Tuesday 29 September 2015

Dr Who strikes again.

Wedding Party Death Toll Jumps to 131 as US-Backed Coalition Denies Wrongdoing

H/T willyloman  https://willyloman.wordpress.com/2015/09/29/wedding-party-death-toll-jumps-to-131-as-us-backed-coalition-denies-wrongdoing/

It has nothing to do with us gov. We were just passing on the way to a commandment funeral.

As has been noted here before the scalability of attrocities allows the same bit players of 100 years ago to kill at a distance, telehomicide, and in a fraction of a the time, picodeaths, and allow live pixelated images of plausible deniability in CNN/GGT/FOX Rovian enemascope to be nondelivered today in psysoaplalaland without effect.

In the good old days, when the mentally unwell were just getting used to industrialised murder, it took geezers to administer the lead based pharmaceuticals and dig the lime lit trenches of stardom. Nowadays AI Turing Fails save all the labour intensity of operations.

Anyway I am sure the child raping, humanity afflicting, suffering bringing agents of the UN will not be seizing any assets here.

Monday 28 September 2015


Funny old world when you live in the codified petri dish of a drug running RICO banker failing state . John Co. ignorance is engineered into the experiment in direct contravention of natural learning.

If I remember correctly the two UK derived carriers are war emergency builds. Indeed the smaller unit was emergency, emergency build. Commercial build standards throughout and light cruiser machinery, I think. Anyway isn't it wonderful just how long they lasted with care and attention after sitting on the slips for years. Indeed it is hard to believe that the exHMS Hermes was weeks from the scrap yard in 1982. Poor RN never got to put all that hard earned experience, from taking 1tonne bombs into the armoured hull and the disaster of small air wings with pathetic aircraft, into a real touch and feel ship type ship.

Indeed as an aside. I know that I keep comparing the F35 to Bomber B but it might be more instructive to examine RN aircraft of the 1940-43 period and consider. I have likened the Fairey Battle to the biggest waste of a good engine ever. Well add to that list the Fairey Fulmar, Firefly, Albacore and Barracuda. How come IJ, NG and FI aircraft were a greater success against UK warships that the RN squadrons ever were to anyone else's warships? Bearing in mind how rich a target environment was the Med and SW Asia in 1941-42, where are the sunk IJ and FI fleets (Taranto is like Libor)? I mean UKplc had been on a rationed command economy war footing for 3 whole years! Everyone else was running a peacetime economy. What is wrong with that picture?

Well you know and I know that the sponsored diktat history we got fed is total bollox. That is what is wrong here. Just like ISIS is a Madrassa run OxBridge psy soap opera with dead persons everywhere and no one in UKplc can tell the difference between real life, faked events and made up history.

Defence Blog - Satyamev Jayate: Nostalgia: INS Vikrant, INS Viraat and INS Vikrama...: Enjoy these two awesome pictures showcasing the might of Indian Navy !!!!  History repeating itself after 23 long years !!!! Cherish th...

Aahh the joys of the Nott defence review.

Let us have a little look at a summary of that document and stop to ponder.


28. The review which took place under Sir John Nott's tenure at the MoD ran from January to June 1981. It was conducted in the international context of a Soviet military build-up and the domestic context of a severe economic downturn and the introduction of cash planning to control public spending.[68] As our predecessors put it, in their Report on the 1981 Statement on the Defence Estimates (SDE)—

    The Secretary of State in his introduction says that the right balance must be re-established "between inevitable resource constraints and ... necessary defence requirements". In other words, the Government's commitments to spend money on defence have outstripped the availability of funds ...[69]
29. The Nott review confirmed the decision to proceed with the purchase of the Trident system from the USA to replace Polaris as the UK's strategic nuclear deterrent.[70] The Territorial Army and the other reserve forces were to be merged and rebuilt to meet the requirement for home defence,[71] which was also to be reinforced by a new fighter aircraft (eventually the Eurofighter programme).[72] The British Army of the Rhine was to be held at the level of 55,000 but to be re-equipped.[73] The main cuts under the Nott review were to fall on the Navy which, although it took on the Trident submarines, was to lose around one fifth of their 60 destroyers and frigates. Despite the supposed abandonment of the carrier programme, three so-called 'through deck cruisers' had been built, designated as the Invincible Class. One of these three carriers and the two amphibious ships Fearless and Intrepid were also to be cut.[74] Out-of-area, or expeditionary, warfare capacity was therefore to be further significantly reduced. With Trident, greater reliance was once again to be placed on the strategic nuclear deterrent as the counter to the Soviet threat (together with an increased submarine fleet),[75] and the overall force structure emphasised the UK's increasing expectation of acting only as part of NATO for overseas expeditionary operations.[76]

30. These proposals were rapidly scotched by the experience of the Falklands conflict in the Spring of 1982, which was commented on by our predecessors in three separate Reports.[77] In the White Paper on the lessons of that conflict, published in December 1982, it was announced that the 5th Infantry Brigade was to become an airborne force including an all-arms assault parachute capability of two battalion groups (withdrawn under the Mason Review); Fearless and Intrepid were to be retained in service.[78] The third aircraft carrier (HMS Invincible) was to be retained, and the number of destroyers and frigates held at around 55.[79] The White Paper concluded by signalling a return to 'flexibility and mobility', but as an extra rather than a central feature of force structure—

    The many useful lessons we have learned from the Falklands Campaign ... do not invalidate the policy we have adopted following last year's defence programme review. The Soviet Union—its policies and its military capabilities—continues to pose the main threat to the security of the United Kingdom and our response to this threat must have the first call on our resources. Following the Falklands Campaign, we shall now be devoting substantially more resources to defence than had been previously planned. In allocating these, we shall be taking measures which will strengthen our general defence capability by increasing the flexibility, mobility and readiness of all three Services for operations in support of NATO and elsewhere.[80]
However, by 1985, our predecessors were commenting—

    Our concern that there might be difficulties in managing the Defence Budget into the 1990s has ... turned into the strongest suspicion that there will indeed be ... cancellations, slowing-down of acquisitions and the running-on of equipment beyond its economic life-span. The evidence we have received from the Ministry has not allayed our fears ... A likely consequence is that important issues will be decided as a result of short-term financial considerations and not in the context of a long-term view of defence requirements or by weighing priorities in a sensible manner. We have drawn attention in this Report to substantial pressure developing on the defence budget over the coming years, and have no doubt that this will require some hard decisions. We are told that there is no immediate need for a major defence review; but we fear that the cumulative effect of managing the defence budget in the manner endorsed in the White Paper may result in a defence review by stealth.[81]
This call for a defence review was to be a constant theme of the Defence Committee over the next decade, but was to remain unanswered until 1997. The government preferred to adopt, in the face of a dramatically changed international security environment, a process of almost continuous review.

Now let us ignore what happened and try with the skills of our forensics to reconstruct what these clowns believed the world would look like in the 1990s.

We can factor in other events rolled onto the unsuspecting UK public a the 1980s unfolded.

It can all be summed up in the single vignette.

UK armed forces ensured that everyone in the UK was defenceless against being engineered into unemployment, forced into satrapy, having all assets stolen, their children raped and killed by freaks and their island invaded by people smuggling gangs all sponsored by their government and MPs. UKplc has been brought back quietly into the 14th century. The first post enlightenment society. The most advanced society on Earth. Like putty in the hands of religious criminals.

That is what western goverments do to their aboriginal peoples. They kill them off and select for work shy clients, murdering land thieves and dry goods flock whores.



Wednesday 23 September 2015

Pope Francis, the Question Is Not Why Poverty

The Apiru Cru watch continues. What bit of this theatre is really theatre in its alchemical sense and what is truly nonsense? More and more the big expensive productions are without aim for the audience is already, for the most part, somnambulanced. It would be of more productive result to watch the ChiComm imperial families' scions and where they spend heir time. Especially any breeding mares miscegenating.

Pope Francis, the Question Is Not Why Poverty

One of the interesting things about UKplc having declared war on the world in 1939 is that the RCE/LC clowns in typical Venetian tort fashion masked blame on everyone else. Kind of like today when Cameron claims that dripping high velocity pharmaceuticals in Syria is self defence. I suppose he is only obeying orders; the bitchboy war criminal.

All this can be laded at the feet of the modern Apiru Cru who are disguised within mobile syncretic secret.

"Any serious look at the history of human beings over the millennia shows that the species began in poverty.
It is not poverty, but prosperity, that needs explaining. Poverty is automatic, but prosperity requires many things — none of which is equally distributed around the world or even within a given society.
Geographic settings are radically different, both among nations and within nations. So are demographic differences, with some nations and groups having a median age over 40 and others having a median age under 20. This means that some groups have several times as much adult work experience as others. Cultures are also radically different in many ways.

As distinguished economic historian David S. Landes put it, “The world has never been a level playing field.” But which has a better track record of helping the less fortunate — fighting for a bigger slice of the economic pie, or producing a bigger pie?

In 1900, only 3 percent of American homes had electric lights but more than 99 percent had them before the end of the century. Infant mortality rates were 165 per thousand in 1900 and 7 per thousand by 1997. By 2001, most Americans living below the official poverty line had central air conditioning, a motor vehicle, cable television with multiple TV sets, and other amenities.
A scholar specializing in the study of Latin America said that the official poverty level in the United States is the upper middle class in Mexico. The much criticized market economy of the United States has done far more for the poor than the ideology of the left.

Pope Francis’ own native Argentina was once among the leading economies of the world, before it was ruined by the kind of ideological notions he is now promoting around the world."

Just to make sure that there is no accusation of being anti-phukkedwitz here, rest assured I am not picking on the western Apiru Cru swindle project because of unthinking sectarianism.

No. I do it because I am anti-phukkedwitz and if the annals of phukkwitdom are stuffed with failed servile money jews then that is a jew deliberated failure problem. The structurally failured need to shape up and stop jabbering constant thieving nonce sense fakirshyte. It is also beholden on the non phukwitz to stop falling for the drivel and phukkwittery from spastikmonkeys, you retardomuppets. In the real world there are no drug dealers if no one is a user. Unlike the rigged markets, there is an actual principle of supply and demand for wholesome products and services in the uninfected by mongmoney economy. In the constructed scams and constricted RICO of modern vomit rationing all is a freakstein monster of a malnutrition money monkey god. So if you are a regurgitated debt user you will be infested by the Apiru Cru parasites in the kriminalrat bank/money faking racket all your life. Voluntary traitor prisoners of pimping and pumping nothing into your lives.

Unfortunately the track record of western elite phukkwittery is not hopeful. Check out the royal houses from UKplc. What a collection of useless arses.

Anyway back to the geezer from Ba'al Rome talking AGENDA21 bollox.

Loyola’s bitchboy is the surest indicator that the experiment being run out of Rome, subcontracted, this past 600 years is drifting southwards in its tendencies. Whether this was intentional I don’t know but I would suggest that the boundaries for the outcomes were. The Genevese (S America, RCE/BS?) are the future in the western hemisphere and the Venetians (RCE/LC) have the eastern hemisphere. You don't need to spy a papal bull to smell the bull Cru. What the good altMSM denizens of USofA corp do not get is that the banksters, jew or otherwise, are only the obvious front handlers placed there centuries ago via Bavarian banks that handled Peruvian gold Yamashitastylee. The more discrete and ancient, since they are related directly to Apiru older industries of secret gold transport, mating protection, hostage transport and extortion services provided by the dusty red donkey drivers, not banking, like insurance fraudster houses, are silent front running.


Altcom do not understand is that their part of the petri dish is about to be wiped clean. The Dulles Bros, Skull and Bones, Aardvark and Zeppellin or whatever the floack the clowns hide under, are a shimmering castle built on the never shifting but always transporting sands. Sterile years in the starving fallow fields are coming.

All of this though is placed within a more far reaching Apiru Cru programme spreading global poverty out of Shebanaevil zentral for 6000years now. Remember that the Apiru Cru picked up by yahweh when Moshe shipped out the murdering thieves to Sinai are the only ones made generally known to us in the west. The end game of all commerce is beneficial universal poverty. It is a simple math defferential. So the great project continues until final integration.

The universal currency that so terrifies the altMSM is false flag around which to rally. Who cares about the Globero Dollar if all memory has not been erased. Once memory has been unified in amnaesia then you can have all the remainder peddling their own personal currency. Which bitcoin bit do you not get? Memory is the low intensity conflict waged 24/7 that has to be won and the real danger is not FEMA camps the real danger is iSelf administered distractive amusement doses of commercial forgetfulness. Onanic ad terminus.

This is the fire break time.

For lack of a thorough statistical accumulation and analysis of Soviet genocides and mass murder from 1917 to recent years, I had to undertake at least a first effort in this direction. Initially, the result was to be a chapter in a monograph on 20th century genocide and mass killing. But it soon became clear that the Soviets themselves are responsible for so many genocides, and that so many different kinds of mass killings had occurred, that to unravel and present the detailed events and institutions involved and the related statistics would require a monograph itself. Thus this book. 

To best present the historical details, statistical analyses, and various figures and sources, and yet to make the book readable and useful to various publics, I have divided the book in the following way. First, the statistical data, sources, and analyses have been separated from the historical when, what, and why of the estimates. This provides an explanation and understanding of the deaths being reported, and historical narrative for those uninterested in the statistical details, while also making available the statistical material for specialists. Second, rather than put all the statistics in one, huge appendix at the end of the book, an appendix has been prepared for each historical period, thus keeping the historical narrative and related statistical material together. Third, each historical period has been treated as a chapter, with the associated statistical appendix at the end. Finally, an historical overview and analysis and presentation of the final results was made the first chapter, which constitutes an executive summary. Its appendices sum up the statistical data, compares these to estimates in the literature, and simulates the result of altering some important assumptions.” https://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/20TH.HTM

That is coming very soon because you bought the debt choke joke on you and through you they bought out your government and replaced it by governance by lethal quantitative sleazing.

All those death states depended on subsidies from the west, at all times, and in all cases. So when the west turns on its own, the most productive persons in history, it will be for the final solution, finally.

It will always happen as long as the debt peddlers have customers. I know that we have been taught to devalue life and worship debt. So the idea of death is now completely unassayed but if you are going to die soon at least make it to some purpose.

Death could be the most valuable thing we possess.

Watch it burn.

Monday 21 September 2015

One of Satan's minyons on earth meets another mass murderer.

Have you noticed that these holy creepzoids always hang out with psychopaths and murderers. Always in the company of financial scoundrels and robbers of the poor.

Robin Hood would have been taken out by a papal wet team staffed by jump room jesuits and time travelling dominicans. All good persons are anathema to these organised gangs of god pimps. Why do you think all the ordinary souls get wiped out when these clowns heave into view riding the ark of the horsemen?

Anyway. Just in case you didn't get it faithful scum.

He hates you all.

JR has a good one.

"...his covert Jesuit message is: let’s get rid of separate nations, eliminate private profit for the middle class, and return to those glorious days of the Middle Ages; my Church flourishes under those conditions; we know how to deal with wall-to-wall misery; oh, and here’s the collection plate."


Sunday 20 September 2015

Unification or global wasteland prototype. A taster of the Shyte World Order.

I bet that the geezers in the Big Room did not count on having this problem in to deal with in 2020 as they gamed things out in 1930 at the BIS billiard baize. Which reminds me we must take a look at how the world was supposed to look circa 1955 if Stalin hadn't gone astray.

Anyway there is only so long that a whole peninsula that was to be nothing more than serfs in the big plan, imagine NK extended to all of Asia and you get a flavour of what was mooted in 1930, can be kept on ice in the fairy land of theoretical geopolitics constructed by the cuntstrukk mentallect of retarded mutant gilded daleks like Kissmyassinger and people hating void minded psychophukks like Zbignyaffukk.

Pacific Sentinel: Interview: What Prospects for Korean Unification?: By Rafał Tomański Cho Han-bum of the Korea Institute for National Unification on inter-Korean relations and the specifics of unificat...

"By Shin Hyon-hee
South Korea on Thursday secured a contract to
export four T-50 trainer jets to Thailand in another coup that marks the
local defense industry’s growing technological clout.
The $110
million agreement was clinched between the Korea Aerospace Industries
and the Thai government in Seoul. The supersonic aircraft, built with
technical assistance from the American defense giant Lockheed Martin, is
scheduled to be delivered by March 2018.
The Thai Air Force has
been pushing to replace its L39 jets manufactured in the former
Czechoslovakia and used for more than 30 years. Its cabinet approved 3.7
billion baht ($103 million) for the project late last year.
country’s sole aircraft maker vied with those from the U.S., Russia,
China and Italy. The Sacheon, South Gyeongsang Province-headquartered
company and its Chinese competitor had been seen as the most likely
“The decision by the Thai Air Force, which has long
purchased cutting-edge weapons systems made by aerospace powerhouses,
will provide a chance for its long-term partnership with KAI,” the firm
said in a press statement.
“The T-50 is the best alternative for the
force’s drive to modernize its military and cultivate fourth-generation
combat pilots.”
The latest agreement may pave the way for
additional sales of the T-50 as Thailand is reportedly seeking to bring
in as many as 24 more trainer jets in the coming months. If KAI wins the
contract, the sum is likely to near $800 million, the largest package
for the model’s exports.
KAI is also setting sights on the U.S. Air
Force’s $10 billion program called T-X to adopt new two-seat, faster jet
trainers to replace the Northrop T-38 Talon. The winner is expected to
be announced in the second half of 2017, company officials said. On the
industry front, the deal highlights South Korea’s efforts to shore up
its charges into the global warplane market.
KAI sealed a $420
million contract with the Philippines last year to sell 12 light attack
FA-50 fighters, the T-50’s armed version, a $1.1 billion deal with Iraq
in 2013 to supply 24 FA-50s and a $400 million bid with Indonesia in
2011 to provide 16 T-50s.
In 2013, Thailand signed its largest-ever
naval procurement agreement worth 14.6 billion baht to purchase a
multipurpose frigate from South Korea’s Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine
Engineering, with its delivery slated for 2018.


Saturday 19 September 2015

Miss Marple, Jessica Fletcher, Hercule Poirot, Drakula, Blohkin, Kaganovich and the Fed.

When will the world ever learn that whereever these clowns show up there are dead people everywhere whilst the main character wanders around in fine clothes, eating good food and quaffing reserve. They are not fictional in outcome. Just imagine our waddling little Belgie swanning around with Stalin's face. Same outcome. Dead persons everywhere the clown turns up in literature. The books do not lie, only the gloss of hystory.

These freaks are unable to run a hot bath without flooding your home. They couldn't make you corned beef on rye without poisoning you. I wouldn't trust them to open a door without their care givers and paramedics in attendance. All that these lying phukkwitz say has been proven over the past century, at least, to be epic failure and massive murder scenes. Open their gobs and shyte pours out. Let them write books and it is nothing but ordure in print. They have turned medicine into gaslight chamberswhere doctors are torturers and nurses are executioners. Allow them to appear anywhere and it is a circus of psychopathic fraud and counterfeit actions.

Yet the world still leaves these odious degenerate sterile killers of clusterphukkdom, these mentally ill devoid of spritus special needs paraplegic post natal abortions in waiting, alive & well, and wielding ultimate power over our children's future, the care of our aged and the happiness of our lives.

Which bit of "They are phukking useless at anything and may be a poison to us" don't you get?

What is wrong with you human race? Are you complete abdicators? Do you seek termination?





BRICS stocks, currencies cheer Fed decision, EU in the red
September 18, 2015, 10:25 am 


Federal Reserve chief explained that the federal funds rate will stay unchanged considering the weak global economy and low inflation [Xinhua]

Even though European markets were in the red, stocks and currencies in emerging markets cheered the US Federal Reserve’s decision to postpone a much-anticipated rate hike.

BRICS currencies firmed early on Friday after the US Federal Reserve kept interest rates on hold.
India’s rupee on Friday climbed the most since March 2014.

The rupee climbed 1 per cent to 65.7950 a dollar as of 1:11 pm in Mumbai. The Fed’s decision paves way for the central bank of India to cut borrowing costs for a fourth time this year.

By 0849 GMT on Friday the South African rand had gained 1.35 percent to 13.1800, with renewed appetite for emerging market assets lifting the currencies of these economies.

South Africa’s central bank decides on rates next week when its three-day policy conference concludes on Wednesday.

It lifted interest rates by 25 basis points to 6.00 per cent in a borderline call in August, citing the rand’s vulnerability to global market reaction to monetary policy in the US.

The central parity rate of the Chinese yuan also strengthened 63 basis points to 6.3607 against the US dollar on Friday, according to the China Foreign Exchange Trading System.

On Thursday the US Fed said economic and financial developments globally could restrain economic activity in the US, putting further downward pressure on inflation in the near term.

“Recent global economic and financial developments may restrain economic activity somewhat and are likely to put further downward pressure on inflation in the near term”, the Fed said in a statement on Thursday.

“The committee expects inflation to rise gradually toward two percent over the medium-term as the labor market improves further and the transitory effects of declines in energy and import prices dissipate,” it added.

However, the bank could still raise rates before year-end, with 13 of 17 Fed policymakers expecting it a hike this year.

The Fed’s inaction came as good news for the Russian ruble as well.

At 08:15 GMT on Friday, the Russian ruble traded slightly higher against the dollar at 65.4 rubles. Overall, the ruble has gained seven per cent against the greenback since August 24.

The next Fed meeting is scheduled for October 27.

The FTSEuroFirst index of leading 300 shares fell 0.8 per cent in early trade on Friday to 1,413 points, Germany’s DAX fell 1 per cent to 10,129 points, and France’s CAC 40 was down 0.9 per cent at 4,615 points.

Britain’s FTSE 100 index was also down 0.3 per cent at 6,170 points.

Emerging market equities rose to one-month highs on Friday, with MSCI’s broadest emerging market index up 0.6 per cent and on track for the biggest weekly rise since early April, with 3.7 per cent gains.

Source: Agencies


Friday 18 September 2015

Bitchboy Alert: Britain's Spy Chief Wants More Powers To Fight ter...

War News Updates: Britain's Spy Chief Wants More Powers To Fight ter...: Reuters: UK spy chief calls for more powers to fight terrorism threat * UK spies need more powers over communications, MI5 chief * Sh...

You can be sure this androgyunuch will never sniff around a Roth property or RCE/LC where all the multigenerational crime family terrorists congregate and plan and finance terror events decades ahead.

Right now they are signing off attrocities you've never dreamed off for the decades after 2020. That is what they do. They planned the financing of all the killing in the decades 1910-1950 in the late 1800s!!

If ever UK subjects were to even give a hint of protesting they'd get killed in the street or subject to a 7/7 stadium or 9/11 shopping mall disaster crewed by bad speciall fuerzes especiales crisis actors in camo.

Silencing unwanted serfs with tanks on the street and dead civilians are an old UK tradition.


Thursday 17 September 2015

More hysteria? White House on lock down because of 'unattended package' -- Society's Child -- Sott.net

More hysteria? White House on lock down because of 'unattended package' -- Society's Child -- Sott.net: http://www.sott.net/article/302010-More-hysteria-White-House-on-lock-down-because-of-unattended-package

So what or who are they protecting? A free american citizen President in the shape of a USofA corp person circa 1910?

The only thing in the Whitehouse is a Trotskyite/Alinskyist/Maoist collection of bitchboys and boybitches from some dump where they now keep slaves and shoot persons without due process.

Well now that we think about it more carefully the empty house does need sealing off from the great unwashed just in case anyone really finds out that the president is an alien, spouting alien beliefs, using alien language and is a total fauxersatzsyntheticprotoYahweh Turing Fail workshy roboboybitch from Batavia, foaled from a workshy moneybitch dolly and totally unfit to be in charge of an iced cream parlour.

In fact if we look carefully at the so called leaders of the western shitheaps they would likely have all their customers coming out of the cornetto cafes with first degree burns and deny all knowledge about it as the streets filled with academic Hollyweird crisis actors faking frost bite.

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Addendum.70th anniversary of the Augustów Roundup Massacre - They simply vanished without a trace

  w+d+w knocks another one into the back of the net over at the TF farm.https://furtherglory.wordpress.com/2015/09/15/hannah-arendt-and-her-opinion-about-the-role-of-the-jewish-leaders-in-the-holocaust/

"The Eichmann kidnapping by the Mossad in Argentina was was hoax. The subsequent trial in Jerusalem was another hoax. Hannah Arendt’s reporting on that trial for The New Yorker was just part of the propaganda machine, a smart part for the “smart set.” Some of the eye witness testimony was so preposterous and melodramatic that it’s a wonder Hannah Arendt kept a straight face through it. I suppose she had to to fulfil her task. Here are two short snippets of film from the trial to show the sort of vaudville that went on at the Eichman trial. 1. Nazis put mice in Jews’ trousers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjLgfHGpgV8. 2. Ka-tzetnik 135633 (aka Yehiel Feiner, aka Yehiel Dinur, a notorious pornographer) gets a case of the “vapors” in the witness box: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0T9tZiKYl4. As if these “lie witness” performances aren’t ridiculous enough, learn about the Eichmann affair and the full extent of trick Israel played on the whole world (with the help of Hannah Arendt) here: http://www.gabyweber.com/dwnld/artikel/eichmann/ingles/not_kidnapped_by_mossad.pdf. If reading the “Eichmann/Mossad” PDF is too hard a task, you can watch a 1.5hr made for German TV documentary movie entitled “DISINFORMATION: the Wanted Historical Lie of Mossad” based on investigative journalist Gaby Weber’s exhaustively researched report: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0569i90Gpuo Claude Lanzmann is a highly paid Zionist propagandist. I’m not going to watch a new eight hour version of his boring cinematic sob story SHOAH. No siree Bob, I’ll be off rewriting Dante’s Inferno to include a new Ring of Hell where sinners are sent to listen to clammy handed Jewish “geniuses” like Claude Lanzmann and Hannah Arendt kvetch and whimper about their holy Holocaust forever.
Comment by who dares wings — September 15, 2015 @ 10:00 am"

Noting the consistency with which the TFs operate there the RISC caveat is appropriate.

Anyway as will be noted from all conversations from salaried TFs no one ever lists the names and qualifications, before being sent to the work camps, of all those who perished there by surviving. No one seems interested in the names and qualifications of those who were smuggled into USofA corp R&D to work with their colleagues from the SS again, nor the names and qualifications of those established in the RCE pirate base at Tel Aviv on Vatican/London City ratlines.

No one seems interested in why the Auschwitz marchers got their orders to march and from whom?

I wonder why?

The Murder Army in Wonsan 1945.

70th anniversary of the Augustów Roundup Massacre - They simply vanished without a trace

It is the end of the beginning now. Just as no one cares what happened.

Great stuff from w+d+w over at the Turing Fail zooillogical gardens.

"Want to know where the Jews went? Read this forgotten book about East Europe in the lead up to WWII by Catholic activist Dorthy Day’s brother Donald Day, or tune and listen to it as an audio book: http://theendofzion.com/onward-christian-soldiers-by-donald-day-book-and-audiobook/.

On the same subject consult these other authors – Eric Koch DEEMED SUSPECT, Ruth Gay SAFE AMONG THE GERMANS, Idith Zertal FROM CATASTROPHE TO POWER, Bernard Pilitzer WALLACHIAN YEARS, James G. Macdonald REFUGEES AND RESCUE.
“The secret convoying of the Eastern Jews across Western Europe was revealed by a British general, Sir Frederick Morgan (to whose work in planning the invasion of Normandy General Eisenhower’s book pays tribute).

When the fighting ended General Morgan was lent by the British War Office to “UNRRA”, the offspring-body of the United Nations which was supposed to “relieve and rehabilitate” the sufferers from the war. General Morgan was put in charge of the most hapless of these (the “displaced persons”) and found that “UNRRA”, which cost the American and British taxpayer much money, was being used as an umbrella to cover the mass-movement of Jews from the eastern area to Palestine.

These people were not “displaced persons”. Their native countries had been “liberated” by the Red Armies and they were able to live in them, their welfare ensured by the special law against “Anti-semitism” which all these communized countries received from their Communist overlord. They had not been “driven from Germany”, where they had never lived. In fact, these were, once more, the Ostjuden, the Chazars, being driven by their Talmudic masters to a new land for a conspiratorial purpose.” -Douglas Reed
Comment by who dares wings — August 31, 2015 @ 11:48 am

·  make that read “parsing the confessions of captured Nazi concentration camp commandants.” And while your at it watch this documentary which proves Adolf Eichmann was never kidnapped by the Mossad in Argentina. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0569i90Gpuo. When it comes to the Holocaust death cult we have all been sorely disinformed by it’s priesthood. The only lesson to be learned from it is compliance.
Comment by who dares wings — August 30, 2015 @ 2:32 pm
HCW why don’t you get off the couch in front of your television and do some deep research? The U.S. Army Department of Psychological Warfare SHAEF colluded with The OSS R &A (Research and Analysis), Charles Dwork (OSS Jewish Desk), Steven Wise (American Jewish Committee), Hillel Kook (aka Peter Bergson, Irgun opertive), Gerhart Reignert (World Jewish Congress, Switzerland), Allen Dulles (OSS, Switerzland), Sir Bruce Lockhart PWE (Political Warfare Executive, London), Victor Rothschild SOE (Special Operations Executive, London) and the Polish Government in Exile in London to create the false news that Germans were mass murdering Jews in homicidal gas chambers during WWII. As the war wound down Victor Cavendish-Bentinik of the PWE (former British Ambassador to Poland) suggested to the head of British Intelligence that it was time to retire that story. http://www.whatreallyhappened.info/decrypts/Cavendish_Bentinck.pdf Nobody who seriously studies the weaponized fraud that is the Holocaust legend concerns themselves anymore with parsing the confessions of captured Nazis. Ernst Zundel and his team settled these debates in a court of law in Toronto first in l985 and again in 1988. “Lie witness” Rudolf Verba (cousin of SOE agent Vera Atkins) and Raul Hilberg (widely considered the world’s pre-eminent Holocaust scholar) left feathers of the crow they were made to eat during their cross examinations scattered all over the floor of the witness box!
Comment by who dares wings — August 30, 2015 @ 2:16 pm
Always very pleasant to read comments written by knowledgeable guys like you, who dares wings.
Minor misspellings in your comment: “Stephen Wise” instead of “Steven Wise”, and “Rudolf Vrba” instead of “Rudolf Verba”.
Comment by hermie — August 31, 2015 @ 7:43 am
After the liberation of Buchenwald Eugen Kogen was driven to the schloss that had once belonged to Balder von Sirach, the head of the Hitler Youth, by a team of U.S. Army SCHAEF psychological warfare soldiers where he wrote this turgid atrocity tale. Kogen writes:

“In order to dispel certain fears, and to show that this report [that is what he calls The Theory and Practice of Hell ] cannot be construed as an accusation against certain prisoners who held dominant positions, I read it aloud, at the beginning of the month of May 1945, as soon as it was down on paper, lacking only the last two chapters out of a total of twelve, to a group of fifteen people, who had been members of the clandestine government of the camp,[6] or who represented certain political alignments among the prisoners. These persons approved its accuracy and its objectivity.

 Present at the reading were:
Walter Bartel, Communist from Berlin, president of the international committee in the camp.
Heinz Baumeister, Social, from Dortmund, who for years had been a member of the Buchenwald Secretariat; second secretary of Block 50.
Ernst Busse, Communist, from Solingen, Kapo of the prisoners’ infirmary.
Boria Banilenko, head of Communist youth groups in the Ukraine, member of the Russian committee.
Hans Eiden, Communist, from Trier, first camp elder.
Baptiste Feflen, Communist, from Aix-la-Chapelle, washhouse Kapo.
Franz Hackel, Left independent, from Prague. One of our friends, without position in the camp.
Stephan Heymann, Communist, from Mannheim, member of camp information office.
Werner Hilpert, Centrist, from Leipzig, member of the international committee in the camp.
Otto Horn, Communist, from Vienna, member of the Austrian committee.
A. Kaltschin, Russian prisoner of war, member of the Russian committee.
Otto Kipp, Communist, from Dresden, assistant Kapo of the prisoners’ infirmary.
Ferdinand Romhild, Communist, from Frankfurt am Main, first secretary of the prisoners’ infirmary.
Ernst Thappe, Social, head of the German committee.
Walter Wolff, Communist, head of the camp information office.” (Page 20-21)

This statement, in itself, is enough to render suspect the entire testimony: “In order to dispel certain fears, and to show that this report cannot be construed as an accusation against certain prisoners who held dominant positions in the — camp… ” Here Eugen Kogon avoided reporting anything accusatory against the Haeftlingsfuehrung (inmate government); rather, he harbored grievances only against the SS. No historian could ever accept that. On the contrary, one is justified in thinking that in this way he has paid a debt to those who got him his privileged positions in the camp and that he has chosen to defend those with whom he had common interests, as well as himself, before the public.

The fifteen persons listed who passed judgment on his “accuracy and objectivity” are suspect. They are all Communists or fellow-travelers, and if, by chance, there was an exception, he could only be under obligation to the others. The list is made up of the highest functionaries of the Haeftlingsfuehrung of Buchenwald who, naturally, are likely to share Kogon’s point of view.

Such titles as “president” or “member” of this or that “committee” are meaningless because they awarded these titles to themselves at the time of the camp’s liberation and afterwards. Paying little attention to the notion of “committees” then, these fifteen persons were only too happy to find in Eugen Kogon an artful pen who freed them from responsibility for their actions in the eyes of posterity.

Kogen was purportedly a Christian Socialist and a propagandist on the U.S. Army SHAEF payroll. He was a witness at the trial of Ilsa Koch and had a long career after the war as a Holocaust lecturer and author of another book on the mechanics of the gas chambers
Comment by who dares wings — August 31, 2015 @ 5:14 pm

Kicking Bishop Brennan up the arse needs kicking up the chaim of command!

Pope Francis calls for ending tax-exempt status of uncharitable churches -- Society's Child -- Sott.net: http://www.sott.net/article/301913-Pope-Francis-calls-for-ending-tax-exempt-status-of-uncharitable-churches

This thing is trying to morph into some sort of monoheathen iUNCOKSUK.

Just watch it shut its yap, as usual, when the hyperkilling starts. For that is what it prays for every day.

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Vampire light. OR. ON. IR. Pt One.

Having touched on the scope limiting remit of the MSMaltMSM symbiosis on several occasions it might be time to state the case quite clearly.

I am fed up listening to the altMSM hero and heroix, boom, boom, telling us all that the ausphart is the greatest thing since toasted cheese. No. It is another tool in the great plan which has no other use than dividing the survivors from the soon to be exterminated.

If the clowns that allowed the printing of bibles in the vernacular could, by the simple expedient of owning all the printing presses, foment and manage a successful controlled autocull of the faithless and faithfilled over an extended period of many centuries what do you think they are going to do with the ausphart then?

So best to ignore the altBOLLOX and get on with forensics. There is no shortage of evidence lying around dead after all. All one needs is certitude that your own storytelling is more valid than the vapid lifeless wankwordings of approved MSMbitchboys and fannybatterblather of certified altMSMboybitches shuvved in yer face by the religiowindows of the techntronic priests of bamboozletronhood.

Look at your patterns of behaviour. If you do the same thing every day on the altfart then you are at worship like a monk in his cell. Come and join the rest of us up on the sylite shores. No day is ever the same as you pick yourself off the sand again and climb another story, bruised but a little wiser each day…..BWAHAHAHAAAA.

What bestirs me is that nagging stone in my shew that I picked up whilst being enthralled by the fable of WW2. I bought it all, hook, line and sinker.

The one that really annoyed me was the Battle of the Bulge.

I don’t know about you but have you noticed that if you’ve been around a foul dump the one thing that hits you is the stench at the site and that stink others perceive at the sight of you where ever you are later?

So…now hang on here…if you are Skorzeny and Peiper would you pass the mile long fuel dump on the road to your target if you really were worried about fuel criticality to the mission? I mean you might be twirling sign posts in the rain disguised as Bob Hope and Ginger Rogers but this is the S&P show FFS! These guys do not operate behind the enemy lines. Where is the line? In the area where they cut their teeth there was no line. Just ask Meyer and Wünsche. These guys operate, full stop.

If one were MiHi would one remove Patton’s mobile comms team and send them SAS bound northwards during this off yer Hitlerscone escapade by mentalist Nasties, just to play loadedjazz music at the fuel starving panzerdudes Panamastylee? At this late stage we still have RCE/London City taking the piss out of RCE/New Yoik. Just to make it clear to any readers here from USofA corp that the original plan did not have USofA corp in Europe doing anything. USofA corp was to be bled white in a decades long war planned by RCE/LC in the far east. So USofA corp was very, oivery unwelcome in the Roth playpen. So you will be ejected soon.

One must also factor in the Rock OSS who must have gotten pissed off when Ike was getting his prostate probed by the Roth phukknun and still going native late 44/early 45. One wonders if the jerked redirection of US 3rd Army happened as Ike was pointing at the situation map and his ring got snapped shut all of a sudden.

I would moot that it at this point, as a 5 star got his movements finally cleared, that USofA corp got targeted for Nov 63 and Sep 01.

A clever stylite would put his forensics where his mouth is and predict the next one. Well the actual ceremonial date will be determined by our occult friends and their dark colander but we can say that the pschohistorics needs to implode the mark. So we are looking at one generation after Sep 01. After a minor external set back like the ChiComms taking out all the LCS in RCE/SG. USofA corp is not going to get a Pearl Harbour moment again. PH events happen to young turks not clapped out old hags. RCE/TA equipping with J20s not F35s. Malta going ChiComm. All these and others shall come to pass.

Anyway back to the funny events that have your correspondent scratching around, all CSIstylee, in the fake history as valid belief systems.

Decades after non accredited researchers went over the crime scenes and were ignored. Decades after the German and US docs tumbled free we get a soupçon of controlled release from Russia to write a prepared script spiced with predictive programming.

Remember that guerrillas are illegal combatants to be executed on sight. Pace Nguyễn Ngọc Loan.

Heads Up: It’s a Trap
"On Monday, September 28, with the U.S federal budget still presumably in play, the following world leaders will address the UN General Assembly:
  • Obama
  • Xi Jinping
  • Putin
  • Hollande
  • Rouhani
  • others
There are rumors that Hollande will propose a Palestinian state. What is not a rumor is the UN’s new Post-2015 Development Agenda. This is being referred to as Agenda 21 on steroids.

Why am I concerned that the UN Development Agenda will pop out of the Pope’s mouth on a wave of highly juicy entrainment and propaganda? Or that it will land nicely pre-engineereed into the federal budget? Or that all the hungry domestic and global constituents will press for passage so that their October checks will arrive without interruption?

I’ll tell you why: because I have seen this kind of “sneak attack” before."

Too many persons now understand that it is time to sharpen stakes in the game.  I wouldn't trust this lot to shit straight. Yet they will always be found creepzoiding around Ziod fairy tales and unreality holobubbles. Always. So how come no one ever really cares? How come no one can be bothered 2 take their game 3out?

It is a bit like the old Red Dwarf episode where the rank brown cabbage kebab crew start to degenerate anything they came into contact with.

Monday 14 September 2015

Other people's money burning, trouble stirring creepziod heaves into view.

Spotted on the child shagging channel this morning we have one of the Moribund work shy phukkwitz brothers Carrymob spouting bitchboy scripted bad crisis actor shyte.

"Speaking after meeting refugees in Lesbos, Mr Miliband said: 'Tomorrow the EU has an opportunity to move beyond its fragmented and lacklustre response to date and finally acknowledge the severity of this humanitarian crisis.

'Europe is facing its largest refugee crisis since the end of World War II.

'Each country needs to shoulder the burden and agree to both relocate refugees who have reached the continent and resettle the most vulnerable from the Middle East.

'The UK's decision to annually resettle 4,000 Syria refugees over the next five years is the equivalent of accepting the number arriving on a single day on the beaches of the Greek island of Lesbos, where the IRC is providing humanitarian assistance.

'The total offer of 20,000 is the same as the number of refugees who arrived in Munich last weekend.' http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3232798/David-Miliband-criticises-UK-offer-Syrian-refugees.html

 And with that he fukked off to swill some more UN champagne and touch base with his Alinskyist handler and all round Trotskyist/Maoist belle end Nanny McClinton the child killer.

What a collection of scum and You clowns who are being removed from history allow them to breath!!! Nay. You encourage them.

White people; a dumb petrie dish of psychokiller culture. UFM!

Sunday 13 September 2015

Pacific Sentinel: Editorial: A New Indonesia Military Boost Near the...

Pacific Sentinel: Editorial: A New Indonesia Military Boost Near the...: By Prashanth Parameswaran The country’s defense minister says it will strengthen its air defenses “to be prepared.” Earlier this ...

MaLong in the comments has this nicely summarised locally. "Actually if I'm Indonesia I would be more "wary" of Uncle Sam trying to
make a sandwich out of her with the help of the Aussie. Darwin is only a
few kilometer away and Singapore is right next door. If she doesn't
behave a false flag operation is not out of the question, democracy
notwithstanding.....remember "fcvk the EU"?

However no matter what the pros and cons are no one realises that this is not about, energy, rights of passage, land grabs, historical fabrication for national possession, just look at RCE/TA for that kind of rolling fiction, this is all about making a lot of unbelievers dead so that the engineers of the global wasteland of death money can unify the remnants of humanity in androgyunuch yahweh mongheathen sterility.


Thursday 10 September 2015

Justice in a World of Climate Change and the Distribution of Responsibilities

Justice in a World of Climate Change and the Distribution of Responsibilities

This guy in the replies has the shyte peddling, work shy, mind melted, foundation whore, welfare scrounging, bitchboy summed up nicely. Same modus to cover their theft of lives and treasure as a century ago. Commie iGreen phukkedwitz inbred talmudic creepzoids.

"I see the communists are alive and well and writing junk like this
article. I did not cause the Muslims in say Iraq to kill each other
rather than build their country. I did not cut off the hand of an
albino in Kenya rather than build the country. I did not kill people of
the other tribe like they did in China. I did not steal billions as
head of every African, Asian country in the world . I did not do the
same thing in Mexico, central America or South America, all those people
did that to themselves. The west was busy most of the time building
our countries to first world countries rather than tearing things down
based on religion, class and tribe. that is what the most of the world
has been doing every since people came down from the trees. In the
imperial period we exported the ideas of how to advance to all those
countries which had not done so in thousands of years. We owe nothing
to those people. They owe everything they have which is a lot more than
they produce including in a lot of places their food to the west and
industrialization and liberty, freedom, justice, all concepts invented
and worked out in the west. Those countries which are starting out on
the way to be first world or are partway there in that mess are adopting
more and more western ideas including China, South Africa, Vietnam,
Brasil to name a few. if you want to advance you need to grab yourself
by the coattails and work upward. If you want to be a basket case
welfare recipient blame all your problems on whitey and nothing will
ever change which is why the communist like the writer of this article
harp on blame whitey, that way they gain power which is their goal."

Come to Brazil, work for our prosperity: Rousseff to refugees | The BRICS Post

Come to Brazil, work for our prosperity: Rousseff to refugees | The BRICS Post

What did I say about Brasilia?

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Rat lInes, Rat lInes, Rat Lines....

"Hijacked in Rome" and the history of Israel's "animut" nuclear program -- Secret History -- Sott.net: http://www.sott.net/article/301363-Hijacked-in-Rome-and-the-history-of-Israels-animut-nuclear-program

I have mentioned before that the Island of Vanuatu will welcome all to be stunned into ersatz belief and bamboozled on its nonsense technotronic shores' rave. Scrambling all cognitive frequencies in Gordian narratives of mental breakdown. All the ratlines prepared by creepzoids like pension money thief Robert Maxwell around the Med in the period 1942-45 never mentioned, ever. If they killed USofA through JFK for getting into their long matured rat lines in 1944-45 what makes you think that Vanuatu was not submerged below a globe of warming water long ago as he stepped out into the desert? How come you know about Vanuatu? Who allows you onto its ever so secret shores?

Questions never asked like the one being begged this morning on the BBC. Which ratline from the SEMTEX factory gave Libya the SEMTEX to give to the IRA to use the SEMTEX to blow up RCE/LC? Someone smells free money in frozen Libyan assets in RCE/LC; so it is bad Libya, good SEMTEX.


How come no one notices that the MSM/AMSM is several decades behind reality? Just as the numbers never proven but always stated ever and over again with assertion in the bamboozletron isolation chamber are being changed in the long prepared trap for those who would doubt. Once the long hidden train of truth, like amber in camera, is control released; how foolish you will look in denial for the Rovian context will make all your work disperse like imaginary ZyklotronB wisps.


Watch those morons not notice the change in tone as the trap connects with their necks courtesy of a Turing Fail.

Talking bullshit paid for by money monks and fiat monkeys is a familial skill best entrusted to those with proven DNA strategic alignment. One can see the odd messiahs of millenia ago still at work, well lazing around talking out their subscriptioned beatnick arses.


Is it not amazing how the funny money machine always entrust the engineering of nonsense to those who are genetically disposed to remain strategically aligned through inbreeding. That is why the rest of the world is poor, the poor would not suffer such arseholes for long if they had real money.

Some may turn everything they touch into skittles and gold, others...well it is just that they are so crap at doing anything. Incompetence; in everything they touch that turns to shhyte. Frauds and shyster inbred criminal cabals of sibling shaggers. They truly are empty and useless to humanity. A parasitic toxic clear and eternal danger if ever allowed to be in charge of anything other than running a cold water tap...and even then you wouldn't drink from it.

Tuesday 8 September 2015

Lumut Naval Town, Malaysia: M’sia, France to focus on Sulu Waters to thwart IS...

Lumut Naval Town, Malaysia: M’sia, France to focus on Sulu Waters to thwart IS...: FMT Reporters  | September 2, 2015 Defence Minister says France’s expertise and experience in maritime issues is a big help as Abu ...

...this just gets better.

France/UK deploying their home grown musilman bought and paid for terror assets to stir up trouble in the hyper littoral.

If London was Gladstone's petri dish for culturing pan European terrorism for use in the early 20th century then the long, long range planning of having Kallergi Europe as a petri dish for cultivating global terrorist pathogens is rolling nicely through the 21st.

Keep on watching the SKYPIGPHARTERBIGMUPPETLEAGUES UK proles, the Parsley drones will be over head taking you out for non payment of oxygen tarrif.


Saturday 5 September 2015

Undead their dread remembrance to come in the HW.

One can spot the hidden hand preparing the decayed fallow fields decades in advance through simple self applied hysterical counter measures on the goose feeds forced upon, starving unwilling frequenters to the news vomitoria, malnourished subjects of media abuse.

All the rubbish is so obvious now.

How come Jimmy Savile never wanted for money, awards, royal attention, papal indulgence, Jubilees, a warm bed, a comfy meal and a roof over his head. Because he was paid by the BBC to fuck still warm corpses up the shitchute. Corpses of UK persons who payed their license fee, or children there of, to governors, controllers and directors of Goebbels’s Gobshite Towers. Notice the duality of the language here. The similarly Talmudic administered Soviet gulags had G, C & D as well. So can we deduce that the BBC must have a CHEKA installed, by inference? If you didn’t pay your license fee the Keystone Cops would beat the shit out of you rather than lift the perps, who were killing and abusing children, in the government. All facilitated by the state run child slaving network known as social services in this greenstained peasant land. Remember past behaviour is a sure indicator of future performance. Human resource hand book 101. BWAHAHAAA.

What has the Obumbalumba vomitstain piece prize dissembler, the made up dolly nameskin, the Mao-Mao Maoist exBataviadenizen failed hybreed arsatzMusilfauxman partMongrel/partneredNull malmotmorphing bitchboyeunuch, to say on any of this black money micro financed and engineered history from the soon to be hyperlittoral trench lines. Where was little Timmy ladyboybitch Geithner now? What will the andropetridishes of toxic culture in the 2016 pestilential race to the shite house have to say when F35s/LCSs/C17s and assorted fuerzes especiales get vaped?

De nada. It is all in the business plan.

One has to ask of all these soap bubble characters, “Just what the phukk is your real handle yookhaant?”

“In the course of little more than five months from late 1965 to early 1966, anti-communist Indonesians killed about half a million of their fellow citizens. Nearly all the victims were associated with Indonesia's Left, especially with the Communist Party (PKI) that had risen to unprecedented national prominence under President Sukarno's Guided Democracy. The massacres were presided over and often coordinated or carried out by anti-communist sections of the Indonesian army, but they also engaged wider elements of Indonesian society - both people who had reason to fear communist power and people who wanted to establish clear anti-communist credentials in troubled times.
The killings followed a coup which took place in Jakarta on the morning of 1 October 1965 in which six senior army generals were killed and a revolutionary council was formed, seizing power from Sukarno. For the whole of the New Order period, Indonesian authorities portrayed these events as a communist grab for power, which was to be followed by the wholesale slaughter of their opponents. Sceptics, by contrast, doubted the PKI's involvement and even wondered whether the coup might have been a 'black' operation by conservative forces, intended to compromise the Party. Recent research, especially by John Roosa, who writes for this issue, has shown that the PKI leadership was closely involved in the coup, but that the aims of the operation were far more limited than a seizure of power.”

“The Jakarta-based Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence said local people had reported killings in a second village. Munir, a Commission spokesman, said the area was under tight military control, hampering efforts to contact witnesses or examine the scene. “The military are trying to hunt [rebel] leaders in the area,” he said.
The killings are part of an emerging pattern. According to a statement issued by 17 non-government organisations, the Habibie regime and the Indonesian military have launched a “state of terror” in Aceh. They said that military sweeps of areas dominated by secessionist supporters had forced up to 120,000 people to flee their homes and seek shelter in camps along the northern coast. Troops were running amok through villages, stealing animals, burning houses and sometimes raping women. Displaced people were often living in poor conditions, with food and medicines in short supply. Children were dying from malnutrition and lack of medical care.”
How to put refugee flows into perspective is to measure the key stoned coppery of western phukkwittery as leadership.

The constant theme that the Apiru Cru are paid to repeat over and over again like a terminal escapade in escaped experimental groundhog day is the extinction of memory. That is why the hyperlittoral war will be unleashed. There is too much evidence in there that will kill off the fairy tail of mongyahweh’s devil detales.

The Krauts really got it because they noticed the history in the ground. Yaheathen needs human amnesia. I am who I am. Turing Fail.

Now I know you are not going to get this but imagine the plague that decimated Europe and brought serfdom to an end was simply collateral damage in a bigger operation to take out the replacement aboriginals in the Amerikas. No? Well where did all the gold go then?

Imagine that. No one remembers anything, not even from a few decades ago. So how is the present to be understood by the spongiformed herd in anything other than Rovian scribblers’ and dementia dribblers’ droolings?

A whole ghostly chimerical civilisation of amnesiacs is the cabal global unity, again.

Well I remember more and more every time they open their RCE/TA digital mouths, so kiss the CGU goodbye jaffa.