Monday 31 August 2015

Jewish High Court demands Pope Francis apologise for recognising Palestinian state

Another bunch of stone age retarded special needs workshy cock worshipping creepzoid delusional fauxreligious warkriminalthieves that should be told to go and phukkthemselves.

Jewish High Court demands Pope Francis apologise for recognising Palestinian state

Mind you the Ba'al Hammon bishop of Rome will be in on this mindphukk of the flock as always.

What do you call a collection of religious phukkwitz?



Saturday 29 August 2015

The celebration in Beijing the End of the Pacific War

Violent Panda is about to move on orders from the Apiru Cru. Look for Malta going ChiComm soon as Euroeunuch goes all Norway commie 1939 and invites invasion. When RCE/TA is broadcasting anti human millenia old stone age Sanhedrin religious bollox again you know that RCE/BS commieslavers have been green lighted.

The celebration of the 70th anniversary of the end of the Pacific War which will take place on September, 3rd in Beijing, is of interest in many aspects, primarily in view of the current situation and expected development of the political situation not only in Asia-Pacific Region but also worldwide.
It is even more interesting how today’s Chinese governmental authorities consider the role of its Asia-Pacific battlefield in the Second World War, and also the role of China itself in the greatest military conflict in the world history.
The official name which also describes the reason for the ceremony on September, 3, now reads as follows: “China’s victory in the war against Japan’s aggression.”
Let us leave behind the historical fairness of China’s modern tendency to exaggerate its significance in the Second World War, and also its role in the Asia-Pacific battlefield, we won’t lie saying that this tendency completely meets the today’s political needs of the second world superpower.
A key element of the celebrations is going to be a military parade in Beijing – it will be the first time when the parade is organized for the above reason. Until now, military parades in China have taken place annually on October, 1 as part of the national celebration – the National Founding Day of the People’s Republic of China.
About 12,000 military staff and an enormous number of various (including up-to-date) Chinese military weaponry, including strategic missiles, aircraft and tanks have been announced to take part in the parade on September, 3, 2015.
As reported the Western leaders (including Barack Obama and David Cameron), whose countries contributed minimum as much as China to the victory over Japan, are likely to be invited to visit the parade However, it is highly unlikely that they will accept the invitations.
It is quite obvious that the parade which is going to march on the main square of the Chinese capital on the 3rd of September is already missing some participants in order to be called historically fair. This fact is a good example to show that such concepts as «historical justice” and also “standards in human morality that have been established throughout the centuries” on the one hand and “Realpolitik” have nothing in common whatsoever.
Alas, that is the reality of our far from perfect world, that only a hopeless idiot or an outright hypocrite can allow himself to ignore.
In the catastrophic perestroika reform period of our recent history cultural and intellectual dregs of that sort had flooded the Russian society up to that point.
In this regard, when we see such contributors to the completion of the Pacific War as Kazakhstan and Mexico in the list of parade participants, but we don’t see the USA it looks absolutely natural given the Realpolitik that is currently maintained in the Asia-Pacific Region and should not be subject to moral inspection.
Moreover, the described format of the upcoming parade is hardly going to cause any negative reactions from Washington officials, even sarcastic ones. Both of the leading world players fully understand and respect (as far as it is actually possible in the increasing conflict conditions) the background reasons.
For external observers the fact that the US military personnel is not engaged in the parade will become a symptom of troubles in the relationship between the two leading world superpowers, also followed by the situation in the Asia-Pacific Region.
The (non) participation of the USA in this parade is more or less clear and predicted. But, perhaps, the main intrigue up to August, 20 was a possible visit of the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzō Abe, to Beijing for the celebrations.
The Japanese press periodically published some kind of ‘information’, which obviously didn’t come “out of the blue”. In particular it was stated that the terms of S. Abe’s visit had been discussed during the visit of the head of the Japanese National Security Council, Shotaro Yachi to Beijing at the end of July. The most important issue during those negotiations was S. Abe’s speech about the 70th anniversary of the end of the Pacific War, which was on August, 14.
During several days in Beijing, it seems, they debated all pros and cons of the possible speech and also Japanese Prime Minister’s presence at the upcoming celebrations. Finally, on the 20th of August the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed his surprise about the contents of one of the latest publications of a leading Japanese newspaper, the Mainichi Shimbun, in which the topic of S. Abe’s possible visit to Beijing was once again discussed. It turns out that “nobody had heard about” such plans in China.
On the following day, the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China announced that “Japan should do more to rebuild and develop its relationships with its neighbours.”.
The reason for the latest reprimand addressing Tokyo on the theme of the rules of good political tone this time was the wife of Abe visiting the Yasukuni Shrine, where the 2.5 million Japanese military personnel and war criminals convicted by the Tokyo Tribunal are commemorated.
On 24th August the intrigue was finally put to an end with the announcement made by Japanese government that S. Abe’s visit was not to happen.
However, the meeting between both leaders at the is still possible, in particular at upcoming international forums, such as the Opening of the 70th Session of the UN General Assembly in September of the next APEC Summit which will take place at the end of November in Manila. But again these are purely Japanese opinions.
There are also reports of an initiative from South Korea to hold trilateral summit (with China and Japan’s participation) at the beginning of October in Seoul.
In view of the fact that S. Abe’s hypothetical visit to Beijing was suggested “in the spirit of Angela Merkel” (who visited Moscow during the celebrations marking the end of World War Two but did not attend the parade), then it is worth briefly discussing the topic of the varying scope and nature of the problems in the current Russia-Germany and Japan-China relations.
The relations between Russia and Germany that had been rather good and friendly, became strained due to the escalation of the Ukraine crisis. However, the reaching an agreement between the involved parties about the future of that part of what was historically Russian territory seems entirely probable. For that, it’s necessary to recognise the simple truth that present day Ukraine is a furunculus (in layman’s terms – a boil) on the backside of Europe, causing not exactly catastrophic but nonetheless significant discomfort.
Isn’t that the case? Current Japan-China relations are taking on an increasingly confrontational nature for a variety of reasons. Some of the “rational ones” can be stated relatively simply, others “of historical nature” are a lot more complicated to understand.
The important thing is that they are closely interlinked, which makes the growing tension between Japan and China of a much more fundamental nature, than those of Russia and Germany.
It is possible that in a bilateral format they almost cannot be smoothed over, and extending it to a trilateral format with participation of Russia would give a positive result.
Whatever the case, S. Abe’s absence in Beijing on 3 September will mean that three of the leading world powers in North-Eastern Asia have truly missed their chance to discuss regional problems at the highest level with an aim to at least set out a roadmap to their solution.
This time somewhere, something for some reason didn’t work out and now only the most broad suggestions on this topic can be made.
Thus, the Russia-Japan relations have been frequently discussed by the Chinese semi-official newspaper, the Global Times. Primarily, the difficulty in reconciling Moscow and Tokyo’s positions on the so-called “problem of the northern territories” has been emphasized.
However, in the article entitled “The USA is against the developing relations between Moscow and Japan” dated 19th August of this year, it is possibly the first time that the topic of Washington’s reticence regarding potential Japan’s excessive independence and the USA’s subsequent losing of control over a key US ally in the Asia-Pacific Region has been mentioned so transparently. On top of that there are the US concerns about Russia become Japan’s potential partner.
This, according to the author of the above article, is forcing the US pressure on Tokyo to put obstacles to the development of Japan-Russia relations.
It is an entirely convincing point of view, but considering the difficult history of Japan-China relations, China’s concerns regarding the potential “excessively close” Russia-Japan relations is understandable.
In conclusion it is worth mentioning that such concerns held no real basis in fact earlier and now, following the failed possible meeting between Russian and Japanese leaders in Beijing and also the completely contradictory messages that have been sent over the last few months from Moscow to Tokyo, it seems that Beijing (and Washington for that matter) can relax for a long time.
Vladimir Terekhov, expert on the Asia-Pacific region, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.
First appeared:

Thursday 27 August 2015

Rags and Bones.

Not skull and bones, just a scrap yard’s tale from the grave yard.

I have often speculated out here where the breed mares of the Apiru have been stashed safely away from the death delivered by their wandering tribe this passed 100 years. They always move the zygote storage units way before any obvious danger heaves into view for the abos that scrounge in the wreckage for sustenance. Or they install the test tube dollies way before anyone knows there is a new land to be raped. Pace Americas and the move of Genoese/Venetian pup shoots out there before the Ba’al Hammon bishop of Rome got in on the act.

Ergo we must entertain the idea that export of ovaries must have been executed long before their big one got out of control in 1941.

By precaution and stealth shall ye make new Nimrud messengers.

So journey as counterprophylactic is the Apiru success for replication. Go and read the remains of the Pulitzer Prize wining Old Testament to get a handle on that blood line termination precaution. Rubber bullets for the abos, hot rod shagging for the Apiru. Did the Earth move for you? As a parallel to this constant movement, and concomitant operational dormancy if required, is an active chaotic dynamic in their old sow pens.

The stay behind team are still operating in Europe, currently dormant in USofA corp, but the mares are likely near Brasilia, not DC, Brasilia and the move must have been in the 1920s or earlier. The RCE/NY are a kind of forward deployment management team for the logistics and financing of the continuous weeding of degenerate/reactionary bloodlines. RCE/LC is a Venetian pleasure husk now. UKplc its trouble making open prison In fact if one looks at UKplc history in the 20th century it has been a Super Max for most of that time with a bunch of in house rolling stones released into the global community to complete the psyop. FFS!

Anyway Tarpley has a good summary of the stay behind team still at work in the greater scrapyard, finishing the job of turning Europe from a beautiful society into a terminator spare parts toxic dump.

Every time RCE/LC has a choice, Europe or Turk, it will disguise its Turkish delight.

“New evidence pertaining to the ambush of the Pentagon’s Division 30 platoon of Syrian rebels the Al-Nusra brigade has come to light in a recent report from the McClatchy DC news bureau. According to multiple sources cited in the signal piece report, leaks from Erdogan’s MIT Turkish intelligence to Al-Nusra encouraged the radical group to attack the freshly trained anti-ISIS fighters, leading to a handful of deaths and many being captured, including their leader Col. Nadim Hassan. The leaks were ultimately perpetrated with the tacit consent of Erdogan in order to protect his ISIS fanatics and keep pressure focused on toppling the Assad government. Erdogan feared that a US-backed contingent assaulting ISIS might start a movement in the same direction by the many hungry mercenary terrorists packed into northern Syria.
The spokesman for Division 30, clearly fearing for his life when detailing the extent of Erdogan’s treachery because he was aware of threats by the Turkish government to either kidnap or kill him, nevertheless revealed, “…we know someone aligned with Nusra informed them of our presence. They were taken within 10 minutes.” “

Tuesday 25 August 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 33.

As noted previously we have Show Biz Physicists taking the piss out of us with their Hollyweird hair styles and ComiCon outlook, ridiculing us like a Marx brothers' concoction of radioactive muck soup. Scripted walk on parts and lime light starring roles in a play on words and actions designed to keep us all ignorant of what they were really all about. Doing nothing. Here is the reception team awaiting to fence stolen goods.

Remember these clowns never “do” anything; never create anything, other than confusion to disguise the crime scene stealer.

We also have other things to consider in our wanderings out here in the wreckage of the murders orchestrated by Professor Stranger Hate comedic scientists and their goremoney Rothbosses.

One of our equalities is


There are several reasons for this relationship and the singular shorthand is a promise to those in the know that to seek is to be funded.

If you’ve been reading here you will have come to the conclusion that your correspondent when out and about striding the borough, as he examines empty promises at a bus stop timetable, always makes contingencies should it prove to be a fiction? Correct I do. For a ticket to ride is no indicator that one will be transported to where one wishes to be in this fake political economy. Economics and trade in UKplc is simple. The business owner wishes to have your money for doing nothing. That is British business in a nut shell. Always take. Write laws to take money for nothing.

So with that in mind one can state quite without contradiction that one will learn nothing here. Ever. One will never learn anything from a British business person for they are always thieving as a default posture. To learn that they are larcenous suites would mean destruction of their thread bare arsed poverty in gluttony.

So to actually learn one must divorce oneself from the hidden view and simply relate the things that are never to be seen.

So when we see nothing spouted in the altMSM other than NAZI ratruns conducted with/out Vatican extraction. When one sees Top Gear taking a run at Patagonia with a support crew of SAS Regimental strength. When one sees that all of a sudden we are to be informed that the bodies quadruple of various Nasties might have escaped to safety in Killiecrankie or Bootle disguised as Martian Untersee rabbis then we are more than justified in continuing with the forensic story telling. Forensically it makes more sense for Zionist ratruns to be conducting jewish scientists/engineers out of Europe into the Rothschild Firebase in Tel Aviv. Contracted jewish scientists in the successful A Bomb projects in the Reich. Salaried personnel that were scared shitless of being picked up, as originally planned, by Stalin’s, Allied enhanced and financed, murder army. Why do you think Bob Maxwell is buried in the RCE/TA pirate base? Why do you think eeeeviloid anti semite Patton got taken out?

Where do you think Hans Kammler likely ended up? Czech researchers have him dying peacefully in 1970 or so near Prague. FFS! If you believe anything Cook et al altMSM have to tell you then phukk off!

Back to the beginning then.

This little outing in the image intensifiers starts decades ago when the scum at the GGT took some time off of secret buggering child corpses as part of a societal engineering magik ritual and actually told us something on the MSM that stayed in my memory ever since.

I remember that Minamata story being dropped on us way back in the 1970s when the BBC (Goebbels’s Gobshite Towers) noticed the Japanese government getting round to taking notice.

Let us go back even further to 1945.

Next month it will be 70 years since all the unconditional surrender fakir documents were signed on the deck of the Mighty Mo in Tokyo Bay. The same Tokyo Bay that the IJ cyclotrons got dumped in shortly afterwards. On Sep 2nd everyone will get all star spangled and false memory syndrome will kick in. All the gunfire and sniper had stopped after 6 long UK years of dodging high velocity randomness. Phew!

Well no.

In the very late autumn/early winter of 1945, after the signing in Tokyo Bay, Japanese forces were still fighting in corps strength in the industrial complexes along the Eastern seaboard of Korea.

Let’s go over to his nibs for some back story.

“"Work with Kim Il Sung was comprehensive," Mekler said. "He was tied to me from sunup to sundown."

Mekler noted that people revered Kim, knowing by word of mouth about his guerrilla attacks on Japanese troops. But few Koreans actually saw him. "They heard about guerrillas and a real hero among them," Mekler said.

Kim's real name was Kim Sung Chu, but in the 1930s he adopted the name Kim Il Sung after a famous Korean guerrilla leader of the early 20th century, according to historian Andrei Lankov.

Some South Korean historians pushed the theory that the second Kim Il Sung died around 1940, and the Soviets gave his adopted name to an unknown who would become their man in Pyongyang. Lankov, however, said this theory was false and Kim was the real thing.”

Ah there we are again. More body quintuples to muddy the waters. One thing we can say is that whatever the fat thieving lazy big mouthed retarded commie phukk’s real name was he was parked in Pyongyang in the west.

Kim Chaek (whatever his name was!) got Hamhung on the eastern seaboard. (Getting it yet?)

That is the same Hamhung complex where the then Capt “Jane” Thurness(That is a real person who did real things unlike these jewish metaphysical atomic ghost stories from made up commie land) of 1st MASH, X Corps
got lifted out of with the rest of her nursing colleagues of the lucky 13 who treated the wounds of the Chosin survivors as Chesty moved everyone out. Mission accomplished. You’d have to ask the RM contingent (SBS?).

Now then now then boys and girls can you guess who this week’s guest is in the old record club? Who is going to creep out of the mortuary woodwork?

That is correct; we give you Jun Carnegie or whatever his hidden name was. The one thing you can guarantee here is that the names are never the names. Everyone is an alias. The geezer that built the Chosin/Hamhung/NE Korean seaboard weapons labs and R&D complex from the 1920s onwards was the Jap/Korean Yak originator of the Mercury poisoning scandal company in the 1950s.

Talking of Yaks one had also to keep in mind that Hog Wild might have been involved, as other were likely to be, in dropping aid and comfort to IJ forces still fighting Stalin’s murder army and friends in NE Korea in the autumn of 1945. Hence the Soviet shoot down orders. OSS were an off world bunch with no national loyalties ever.

Remember Gold=Mercury=Uranium whenever one is researching this tale.

That is enough quantum optics bollox for today.

Monday 24 August 2015

Eric Palmer blog: B-52 / Linebacker II

Eric Palmer blog: B-52 / Linebacker II: Linebacker II, B-52 missions. .

Over forty years ago now. And it was a close run thing. Flakwaffe super battery concepts and 1.5 gen SAMs against 1.5 gen jet bombers and Radioshack countermeasures.

If you know about the counter-counter-counter-counter and counter again game run against Nachtjager by the Commonwealth lads in bean countered defenceless bomb trucks and skin of their teeth failed runs like Peenemunde then you can work out that the Linebackers were more bankerchoreography against USofA corp. When one considers that the (Soviet paperclip) geezers who had the 2nd and 3rd gen SAM belt concepts, ABM incl., test run out east of Perm in the 1950s, were kept bottled up, watching whilst Kissmyassmessenger delivered word to the ChiComms that their day was coming, one doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to work out what happens next.


When the ChiComms move there will be no, I repeat no, US TacAir operating, able to operate, in their well prepared environment.

I mean come on; how much of a piss take is it to have SAC running the equivalent of 2TAF ops?

I suppose it should be obvious by now that the ChiComms are now invested with the Violent Panda mooted in Digital Cacophony. The ChiComm slavers are the only armed forces able to indulge in sub troposphere Imperial Wizardry.

The outcome is as yet undecided; either they will become Cabal Global Unity or the rest of the planet will be fully integrated to roll them over and then CGU will rest upon an exhausted world by default.

The flies will be bloated and blacken the sky.

Thursday 20 August 2015

Shared Ownership Soviet Cells. UK Bankenda 21.

All one hears in the Smoke these days is that London is building a cycle superhighway. Whoopeefukkingdooo!! Everyone asks how come Germans didn’t do anything to stop the Nastiness. Well how come UKplc live stock do nothing to stop their land being used as an international terrorist breeding camp and launch site for global terror though weapons of mass destruction in August 2015? How come UKplc eunuch drones do nothing but lie around lying?

Beijing shot its cycles and gave the parolees cars instead. UKplc will shoot its cyclists and make us all parolees in the great big open prison called Farm 1.

I repeat; this UK built shit house is the most advanced society on Earth. We shot our horses in the 30s because we knew the next war was to be manipulated by fuel supplies.

So in future, once the recent controlled furore about state sanctioned corpse fucking, child killing and rape in UK social care systems has disappeared up Savile's arse, as you try to escape from a drug induced rape state in a RCE/LC sacrifice pit there will be only two ways to effect exit. Shanks’ pony or a bike. The easier to take you down by corporate drone security and keep the secret quiet as you are taken to a Silver Town chop shop for export in parts. All covered by blanket commercial confidentiality on behalf of the state benefit scrounging banksters. Benefit counterfeit street is in RCE/LC.

Did you check your ISO rated foodstuffs for human remains UKplc before the great big beef burger donkey meat crisis? Did you care? Total quality confessional commie care for the soylent iFart generation of swiss cheesed brain dead zombie crowd funded beasts.

Look at Kharkov after the SS1 lads rolled through in ’43. Look at it. That is going to be paradise compared to what the scum are to be allowed to experience in UKplc. Touch points are only for state actors and you are the touched, soon to be dead.

Let me summarise it for you oh penniless BBC turdball watchers and concentration camp soap star staring arrays.

No fresh water. No good food. No free air. No nature. No one and no thing free. All taxed to death. No home of your own in the Trotskyite/Maoist shit hole run by the Communists in Banksterstan; Rothschild Corporate Enmity/London City.

UKplc is nothing but the largest successful experiment in rationing ever. Look. Everyone who is a UKabo is penniless. Only the criminal imports get to play with the toys and rape your children.

If one also takes care to listen to the Big Muppet adverts for things in UKplc you will not own anything. Listen carefully. During the UKplc 2015 election campaign Cameroon couldn’t quite hide the fact that, unlike the Thatcherite cry to house ownership, he was offering a shipping container for rent as something to aspire to “own”. Listen to the UK banks talking about their mortgages. These same scum who manipulated LIBOR. You are promised a Miss Marplesque 30’s idle ideal, the deal is a way of leaving you penniless in a Dickensian King’s Cross ash heap circa 1830.

They are not going to help you “own” anything. They’ve been told at Bilderfarter to make sure no one owns anything in the Trotskyist/Maoist shit holes where humans are free game.

There is a great case to be made that you are conspirator and/or party to a rolling programme of crimes against humanity since you are content to feed from offal dropped from the murderers’ butcher block. Go on then when was the last time you rebelled against being herded into cattle pens for fleecing? Never. You do it every day of the week or by proxy through your subscribed (rented) hole in the sky.

UKPlc; you asked for this and do nothing about it.

This is the best homes/sleep pods/living shells/shit holes that UKplc can look forward to in the coming unbounded container wars. I’m looking on the bright side here.

Do you not realise that everything, that everything, Bankster Harlot Marxist Bitchboys, Maoist Boybitches, Trotskyite Androgeunuchs and Mongheathenists touch turns to shit? It has to because it is all a disguised variant of thieving Talturdy money foolery commerce. Business as Evil.

Go on then. Have you ever read their academic business theories? They never work. Ever. However if you bring in murder and death as a controlled variable into their economic theories the equations work perfectly.

Forward into the best that the 18th century could offer using 21st century spiritual suppression.

Wednesday 19 August 2015

Diaoyutai Islands belong to Taiwan: KMT presidential candidate | Politics | FOCUS TAIWAN - CNA ENGLISH NEWS

Another trouble making Rothbitch Agent at work in the Hyperlittoral.

Diaoyutai Islands belong to Taiwan: KMT presidential candidate | Politics | FOCUS TAIWAN - CNA ENGLISH NEWS

Good one from his nibs re comfort women.

Summary of Professor Park Yuha's Book "Comfort Women of the Empire" 

" I first confronted the comfort women issue in 1991. It was near the end
my study in Japan. As a volunteer I was translating former Korean
comfort women's testimonies for NHK. When I returned to South Korea, Kim
Young-sam was the president, and the Korean nationalism was on the
rise. The anti-Japan lobby "Korean Council for the Women Drafted for
Military Sexual Slavery by Japan" or "Chong Dae Hyup" (정대협 挺対協) in
Korean was gaining momentum. Its leader said publicly it was
determined to discredit Japan for the next 200 years. Its propaganda
turned me off, so I stayed away from this issue for years. I regained my
interest in this issue in the early 2000's when I heard that Chong Dae
Hyup was confining surviving women in a nursing home called "House of
Nanumu." The only time these women were allowed to talk to outsiders was
when Chong Dae Hyup needed them to testify for the UN interrogators or
the U.S. politicians. But for some reason I was allowed to talk to them
one day in 2003. I could sense that women were not happy being confined
in this place. One of the women (Bae Chun-hee) told me she reminisced
the romance she had with a Japanese soldier and the sorrow when he died
in combat. She said she hated her father who sold her. She also told me
that women there didn't appreciate being coached by Chong Dae Hyup to
give false testimonies but had to obey Chong Dae Hyup's order. When
Japan offered compensation through Asian Women's Fund in 1995, about 60
former Korean comfort women defied Chong Dae Hyup's order and accepted
compensation. Those 60 women were vilified as traitors. Their names and
addresses were published in newspapers as prostitutes by Chong Dae Hyup,
and they had to live the rest of their lives in disgrace. So the rest
of the women were terrified of Chong Dae Hyup and wouldn't dare to defy
again. Chong Dae Hyup (some of its members had been arrested as North
Korean spies) has used the comfort women issue for its political
purpose, which is to drive a wedge into U.S.-Japan-South Korea security

In the coming big one UKplc will be like Portugal during WW1 and WW2.

Expect dictatorship stasis for abos and free passage for foreign agents.

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Where is wee man Steeley the abortionists' bestest friend?

I told you this shit house is the most advanced society on Earth.

500 years in maturation.

Every thing these clowns touched should be removed from the statutes and every vote recounted since anything touched by them is filth.

Counterfeit humans and false representation leads to societal ill health.

Australia’s 60 Minutes makes ‘special’ on UK’s VIP paedophiles | ExaroNews

Of course this is a curse to destroy any remaining confidence in our institutions and long planned that such "exposure" should occur when the time was ripe.

Notice that it was only allowed to slip out once the country was overwhelmed by imported criminal extended families on the run from war and societal attrocities.

Monday 17 August 2015

Ancient Monolith Suggests Humans Lived on Now-Underwater Archipelago

NSS!! You don't have to be an underwater deerstalker wearer to know that most of human history is buried deep.

Now that too much has turned up on land to bury under dam projects, Ilisu, they are using mercs to nuke the ME.

Ancient Monolith Suggests Humans Lived on Now-Underwater Archipelago

This feeds directly into the prime driver for the coming Hyperlittoral War.


Monday 10 August 2015

Quality Assured Ba’al Succulents.

Ever notice how the criminal systems run smoothly like fine oiled machines. Like magic? Whilst everything else doesn’t?

Note how everything you touch is fake shit and designed to fail. Criminality thrives.

Why did all my favourite shit food get removed from the chillers and freezers to be replaced by stinking fresh desert chicken and black beef? Cling filmed Stone Age oozing muck? Notice how dry everything got when the scandals cleared the shelves of John scraps?

How many bird’s eyes in my shit turders and how many dead children in my wanderings on the quality assured dale. All advertised and marketed like O’Puked, McShoesole, Merde Strasse bread crumbed digestive paradise. Guaranteed quality systems dearth and rational death. Yet still they come in their own bread.

Pack a load of unwashed ass ceremonial slaughter into the mix and no wonder they had to start culling the cows, sheep, pigs, turkeys (never swans) and other beasts into the pyres to hide the unknown human offal.

All long pigs gone now. So expect more stinking meat warnings about microwaving before cooking spinning chicken.

If dead animal rubbish can rot your brain what could a targeted cranial massage do for the message?


Sunday 9 August 2015


Have you ever W*H*A*T the only two characters that give you the creeps are the two most affectionately remembered. That is not accidental, that is mental. They are emptied vessels for the empty new.

Ever wondered what scene could encapsulate a whole false stilted commercial poisoning.

That, Dr UKplc medic moment. The body shop NHS for Ba’Al.

Pharma infinancidal genocide of the abos? Soon to be pathawaygayed by universal nurses of the herbical.

That is all the UKplc business persons do.

Clear the fields.

autoPoisonous rent seeking lazy systemscum weeds, ridding rats. Kill us, steal and fool in disguise.

Go on; where did TESCO's land bank go when they made it public, note the MADE it public, that they cooked their useless manmade books?

Oh go on.

Where did the scandal go when everyone found the freezer sectioned emptied because human meat was in the designerAspergencephalitisburgers?

No one.

No one in UK plc cares. pUKepidemic. The source of all pathogenosis.

The self serving staring pig’s bladder slaves here will all die of BSE whilst eating BBQlead on a rainsoaked filed and filed and burned Summer’s afternoon top for nothing but redSovile. Go on.

Wander into a Hornsey PKK store here and find out how much work you do to give them money for standing doing nothing over terror. Fronted ex/impbotchboys.

Never in the duped minds of human activity has so much been given for so little activity. Just Invasive Uterine Denial. IED. No sweat just let the commerce pump out the useless ex/implosion.

Please try and explain it without delivering pills. A false notion of nation handing nothing money over to shelf stackers and kept sore kreeprs of the ration. Always STASI without the interest.  An aborted phantom intercourse of second line fools killing the defenceless and betraying themselves in taxivasion ranks.

You cannot own a means of transportation in UKplc now. The stage play is cleared and now communal cars are the rage. Go on listen to the TTC for any budget care in UKplc. You may not own the thing you never owned in the first place. Like houses, old age, shit houses, bricks and mortar here are like the bread. Fowl, away in a storm. Listen to any drug running bank mortgage scam and it is all sunshine, daisies and honesty bees. The reality is a Philippine welded curate off gold HSCBCNatShitLlvoids.

Go on. What do you think is being stranded at our super ports? Standard 40 foot containers unit robot hovels. The road to Wigan pier is rationed. Not everyone will get there.

They will take it back using money weaponry. Go on; listen to the latest shit from the glass ceilinged robobotchbitch telling us all about segregated cycle lanes’. thresher fools actually think they are safe now. Well you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Come on where do the rating agencies and accountancy firms get their suppressing fire from? In a nation that has printed more counerfiet than ever in existence. In a shithole of fiscal rabbit pooing. In a nation full of criminals. Where is the reality. Criminals do not live in our reality because all they do is laze around all day planning how to stellar our potatoes and tomatoes. As above so below.

A bovine poisoned Herd Attention Space where nothing growns and the stubble is bare. A whole lie deluded foolery of activity disguised as business. With all its catechism and holy books of fuckwittery? Sweat as leisure and pleasure as death.  Where a 20 hour day is to be reamed up the ass by a steam shuvvelled ladyboy on monatomic silvered sepia?

Ever wondered where the cutgutted eunuchs are splashed in D noticed rhetoric?

Logic login wood never debate this tissues.

Watch Triebig die.

Top Gear were never going to follow this mess without a star rising as the risks disguised as television died….

Watch Kelly’s to capture the full T34/85 financed by New York pharmaceutical delivery.

Seek the troublemakers centuries before hand Hindus.

Friday 7 August 2015

Ba'al Hammon.....

The Vatic Project: Graphic new video exposes depravity of Planned Par...: Vatic Note:   This is exactly what I am talking about with respect to our nation being desensitized to graphic horror that allows these per...

.....when he gazed over the fecundity in the old days his bitchboys and boybitches would sacrifice their first born. Then their servants got to kebab their children in place of the cowards love of money and wealth. Then their slaves were forced to skewer and charcoal grill their progeny.

Child Sacrifice=Abortion=Animal Phallus Worship=Diseased Minds

Gaza is your violated womb. Are you Nuremberg criminals you western fools? Murderers of the helpless for profit and no thing.

Take care to love those who hate.

Thursday 6 August 2015


Today is just mulching over fallow fields so nothing new here. Just an attempt to avoid hard choices. Enjoy the music and JCM chromic captures.

I admit when I first stood gazing through their remains at the Walt Disney sky that I was ashamed to think how unimpressive the reality of wreckage was. I was used to seeing bombsites cleared and did not expect a free standing structure emote false memory. Guilt; that such a thought should come to me
where the human shadows stilled watched me and those who were in photo flashed love cuddled and died. I new about the power released from chemistry. So I was somewhat unimpressed by the apparent diluted power of nuclear chemistry to obliterate steel. Well how wrong can you be? It was never about ending the war, that Pacific war had been scheduled to continue for decades. It was a cover story covering up the tell tale spoor of the criminals in their tantrum ratruns who misjudged the capabilities of the good citizens of USofA corp. For that one thing you will never be forgiven USofA and you have now spent 70 years of a 200 year program to eradicate you. As I mentioned earlier the Yemen and Syria MOABs are grooming us to expect big EMPs and dead systems soon. No travel for
you and me just like 1913-1950. Oh shit going off reservation again….

Well here we are again and your correspondent has several outpourings on the boil, that one nearly above spilled over the saucepan, and they are all merging into one, bigger than usual, load of codswallop soup. I may never continue so this might be au Renoir mes Amis.

Time taunts me and every time that I think of haunting it it filters through my eye and tires me not through failure but deserted repeated fatigue of an emptied attempted grasp. So so strange.

Did I ever take the time to help you feel the stark steel sky of a Scottish night when even the stars stuck in their grace? The weight of your own icy exhalation heavy in your hand, above your eye and cutting your gullet. Standing monolithic sheened above the sodium glare. No? One day, perhaps.

So whilst I untangle the lasso and regroup we will call a halt to all further bolloxisation and just have some fotos.

They are from my favourite place on this and any other Earth.

These past few days in and around MC1.

The big Yokosuka crane always reminded me of the NY and Glasgow capital cranes.

Ever been on the top deck back seat of a GC/WSMT bus out from St Enoch heading over the Clyde? Fish suppers everywhere and the weather on the ground? Yes? You have lived on the thin film where our thoughts make us prepared and life closes in a boak.


It is not that I have not tried. Success is non local so all will be for nought though others will benefit. Ask the fish kettle.


I went out to the hazel wood
Because a fire was in my head
And I cut and peeled a hazel wand
And hooked a berry with a thread
And when white moths were on the wing
And moth-like stars were flickering out
I dropped a berry in a stream
And caught a little silver trout.

When I had laid it on the floor
I went to blow the fire aflame
But something rustled on the door
And someone called me by by name.
It had become a glimmering girl
With apple blossoms in her hair
Who called me by my name and ran
And faded through the brightening air.

Though I am old with wandering
Through hollow lands and hilly lands
I will find out where she has gone
And kiss her lips and take her hands
And walk among long dappled grass
And pluck till time and times are done
The silver apples of the moon,
The golden apples of the sun

You will not understand any of this shit.....

....until you've met a mealy mothed balled Scotch naked pubic servant. Like a jealous purple postie who wants to redistribute away nothing.

Mind you the men in kilts are not as creepy as the Londaviv letter shufflers who spy on everyone and do not stand and deliver their chosen thieves.

Enjoy this shit and note the roll played by our two missing role players.

The conjoinedTurkommieCHEKA bitchboys Brown and Darling and the sheep dipped garlic swilling boybitch who wants to transfer money laundering to down town Bitching like her Spanish Genoan dolly La Senorita Lib Dem suicide bombing fuckedwitch.

How come no one ever mentions their mentors?

How come the two boybitches are ChiComm bitchboys?

H/T to the Popelike bitch.

Sunday 2 August 2015

up yours baby

As is is was always.


Up yours mon ami.

Keep watching as the seconds stink unto stasis.

The ELO have nihil all of sound.

Ever met any North Koreans? They are like East Germans without the wit and gay banter, OFM!