoes practice occulted juxtapositioning of their reproductive organs, no abortion for them unless they are predestined, and exalt their status without basis. So what is the stasis of their fundamentalist mentalist beliefs?

This pixel bollox is already too long so I will leave you with the following thought which we will pursue into later parts of this Bowmanship and AA&AA.

If, as some ancients thought, our Sun, eclectic universe, is an eye pouring light, dynamic from null, into our locality, static though dynamic, then what are our non stopped eyes doing?

Who are we?

Friday 27 April 2012

Archons, Archetypes and Arch Angels. Part 4 of ?

Deliberately; this outing will be chaotic.

Darwinians’ speciality.

Policemaaan”  where? Here, but how? As Brian Akira, God bless his soul, would have noted. This clown is heathen. Gently, gently catchee monkeee. Maxamixing total bollox.

If they think that the illegal alien is going to deliver anything to their empty, fat, dinner plated fates then they are unknowing, though not fools.

“Jews were by no means the only targets of this social engineering, but they were pursued the most ruthlessly. They were also, not coincidentally, the victims with the fewest resources to defend themselves. Reinhard Heydrich, chief of the Reich Security Main Office, offered one of the most frank statements that syncretized slave labor and genocide in the well-known Wannsee protocol of early 1942: … in the course of the final solution, the Jews will enter the Labor Action in a suitable way in the East. In large work gangs, separated by sex, Jews capable of work will build roads. During this work, a large number will doubtless perish due to natural cause. The possible final remnant will doubtless represent a natural selection and be that part most capable of resistance. It will have to be handled accordingly, for if these were to beset free, they would act as the seed of a new Jewish revival “BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

Now then now then now then, whose limiting wishes are being fulfilled within Lamarckian boundaries?


Let us listen to Gentleman John Harris. He is Archetype.

God bless him.

Thursday 26 April 2012

Archons, Archetypes and Arch Angels. Part 3 of ?

We are going to ponder a little more on the creation of monertaryreligiohermetic groups through Lamarckian selection for a little while longer, let us see if the idea can shed light on the global affliction unleashed upon the world by the gitts known to us as The Watchers. For I’ll wager that these black feathered clowns are responsible for this anti human idea embodied in such things as monoheathenistic religiofakiry, fiat money, pursuit of gold, slavery, RCE/LC and of course the religiocriminal mercenaries that always heed the call of the money power such as such arses as the Jacobins, Frankfurt School, Marxists, Chicago School, Maoists, Tavistock Institute, SRI, Vienna School, iGREEN, COMINTERN, AGENDA21 and Zionists.

So does the idea have any traction and if so can we get some answers from the actual hyperdimensional properties of DNA mooted here… well I’ll leave that for the moment. All I’ll note is that most experimenters are delving into fish, grains, fruit flys etc. and keeping the Darwinian related propaganda about us being no better than beasts to the forefront. The secret work which they don’t want us to get wind of relates to the very special nature of mankind. Junk DNA my erse!

OK then two to rock your noodle.

A really big one, so just read this part in the first page

I love synchronouserendipty. Who are the Masters of Economics in deed?

Finally one I parked earlier before the multiple take downs here late 2011/early 2012.

Now you lot know that when anything Russian heaves into view I get all tingley. The only group of persons who could match the Germans in philosophy, temporal and spiritual. Everyone else since the 17th century has been retarded by a Reduced Instruction Set of permitted thought patterns and beliefs bounded by NOAHide.

Now I don’t pretend to have read ALL of the above yet, however the thing that attracts my attention is that a great many are realizing that what we are allowed to know is what allows so many “unknowns” to exist. Many are now tackling the big questions by discarding the conventional spoon fed gruel that sustains a degenerate academia and scientific main stream mediocre.

Plenty of reading above. So I will wrap this short outing up with a pointer as to where we are going.

Have you ever considered how difficult it would have been to have a sustainable Lamarckian selection process for the chosen of the human herd without the use of cities within which to hide the self selecting Lamarckian community and its religiocriminal society destroying activities? To understand the true purpose of the establishment of cities is to understand the purpose of the conventional academic dogma concerning the origins of farming and the discarding of wandering tribes. The sudden emergence of walled cities has nothing to do with defence, it is a Lamarckian breeding boundary. Once you get that you can understand the other big mysteries like the Cold War, Voyages of Discovery and occulted human reality better.

Anyway more bollox later.