Monday 26 October 2009

T+26, they've bombed the moon, what comes next?

I had intended a different post with ghouls and spookiness but the truth is to be found at Gigits.

If I may, AP is mistaken.

The proportion is now 40% at least judging by GGT QT.

I will take my post out wide.

This will never be seen again. It shows weakness. It shows strength. It shows resolve. It shows honour. Steadiness, steadfastness and courage.

The coming age will be of cowardice dressed in valour. Victory clothed in hubris. Deeds of death and life by a selfish shellfish blade in the back.

The new world larder, pick your life from the shelf of ignominy.

Do not be afraid. We can handle it better than the foundation bitchboy NaZoviet clowns can.


They’ll be after the food and the gold. They are, have always been, always will be, gilded fat. Both are now together after a very, very long interlude. TPTB forgot about that.

When the vineyards are barren, when the fields are bare, when the air is unlevened, the trees free and the ground down. They will have no more, but we have the lists.

Keep the lists up to date.

Don’t forget to look into their eyes as the life drains from them.

646 of them, 60 million of us.

10,000 of their extended crime family, 6,500,000,000 of us.

All the great lessons of logic are going now. We are in the age of oratory again. The cycles demand it as much as we hate it. That is how the human construct is animated. The new cycle is concealed in the weakness of the old. Reinforce that, do not defend the obsolete.

We are free.

That’s what’s making them shit their pants. Care for everyone of us all for they intend to kill us all.

Heads up.

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