Thursday 28 February 2019

On Kalibers 5̊

The upper limit of heaving stuff using chemical propellants from tube artillery is c2Km/s. Has been ever since gunpowder got bagged. Even such a simple fact leads to some well mental bits of metal mickey. High pressure pumps, barrels of 100 cals and of course Canuckgeezers getting Mosseded because bits of UKplcfashionedsteel were parked in the area where Talmudic terrorists were blowing up synagogues before they got Nobel peace prizes as Prime Ministers of Palestine in Tel Aviv.

Even if you go all James C Maxwell via a time mechanic from Habsburgaria you still get a designer failure when modern fools design bridges to know where that drop on those lawfully going about their business in Florida. DDG 1000 anyone? BTW has anyone noticed that at no point ever, anywhere, anytime has the modern faith based catechism stopped human traffickers, child slavers, sex criminals, hyper thieves and fake human beings from globalising perpery as a lifestyle choice?

Well to you and me, who haven’t imbibed at the halal KosherFC, Soylent Green bangers and  recycled human remains fast food franchises, this might seem a failure. However if we allow out sights to drift into wizard of ounces land we can frame their criminal reality as success.

Firstly one needs to satisfy oneself that this is not an isolated example of retarded development. Can we point to other examples of the state of the art in the ordinary person’s hands being more primitive than our knowledge?

Quite simple really. Everything that moves the current aggregated aggressive pinnacle of the human container’s development, UKplc, is or emerged from the conzentrationslagercomplex. Have you checked the education system, everyone from the dumps cannot think for themselves and most cannot read, write or count. The gulags look like psychosecurefacilities with their ever watching barbed word fences, CCTV and scanners. Even the kapos of the system, park their unloved quimdroppings in dead zone pressure pad surrounded compounds.

All the furniture used by the tattooed heroes here is made from workcamp saw mill chemically treated cast offs. Transport is being removed and no one will leave the Gattaca ward. All medical procedures are to be handed over to Arsehole Intelligence and hobobots. Food is simply industrial waste.

One could go on and on forever.

Right here, right now in the smoke we are being urged by the Baby Buggering Convenience not to use coins to park our cars because gangs are using hoovers to vacuum coins from the meters. OFM! Faith based morons have imported the vibrants to give the street furniture white good blow jobs. FFS!!!

Anyway as the inmates here stare up their fumingfannies using shiksaflashlights and skankmirrors or wonder where to shuv their drippingtumescent goybellends today, let us all rejoice, for the wandering travel passed organ donating, donner kebab herd have no mistaken idea about anything other than money as nihilism made fleshed.

Why does the sacrament of conception occur as far as possible from the brain?

Wednesday 27 February 2019

On Kalibers 1984̊ Repetition, ritual, ceremony and worship

If one were to huzzard a guess at things wot did happen that shouldnot have, things that didn’t happaen that should have and wot not that were designed for the future at any Talpiotippytoetime then we might have to coinside that the whole of the passed 75 years have been nothing more than a holding pattern with a shed load of duty free booze, Viagra and KY thrown at/into the passenger lists. That is real passenger lists BTW not 9/11 imagined passenger lists. BTW BTW if you consider any of the tephelone baloney and background chatter on that day then I would simply ask you to get into the mind of a shragemusik player over a beacon in 1943/44. Is what you hear real or Memorex dripping from hi-klass zeegerman madel in a Talmud tower transmission coming near Bletchley. If you can rig sudden metal fatigue into the towers then you can exhaust the airwaves with equivalent cartoon tunery.

From the perspective of current reality then the whole appearance of event flow, action and reality quanta are summing to zero as the shebang gets run down to nothing through ceremonial evisceration. If Schrödinger were to look at the shit house then nothing would happen because there is no dump point and there is no mo movement. How do you procollapse unenventfulness?

If we try to get back to what the place should have looked like around 1945 then it might help to list some of the things that are incongongruous when the gunfire and sniper finally died down in the MSM.

The European, with less bloodshed than required war lasted so much longer than planned that Latin American forces were deploying into theatre.

The Asian war stopped, so much earlier than planned, so much less bloody than ceremony needed, such that the drug lands were left unoccupied and all of them went native to such an extent that plangent had to be chucked upstairs whilst a decolonisation farce was enacted.

Can you imagine how upset the layer above Roth must have been?

What did they envision 1946 would look like in 1936? What business plans did they present to the planetary management layer just below extraspiritual?

We can say with certainty that UKplc was anticipated to remain a backward ignorant operational base where no one asked questions. Before kick off in Sep 1939 there was absolutely no mention of a Welfare State nor NHS in the frame for the UKabos. The plan was to police/incite through kinetic death rivals into destruction in other places thousands of mile away. The short range deep throats in the Luftwaffe were ideologically turned to the East. With the action so far away who cares about the condition of the homebase trolls. It could be said that similar conditions apply today after 80 years of getting the plan back on course. Only this time the plan doesn’t care if anyone of the UKabos actually survives, never mind if the scum can read, write or count.

1984 is, despite all the professional fictional critique, quite simply a fictional work within a fictional outcome.

Head up Angie, ChiComms coming your way soon.....

SNAFU!: Breaking! Heavy fighting between Indian and Pakis...: BREAKING: Unconfirmed reports of extremely heavy clashes between Indian and Pakistani troops on the border near Sialkot in Pakistan. — Co...

Tuesday 26 February 2019

Liu Shaoqi mutters utter nutter shit and says Yellow lives matter.....

1969: Liu Shaoqi dies under torture

November 12th, 2013 Headsman
At 6:45 a.m. on this date in 1969, the Chinese Marxist statesman and intellectual Liu Shaoqi passed away secretly in a room of the Kaifeng Municipal Revolutionary Committee building.
He had not been executed in the literal sense. But his death was the mere bodily consequence of an Orwellian civic annihilation: the onetime President of China, fallen to unperson. Like the Man in the Iron Mask, his identity was secret from his own guards (and later from the crematorium workers who disposed of the remains); his own children did not learn of his death until 1972.
A Communist revolutionary from student days in the early 1920s, Liu was among the first to publicly turn against Mao’s Great Leap Forward. In 1959 Liu succeeded Mao as President of the People’s Republic of China, and led the walkback from the Great Leap’s destructive stab at modernization.....

Let the public denunciations and deaths begin.

Care to show me some retardoMaoist/Alinskyshyt scholars.

Saturday 23 February 2019

On Kalibers 3̊ (3rd Battle of Kharkov)

Of all the bollox, and it was good bollox make no mistake, one got whilst getting a nedumivacation there was a stinkingschooner of arsebark about salmon fishing and catching shit in the rye. Mort Da sales manmerde and some Masonic poetry from Annan, though not too much in case it sparked off real nationalism. Not the SNP ersatz variety. Nor the running out of the cinema after watching Riggs covered in woad screaming about the englishbasturds. All one needed to do was point out the overall Gallic flavour of everything and then call out a Teage. Phukk me even the horsesoldiers at an auld firm match wouldn’t have been enough to calm the situation.

But that never happened, did it MSM? Calmly observing the pond life there was confirmation of a Dirac hand lifting random events from the sea on command. I mean which bit of moving Behan flavoured packages and assorted jaffas into and out of Clydeports without prouvables years after leapyear don’t you get?

As I was mentalling previously we had a fuckinh long sniping cannon on a fast moving chassis in 1940. Putting that into perspective we have to examine the cost involved delivering the Faberge curate’s.

The best hull, with the best running gear, with the best tank engine, with the best tank artillery.

It had no comms, shit ergonomics and crap optics.

So after storyboarding the Marx brothers and handing over all the resources of the Russian empire, going full old testament and killing everyone in sight, turning the survivors into a Noahide slave camp, getting handed stacks of cash from their Talmudic cash machine in New Yoik, having all the best technology gifted to them for free by US/UK corporate pirates and making all the Sovietisedproles work 24hrs a day…..the end result of the MorlockMolech paradise was death on a pale horse.

However if the death dealing horrorshowontracks was simply theirs to kill civilians made defenceless in their tens and tens of millions then it is a winning formula. What else do you expect from the diseased mind of Moshevile.

Forget all the current pipelines bollox, all the economickeymouse theory, all the money crap. All that commerce and trade. The only real thing that Quigley got semi right was to point out that trade is the unchanging semitic weapon system. The khaants could not care if they had thruppennyhapenny, a quintillion sponds in goldbelugarands or a fuckinzillion arsecoins on Pluto. They want it all and they want the rest of us to have NOTHING AND DEAD.

So let’s do a little fascist tippytoe here, DIckenisms are usually spot on. If you get the triethyl lead jackanory, see F R Banks’s auto biog for an offslant perspective on what Sutton and Mullins have to offer on that one, one will find yourself head scratching about all sorts of things. Like turbo machinery and shitfuels. As I mentioned on a previous outing the story of SS5 going Tuapse/Baku bound, even DeGrelle adds a little light on the peacetime German economy here, for the Royal Dutch shell companies and all the Ploesti fables that Satalin was supposed to have covertted in 1939, all are utter fabrications by oblivion fandango fabulists.

Friday 22 February 2019

On Kalibers 2̊ (In Memory of Epping Forest)

..and every other forest in western Europe where the New Yoik lists were and still are to grow.

In the doog old yadz the nudge units would take you out into a far away glade, where the birds do still sing, and make you dig a pit. Then you would line the pit with lime. Then you would sign a receipt for the bill of execution to be forwarded to your relatives. Then the head of the local nudge unit would shoot you through the base of your skull with a bullet paid for by New Yoik bankers.

I suppose that the whineggers of UKykplc will have no idea about all this stuff since their local nudge units are limited to pfhukking up the education given to persons, currently here, for the moment. I mean which bit of the jew run holiday camps don’t you get campers? Hi de hi, papers please!

Anyway talking about the Pontins kommbrigs gets me back to sniping at plates.

Many would consider that sifting through the still smouldering embers of stuff wot happened many decades ago is a waste of time. Well I suppose that spending your time in supplication here in UKplc, thousands of years ago you’d tramp up the temple stairs, these days you queue on a platform for a tribute train awaiting a Gladio op to go off around you, is nothing more than a complete waste of the universe’s effort to know itself. Which bit of NSA/GCHQ rating your silent farts like priests and commisarses is congenial to you? So GGTF! Know the past and the future will leap out at you. Only scalability gives disguise to the murder express.

Just before the Trotsky/Birobidzhan/Lendlease pipeline/ratline got established several things happened almost like a well oiled Hollywood script. Trotsky got offed. Stalin emptied the Trotskycamps east of the Urals and wheeled the corpses westwards. Hess dropped in near my old bog. UKplc and USSR invaded Iran. A T34 with a 73 cal 57mm got the thumbs up.

Now I get the idea of 10,000 BTs and other Christie based pieces of commiekit, paid for by New Yoik, running westward along the lovely roads of a bare naked Europe, machine gunning everyone to death, lobbing HE at churches, running refugees under their wheels, storming ahead of the OGPU death squads. You know the Talmudic einzatzgruppen? Talmudic privileged Chekists with the lists containing your granny and grandaddy’s names oh UKplc dweller, but for the life of me that T34 must reflect the orientallyban infected mentalist Satalin’s inability to comprehend the utter destitution of Europe after UKoriented genocidal counterfieting. Our murderous bit part player really could not believe that the New YoiUK funded 5th columnists in Europe really had made Europe a deadzone. This was confirmed by Churchill and his Swedish tennis partner during their European tour ten years earlier when they were looking for the non existent NAZItube artillery disguised as chimney. Once you learn to read the tealeaves at work al ist klaar.

Now I don’t know about you but when the EMF did their thing on Salisbury plain in c27-32, the USofAcorp keeping radio crystals to themselves, Tommy tankers didn’t need Zhukov et al out in Manchuria many years later to confirm the operational manoeuvre malarkey. Nor did they need Guderian and his comms net facilitating 3 man turret. All was figured out by 1930 by geezers drinking char and it just needed seeded in the fall guys.

Thursday 21 February 2019

Tuesday 19 February 2019

On Kalibers 1̊

In my quieter moments, swilling a good Barolo or nursing a belting Talisker say, I dwell on the sabot round. Not because I have any wish to carry out the musing that follow such cogitation but simply to let the noggin wander.

I also from time to time have a good hard stare at the main belt armour on a G3. Now call me old fashioned, I do get the ranging and ballistics, but sloped? Now experience does count. So I assume that the DNC must have had a load of facts about what happened when a few tonnes of the Kaiser’s best high velocity started penetrating Vickers armoured plates.

When pulling on a Bow or an  80/- I might also have a stew on the weirdness of shot hitting hardened surface. The thicker does not necessarily confer better protection from the full smorgasbord of incoming. Geometry is a bitch. Just like stoichiometry in tall burning buildings.

What I am saying here is that when the great big clearing of scum kicked off in Europe the chaps in the RN must have been fully up to speed on the proper properties of an armoured vehicle’s skinning by 1917.

The fact that RMASG were tooling around in Krupp cemented demented cabriolets tells us a great deal about 1945 that no amount of bitched historians will ever dare breath upon.

In my darker Darjeeling sippings the scone muses on Michael Bentine. Or more precisely the dissonance between preening Zeegerman bints on special payscales and rations in big secret country Nissen huts and chaps with huge moustaches on fire screaming through the jazz musik.

So what has all this got to do with the price of overpriced everything on Treasure Island then? I hear you sigh.

Humour me.

Mackinder. He’s like Rhodes. Like Wells. Thatcher and Brown. The rothbosses must have been pissing themselves all during the careening careers of these heroes. And watch they did. Whilst the scum die off after 35-40 years and never got to create a long range perspective from memory, the longlife UHT brigade know the trajectory of weeds.

Let me tease you with longrange planning. Could you fill in blanks between Marco Polo(what’s your real handle china?) and Marx(what’s your real handle china?). Could you attempt to go back from spaghettis boy to Caligula?

What about tracing the breeding mares back to a stable in Memphis? Or a corral in Harran?

Do you have any idea what their common purpose is?

Tuesday 12 February 2019

Monday 11 February 2019

When I grow up I want to be a pale imitation of my heroes.....

War Games - 1965 from John Haines on Vimeo.

......because I am one generation too late to drag the scum on the lists off into Rendelsham for good lime filled pitting and one generation too early to bring the STASI Zbigniew paradise into fruition Phoenixprogammestylee,

I will have to be content to hide in the Boybitch Bitchboy Club and groom the next generation of ZOMOids Savilestylee.

Have you ever wondered what the whole arc of UK history has really been for this passed 200 years? Do you really, really believe that M'arse, Rhodes and Milner actually considered the passage of time in a bifurcating Gaussian distribution was going to lead to anything other than failure of their precious dabblings, dribbling and daubings on the canvas of history?

If Homer Lea can get it so right and yet no one hears about it, Kalergi gets it so wrong and all you hear is supremacist third way then WTF do you think the actual desired outcome is to be?

If you spend all the run time given to you fulfilling the diurinal filling junk food of cultured toxins then you might as well dig your own lime filled pit, shoot yourself several times in the base of your skull and post the bill to your extended time burning relies post mortem.

The only thing that UK had going for it was that as cryptoBlokfuerers we were shit at it. Things are now so very different.

ZOMO v's whiggers of colour

Friday 8 February 2019

50 up, sorted.

50 years before this flight 99% of the planet was barefoot. 50 years from now the club of Rome/Agenda 20bollox crowd intend having us all unshod again.

Well I have news for the creepzoids, throwing nutcases though turbine stages has a cleansing effect.

Saturday 2 February 2019

The Purge of the Children, this time NYCstyleeee…..

New York Shitty cultist compound freekshow....

“‘The Littlest Enemies’: Children of the Stalinist Era
By Victoria Bird.

The Stalinist era was characterized by extensive terror and repression, with large numbers of the Soviet population living in fear of the ‘knock on the door’ that could signify arrest, exile, imprisonment or execution. This climate of fear even extended to young children, many of whom were terrified of the day when their parents would ‘disappear’. Children who lost their parents as a result of Stalin’s Terror were affected in a number of different ways. Some were interned in Gulag camps along with their parents; some were deported to live in exile in remote regions with their families and some were forced into Soviet orphanages. Those who were left behind were stigmatised and ostracised, often even by other family members who feared punishment if they were seen to be helping the child of an ‘enemy of the people’, so were left to fend for themselves on the city streets. Whatever their ultimate fate, these children all found themselves marginalised, persecuted, rejected and forgotten by mainstream society. Instead their lives became dominated by a daily battle for survival, a battle that sadly many did not win.

‘Thank You, Dear Comrade Stalin for a Happy Childhood!’………..

………..Stalinist propaganda worked very hard to present childhood as a happy and positive time. Children were presented as the loyal socialists of the future, and Stalin was portrayed as the ‘little father’ raising the next generation of new Soviet men and women. Posters showing children praising Stalin were put up everywhere, often including the caption ‘Thank You, Dear Comrade Stalin, for a Happy Childhood’, while communist youth groups such as the Young Pioneers (for children aged 9-14) and the Komsomol (ages 14-18) were set up to provide children with a range of extra-curricular activities including parades, theatre outings, sporting events and summer camps which many would otherwise not have had access to…..

……In 1935 the introduction of Article 12 of the Criminal Code also permitted children from the age of twelve to be sentenced as adults and interned in the Gulags. This law was used to round up the children of those who had earlier been arrested for political crimes based on the belief that ‘an apple never falls far from the tree’.[5] Many street children, the waifs and strays, commonly known as Bezprizorni also committed crimes (most commonly theft) and many were sent to the camps as punishment, where they found themselves living in bare, dirty cells in a brutal world where they mixed with older, more dangerous criminals. Oleg Khlevniuk described how many older criminals treated these youngsters brutally, often using them for sexual favours or forcing them into prostitution.[6]

The City of the Universal Barren MindMingVirus, I love a good TLA, like KGB, GPU, FBI, CIA, IMF.

The MMV is alive and well in the New York City Gulag.

Go and search for any murderer of the helpless in....©®™. 

Call Me now free of charge and your soul...

Eternal misery guaranteed (10Sigma contract to the Almighty.)


Friday 1 February 2019

Psychotic Cwimmique Masturbance

Morgoth's Review: Why Did Journalists Become So Hated?: In my new video I take at look the phenomenon of hating journalists. Have we always held journalists in such low regard that we cheer wit...

Over half a century of fanny staring and even now it hasn’t dawned that getting phukked over the altar by your alter not knowing you are a temple whore is a signature of phukkwittery denial in the midst of 5th  column filth and socially justified sqaulor.

After six gazzillion googleplexes of words scribbling nothing has been written of meaningful intercourse. The silent scream of their gastaltdisability and actionable inability deafens the world.

Even if you shone a billion candlepower searchlight up their sacredchuffs you will find nothing but duckfart echoes. Barmey barren empty vessels letting the swollen mastitic teat of free talmudvouchers phukk them in the ass over and over and over again as is their right.

Forget coding yaahkhaants, go dig up some tubers you over pampered rets.