Saturday 10 October 2009


Others have picked up on a distinct Brazilian glow recently what with the Olympics and the World Cup pitching up there one after the other. However long suffering readers of this stream of diffuse refuse will know I’ve been asking about what it is with South America in general?

There is a distinct Latin bent at the moment. It is as if their time is coming. They’ve been through the restructuring of their societies during the 1990s/Early 2000s that we now face.

The whole thing is looking splendidly new and it is all starting way down south. Chile and Argentina especially now look on the way up.

With that in mind have a read through this.

Cristina “Malvinera” Kirchner promises no respite in struggle for Falklands

Now by the time we are right in the midst of our version of this

Who’s going to protect the Falkland Islands?

Let’s see now. Our Typhoons down there have no cannon, who ordered that, and I’ll bet there are no spares and I wonder what the serviceability is like? The RN has been shedding ships and right now everything is being kept in port because we’ve no money.

By the time we’ve extricated ourselves from Afnamistan to the world’s ridicule Argentina will pitch up and take over.

UNLESS, and here is where my empty mind sucks in real politique. The EU El Presidente trundles down there with …oh let’s say….some Spanish EU diplomats and sorts it all out. There is no gun fire; the Falklanders/Malvenistas are rich beyond avarice and the new EU/Mercosur oil field in the South Atlantic/Antarctica Co prosperity Sphere come on stream.

Angela Merkel and the New Geheime Staatspolizei will give Imperator Antonius a great big gold plated bunker and a triumph up the Unter den Linden and through the The Brandenburg Gate

There then that’s that, San Carlos was worth it, Goose Green was worth it.

Will Helmand be worth it?

Will he get a great big kiss on the cheeks in Tiananmen Square when the ChiComms regain their Afghanistan?


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