Thursday 30 April 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 8.

What is it about gold that is so special? I have noted on many occasions out here that there is a likely hidden reason behind the universal value assigned to gold, perhaps spiritual. Certainly your correspondent is more than aware of the special behaviouristic of certain metals when human existence is considered. Potassium, Iron and of course Gelt. Just as the truly useful crystals need seeding with metallic ions to give them true value, the purest diamond is worth nothing. As far as monetary value is concerned the only “value” in gold is in logistics and fable. When considering the materials to be used in their reconstruction of unified command gold can only be of value when considered in the longevity of logistics. I.e. it is the only material that could sensibly be used over the millennia that would be needed to reconstruct the lost system. If you get the fable part of the system correct, i.e. commerce, then turd could be used in logistics since it is only the fable that can transfer value to the material. However turds are easily forged, too common and crucially have a very limited commercial part life. The material of choice needed a commercial part life massively longer than even the most pessimistic projections of system restore. An example of dither in the fable is the value differential of silver and gold between east and west. An artificial fable used to induce commerce. When it comes to the point of full system restart the gold will be just as valueless in commerce as any other false god. It will have performed its function. Game over.

Real value, real wealth can only come out of the human imagination. That most dangerous and fragile of commodities. One thing it shares with gold is an infinite commercial part life. In fact they are both entangled in time. One can never destroy the invention that overwhelms the fable.

In 1944, R V Jones tools into London to find that, before dissection, a V-primitive has taken out an IR searchlight liberated by the tardy Army in Normandy. A top secret, Area 51-WW2stylee gegen device, which had been shipped over from the deliberately stalled front line, and delivered for his examination.

Now this is the kind of probability matrix that really takes one into Jung and non trivial remote influencing. How does a top secret ballistic meet a top secret emitter as a top secret scientist within the most watched secret city on Earth is going to secretly examine it? Oohh woo woo. I love the old expression that 9 out of 10, million to one chances, come off.

Other things about the V2 intrigue.

Unlike the SOE and UK commando raids, the real betrayal work was carried out in expensive restaurants in Switzerland by Dulles without a shot from the Pharmacy, onto the Iron Coast, the real boys own, affecting the outcome of the war, decisive for victory, heroic deeds lie far away from any Fleming/MacLean/Forsyth type fiction like “Where Eagles Guns of Telemark Dare at Navarone” didn’t happen, ever.

The Soviet equivalents of ALSOS teams, and Gladio, were working hard to ID the secrets and get their hands on them. Which fucked wit in the SS decided to put the V2 trials/training units into Blizna, love that name, talk about synchronicity? It is a bit like putting your SDI work at Saray Shagan FFS! Or having a shit load of time servers running out of Singapore.

Anyway lets us stay back in the 1940s and work backwards in time.

All of the meaningful tech sites and a great deal of the humanware, unlike von Braun most did not have Kempeitai or SS handlers safeguarding their pick for Hollywood hadrons. Indeed the Imperial storm troopers really were left out of the loop by the looks of things as their leader got the chop, and silenced, after the Princes of the apocalypse dragged him into the gold malarkey.

From Rügen to Matua the Soviet ALSOS teams got the lot. Now don’t be giving me all the bollox about hard fighting and difficulties of launching an invasion onto the beach at Cannes. In a war of manoeuvre the enemy had no fuel, ever. So, forgetting Rock blackmail over the fuel supply to US/UK forces for a minute, there is if I am not mistaken, the mark of an over arching mission to be completed by the Murder Army, the only one situated to do so, a mission assigned before 1940. Churchill took US forces into the Med for a time wasting action whilst it looked a bit ticklish for Stalin in 1942/43. Also in 1942/43 the tech was not ready for pick up.

So let us list what functioning technology the Murder Army picked up in 1945. I.e. what the British, who after all started the whole high velocity delivery from the Bahamian Pharmacy in the first place, did NOT get.

They got everything to do with Uranium/Plutonium/Mercury.
They got everything to do with Thorium/Space
They got everything to do with Biological warfare
They got everything to do with Time reversal

Ouch thinks you that is a pretty little bundle and did they really get it ALL? And the British NOTHING?

Well all of that was under outsourced/offshored and dual use plausible Rovian deniability, corporate contract to USofA corp. based creepzoids of the Ba’al Hammon baby burners in RCE/NY through their money creators and exchangers in BIS. Some did escape, sort of.

What that means is that all the women who had their wombs removed, vivisection stylee, all the poor slobs that had their brains exposed in decompression tanks, vivisection stylee, hyperbaric, hypothermic, amputation by freezing, all the guys and gals slaved to death in constricting tunnels and underground bases, Halliburton US prison complex stylee, all the sarin and plague victims, vivisectionstylee, human experimentation styleee, all those millions were on contract to New York and London since 1919.

And then the whole crime scene was hermetically sealed escrotstylee for decades in the Comic Strip called a Cold War.

The MAD was simply a subsection of the SIOP hyperbarbarity of mission commerce.

Now I know we are going to go further back in time as this bollox progresses but just to prove that this is an ongoing programme here is one of my favourite US defence secretaries in action

“Important recent Soviet activities in strategic defenses include:
- Upgrading and expansion of the world's only operational Anti-Ballistic Missile(ABM) system around Moscow;
- Construction of the Krasnoyarsk ballistic missile detection and tracking radar that violates the 1972 ABM Treaty;
- Extensive research into advanced technologies for defense against ballistic missiles including laser weapons, particle beam weapons, and kinetic energy weapons;
- Maintenance of the world's only operational antisatellite (ASAT) system;
- Modernization of their strategic air defense forces; and
- Improvements in their passive defenses by maintaining deep bunkers and blast shelters for key personnel, and enhancing the survivability of some offensive systems through mobility and hardening.
The following pages examine in detail Soviet programs in defenses against ballistic missiles, air defense, and passive defense. A summary of key Soviet offensive force developments is presented in the annex to this document, since those are critical to an understanding of the impact of Soviet strategic defense programs. Soviet offensive forces are designed to be able to limit severely U.S. and allied capability to retaliate against attack. Soviet defensive systems in turn are designed to prevent those retaliatory forces which did survive an attack from destroying Soviet targets. “

Now that is all early 1940s technology/concepts Caspar is going on about and as we all know the “enemy” was taken down by Ba’al Hammon’s agents in New York/RCE and their placemen/women in the Moscow Circus.

It is to these similar agents in Berlin 1940-45 that we can look for a repeatable pattern all the way back to Jericho.

However before that I’m going to have more fun talking about Vampire lighting and high velocity Pharmacy for the next few outings.

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 7.

1945, 6 SS PzArmee was tanking on empty tanks west of Buda and Pest. And the New York financed death by rape and murder army, which by a trick of the mind had suddenly been declared a Red Army of liberation after 22 June 1941, was given a heads up to look for IR equipment installed on the Wehrmacht armour nearby.

Two things to note there. 1. In a war of manoeuvre the Wermacht were always short of fuel to move from 1939 to 1945. Imagine what would have happened otherwise. They might have gassed everyone with discriminatory carbon monoxide poisoning delivered by Mengele’s Ice Cream vans of paradise delayed. 2. The Murder Army was simply as described. A Murder Army; so how it could have liberated anything like a concentration camp should concentrate one’s attention. If is wasn’t a murder army how come there are no survivors to tell the tale other than 2nd rate support actors.

BTW this is the same 6 SS PzArmee that walked past a massive fuel dump in the Ardennes. Oh yeah. Does one detect a disconnect here between Heer and Waffen SS? Does one detect a reason for killing off the “illegal” organisation? I don’t know about you but the geezers delivering high velocity depleted uranium seemed to have no time for killing jews since they were constantly expending ammunition against the Murder Army and CHEKA/STAVKA international RED criminal fraternity leadership. Try holding the line and wandering out for a quiet sonderkommando und einstazgruppen day trip. Only jew run CHEKA death squads had that luxury. Go ask the Crimean Tartars.

Another little relationship to add to the lexicon here is;


Always skulking behind the lines ready to shoot their peasants for lack of moral fibre or living it up with fine wines and talking bollox. Read Winter’s “Death’s Men” to fully grab that one and then think of Arnhem. Tsk tsk.

Now I don’t know about you but IR is one of those hi tech things that goes along with robot, Czech, single stage to orbit, Austrian, electronic computers, German, code breakers, Poles and time reversed phase conjugate mirrors as a sign of modernity. It is a bit like Le Corbusier, a sign post that was turned the wrong way round or removed to confuse the masses about what really did or did not indicate the route followed. Just like Schacht’s son in law was supposed to have arranged around Malmedy. Whilst we were farting around lighting up the sky with airborne limelight the square heads were watching for exhaust signatures in their boxes.

I remember, 40 years ago now, gleaning everything could about spanner anlage and scratching my bonce about why the Soviets had heavy reliance on IR in the PVO STRANY, with rigid GCI, and yet the US seemed to be semi look warm about the whole concept and instead concentrated on irradiating the whole planet from altitude. Well years later of course alles klar. The SOVIETS must have been assigned the IR work from the krauts in 1944 by Bormann. It is another one of those fables that no one wanted to go eastwards “Paperklipstylee”. My Erse! Von Ardenne did.

It must have really pissed off the clowns here, , I don’t know if Horace is there or his mates Montagu and Benjamin but we can be sure of one thing; these front named names, which are stage names, are simply sign posts, imprimaturs, of the secret directors at work. They must have been right royally hauled over the coals around Jan 1941 to explain to their masters how they fucked up so badly.

We must not forget the golden rule. If one knows about something “secret” by reading about it in the media then it is no longer functioning as such. Kind of like the Bilderbergers. Mission accomplished there by 1957. Did Big Jim or Jones rollup with the camera and the weapons grade foghorns to blast the attendees in 1955? Of course not. The whole thing was protected by The Pharmacy. Can you seriously imagine the clown that runs WHSmith, Condeleeza Rice and Gordon Brown being entrusted with anything other than stage arrangement or makeup these days? Oh hoho, stop it!

Real secrets, real things that are still given Pharmacy Prophylaxis are never read about here. No one will get within sonic camera range and be allowed to publish a book about it all. The careful panderer of the Phorensis will however pull seemingly unrelated threads from the diaspora and weave a more logical tapestry of history. Always at a distance though.

At sufficient distance, simply as a result of physical distance, we can see that there is a massive secret hidden with the giant owl worshippers, in the mid 19th century, associated with Sonora Aero Club and Gnosticism.

So Sepp and the lads are facing USofA corp. produced DB3s and Shermans around the lakes and canals. Whilst the products of USofA corp. financed tank factories and mass production technology, T34s and JS2s, are soon to be rolling into Seelow. How come? How come the UN furnished the murdering Army with so much from USofA corp? I know you are going to tell me that the UN didn’t turn up until much later but do me a lemon. Grow up.

In UKplc in early 45 the cabinet, still lying to its London population about what is dropping at multiple Mach No onto their defenceless heads, is shitting itself about what one of the buggers might do if the Germans followed the UK’s policy of using terror weapons en masse against civil centres and still watching and waiting for something to emerge from the SS railway tunnels to destroy their badly armed militias. Ever wondered what the great danger was from the viaduct in a fuel starved nation?

As I said earlier, previous behaviour is a sure indicator of future conduct. How many people has the UN sponsored to death since then?

UK governments do nothing but lie to their population and care nothing further.

Anyway I think we can glean a little of the work of the dither here. The only hi tech society on earth around 1939 was to be removed from history and replaced by the epicurean murderers of degeneracy.

To you and me living in the so called advanced societies of the west there has never been anything other than wine and plenty here in the rickets, scabies and stunted paradise of Admiralty. Well that is what the murder scribes always tell us and show us on their magic telly open sewer at a distance.


Monday 27 April 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 6.

Just watch the pivot to the East, or West, depending on where you are. The pivot has been planned for over 100 years now, long before the firebase was established on the Gaza shores.

One of the tell tales, the spoor as it were; of long term planning is the import of bodies into the Command and Control, C4I, religious belief centre surrounding RCE/LC. For it is no mistake that unless you believe you get no job. It is no mistake that RCE/LC’s population is expanding again today. Gladstone’s experimental zoo is training its next round of dead messiahs for forced narco export to the objecting the world.

Scalability is all here, and when London expands the death count of the carnage globally, increases. USofA corp. will be engaged in an integrationist enterprise North/South. I should imagine that in 100 years time legendary tales will be told of how USofA corp. once copestoned the world as a colossus. Anyway if the pattern repeats and I admit I am more and more attracted back towards studying classical civilisations again, we should be in for a truly global famine. Recent, 2-3000years, history repeats because it is engineered, repeats with a signature, we can expect a new religion spectrum to be cast for use in 2-300 years after everyone has been hauled into the amphitheatre of death.

So back to RCE/LC in 1945. Whilst the virus racist hostel was concocting another death brew of new humans in its open Petri prison, across La Manche, the high velocity birth controllers were hard at corporate business planning by other means. Is it not stunningly interesting that the only way that all the business theory bollox, like 6Sigma, Porter’s, Hand, hierarchy of needs and assorted fellow travellers of nuttier Môn sluicing crap, only ever makes sense once war is viewed as a business plan? MBA is a military rank, just as COMBRIG used to be. Things like the mantra of “previous behaviour being the strongest indicator of likely future behaviour”, predetermination to you and me of a theological bent, is declared as utter shite when examining certain national traits. BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

For example let us look at the murder state in RCE/TA. As of 2015 we know that these homicidal killer clowns like using smart weapons to blow civilians out of their shape memory Silentnight on a regular basis. 6 inch artillery to take out a kindergarten. Homing weapons to destroy homes.  Sound weapons to deafen the cheeldrens. What makes us think that they will not continue to scale up their activities? They carried out the same terror in 1947-8.  They were in bed with their hated Nazis in the 1930s to do the same. They were running the Gulags in the USSR from 1917. They took out the Armenians in 1915. What makes you think that the Samson option needed ICBMs oh muppets of the truth?

Talking of 1915 everyone forgets that the whole point of the actions of the Jewish led einsatzgruppen disguised as Young Turks was coordinated with the Gallipoli designer fiasco.

I wonder in the ANZACS have forgotten that they were betrayed by the Zombie nation steered out of RCE/LC. Betrayed in 1915. 1940. 1970. See what I mean about past behaviour. Betrayed in 1998. Betrayed in 2014.

As I said in the last outing Stalin was one of the hired dither players who crashed the plan in 1940. We can see the ongoing nature of that plan pre-Stalin at Gallipoli in 1915. In 1945 with the stunning and unusual movement of UK armies rapidly in to Schleswig-Holstein we can see more echoes in Europe of the grand strategic game which continues to this day.

Why does no one care that CHICOMM slaver warships ply the Med and yet there is the greatest clamour when Russian warships are sailing the same waters? Slav creep, centuries old fear of Slav creep. Specifically a great fear of Christendom turfing the Satan worshippers out of their millennia old paddling pool, the Med.

So the designer failure of Gallipoli is simples. Bottle up the Russians. The Turk is not the enemy. Indeed Turkey will be flank guard in the business plan future. Armenian genocide is aimed at destroying potential internal support for any German/Russian tactical success.

To this day one will see that business plan in operation when the SKYBigMuppetBBC spouting heads are ignored and a good hard stare is taken at the map. All this crap about Christians dying in the ME today that has suddenly raised its head in the MSM recently is a sure indication that it is too late to do anything about it. After centuries of discrimination in genocide they are now sub critical mass and the degenerate market based Talmudists inhabiting the shopping isles at wailingWalphart are too stupid to know what life is to care, whilst on corporatist welfare.

Well I got off topic there, so we’ll try and concentrate on RCE/LC crapping itself senseless as it tried to balance all the contradictions of fiction as fact back in 1945, on our next outing.

Thursday 23 April 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 5.

Image: Christer Strömholm

OK let’s go back 70 years then, then 71 years and then 72 years.

It is school examination time in the UKplc at the moment. The amount of study going on is mind bending and good luck to those who toil hard in the spirit of knowledge and learning.  However the amount of cult indoctrination is truly astounding. I speak as one who, as part of his public examination technique, would do a search and locate on past papers. The further back the better and I remember heaving a sigh of relieve when wandering through some 1960s set exam papers that I was not going to face THOSE. Man I would actually have had to get down to do some real work.

History exams these days are a hoot. I mean you can actually make it up and pass with flying colours.

Like many out here one can safely discard all given history without damage to one’s understanding of what really happened, although as a forensic storyteller one will be alone in one’s rational view of events. It is safe to say that after encountering the tales of others who have sought ”official archive” information only to find it either, verboten, missing, falsified, forged, half-forged, half-falsified, half missing or just plain disappeared for 50,70,100 years or forever. Whether truth or lie doesn’t matter. Or actually supposedly burned, torched, shredded or destroyed by zombie parchment terminator ants of the apocalypse, one can safely say bollox to the lot of “official” or “academic”, especially the hearsay of any clown that survived something that didn’t happen and then gets Hollywood to write scripts about fiction as fact in fiction.

As I said before…”Why am I being made aware of the myth behind the false history now?”

Why am I being told that the Russians are the most evil sons of bitches on the planet by the SKYBBC-PRAVDA? Haven’t they read the Rosin affidavit? Don’t’ the spastic puppeteers know that in an age where more and more people simply ignore anything “official” or “approved”, I for instance refuse to buy, watch, see, listen to, read anything that inadvertently intrudes via advertising or placement, so all those expensive adverts that bug my ausphart viewing simply destroy another purchase from me. The under lying Talmudic message of these sales/advertising pitches is “How dare you refuse us”. The same mind revealed itself in the USSR, refuse us and get killed. Who do these clowns think they are? I do not need to be informed about any of the shit being pimped and pushed by corporates that stole everything they ever sell into rigged markets.

In UKplc there is a good old example now ignored by the so called consumers of their own existence. All products are being reduced in size to hide inflation. In the old days purveyors would get their heads kicked in if they tried that. If one were to cast one’s eyes over an advert for good old UKplc bakers and their “ooooh wasn’t it better in the good old days” harking back to the time when they shovelled sawdust, sand, shit and other good things into their bread, a baker’s dozen was protection from getting lynched by their customers.

Today a TesSainAsdMor 250g means 200g. No one cares.

So why do the creepzoids in charge want us all to suddenly realise that the Russians are bastards. Ignoring the reality that it was the Talmudic Soviets spouting rabbi Marx’s rubbish, acting for the Rock/Roth Monoheathenists, and not Russians that killed all the Russians.

I mean if it is too early yet to make it public knowledge that the jew Rothschilds were behind the Irish Holocaust( Potato famine fiction) then how can they possibly let us know that the jew Rothschilds were behind the genocide of Russia?

Well of course there will be a fiction constructed to make sure the period 1905-1945 is not mentioned, hence the current Hollywood bollox about Kinder 44 set in the 1950s. Oooooh bad Russians.

This is a prime example of the “Dither” at work. This disguises under a heap of aktuality et verité, the simple plan hatched 200 years ago to deal with two problems faced by the Levant centric world rulers operating out of UKplc.

Kill the Slavs, their numbers will be overwhelming.

Kill the Teutons because of their previous traitorous history and their future technical might and economic power will be overwhelming.

That means simply turning Europe afire from one end to the other.

The coming decades are simply the end game of that process. All European countries (EU) are now Levant centric leaving Russia to be pincer moved from NATO and the Caliphate.

A little example of this underlying simple plan is the case of Turkey which has remained untouched by this slaughter of Europe, waiting in the wings to be activated. As such I would postulate that the original plan hatched around 1940 was for a nuclear armed RCE/Tel Aviv blackmailing Europe by 1944 flank guarded by Turkey.

Two dither players ruined the plan. Stalin and USofA corp. Indeed there is evidence to suggest that it had completely got out of control by 1943.

By 1945 the shattered plan needed rescheduling and rescaling by the YEWs..

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 4.

So what or which of the troubling exceptions am I reporting upon today? Where upon my own private topology am I stood? Why are we on the far right/left of the Gaussian distribution today? What glaring omission in my populated Bose/Einstein troubles the completed albedo of my one sheet of A4?

Well tank design for one.

Oh….. and the whole Mercury/Gold/Uranium axis.

Anyway what is it with the agricultural tractors that bugs me?

Salisbury Plain and Khalkhyn Gol  that’s what. Despite the usual bollox about German Panzer armies and Guderian we have to scratch our heads about the deliberate dullardy displayed by the British and Soviets when it came to tank use during what was supposed to be the first real mechanised war in history.

Put mildly the Germans were Johnny come late lies to the theory and practice.

A full 10 years before the Blitzkrieg , again the realisation that being encircled is merely a psychological condition as per Orthodoxy/KGB mentioned last outing, UKplc had it all sorted. 3 man turrets, radio net, USofA and radio crystal rationing note here, and the rest is history.

Now what did the USSR bring to the party? Massive production capacity, USofA corp. lavish financing/technology hand over, note here.

What did the UKplc lack? Productive capacity. What did the USSR lack? Radio net. The UKplc essentially left the tank business ever since 1930 and the USSR is now firmly associated with Shock/Guards tank armies or Operational Manoeuvre Groups as they became after 1945 when the Red Murder Army rolled into Manchuria again to display the only ever display of a fully fledged combined arms strategic use of fully mechanised operations. Ever.

So what were tanks really for in the 1930s? No army ever used them or could use them as weapons against armies other than the Germans after 1940. The Soviets used them as a weapon against armies and then went all Zhukovamnaesiac on us. What were the banksters tooling up the Red Murder Army for? Well….. Murder of course.

Murder of non combatants. Civilian murder. Of course this would not be a “war crime” since the banksters do not recognise anything as criminal other than opposition to them.

We will come back to this later, so let us have a quick swaatch at the metals now.

Whenever one reads about the goings on of ALSOS teams, free agent tech teams (SAS/Royal Marines/SBS comes to mind here), SOE, OSS and their Soviet equivalents, there is always confusion over what was real and what was legend and what was made up.

Do you think that all the books/literature published as fact/fiction/faction/fict/hallucincantation since 1945 were published with any other objective than to hide the actual motivations, changing allegiances and actual events in an avalanche of verbiage? An overwhelming tsunami of speculation, halfunthruth and semi-lie, outright fabrication dressed as might be true and utter drivel for the incredulous gullible.

So bearing in mind what I remarked about the thickness of Hollywood physicists we come to the next bankster financed murder weapon.

Whenever one reads about the high adventures to be had tracking down hidden gold after WW2 or the secret dedicated teams attempting to thwart the eviloid Germans and their plots to nuke everyone to kingdom come the following little relationship should be used to illuminate the real story line.


We will elaborate a little further, in fact extensively, on that little one liner later. Suffice to say that the true relationship between science and the bomb is once again through chemistry. Just as one does not store/transport Sodium in water. One does not store/transport Phosphorous in air. One does not store/transport Uranium in Lead.

With that in mind I just want to summaries the bollox to come out here in future function.

Tanks were to be used by the Soviets, on behalf of the banksters, to allow the massacre of tens of millions of civilians. Those civilians being our grand parents oh European muppets. Tanks were used by the Germans to attack other armies.

A-Bombs were to be used on behalf of banksters to carry out the work of tanks and executioners in one combined system. Murdering hundreds of millions of civilians. The Germans never used them against civilians and neither did the Japanese.

The questions to be asked are; who was the ultimate corporate to whom/which all the contracts lead and how were they to get their exclusive hands on the bomb solely?

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 3.

Talmudism is a life style choice. After all who could be bothered with the shit if there was no money in it? Just like sun worship there is various levels, all generating cash flow. One can be operationally, tactically, strategically, day2day, ignorantly, false or alternately gay depending on the way the fiat wind is blowing. Don’t yer love the human condition, so predictable when ruled by token?

Now don’t be getting all expectorant on me if you choose to read further. You are warned that everything out here is forensic story telling at a distance, Telebollox. Time, light and elapsed history do not exist out here. We are or are not outwith the unbounded limits of the empty set.

So this is the kind of milieu within which actual, real, flesh and blood people do have to make judgements and act. This is decision maker reality constructed by the spell binders. So if one is Putin, the scion of a Directorate that was, by his time, an Orthodox stronghold. Wouldn’t the bitchboy Stalin and the mass murderer Beira have hated that? Wouldn’t the godless jew turdmudists of the CHEKA, OGPU, STAVKA, NKVD and assorted GULAG genocide camps have choked on their expensive caviar and champagne in their Swiss slaveknocker chalets on knowing that? The more that the Orthodox Church was infiltrated the more so the Môn heathen KGB. Further evidence, if needed, of what a bunch of retards these murdering goons are and were. Stalin the great strategist!!! My erse!! Base moi!! Stalin and charabanc, fellow travellers bitchboys and boybitches of the turdmoosic panje wagon. By the time that the plug was pulled on the USSR in the 1980s it must have been obvious to the eviloids that created the monoheathenstate USSR, the Rothschild satanic jews and their creepzoid henchmen in RCE/NY, that the USSR might just turn into as vast an existential threat that they had feared Russia would become over 150 years previously when operating out of RCE/LC.

However if like Putin one is going to be facing the blackmail from yahweh's stoolmensch, one has to tread carefully.  One will be threatened with a mass propaganda effort to paint Russians as massive genocidal war criminals if secrets are released about what really happened and was planned to happen in the 1930s/1940s.

Of course the black propaganda will be released against Russia because, unlike Germany, the work there is not finished. However it is too soon yet to make it widely known that the talmerdists established within the Russian territory a Soviet murder state with a simple view to export turdmusicmurder throughout the world. Though the real near term objective back then was the removal and genocide of Europe.

Once sufficient people have been imported into Europe not to give a fuck about its history then the information can be released to an uncaring population.

A little vignette of this kind of process can be gleaned in Jockland where the bitchboys and boybitches who clamour for approval to “lead” their people cannot give a flying one that they are dealing with the same people who genocided their countrymen after 1745. True Scots persons would put a claymore through the skull of any the moneybitches and fiateunuchs that cross their paths or frag the fuck out of any so called debtparliament  eyesore designed by a retarded shape lifter and shirt shaper. 

Do you think, Jockland, that any of the khan clan will give a flyingfuck about you whilst shooting game on their extensive Highland estates with you imprisoned in your ex-council concentration camps? Scots wha hay what?

Just like London oh Mididle Saxons. Do you UKIPers seriously think that a London centric imported diaspora polity will give a flying scat off a shovel if everywhere else in UKland is locked down? Well duh, they didn’t during 1939-45 as they all swanned around Lisbon and all points overseas where the lights were on 24/7  and the wine and song never stopped. All the while the natives were banged up 24/7 in bomber factories or wandering the coast armed with sticks and pitch forks on Homeguard or ARP patrol!! FFS.

Again one doesn’t have to be too incurious to raise an eyebrow when the names Ryoichi Naito or Ishii Shiro are brought to mind. Nice comfy futon and lots of sake after the gunfire and sniper were finished. As with Dornberger and von Braun, the contracts were honoured. MetaCorporate cover managed from BIS; which brings one to another funny money fabricated fairy story. A shattered Grimm awaiting reconstruction. A last faint glimmer of the Soviet potential destroyed by Germany in 1941 was displayed when the androgynfemandroids in RCE/NY used the USSR to hermetically seal the corporate crime scene they engineered. Using the USA to provide the manoeuvre, all secret like, YEAH!!!!

All the outsourced corporate, under contract, installations of human degradation run for the benefit of the RCE/NY and RCE/LC AND the as yet unformed RCE/TA fire base and terror commando, were put under seal of the Red Murder Army in 1945. Just to make sure it was all kept under wraps Churchill called down the curtain on cue.

As I said don’t be getting all expectorant. If the Protocols were not formalised around 3000BC I would be a very disappointed yahweh. So the ones coming out of 19th century Russia are indeed forgeries.


Monday 20 April 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 2.

Why should I need to be made aware now of how dangerous the crowd is?

Anyway since cyberpunk has been completely atomised and shattered by British dwarf creatives and served up in a regal soupcon of hyper viscous merde. UKplc, lover of its steam punk, should more accurately be described as a piratical steam driven banana kingdom dyspeptic. An ignorant serfdom republic in decline towards dark fallen megalithic.

So in a blackened arbeit sceptic isle, macht rationed of basics, an unfree plotter’s enclave forever seeking to steal the luxury of others, one is not supposed to notice what is happening outside the camp’s barbed wire, guard dogs, electric fences and searchlights. One is not supposed to notice that the Roth firebase at Tel Aviv is behaving like a good sonderkommando und einsatzgruppe proxy kapo led psychopathic and psychotic Turing fail. Why?

I mean right at this moment the brain dead zombiecreepzoids that occupy the UK media, parliament and prison as profit agencies are soiling their frillies that London has bred some international war criminals, again. Why? Why now? What do you think London is for but to send home grown terrorists into the middle east? That is what London did in the 1940s.

Why no clamour in 1945 when the logistics for nakba were plotted? Why not in 1915? Why not in the mid 19th century? Whenever there is a clamp down under war conditions in UKplc, the London  circus dispatches terrorists throughout the world. I wonder if the Isle was marked a transatlantic terror gateway 2000 years ago? That would explain the genocide practiced on the natives of Hibernia ever since.

What is it about this amnesiac isle that afflicts the population so to be?

In the unlikely event that once again a deliberate turning of the area into fallow fields is about to occur we have to ask why should so many of us be allowed to get our hands on so much information about what has been done, to general plan, over the past 5000 years?

Did it suddenly become necessary to unite humanity despite the evidence that there is no need to do so? Heterogeneity is no barrier to universal happiness. The one and only global detriment to humanity’s peace and wealth is the murder and theft engine disguised as Môn heathenism. Communism. Christianity. Islam. Whatever is peddled out of Moses. Any ism and group think.

Fronted by all these sky pilot mafia run ponzi schemes is the full spectrum weapon system known as trade. Otherwise known as itinerant token peddling tasked with theft of all and recycling of survivors as slaves. A self fulfilling, self incanting mission, the current temporary manifestation of which is wealth of the few. Here one can finally see the disguised basis for all the academic rubbish peddled as finance, business and economic theory. Economic theory can only work through death and it is here that one can see the imperative of being the earliest adopter and the need for systemic toxicity and death for the later adopters.

Why should one find the answers that one needs by looking at the obvious fallacies paraded within the worlds most advanced society?

The steam driven retarded inhabited poisonous fabrication known as London is too stupid to maintain itself and has been left, at last, to wither on the vine. It is here that at last the concept of the chosen few will be exposed. Who chose the motley crew that were lead into the wilderness? Why are they no longer needed? I mean even 6000 years is but the blink of an eye in this business plan.

Simply think of Yahweh as a particularly obnoxious and mental, temporary call centre manager whose idea of team motivation and cohesion is the unstinting use of heavy machine godfire, randomly, within office spaces, stair wells and lifts. Divine terror.

If it is no longer needed, then its remaining surviving members, mutated into undeadeviloiddwaflingshadows of humanity, after millennia of epigenetic and unnatural selections are going to get euthanized.

I do not think that it takes a genius to work out that the business directors would not spend a pico second in Yahweh’s social company so what makes the chosen few veiled eviloid adherents of Môn heathenism think that they are not going to be SWOTed from history now that the  steam driven stone aged product line is obsolete?

Friday 17 April 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 1.

As I have mentioned before I believe that someone got to Gibson. He went onto the futurivirologist circuit and then got approached. Or viceversavice. Whether it was like Barry, in the campus refectory queue or in a Vanc. death boudoir, we will never know. Either way he got taken of the forbidden fruit stochastic cleaners. No one has dared bring the spiritual, alien and AI together since. I wonder what he dipped into before its publish/reveal by date?

So what else doesn’t make sense?

Well as I mentioned on the last outing Morrison had a V2 nightmare and we caught a glimpse of it in The War Game. He was told to expect a high velocity delivery of Cobalt all over the Home Counties.

What do I mean by that?

Well the ignorant lowing herd that is UKplc got a glimpse of what their Kommissars and CHEKA/ Gauleiters and STASI had in store for them should the circus be threatened. In order to stop their groves getting nucleotided the cults worked night and day to keep their magic gardens safe. How else does one explain the complete phukkwittery of non delivery of glowing concoctions by the German ballistic pharmacy? Things only started to get organised once Himmler’s lads got going. Now don’t be fooled by the miracles that Speer worked. He only straightened out the productivity of existing plant despite the likes of Messerschmitt et al screwing, F35styleee, tactical aircraft development.

In the UK, a state that executed truth seekers/ sooth seers and imprisoned witches during the Atomic Age, the primitive nature of its foundations in the Stone Age were scarily glimpsed by UK audiences in 1965.

So twenty years after the soiling of underwear in government the UK found out how they were to be herded into cattle trucks and shot in the streets by their fellow subjects. A good idea of how that would have looked is any footage of Bloody Sunday.

It is clear that there is a phase delay in events and unveiling, if at all, and a kind of historical superluminal explosion of happenings. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, the whole thing goes tits up. History goes exothermic and breaks into action. Mythical scalar interference. Stealth engendering of events as if by an act of Id. Heterodyning of experience.

Now I know you are thinking…”Bollox!”

Well let us just throw a spanner in the works of truth.

The whole Atomic Age had nothing to do with physicists.

“Oh fuck” I hear you groan…”he’s gone off his scone again!”

Well what do you think of when you hear the word Atomic Bomb? Oppenheimer, Einstein, Heisenberg, Fermi, Bohr et al. A collection of phuckwitz.

Let me explain.

Overrated Punch and Judies like Einstein needed a girl to help him with the math whilst getting a great review in his performance for the media. Real complex sophisticated scientists would look at these, over resourced, over rated, over paid movie stars as retards or idiot savants at best.

The Atomic Bomb had nothing to do with physicists; it is the creation of chemists and Pythagoreans.

Chemists and engineers created the bombs. Most physicists couldn’t ride a bike without a Hollywood supporting cast.

Now if you read that correctly you will realise that almost all public expressions of the kind of Star Trekian scientific role model we get fed into our fictuality about high energy physics is in support of scientific treading of water down a cul de sac. One doesn’t need to be aware of self organising plasmas, nor does a self organising plasma need to be aware of one, to work out that Gibson was straying too far away from the microscopic for comfort.

Hey ho, just have patience, more laters.

Thursday 16 April 2015

Raspberry Sklaar Fever

We bring you annihilnation via the exchange of truth for the currency of fairy tales and death tokens. Diseases created to scar the flesh of humanity and cripple the spirit of mankind. To make womankind sterile and the race fail.

What was it that I read and never heard all those years ago? I keep (re)reading books I put away decades ago, only to dissolve my recent discovery. This is nothing new. I remember the GGT, about the time Savile was raping dead people and slaking his master’s thirst, broadcasting a documentary about the USS Liberty. That was 30 years ago at least. How come the fools out here think this is a troof thing now? Similarly at the end of Jones’ Secret War series the GGT gave us a little heads up about remarkable boundary layer controlled aerodynes. Again since then, I did the theory, didn’t pay attention, but remember that you need a non turbulent 0.5M flow at the fan face/1st stage before the “sweeping marbles up a staircase” can commence, many conferences have been held about and programmes made taking the piss out of crop circle addicts all the while pumping money into the pockets of UKUFO official govt. file and UKUFO FOI pimps. I read the controlled fiction and it was good. Drank deep from the well and I forgot.

I met geezers who’d been stalked through the Harz by UAVs in the mid 90s and had seen the optical camo ripple when stooging like moossluicingloons chasing phantom images outside airbases here in the UK. I paid no real attention to them then.

I remember my mate buying a copy of The War Game (1965) when the BFI marketed it on DVD. No surprises there. All of the Cold War was a fabrication. A massive piss take. A time holding consumption of knowledge and a time wasting destruction of memory. Only the British would be ignorant of how much their governing tools hate them. UK is an instrument crewed by the expendable. If you do not understand that then you will never understand how the useless can be useful. How the toxic empty vessel can contain so much that is valuable to the stasists sucking the life from the inhabitants. Just watch the GGT News today, TASS and PRAVDA circa 1960 had nothing on these creepzoids, just watch anything on MORE4. One wrong move in the scripted phfuckwittery and they are out on their arse in the gutter. No longer welcome to  practice in the invitees only, economic space of the court.

Ever wondered what the modern equivalent of Lewis Carol is today? 150 years since the US civil war, fomented in UKplc, finished and Alice got on the bong. The GGT take us to London Bridge to give some free advertising to a bunch of unemployable meatsackks dressing up as queens and rabbits. No mention of real events though. Lewis Carol would be found amongst the bodies of dead UKUFOlogists, from now on marked as UFUKOF here, if alive in UKplc today. So again we’ve got a shed load of disciples waiting for the loaves and fishes moment courtesy of Greer at every MUFON muppet meeting. Duh!!  I could shine a torch out my arse near a silage bin and it would get a bluebook report from these rets.

The world is no longer a stage. The world is now a court filled with courtesans. A hermetic room where KarlRovelike filthards construct belief and propaganda global communities. Everyone in the west are normalised and compliant within the court boudoir, taking it up the shitter on queue. How else can a billion people be so eunuch and altar whore? Only because they have been removed from reality into a genocidal playpen constructed from faith based bars and walls.

What the War Game was showing is Morrison’s V2 nightmare reality twenty years later. Always there is a great time lag built into the tales that purport to be our history. The Irish holocaust reality will not be released until it is useful, so dodgy SMASH remains the leavings of the day within the courtyard. The holohaux will remain required reading at the throne until reality is needed to further the mission into a larger realm.

Scalability is the genius of this system of affliction. Infinite mutability and fractal unreality within the mission.

Now I don’t want you getting all mizz on me here.

Recently Mark Devlin (geezer at the other shop) pronged John Hamer with a good question. Basically, where is the master blue print? Nice one Mark. Well those who read here will know your correspondent looks to the singing map for their guidance. I mean how else do you guide the mission. However there is more to it than control. Maxwell got Heavyside. If one were to take the plague story at face value then one will never get one’s head around Polo visiting Norte Americana. There has never been any Dark Age for the mission, just fallow fields for certain regions after gold extraction.

From their perspective it is dither. From our perspective it is control. Just like Heisenberg’s uncertainty insanity principle.

Anyway to celebrate the falsification of Belsen and the false memory syndrome of so called survivors stick this in your pipe and smoke it.

Nerin E Gun, a "journalist", always with the "journalism". The brave soldiers of the fourth estate. How come our brave ink pusher and finger scribe couldn't get really brave and check out the Soviet gulags or the fields of dead in Armenia? Always with the narrative run out of sunny North London. Today I can walk past the camp where these black propaganda scripts were prepared all those years ago. Of course we don't need to fabricate any details of building construction since no one knows these camps existed. Local estate agents, realtors, will guide one round the properties, if they hit the market, not knowing anything of their real history.

All the gas chambers were fabricated in Arkley, North London.

As for Turkey, well our current eunuch London Mayor, impotent anywhere near the City, is a donmeh Turk. One of the prime drivers in the planned destruction of Germany, initiated mid 19th century was the threat posed by Germany returning Turkey Eurocentric rather than middle eastern satrapy. Another Turkey related danger to the London centric Chaldean mind was the possibility of Russian actual conquest of Turkey, a danger from the early 19th century.

It takes a great deal of time to accomplish the destruction of two civilisations and during that long range planning there is plenty of time to print as much rubbish as you want, day in day out, before, during and long after the events took place.

It is no coincidence that holohaux and UFUKOF members are intergancheable.

Tsk tsk.