Sunday 12 April 2020

PrawnJuice, GravityGold, LeadDollars and FaireyBoltAstroSerfs

It was just over a year ago that the initial conditions for the Hyper Littoral War were realised. This thing is going to rage for decades and the only people who will come out the other end as a species do not exist today. I mean which hypermuppet is cheering the NHS when the faacktards have been voting for its destruction for over 40 years. The queefturds don’t even know that there was not supposed to be an NHS when the 1939 shooting match started and it was only because the balls-up was so massive that the new people who came out of the farce in 1945 demanded one because they were dangerous.

The lethality space is now so, so dangerous that any movement for humans will be deadly. It is like the process whereby giant scorpions became tiny little things over the many, many precession cycles. New species evolved more adaptable to converting energy into technique. Think of the next few years as super evolution fast forwarded to the max. 100 million years in a year. The whole thing is a DARPA delayed finance fiancé. A true alchemical wedding.

IF you contractedkhaants don’t get the kryptos then you will not evolve through the bottle neck coming for mitochondrial DNA.

Can you seriously imagine the prime candidate for space engineering, piracy, and pioneer?

AIBoosted supernumerary chromosome praadaakt paid in crypto by kryptos.


Monday 6 April 2020

There are 4 types of tri-age..

If you’ve clocked the garbage that Achilles did when he was cooked up in his useless tank then you know what I am banging on about, if not then one has to take a look at Lambourghini Tanks. Yep you build a tractor factory gifted from the USA in the USSR but it is really a tank plant for rolling into Europe and keeelin themol.

As I remarked a while back, someone intends to move far and fast. And you do not do that when the opposition is armed and dangerous.

Take a look at the armour that the deep war fanatics were going to use in their late 1930s plans compared with the armour they actually had to fabricate in 1945 and even then they got toasted by shaped shock and high velocity chemistry.

So the only thing that can stop the major parade of bankster armour on the autobanen heading out from the Fire base at Tel Aviv is a load of chemistry that arrived unexpectedly in the general area.

SNAFU!: IDF to Modernize its Infantry Brigade with Hundred...: Thanks to Jonathan for the link! via Defense Update. While 8×8 APCs are a familiar view with military forces worldwide, the IDF r...

As I parked out here a long long time ago expect Chinkwarplanes in the Firebase defence force soon.

Sunday 5 April 2020

Well done you khaants.. allowed VIP only lanes in your streets, that's right you paid for all those streets, in your shitty 2012 Olympics.

Gulags for you lot and extermination....

 ..and yet you can watch khaants gettin phaaked up the erzkhaant 24/7. No phekking rationing there you khaants.

When I was a lad the NHS was there to save us you phukkmuppets.

Enjoy the repeated grooming and abuse.